The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 230

An Endless Night

༺ An Endless Night ༻


  In the early morning, the first things Renee felt upon waking up were the warm body enveloping her and the sensation on her skin.


  Combined with it was a familiar scent.


  As well as the breathing kissing her forehead, the defined muscles against her, and lastly, an odd feeling in her lower stomach.


  Only then could Renee recall the events of last night.


  It began to truly sink in that she and Vera had become one for the first time.


  It couldn’t have been a dream.


  Of course, she and Vera wouldn’t be naked and embracing if it were all a dream.


  There would be no odd feeling in her low half, nor anything leaking out from inside her either.


  Renee moved her arm wrapped around Vera’s waist and slid it between her thighs.


  Viscious, slippery fluids were dripping down from there.


  It wasn’t just her own, but Vera’s as well.


  In that moment, a voice flashed through Renee’s mind.


  – Birth control, important.


  – Right. A random baby will be bad.

  What was there to say?


  It was the twins’ voices.


  Renee felt foolish.


  That she too had simply reveled in pleasure without using protection, only to feel ashamed afterwards.


  ‘…Well, contraception doesn’t really matter anyways.’


  If she wished for a child to not form with her authority, that was the end of it.


  She could make use of the reverse restriction that she couldn’t use it for herself and ‘shouldn’t be pregnant yet, for the sake of the world.’


  It wasn’t an overly burdensome reason, and required only a little divinity… but such secondary factors didn’t erase Renee’s shame.


  ‘I must be crazy…!’


  The events from the previous night flashed through Renee’s mind.


  She recalled the image of her desperate, frenzied self after Vera truly began moving.


  There was the vivid memory of her clinging to Vera like a beast.


  She was lying down on all fours like a dog, and then there was also that time when she climbed on top of Vera and rode him while facing each other.


  ‘Crazy, I have to be crazy!’


  Renee’s face flushed crimson.


  Yet, even amidst her mortification, recalling the sensations made her body grow hot again.


  This was why she feared being so inexperienced this late.


  The intense pleasure she had never felt before was turning her body into a senseless glutton.


  Renee fidgeted with her hand between her thighs before slyly moving it forward.


  It was to reexamine what had mercilessly plunged into her body, which she didn’t have time to check.




  Her fingertip touched Vera’s penis. Swallowing dryly, Renee placed her other fingers on it as well, gently wrapping around to perceive its shape for a moment.


  Renee tilted her head.


  ‘I think it was bigger than this the day before…?’


  Not just the size, but the hardness as well.


  While still intimidatingly large, it had surely been bigger last night.


  And the rock-hard stiffness where it seemed it wouldn’t budge no matter how hard she squeezed was gone too.


  It wasn’t like she hadn’t received sexual education, but she had never been taught the intricacies of intercourse. Thus, she had this reaction.


  Renee rubbed Vera’s thing.


  The way it squished around in her hand was fun.


  However, that didn’t last long.


  ‘Huh, uhh…?’


  Vera’s cock slowly hardened and thickened.


  It began taking on a strange heat, and she felt something like veins protruding over it. It astonishingly increased to a size that made her wonder how it could grow so much, and began pulsating.


  “…What are you doing?”


  She heard Vera’s voice.


  Renee’s body jolted at that.


  Her mind immediately grasped the situation.


  Vera had been sleeping until she awoke him.


  The first thing he saw was her rubbing his part.


  It was clearly the figure of someone molesting a sleeping person.


  Because of that, Renee’s face turned as red as a tomato.


  Her lips, trembling with shame, began uttering nonsensical excuses.


  “I-I was just, um, making sure it wasn’t hurt…!’


  Renee’s eyes squeezed shut.


  ‘What would even be hurt!?’


  Why would it be hurt!?


  If anything’s hurt, it should be me!


  I’m not even hurt!


  Renee hesitatingly uttered with an apologetic voice due to the belated realization. 


  “I-I’m s-so sorry…”


  Her shoulders shrunk.


  Too ashamed to raise her head, she buried her face in Vera’s chest.


  Being pressed so closely like this, his shameless rod still firmly pushed against her lower stomach.


  Confusion arose.


  Her body burned from feeling Vera’s cock right above her belly button to her lower stomach, which had penetrated her just as deeply the night before, despite the guilt and shame.


  Vera let out a laugh.


  The arms embracing her moved slyly. They slid down to caress her butt.


  “I wonder if you’ve awoken a monster.”


  It was an obvious teasing.


  Renee stiffened and pressed herself tighter against him.


  “…I don’t know what you mean.”


  She clung to Vera in her tomato-like state.


  As Renee squirmed, stimulating him, Vera felt his lust stir once more.


  “So you haven’t had enough, I guess.”




  The instant he said that and grabbed her ass, she reacted instantly.


  Vera’s eyes narrowed.


  “At this rate, you may end up begging for me outside. It’s best to take care of it before leaving.”


  “I-I’m not that dirty… aah!”


  Vera pushed Renee flat on the bed and climbed over her.


  His view was filled by her flawless bare body, tinged with red. His cum was splattered thickly all over her lower half, and the vivid, intense traces of last night marked her all over.


  It was obscene, utterly obscene.


  The lewdness of it made him certain that this body had been crafted to seduce him.


  Vera’s head lowered towards Renee’s nape.


  Then, his hips thrust in a familiar motion to where he had to go.






  Renee’s body palpitated.


  Though the sunlight was shining through the window, their night had yet to end.




  In the late afternoon, the two of them began to eat after losing more time in making love again.


  Of course, they were still in the room, and traces of sex remained vivid on their skin.


  Wasn’t that the implication of their physical bond growing deeper?


  The previously embarrassing explicit contact and emotional exchanges through touch, which they had been too shy to do, were now possible. Did that not mean that their relationship had progressed?


  The current scene of Renee opting to sit on Vera’s thigh as they ate despite the two chairs at the table could also be explained with that reason.


  They ate wheat bread one could find anywhere and a somewhat cooled-down soup.


  It was a simple meal, yet the two didn’t mind.


  Simply feeding each other and spending time skin-to-skin was a precious moment for them.


  “If you think about it, we’re quite fortunate.”


  “For what?”


  “That things turned out like this. Now, I can assist the Saint in undressing and bathing.”


  Renee laughed at Vera’s words.


  “Right. If we hadn’t done this, I wouldn’t have been able to change clothes or bathe at all during our three days in Cernei.”


  “Was that your plan too?”


  “Everything’s my plan.”


  With those playful words, she brought the wheat bread to Vera’s mouth.


  Vera opened his mouth and bit down, pulling Renee into a tighter embrace.


  “We really must bathe now. You sweated too much last night.”


  “B-because of Vera…”


  “I believe what I made leak out was different.”


  Renee’s lips curled inwards.


  While her reddened face showed embarrassment, the curved corners of her lips showed that Vera’s joking didn’t offend her.


  Vera raised his eyebrows at that reaction. 


  Then, he followed up mischievously with a vulgar joke.


  “I thought we should take a bath, but I feel confused after seeing your reaction.”


  “…About what?”


  “Like you want to use something other than water to wash yourself.”


  Renee’s hand clenched into a fist and sharply knocked against his chest.


  “Perverted Vera. Having dirty thoughts…”


  “Shifting the blame to others is a bad habit.”


  “I haven’t shifted anything.”


  “You’re doing it right now.”


  “Am not.”


  “Care to prove it?”


  A grin formed on Vera’s lips.


  Lowering her head, Renee replied.




  “I won’t engage in any sexual contact while we wash. I will only assist you where you have trouble cleaning yourself. So you shouldn’t request sex in the bathroom either.”


  It was a bet that would baffle anyone overhearing them.


  However, Renee readily accepted.


  “Fine then! Go on, try touching me!”


  Renee abruptly rose from her seat, staggering.


  Vera supported her.


  “You can’t even walk, can you?”


  Renee couldn’t respond.


  She couldn’t just say, ‘My legs are too weak because you did it too much’ out loud.


  Renee wrapped her arms around Vera’s neck and kept her lips sealed.


  As if waiting for that, Vera lifted and carried her to the bathroom.


  What followed after was… truly unfortunate for Renee.


  Vera was extremely skilled at using his body while Renee was not.


  She was helpless against his deft hands that avoided her private part and breasts.


  “…Do it.”


  “Are you admitting defeat?”


  “V-Vera is the one who…!”


  Though she blurted out excuses in frustration, none of them sufficed.


  Renee climbed on Vera, nuzzling against him.


  “…Oh, whatever.”


  Vera didn’t understand what she meant. As he felt languid against her soft skin, he said.


  “This is troublesome.”


  “What is…?”


  “Well, thanks to the disturbance you caused in the plaza yesterday, I’ve become a scoundrel. If I go out like this, I’ll have fingers pointed at me.”


  Vera’s hand slid down Renee’s back.


  “Since going out in Cernei is off the table, I should hold you responsible.”


  Despite scolding her, his words had a tinge of sweetness in them.


  “…Then we’ll just have to stay in.”


  “Why are you smiling?”


  “I’m not smiling.”


  “All you do is deny it. Not smiling, not shifting the blame, not admitting defeat, and…”


  The words that flowed out smoothly ended in the form of stabbing Renee again.


  “…Not even the Saint.”


  Why is he being so mean?


  Renee pinched Vera on the side while pouting.


  “Don’t go too far…!”


  “You don’t like it?”


  Renee puckered her lips.


  Then, she sighed deeply and leaned against Vera again.


  “…It’s mean.”


  Vera laughed.


  Seeing the lovely sight of Renee’s adorable tantrum, he could only laugh, unable to react otherwise.


  “Seems like I’ve made a mistake.”


  “…At least you know.”


  “I should make you feel better with all my heart then.”


  After saying so, Vera kissed Renee and added with a question.


  “Isn’t that right?”


  Renee felt her body heat up.


  She wasn’t sure whether it was because the water in the bathtub was warm, or because of Vera’s body heat. As Renee thought that something was surely influencing her, she rubbed her waist against the pillar touching her lower abdomen.


  It was late in the afternoon.


  If a little more time passed, the world would soon be dyed red.


  But for them, it was an endless night.





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The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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