The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 26

Adaptation (1)

༺ Adaptation (1) ༻


A moment that could be best described as a scene from a myth.


The moment when the colossus who existed since the creation of the world was overcome by a mere human’s blow and collapsed, and the subsequent events after that instant unfolded in an absurdly simple manner.


Terdan, who collapsed from Vargo’s blow, had no choice but to drift away into slumber on the spot.


The pursuers, who couldn’t escape Vargo’s attack either perished, or fled for their lives if they were lucky enough to survive.


After Vargo saw the scene…


“Not good, Tsk tsk. These days young’uns don’t have an ounce of courage.”


Having said that, He returned to the Holy Kingdom.


This all happened two days ago, and soon after the shocking turn of events, Vera followed him back to the Holy Kingdom.


Now in the infirmary of the Temple…


Vera was sitting by the bedside and brushed off these thoughts, that had been occupying his mind, as he examined Renee.


She was sleeping peacefully.


It was a sight that Vera had been watching for the second day after returning to the Holy Kingdom.


‘…Fortunately, there was no recoil.’


She had to use up all her divinity and recuperate for a while, but other than that, there weren’t any signs of permanent damage.


This kind of slumber is also a phenomenon that has been caused by the exhaustion of the divinity and the fatigue accumulated over the course of the last journey.


Renee should be waking up soon.


Vera, who continued to think like that, suddenly clenched his fist and his brows furrowed.


‘It’s because I’m not good enough.’


Back then, Renee had to use her powers because I failed to protect her.


She is lying here right now because I am still unreliable.


I couldn’t move my body freely because I was holding Renee, and I had to keep up with Norn.


‘…It’s an excuse.’


It was an excuse to cover up his own shortcomings.


He had to be strong enough to ignore all of those secondary problems.


If you were protecting the Saint, you need to be such an unstoppable force.


As Vera continued on his trail of thoughts, Vargo’s blow that he had seen two days ago came to mind.


The moment he unraveled his divinity, the surrounding air cracked. and a red mace was conjured. The overwhelming ominousness reminded him of death just at the mere sight of it.


The moment he laid eyes on it, he realized intuitively.


‘I can’t win.’


He can’t beat Vargo even if he fights a hundred times.


A sense of defeat that Vera has never felt in both of his lives.


Vera, who had never thought that he would lose to anyone, had to think otherwise the moment he saw the ominous mace and its all-encompassing power.


In addition, when he thought of him, various doubts flashed through his mind.


‘The death of such a person….’


Six years later because of old age.


As he recalled the history of his past life, Vera snorted derisively.


‘It’ s ridiculous.’


It was nonsense. No matter how transient human life is, there is no way that a human possessing the divine power to shatter space itself will die in just six years.


Vera was sure.


‘The information known to the public must have been manipulated.’


I don’t know why Vargo died, and why they stated it was due to his old age. It was natural as there weren’t enough information known to him.


However, Vera knew what would happen if Vargo died.


Vera’s gaze turned to Renee once more.




The Continental War that will break out at the same time as Vargo’s passing.


A war breaks out over the entire continent to take possession of the Saint.


After the disappearance of the absolute being who supported the Saint, the continent will be engulfed in a long war to possess the divine being known as ‘Renee’, who has appeared in the world.


Vera, who continued to think as such, looked at Renee’s complexion with his deeply sunken eyes.


Long flowing hair and eyes that are tightly closed. She was sleeping comfortably while breathing quietly.


Vera looked at that figure and turned his gaze to Renee’s hand and continued to ruminate.


It was a war that was waged over this girl’s little hand, and it was a war which was concluded by a temporary truce only after the Demon King appeared.


In addition, Vera knew what Renee would choose to prevent any upcoming war over her.


Fake funeral.


Renee would return her own powers, erase her existence and hide in the gutter.


Sacrificing herself to prevent any more wars.


Vera, who was ruminating like that, placed his hand over Renee’s.






Vera’s hand became tense as his rough hand and Renee’s small palm without any calluses entangled.


Vera’s mind was filled with determination once more.


‘…It must be stopped.’


The war, her wounds from the war, and finally, Renee giving up on her own life.


I’ll have to shield her from all that.


Warmth flowed from her little hand.


Vera’s trail of thought continued, feeling the warmth seeping into his heart.


What I have to do to protect this warmth. What I have to do to protect Renee.


He arrived at the answer without delay.




It was necessary. We need the force to make sure no one dares to even think of aiming at the Saint.


Furthermore, Vera knew a man that had such power.


‘Vargo St. Lore.’


A long sigh escaped from Vera’s mouth as he recalled his figure. His eyes sank deeply.


The most certain way was to make sure that Vargo lives on, but it was foolish to bet on that uncertain possibility unless he knew the cause of his death.



It will be the same even if he saves him. Vargo’s time is different from that of Renee’s. One day he is bound to succumb to the slow decay of time, and his time will arrive faster than Renee and his own passing.



Vera continued to contemplate. His gaze turned to Renee’s hands, that had been intertwined with his own until then, as he resolved himself.




I have to be as strong as Vargo.


For a moment, Vera felt a sense of struggle arising from the idea of going beyond someone he had never thought he could surpass in his life.


In all honesty, he wasn’t confident this time.


More precisely, it is impossible to say that with absolute certainty, because the might that Vargo displayed was that overwhelming.




‘I’ll have to…’


It might not be possible, but I’ll still have to do it.


For now, it was enough to have that mindset.




Renee recalled her troubles.


‘Should I say that I woke up?’


She already woke up ten minutes ago. As soon as she regained consciousness, she was greeted by the feeling of rough hands. She felt troubled by the problems she sensed from Vera. 


There was no question of whose hand was intertwined with her palm. This is because she could tell just by feeling it.


It was Vera’s hand.


It was the rough hand she had been holding for the past few days.


Renee felt the sensation from Vera’s hand and pondered. She decided that it was best to grasp the situation first.


There was also another way — to let Vera know that she had come to her senses and ask him about it, but Renee was a person who was more acquainted with grasping the situation on her own, so she didn’t choose to do so.


‘What’s going on?’


What was the situation that made Vera hold her own hand like this?


Renee, who thought as such, first examined her physical condition.


‘I’m fine….’


It wasn’t just all right. In fact, she was feeling even better than before she embarked on the journey. This could be said to be her most vigorous state in recent years.


‘Where am I lying down….?’


The next thing that occurred to her was the place where she was lying.


She felt that her whole body was covered in fluffy cloth wraps. Vera’s breathing was stable, and no other sounds could be heard. It seemed that while she was asleep, she was brought to a safe place.


Perhaps it’s the Holy Kingdom. This place must either be a bedroom or an infirmary there.


Next, why am I here?


Renee pondered over another question and continued on her trail of thoughts.


Just before she collapsed, she used her powers. The wish was for her, Vera, and Norn to escape safely.


Renee, who was thinking as such, was trying to piece together the current situation and the content of the wish she had made at that time.




She remembered the power that she had manifested before losing consciousness. That manifestation might have worked properly, allowing them to run away.


That must be right.


Obviously, I felt something unusual just before I collapsed, so I’m certain.


Renee, who had remembered that far, only then grasped the whole situation properly.


‘I saved them.’


I saved Vera and Norn with my own hands.


Thump. Thump. Her heart pounded, and she felt satisfaction welling up inside of her.


It was a satisfaction that came from the fact that she had saved someone with her own hands.


It was a sense of satisfaction that came from not being helpless.


Renee’s fist clenched at the birth of those sudden emotions.




A movement that she made without even realizing.


And Vera’s hand, which had been intertwined up until then, trembled.


“…Milady Saint?”


His voice reverberated through the room.




Renee, shaken by his voice, felt a sense of embarrassment filling her on the inside, and raised her eyelids clumsily.




It was such a stiff movement that any onlooker could tell it was acting unless they were an idiot.


“Are you awake? How are you feeling?”


Fortunately, Vera, whose sense of reason was clouded by concerns about Renee, didn’t notice.


Renee heaved a brief sigh of relief inwardly upon hearing his response. It was a relief that came from the thought that she did not seem to have been caught being awake.


Thinking about it, how embarrassing it would have been if he noticed that I was awake, but was lying still while holding his hand without showing any signs of regaining consciousness. 


Renee didn’t have the desire to have such a shameful experience, so she opened her mouth, spitting a small apology inwardly upon hearing Vera’s concerned tone.


“Where are…”


“It’s the Holy Kingdom. Fortunately, His Holiness was at the border, so we were able to get here safely. Rather, how are you feeling?”


“I-I feel a little sore.”


She stammered. This is because the concern she felt in Vera’s words was too strong.


A renewed sense of shame welled up inside of her, and as Renee closed her eyes, Vera, who saw her like that, inquired with a tone more concerned than before.


“Are you feeling ill?” Please wait a moment. I’ll call the priest in a minute….”


“No! It’s all right! It’s all right!”


Shriek. A sharp shriek surged from Renee’s mouth.


Renee’s heart kept pounding at Vera’s attitude, who overreacted to even her slightest movements.


“I feel refreshed! Mu-Much more than when I was in town! Wow! It’s so refreshing! What’s the secret?!”


I am fine.


In order to appeal like that, Renee spat out words one after another, and Vera, who took a deep breath, settled down again and continued the conversation.


“It’s only natural. After all, you were healed by the priests. Healing using divine arts has the ability to revitalize the body.”




Renee nodded her head lightly at the explanation she heard and smiled. Her head turned toward the direction she heard Vera’s voice.


“Well, how many days have passed since I collapsed?”


“It ‘s been two days.”


Two days. Renee continued speaking with an astonished look upon hearing that answer.


“Is that so?”


It feels like I just fell asleep and woke up as usual, but two days have already passed?


“Yes, I’m glad you woke up so healthy. The Holy Emperor and all the others were quite worried.”




“Yes, all the other apostles and priests in the Holy Kingdom were worried about you.”




When she heard that, Renee realized that she had entered the Holy Kingdom.


Because of her resentment against the Gods, she vowed to never step foot in the Holy Kingdom, yet here she is now.


Of course, this situation was supposed to give rise to anxiety and discomfort.


However, her mind was in a surprisingly calm state.


“…That’s right.”


As Renee said so, she wriggled their entangled hands.


A feeling of warmth and a slightly rough skin was transmitted.


‘Is it because of this?’


Is it because of this hand that makes me calm? Renee, who had a thought like that, immediately smirked and scoffed.


‘What am I thinking?’


What does this have to do with being calm? Renee, who giggled so much because the idea she came up with seemed so funny, soon shook off her thoughts and asked Vera.


It was a question about what she had to do in the future.


“What am I supposed to do from now on?”


“I think you should focus on recovering your body for now. Then… First of all, since we are in the process of selecting personnel to attend to Milady Saint, the schedule will begin in earnest only after the number of people is confirmed. I apologize if the answer is not to your liking….”


“Don’t do that.”




What are you trying to apologize for again? Renee, who pouted at Vera’s attitude, recalled the thought that ‘Now I’m really becoming a Saint,’ muttered, as tears welled up in her eyes due to anxiety.


“…Can I do well?”


It was a natural concern.


A blind woman who has never been out of that small rural village in her life. A woman who failed to use her power properly. Can she perform her duties well in such a prominent role?


When Renee inquired anxiously, Vera answered the question in a solemn tone.


“You’re the most suitable person for taking on the mantle of Saint.”




“There is no such thing as ‘If’.”


Rarely, Vera interrupted Renee in the middle of her speech. Renee, feeling her stomach tickle for some reason, asked again.


“Because Sir knight will make it happen?”




Vera uttered his answer with more conviction than ever before.


Renee momentarily thought, how he could be so sure. However, in the end, she nodded lightly, feeling reassured upon seeing him believing in her.


“…I need to get well soon.”


Her hand tensed up, and the warmth of his hand, which she had been holding until then, grew stronger.


The warmth of someone who believes in her.


It felt like her anxiety had subsided a little.





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