The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 103

Wolf’s Ranch

༺ Wolf’s Ranch ༻



12:32 P.M


Even though it was late, Euphemia sat on a chair in front of the window instead of lying in bed.


Perhaps due to the child she carried, drowsiness overcame her, and her head tilted to one side.


At that moment.




Euphemia rose from her seat as she spotted a simple carriage passing through the gate on the other side of the window.


Straightening her disheveled hair, she approached the door.


This was one of the doors Ferzen would open upon his return from the banquet.


She wondered how he would react when he saw her, waiting for him, wide awake.


While it was normal for a wife to greet her husband with their child, Euphemia smiled and gently caressed her belly.




From beyond the door, she could hear faint footsteps shuffling in the hallway.




The echoing sound halted just in front of the door.




Her heart pounded against her chest.






However, the footsteps resumed, this time moving away from the door.


In that instant, she caught a glimpse of Ferzen’s back as he walked away.


Realization struck, and Euphemia’s fingertips trembled.


His wife and child were here……


Where could he be going?


A feeble and timid desire to be his favorite blossomed within her heart.


Yet, it made little sense in her mind.


After all, unlike her, Yuriel was not pregnant.


Moreover, his actions could be seen as considerate toward her.


Since it was already late, he probably assumed she was asleep and went to the other woman’s bedroom.


However, Euphemia didn’t appreciate Ferzen’s consideration.


Simultaneously, Ferzen’s words, “It’s okay to be greedy,” flashed through her mind……




Euphemia grasped the doorknob and turned it.


She pouted and peeked her head out.






In the dimly lit hallway, illuminated only by moonlight, Ferzen halted his steps and turned around.


A faint hint of surprise appeared on his face.


Meanwhile, his unmistakable crimson eyes stared at her.


“Your bedroom… is here……”




Euphemia spoke softly, yet in the stillness of the hallway, her words reached Ferzen without difficulty.




Upon hearing her words, Ferzen slowly advanced toward Euphemia.


A sturdy physique.


Overbearing crimson eyes.


And large hands.


All of these have always instilled fear in Euphemia.


……But not anymore.


At that moment, Euphemia found herself embraced by Ferzen.


She pressed her cheek against his chest and felt his hand caressing her head.


“Do it… tomorrow……”


“What do you mean?”


“Delay your intimacy… with that woman… until tomorrow……”


It was already past 12 o’clock.


If he gave in to her demand now, Euphemia would use this as an excuse to stop him again tonight.


Therefore, Ferzen would only be able to sleep with Yuriel the day after tomorrow.


“……I’ve already made a promise.”


Hence, Ferzen refused.


Unwilling to accept his rejection, Euphemia buried her face deeper into his chest.


In truth, Euphemia understood the reason why Ferzen took Yuriel, who belonged to the Alfred family, as his concubine. She knew she shouldn’t interfere too much, but…


Wasn’t it Ferzen who had told her that it was acceptable to be greedy?




Driven by this thought, Euphemia seized Ferzen’s large hand and pulled him into the room.




She closed the door, leaned against the wall, and held him tightly.


Meanwhile, one of Ferzen’s hands touched the wall.


His large frame enveloped her small body.


Feeling an odd sense of relief, Euphemia clumsily pressed her body against him.


“Make a promise… with me too……”




“Promise that you’ll return to my side after you’re done with her……”




“And also……”




Euphemia raised her tiny hand, grabbed Ferzen’s face, and turned it toward the clock.


“F-for the next hour…… until 1:37, just listen to me……”


“I will.”


“You’ve promised……”




After receiving the confirmation, Euphemia grasped the shoulder strap of her lingerie and pulled it down.


Her plump, pure white bosom, and pink nipples nestled shyly in the center were revealed to the world.


Then, she put both of her hands on Ferzen’s scruff and pulled his head towards her breast.




Euphemia moaned as Ferzen’s hot breath enveloped the closest spot to her heart.


Treating him like a child, she offered one of her breasts to Ferzen’s mouth, holding it in her hand.



Her nipple brushed against his lips, gently swaying.


In response, Ferzen bit off a generous portion of Euphemia’s breast, asserting himself not to be treated like a child.




His tongue circled her pink areolas.




Feeling his teeth bite down roughly on her nipple, Euphemia unconsciously flinched and rose to her tiptoes.


Then, her slender legs trembled.


Ferzen’s leg pressed gently against Euphemia’s womanhood.


The initiative, which had been her’s just a moment ago, was now nowhere to be seen.


“So…… What should I do next?”


A chuckle cut through Euphemia’s moan; his kind voice was tinged with a little amusement.


Blushing, Euphemia replied to his question.


“Do…… That……”




However, Ferzen remained silent and did nothing.


Even without her explicitly saying it, he would have known what she meant.


But, even though he knew it, he opted to do nothing.


Although Euphemia felt discontent with his act, she still grabbed Ferzen’s collar kindly and spoke to him softly.


“D-do the thing…… That you will only do for me……”




Ferzen still said nothing.


But unlike before, it seemed like no more words were needed.




Ferzen began to lick Euphemia’s collarbone gradually working his way down.




Then, he dropped to his knees and pulled her panties off.


Euphemia felt quite embarrassed, with one leg raised as if imitating a peeing puppy.


Her leg was raised, and white panties clund to her thighs.


In this position, she felt more like a whore than a woman. Overwhelmed by shame, Euphemia covered her face with her hands.




The feeling of a warm, soft tongue delving into her womanhood was something she hadn’t grown used to.


However, waves of pleasure, turning her back and legs into jelly, coursed through her body, Euphemia removed her hand from her face and carefully grabbed Ferzen’s head, which was buried in her wetness.


“Ah…… AHHH…… Ugh……”


The love that only she could receive.


Yuriel Wayne Dayna Louerg.


That woman would never know this feeling.


A sense of superiority and satisfaction welled up in the deepest part of Euphemia’s heart.


But she didn’t have time to relish in it anymore.




After all, Ferzen lifted her other leg which was supporting her weight.


“This, this…… I don’t…… ”


With both her legs held afloat in his hands, Euphemia could only lean her back to the wall.


The sight of him gobbling her smooth slit was so disgraceful to the point Euphemia tried to clamp her crotch shut.




But Ferzen seemed to not approve of her effort.


In retaliation, he brushed Euphemia’s clitoris with his tongue, then bit it with his teeth roughly.






Euphemia’s body, trembling violently, tensed as some of her sticky liquid trickled down her thighs.


When Euphemia remembered that Ferzen was right in front of her womanhood, she quickly tried to cover her slit with her own hands.




However, Ferzen kept attacking his vagina with his lips and tongue.




Euphemia’s whole lower body contracted intensely, just as she had tried to shield her vagina with her hand before her slit began to release more lustful juices.




Slowly, Ferzen withdrew his tongue, let Euphemia’s legs go, and lowered her to the floor.


With her bottom on the floor and legs unable to fold, there was no doubt in Euphemia’s mind that she had stained the floor that her maids had cleaned.


In the meantime, she slipped her hand into her private area and found it extremely wet.


The indecent sound of water echoed as she patted it.


At that moment, Ferzen lifted Euphemia’s body and laid her on the bed.


There was still time before the promised one hour came to an end.


Euphemia knew this too, so she raised her upper body and groped Ferzen’s chest with her weak hand.


She could feel his wildly beating heart beneath her fingertips.


As she traced down from his chest, she could feel his shaft straining against his trousers.


Out of habit, Euphemia quickly moved to take Ferzen’s trousers off before cupping his monstrous penis in the palm of her hand.


Then, she rubbed it with her hands, but after a few moments, she realized that doing it with her hand was not the best approach.


She blew on her hand, and as if to vent her dissatisfaction, she tapped his penis on her palm.






She carefully kissed the tip of Ferzen’s cock before surrendering her body to the bed.


At the same time, she spread her legs, stretched the opening of her own vagina with her own hands, and opened her mouth.


“Can you…… Only put a little bit inside……?”




It was something that her doctor had advised her.


Euphemia slid towards Ferzen, pressing her open warmth towards the tip of the imposing shaft.




Who could resist laughing in the face of such adorable behavior?


The corners of Ferzen’s mouth curved upward, as he then inserted just the tip of his rod, into Euphemia’s depths.




A strange sound could be heard from the moist flesh.


“Just a little bit more…… ”


However, Euphemia, who was not satisfied with only that much, begged Ferzen to go deeper.




Granting her wish, Ferzen’s member gradually entered, rubbing along Euphemia’s folds.


Eventually, just like that day, Ferzen ceased moving his hips as soon as he exactly inserted half of it.




Euphemia yearned for his penis inside her.








At the culmination of her insatiable greed.




As their groins touched, Ferzen’s pubic hair brushed around Euphemia’s smooth private area.


“Ah…… Heuk…… Ang……”


His sinful rod rubbed against Euphemia’s cervix vigorously.


Ferzen’s sweat trickled down his cheek and dropped onto Euphemia’s lewd naked body.




Looking down at the moaning Euphemia, Ferzen slowly pulled his waist back.




But Euphemia extended her legs and wrapped them around Ferzen’s waist.


“Just let it out inside…… Don’t pull out……”




“Let’s…… Stay like this……”




Euphemia stretched her hand out.


And Ferzen leaned over her.


Her voluptuous breasts got squeezed as their bodies collided.


…… Even a little bit more.


Euphemia wanted to leave her scent on him.


She hoped Yuriel would smell it and feel jealous.


She also hoped that he would remember her when he was doing it with Yuriel.


Moreover, with each successive ejaculation, a man’s semen would become thinner.


Euphemia hoped that Yuriel would only get his diluted seed.


With that in mind, Euphemia tightened her belly and squeezed Ferzen’s penis.


“I want to hear…… Your voice……”




“Not that……”


Euphemia complained.


Observing her endearing figure, Ferzen kissed Euphemia’s forehead and whispered.


“I love you……”


Euphemia El Lauren Louerg.


“I also…… Love you……”


Ferzen Von Schweig Louerg.


* * * * *


In the early dawn, when the moon hid behind the clouds.


Only the clock continued ticking without pause.





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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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