The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 104

Wolf’s Ranch (2)

༺ Wolf’s Ranch (2) ༻





Ferzen opened the door to Euphemia’s room and stepped out into the hallway. He glanced at his rumpled clothes and trudged forward, knowing they soon be messed up again.


Despite the futility, he couldn’t resist straightening his attire, a bitter smile on his face.




Before he realized it, he stood outside Yuriel’s bedroom. Ferzen turned the doorknob and entered, finding her peacefully asleep on the bed.




Was she pretending to be asleep?




Deliberately, he sat down beside her, causing the bed to creak. Ferzen reached out and lifted the blanket that covered her, revealing Yuriel’s bare body in nothing but black panties.




He glanced over and noticed her neatly folded clothes on the drawer.




Ferzen called out, but there was no response, just silence.


Was she really asleep?


The steady rise and fall of her chest indicated a deep slumber. Her long hair was tousled from her restless movements during the night. And the wrinkles on the bedsheet bore the imprints of her sleep.


Only then was Ferzen certain that Yuriel was truly fast asleep.


“I am not one to indulge in playing with dolls……”


Feeling troubled, Ferzen reached out and caressed Yuriel’s cheek.


At that moment, the sweet scent of peach entered his nose.




That sweet scent wasn’t the product of any aromatic oil or perfume.


Ferzen laughed as he looked down at the lascivious female who had completed all of her preparations to seduce the male but had fallen asleep.


“What should I do…… with you……”






Carefully removing all his clothes, Ferzen removed both of her hands from her body and positioned his body on top of her.




The bed shook.


Yuriel’s ample breasts were pressed against Ferzen’s firm chest. Meanwhile, his penis, pressing between her spread legs, slapped against her slit over the underwear she was wearing.


“Ah…… Ahh…… Ugh…… !”


Yuriel, who had been sleeping soundly, let out a stifled moan at the discomfort she felt from the pressure, and her beautiful eyebrows trembled.


She started to toss and turn, attempting to escape from Ferzen’s grip, but her resistance was meaningless.




Yuriel finally opened her eyes at that moment.


Her unfocused, obsidian eyes trembled before moving haphazardly.


Furthermore, still affected by drowsiness, she couldn’t think properly……




Yuriel, took a deep breath in surprise, her body floundering as she saw someone attempting to violate her.


However, her desperate struggle was easily overpowered by Ferzen.


“Ha…… Ha…… Heuk……!”


As if his goal was to torture her, his large hand seized her slender hand.


As if his goal was to crush her, his body crushed her own.


As if his goal was to devour her, his stiff rod pressed down on Yuriel’s wetness.




Yuriel wept at the creepy sensation, vividly felt even through her panties.


“P-p-p…… Don’t do it……”


She couldn’t articulate the words properly, just like a little child.


Thinking that the predicament she found herself in was more like a dream than reality, she tightly closed her blurry eyes.


If it’s a dream.


If it’s a bad dream.


Then all she needed was to wake up quickly.




However, Ferzen shattered her hopes as he whispered in her ear in a low voice.


On top of it, he slowly licked her earlobe, aiming to relax her body.


“Heuung……! Eung!”


As if it was the most potent medicine in the world, Yuriel’s stiff legs slid to the side instantly.


It was the correct posture for a female welcoming a male.


Additionally, the cold sweat that her body produced got mixed with the sweat of the man in that brief moment.


Thanks to that, her pink nipples rose lewdly on top of her crushed breasts, pricking into Ferzen’s chest.


As if finding the sensation truly pleasurable, Ferzen slowly rocked his body back and forth as he played with her.


“Heung…… Eung!”


The noise of the creaking bed joined the strange situation.


Even though they were just rubbing each other’s slippery bodies against each other, the two still savored the moment.


Especially after realizing that it was Ferzen who intended to violate her, Yuriel freed her hand from his grip and instead held his neck.


It brought her immense joy to know that he treated her as his woman, even if it was just an act to prepare her to receive his seed.


Apart from the physical pleasure, the emotional satisfaction she felt was profound, to the point where she struggled to put it into words.


“Ugh! Heuk…… What…… A…… Bad hobby…… You have…… ”


Yuriel, who had finally come to her senses, buried her head in Ferzen’s broad shoulder and complained about what happened just moments ago.


But at that moment, she caught a whiff of another woman’s scent mingled with his.


There was no need to question the owner of that scent, as it clung to his bare body, not his clothes. Undoubtedly, it was Euphemia’s scent.


‘So, you are here after doing it with her……’


Yuriel initially thought that what Ferzen had done to her was his way of scolding her for falling asleep.


However, it seemed it was merely a result of his already aroused body becoming further stimulated by her scent.


With that thought, an ugly sense of jealousy bloomed in her heart, as if she were responsible for some kind of cleanup.


But she didn’t want to show it to Ferzen……


Yes, because she didn’t want to……


“…… ”




That would be a lie.


In reality, Yuriel knew that she was greedy.


While she told Ferzen that it was fine for him to prioritize Euphemia, she couldn’t help but desire to claim some of Euphemia’s share for herself.


“Are you insulted?”


She stroked his collarbone gently as he whispered those words in a low voice.


Did he notice?


Yuriel’s behavior was now too obvious to go unnoticed, and Ferzen was a perceptive individual.


“Not really…… It’s not like that… … ”


Contrary to her true feelings, Yuriel smiled as she spat out a word of consideration for Ferzen.


Then, Ferzen tenderly kissed her forehead after stroking her cheek. 


‘With this……’


Will you feel like you owe me something, even a little?


Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred.


She was someone who was sharper than she let on.


Even the request to prioritize Euphemia without playing favorites was meant to make Ferzen remember her every time he cared for Euphemia.


The next one.


The second one.


The one ranked after.


In the face of those titles, sometimes an urge to take care of them first would appear.


‘In your eyes……’


Will I be seen as an understanding woman?


After rubbing her face against Ferzen’s hand which was resting on her cheek, Yuriel shyly kissed him.


In the modern times that Lee Seo-jin inhabited, there was a bird called the cuckoo.


Once hatched from its egg, the young cuckoo would assertively eliminate the eggs of other species in the nest, ensuring undivided attention from the nurturing mother bird.


One might draw a parallel between Yuriel and this peculiar bird, for she possessed a similar disposition, akin to that of a cuckoo.



“Keep…… Going……”




Yuriel, though weak, encouraged Ferzen to relieve his sexual desire with a voice that sounded extremely kind.


“No…… Wait……”


Upon remembering his earlier actions, she added,


“If you want to do it roughly…… as if you were raping me…… Just do it……”




“If that is your sexual fantasy…… I am willing to accept……”


“…… ”


“You can do it…… Whenever you want……”




At her words, Ferzen let out a deep sigh.


Did she do it intentionally or subconsciously?


Ferzen felt his lips dry every time he watched Yuriel reach for something deep inside him, something that only lust could awaken.


When Yuriel saw Ferzen stop moving, she pushed herself up as she realized he refused to behave like an animal so driven by desire.


‘Since there will be plenty of time in the future……’


She just needs to slowly make Ferzen understand that it was okay for him to reveal all of his darkest sides on her.


“Kiss me…… Just once more……”




Without answering her, Ferzen brought her face closer to him, closed his eyes, and kissed her.


At the end of that brief scuffle, Yuriel, who withdrew first, smiled proudly.


“If I do this…… I’ll be your other first one, right?”




Yuriel moved her hands awkwardly and wrapped her long, soft, and shiny black hair around Ferzen’s rod.


“Did you know about this…… ”


“What are you talking about……”


“There is a myth that says women’s hair feeds on memories to grow.”


That’s why what Yuriel was currently doing was……


“The 23 years I have lived……”


She was using it to quench her libido.


After finishing her words, she lowered her head.




She took the tip of Ferzen’s shaft in her mouth, producing a vulgar noise.


Though she had never done it before, her clumsiness held an element that stimulated his lust.




For an instant, Yuriel’s scent intensified as Ferzen reached out to her head, forcing her down onto his member. 


Thanks to that, Yuriel felt like her jaw was about to dislocate. At the same time, his monstrous cock touched the back of her throat, causing her to flinch.


As if knowing it was his fault, Ferzen wiped her face once and removed his hand from the back of Yuriel’s head.


“Ugh…… Keuk……! Keck…… ! Slurp…… ”


However, rather than pulling back, Yuriel continued to hold his member, wrapped in her hair and vulgarly sucked it.




He would be fine even if she didn’t take it this far.


Ferzen gently grabbed her shoulder, and whenever that happened, Yuriel tried harder to shove Ferzen’s penis down her throat.




Ferzen couldn’t help but give up in front of her resistance and just accepted the pleasure she gave him.




Time passed as she kept sucking him.


By the time Yuriel felt her chin had become sore, she carefully took Ferzen’s penis, which had become bigger than before, out of her mouth.


“Cough…… ! Hah…… Ha…… ”


Ferzen’s rod, glistening thanks to her saliva, bounced violently.


As if trying to soothe it, Yuriel gently ran her hand over it and carefully covered the tip with her hair. Before even a second had passed, something gushed out.




His sticky semen, which emitted a fishy smell, poured out to stain her glossy black hair.


If the myth about women’s hair was true, it meant that she had committed 23 years of her life to him.




Then, very slowly, Yuriel pulled the hair clinging to his shaft, mixed with the thick semen and let it hang down in a vulgar manner.


Yuriel gave Ferzen a lustful smile as she showed him her hair.


She was boasting that every inch of her body belonged to him.


“It’s still…… Strong……”


Seeing Ferzen’s erect member not deflating but emitting an even stronger male scent, Yuriel extended her index finger out.


When she touched it, it didn’t even budge.


The words ‘hard’ or even ‘rock hard’ were not enough to describe just how hard it was.


If that thing were to penetrate her and stir her insides, her lower abdomen would be sore the moment she woke up in the morning.


“How did you like it?”




Was she asking about his thoughts after seeing his semen on her hair?


Ferzen didn’t let it show on his face, but internally, he was quite taken aback by it.


Not knowing how Ferzen felt……




Yuriel slid her panties down and tossed them aside. Then, she opened her slit under the well-groomed pubic hair and showed it to Ferzen.


“If you want to act like you are raping me…… During sex…… It’s okay…… ”


“…… ”


“If not…… You can do whatever you want…… I just want to become one with you…… ”


After she finished speaking, Yuriel shyly closed her legs.


“Don’t be like that…… I won’t deny that I have sadistic tendencies, but I have no desire to abuse you in the slightest.”


At Ferzen’s serious answer, Yuriel burst into laughter and carefully grabbed his genitals.


“The fact that you are about to put a cock like this inside of me…… Is already an abuse…… ”




Ferzen frowned at Yuriel’s choice of words.


But before he could even scold her, Yuriel got up from the bed.


She grabbed Ferzen by the hand and guided him to the rocking chair by the window.


After letting Ferzen sit on it, Yuriel put her hand on Ferzen’s shoulder and carefully climbed on top of him.


With her buttocks slightly pushed back, she assumed an improper sitting position in midair.


“Hold…… My waist…… ”


Yuriel instructed, her legs trembling due to the rocking chair. Ferzen followed her instructions and tightly held her waist.


Then, little by little, Yuriel lowered her waist……


She pressed her wetness against Ferzen’s tip before she gently wiggled her bottom to guide it into the entrance.






When Ferzen’s tip finally burrowed into her folds, Yuriel said with a blushing face.


“Do you…… Hate it?”


“…… ”


“Still…… Please don’t think I am the same as a prostitute……”


“…… ”


“Because if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be doing this…… ”


The act she was currently engaging in was embarrassing and she would be lying if she said she wasn’t ashamed.


However, knowing that Euphemia wouldn’t assume this position, Yuriel felt a sense of superiority, being the first to do it with Ferzen.


It was a weapon she could use against her rival, who might have an inferiority complex and choose to be vulgar in bed.


At that moment, Ferzen grabbed her waist tighter and pulled her body down.






Even though she was fully prepared to accept it, Yuriel couldn’t help but gasp as his penis dug in without hesitation.


Her inner flesh tightly enveloped Ferzen’s genitals, even without exerting additional force.


“Ah……! Ugh……! Eung……!”


Yuriel moaned in pain, her legs trembling as she resisted Ferzen’s advances. Unable to speak, her body earnestly pleaded for him to go slowly.


“You act as if you will accept everything, yet, you ask for consideration at times like this…… What a bad wife.”


Ferzen let Yuriel’s waist go as he let out a long hot breath that came from the process of restraining his intense desire.


At that moment, Yuriel stared alternately between the place where the two of them connected and Ferzen with an expression of a conflicted child.


“I’m merely joking.”


Seeing her cute expression, Ferzen couldn’t help but smile at her. He then grabbed Yuriel by the waist again as his member stretched her tight folds.


When Ferzen’s rod once again tapped against her womb……


“Ah…… Ah……”


Yuriel wrapped her legs around his waist and sat down comfortably.










As the chairs rocked steadily without movement, Ferzen’s penis rubbed against the entrance of her womb. Yuriel shuddered intermittently and nestled tightly into his arms.




She wished to treat him like a child.


But Yuriel……Wished to be treated like a child by him.


At the contrasting reactions of the two women, Ferzen quietly smiled and enjoyed the affectionate night.


* * * * *


Early at dawn,


In a wolf-owned ranch,


The two sheep raised within it did not cry or make a sound.



TL note: Ok imma just say it now, i had one of the worst nights of my life.


My mum called me, (hysterically i might add), because she thought that someone had broken into her house (my old man was travelling with his old pal), so I a good daughter that i am, went nuts too.


I drove 40 bloody minutes to get to her home.


And she couldn’t open the fucking electric gates( is that how it’s worded in the Biden language?) with her remote controll, So she thought the person who ‘broke into her home’ had cut the wiring or something. The remote was working fine.


This left me who instead of simply calling the police like a normal person, (I already suspected what happened anyways) got a ladder from the neighbor, put in on wall, climbed the ladder and jumped past the fences.


(And my mum was holding the broom like a fucking baseball bat)


So when i got inside, Imagine my surprise (not) when everything was ok, the front doors were locked, the glass panels were ok, the cars were ok, so i simply reestarted the energy pannel. And voila! it was simply that.


And my mum (god bless her) forgot the keys to the normal fence where energy was not needed…..This all happened at 2 A.M.




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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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