The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 229

The Long Night (4)

༺ The Long Night (4) ༻


  The two didn’t move right after becoming one.


  It was a natural story in a way.


  Vera knew that a woman who had just lost her virginity needed time to adjust.


  Renee didn’t have the composure to take the lead and move on her own yet.


  And so, a tranquil atmosphere manifested between them. Embracing each other tightly, they simply reveled in the sensations.


  Meanwhile, Vera was losing his cool.


  Being gripped so tightly inside Renee, who refused to let go, left him unable to come to his senses.


  That warm, sticky place was as tenacious as Renee’s personality and clung to him so stubbornly.


  No, it was definitely taking after her personality.


  Otherwise, there was no explanation as to why it was clinging so tightly, yet squirming by itself.


  Renee’s short breaths tickled Vera’s ears as her warm insides stimulated his member.


  Unable to do anything, Vera could only hope Renee would quickly recover her breath.




  Renee slowly exhaled.


  It could only be described as a pathetic struggle to get her surging excitement under control.


  Vera’s naked body and firm, toned muscles were pressed right against her skin.


  With her arms wrapped around his neck, his rough breaths brushed against her sensitive neck. And as though those other things happening weren’t worth worrying about, his massive cock penetrated deep inside and slammed against her cervix.


  This was a stimulus Renee had never experienced in her life.


  While her hymen was undoubtedly pierced through, at a glance, Vera appeared to have only physically pushed into her lower abdomen.


  Yet in that moment, Renee vividly felt herself being penetrated straight through from her lower stomach to the very end.


  Moreover, if that sensation had been the only issue, it wouldn’t have been so bad.


  The problem was its size.


  If she twisted her body even slightly, her insides would be stimulated by his penis.


  Remaining still caused her to pant repeatedly, resulting from her insides being rubbed by his movements.


  It was a situation where she could neither stay still nor move.


  Renee calmed her breath, only wishing for this electrifying sensation to pass. 


  But in a cruel twist of fate, for tonight at least, the Lord was not on her side.




  Vera called her name in an uncharacteristic groan.


  Renee’s heart thumped heavily.


  Somehow, she instinctively realized what that pleading voice desired.




  “I apologize.”


  Vera’s hips retreated.


  At that moment, Renee’s entire body was pounded more intensely than anything thus far.




  It was an electrifying storm that seemed to set every nerve ablaze.


  The pain of her hymen being torn was wholly replaced by an ecstasy that shouldn’t have been so.


  Her body was shaking violently beyond control, and for some reason, a thought flashed through her mind as she was being violated by pleasure.


  ‘Th-this isn’t right…!’


  She thought that something had gone wrong.


  She knew that such reactions weren’t normal.


  Neither Annie nor Theresa, or any of the apprentice priests teaching her, had told her that becoming one like this would be so pleasurable.


  What could this mean?


  That her body was far more sensitive than theirs?


  No matter how skilled Vera was, wasn’t her body ultimately the final decision maker on whether this felt right or wrong?


  A twinge of shame surfaced within Renee. It was a strange feeling as though she had become a sex-crazed whore.


  She wanted to deny it, but she couldn’t.


  Vera’s hips thrust forward.






  Renee’s back arched.


  Though she bit her lips to hold in her moans, what came out were lewd cries.


  It was embarrassing to Renee, but arousing to Vera.


  As he stroked her with the hand that was still on her cheek, he spoke.


  “Don’t hold back. Nobody will blame you. I will be only pleased when you give in.”


  It was a whisper as sweet as the devil’s.


  Vera’s whispers were granting Renee permission.


  Her mouth, which was clenched tightly to prevent herself from moaning, and her body, which had tensed up to minimize movements, gradually relaxed. The feelings of guilt and shame twisted and entangled, transforming into a different form under Vera’s voice.


  “You told me not to hold back, so I won’t. And if I mustn’t, then you shouldn’t either, right? If you hold back, would you not be breaking your own words?”


  It was depraved.


  Using Vera’s permission as justification, Renee’s emotions unleashed a sense of immortality she shouldn’t enjoy.


  But it couldn’t be helped.


  Despite being universally hailed as the Saint, her inherent nature was simply another human, one inevitably hostage to instinct.


  And a woman in love.


  If she could restrain herself now at the long-awaited moment with her beloved, wouldn’t that be strange?


  Such complex emotions drove Renee’s body.


  Her hips quivered slightly.


  Finding Vera’s intense motions more than she could handle, she sought a degree of pleasure that was within her grasp.




  Her heated moans tickled Vera’s ears.


  Then, his cock plunged all the way to her cervix once again, continuously stimulated by Renee’s inner walls that remained relentlessly active.


  After some time had passed, Vera slowly exhaled before telling Renee.


  “Now, I’ll move.”


  Vera slid his arms under Renee’s hips, holding onto her firmly, and then lifted her up.




  The powerful thrusts while inside overwhelmed her. The change from lying to sitting allowed Vera to reach even deeper inside.


  That alone brought Renee to climax.


  It was like an earthquake had occurred as her body violently shook. Vera’s skin, which was touching Renee, began glistening from the fluids that squirted out.


  With one hand on her hip and the other on Renee’s butt, Vera let out rough breaths as he added strength to his arms. Then, Renee’s body began to bounce up and down to his tempo.




  Gasps as though she might collapse.


  The wet sounds of flesh slapping against flesh.


  Those sounds filled the room.


  Gasping for air, Renee could do nothing but pant raggadly, helplessly dragged around like a doll by Vera’s movements.


  It was because everything stimulating her nerves had stolen what little control she had left.


  Thankfully, Renee accepted that, feeling joy—


  As losing control had granted her bliss, given by her undying love.


  The current Vera felt exactly like that to Renee.


  It was rough yet gentle.


  The two extremes were in stark contrast, yet Renee could only express it in such a way. Vera’s breaths and pounding were rough, but the way he moved her was gentle despite that.


  The result was clearly due to her lack of control, so was this not the best way to describe the act?


  “Mmh, aaahh, ohh!”


  As the movements continued, Renee’s moans melted away, losing all form.


  However, at the same time, her body grew accustomed to the pleasure.


  Not long after being merely dragged around, a change occurred in Renee.


  Vera felt that as well.


  He lessened the strength in his arms and lowered her down.




  Yet, Renee continued bouncing atop Vera.


  Her body had begun moving on its own.


  They were still clumsy motions.


  She was simply moving instinctively to feel more intense pleasure, without any regard for technique or pace.


  And that made it feel more erotic than anything else.


  Vera knew that Renee was unaware of her actions.


  Whether it was sucking on his neck, her fingers digging into his back, or her movements of greedily grinding her hips. They were likely all things she only did because they aroused her.


  Vera felt delight from that.


  Anyone seeing Renee like this would surely call her a brainless slut, but that didn’t matter in the slightest.


  He was the only one who would ever see her like this.


  Vera was the embodiment of possessiveness and control.


  One who, once he obtained what he desired by any means, would never let it go.


  “You’ve made a mistake.”


  Vera moved once more.


  After roughly snapping his hips back up, Renee was pushed down onto the bed.




  “You said not to hold back, and that you are mine.”


  Renee was out of breath, gasping for air, and keenly listening to the voice reaching her clearly even amidst her disoriented state.


  “I will act on my immoral thoughts and won’t hold back.”


  Vera caressed Renee’s cheek.


  As though handling the most precious treasure, yet also toying with his belonging.


  “So no matter what I do, you must accept it readily.”


  Renee audibly gulped, saliva gathering in her throat.


  His words stirred her imagination.


  What exactly were the immoral thoughts and acts he had mentioned?


  In what ways would he use her?


  What form would the pleasure from those acts take?


  Caught in her endless imagination, Renee unconsciously nodded.


  Vera’s eyes crinkled.


  The subdued ashen pupils began to burn with a fiery heat that contradicted their color.


  The ravenous beast, at last able to claim its property, gazed upon the prize that had declared itself as his and made its move.


  As though everything until now had been playtime, what followed was relentless and vicious.


  Renee felt she might suffocate. Everywhere he penetrated were her most sensitive spots inside, and everywhere his hands touched and tickled were equally sensitive parts on her body.




  The waves of ecstasy assaulted Renee’s mind, each one intensifying the last rather than simply adding to it.


  The more she twisted her body to take him in, the more intense his movements became.


  There was something Renee had overlooked.


  Even disregarding everything else, it was precisely what Vera had always proudly proclaimed.


  He was good at using his body, and had proven that talent himself.


  Thus, even while immersed in this act, Vera ceaselessly observed Renee.


  Which parts were sensitive, how to stimulate those areas, and where to touch her. He also learned her moans and reactions when certain spots were fondled.


  Like a child receiving a new toy and meticulously taking it apart to examine it, Vera was similarly dissecting Renee’s body.


  It was a situation she had willingly fallen into and one that she couldn’t escape from.


  That was because Vera would never let Renee go.


  And he wasn’t going to stop examining her.




  She reached another orgasm.


  It was one that signaled the true beginning of the long night.





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The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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