The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 112


Presto ༻



  The experience of being the prey was quite unfamiliar for Ferzen.


  But as a predator himself, Ferzen was also aware of the best moments to pounce on the neck of his prey.


  With this in mind, Ferzen took a chair from his subspace, sat down, and started reading a book.


  Or rather, he pretended to read it, as his awareness was at an all-time high.


  A perfect opportunity for an ambush.


  But as his gaze was fixated on the book, his attention was focused on a memory that kept flashing through his mind.


  The memory of an unknown and bottomless abyss.


  Despite this bizarre situation, Ferzen still maintained his pose, even if this unknown memory sparked a deep sense of familiarity within him.




  After a long time.


  Ferzen became aware that at some point in his musings, he had crossed his legs while sitting.


  However, it was simply inconceivable that he, someone suffering from severe OCD, could maintain this posture without hesitation.




  Just to make sure, he folded a page of the book he was reading, making it asymmetric.


  And even then, he could still calmly read the book.




  But how could this happen?


  Could it be because of the illusionary nature of this world? Where only his astral projection was imprisoned and not his physical body?


  Theories and suspicions began to gnaw at his mind, but Ferzen quickly dismissed such thoughts.


  This strange phenomenon seemed to even affect his palette, as even when he tasted the most exquisite dishes possible, he couldn’t truly enjoy them.


  But now, Ferzen wholeheartedly savored this unimaginable feeling of liberation that could only be felt in this illusionary world.


  With minimal vigilance, he enjoyed such an opportunity to its fullest.


  Apart from his early years, where his cognitive thought was not as developed, Ferzen had suffered from his OCD for nearly twenty years.


  And the momentary feeling of being free from such chains was comparable to the relief brought by Ciel Midford’s death.


  Yes, a euphoria akin to a drug addict who had received a large quantity of drugs just for himself.










  A boorish book.


  But even as he had already finished reading the book once, Ferzen traced his finger through each page with a faint smile on his face, savoring the moment.










  However, Isabel Ron-Pierre Genova announced the end of this pleasant moment.


  The crackling static signaled the intrusion of enemies.




  Nevertheless, Ferzen remained seated in his chair, still looking at the asymmetrical book.


  Since the enemy had broken through the alarm system with such speed, he wouldn’t be able to react in time anyway.


  Perhaps the intruder was emulating the peak performance of an Auror Knight.


  In any case, it still wasn’t a life-threatening matter.


  That’s why Ferzen decided to savor this blessed moment for a little longer.




  The price for this choice was paid when his arm, the one not holding the book, was severed with a spray of blood.




  Even though this was an illusionary world, the excruciating pain resonated in Ferzen’s mind.


  But Ferzen ignored the searing pain as he refocused on the book.




  However, as he gazed at the asymmetrical book, Ferzen couldn’t feel any sort of peace.


  His gut wrenched, and his mind became chaotic.


  Everything was reverting to square one.






  From the stump where his arm once was, blood flowed without pause.


  And now, the imbalance was within his own body.


  As such, Ferzen Von Schweig Louerg.


  ……Couldn’t tolerate such a thing any longer.




  As the enemy prepared to strike once more, he abruptly stopped.


  Because the sight of Ferzen controlling Isabel’s corpse and making her cut off his remaining arm was enough to leave him completely astounded.




  Ferzen’s right arm, which had been holding the book, fell to the ground.


  Now with both of his arms severed, and with his body now symmetrical, the sense of ecstasy was enough to suppress his pain.


  Moreover, with this, he had managed to pay tribute to the fleeting liberation from the chains that had bound him for more than 20 years.




  Truly a beautiful moment.


  A blissful dream.


  A sweet, sweet dream.


  One that would forever be engraved on his mind.


  The forest’s breeze gently ruffled the fabric of his suit.


  And the enemy standing before him swallowed a lump in his throat as a chill spread through his spine.


  The red eyes staring at him seemed to transcend existence itself as they evoked an instinctive desire for submission.




  Instinctively the man took a step back as the oppressive feeling grew stronger.




   The ground between them, which had been composed of forest soil, vanished, and now only an eerie flesh-covered ground that squirmed and withered remained.


  Perhaps this is what would feel like to walk on someone’s organs.


  “No way……”


  Was this the indication that Ferzen – his prey – was aware of the illusionary world from the very beginning?


  After all, there seemed to be no other explanation for the nightmarish scenario in front of him.




  The man held his head high despite the changes he saw, but as soon as he did that, his eyes widened.


  The previously clear and sunny sky was now dark, devoid of a single cloud.


  And amidst the darkness, the sun now sprouted twisted fleshy appendages that beamed sunlight on its extremities.


  In the bright center of the star, a massive eye opened and gazed at the land below.


  At the same time, from the eye, pitch-black tears streamed down onto the ground, giving birth to grotesque tree-like creatures.


  This could only be the delusion born from the knowledge of a creature living on the third floor of The Underworld, a knowledge that only an Apollyon-class Warlock would possess.


  ‘Even so……’ 


  This nightmarish realm wouldn’t be able to kill the living embodiment of the strongest Auror Knight.


  With this belief in mind, the man grinned as he gripped the hilt of his sword.


  However, the sword was not aimed at Ferzen.






  Without hesitation, the man cut off his own two legs as he fell to the fleshy ground.


  Then, grasping the severed limbs, he brought the blade closer, dismantling them like a butcher would.


  Meanwhile, the surroundings continued to shift as incomprehensible and grotesque abominations continued to spawn.


  Then, something that seemed to be an amalgamation of a spider and a dragon, clad in sickly leathery skin that mirrored a stary night, appeared.


  A floating mass of flesh with numerous eyes and doors running through its body, each door holding a corrupted key.


  A monster that seemed to be composed of grains of sand walked on the ground with numerous tentacles like an octopus.


  Seeing this, the man raised his sword once more, splitting his abdomen and pulling out his intestines as if he was preparing a meal to his esteemed master.


  Meanwhile, by Ferzen’s side, a grotesque doll limped closer.


  Although its outward appearance was nothing compared to the other creatures, this monster was, in fact, the most well-known monster that dwelled on the third floor of the underworld — the monster capable of healing any sort of injury.




  The doll then produced a peculiar staff entwined by snakes on the ground. From its fingertips, countless threads were emitted and started treating Ferzen’s wounds.


  No, this couldn’t be categorized as treatment.


  It was something beyond imagination, like an eldritch god weaving reality itself.


  The intertwining threads formed bones.


  They created nerves and new flesh.


  Even the suit was restored, making it impossible for anyone to know that the two arms lying on the ground belonged to Ferzen.




  The entire process took less than three seconds.


  And Ferzen, who finished checking his attire, glanced at the face of the who seemed to be on the verge of a mental collapse.


  From his eyes, nose, and mouth, blood flowed freely, but even then, he continued to laugh maniacally.


  But even behind his insanity, a single question remained……


  —How on earth could a human know so many twisted creatures?




  Within Sephar’s illusionary world, what an individual is able to manifest is limited by their own knowledge.


  Having no intention of answering that question, Ferzen slowly closed his eyes, as the current scenery was, in fact, a fragment of the unknown memories that kept flashing in his mind.


  Therefore, even he couldn’t be sure of the nature of those abominations.


  No, a vague answer came to his mind.


  A familiar term that encompassed all those abominations……






  A faint noise echoed in the nightmarish scenario.


  Ferzen opened his eyes and turned his head toward the direction of the noise.




  In the distance, someone was trembling in fear.


  A woman.


  With purple hair and a mature figure.


  However, Ferzen quickly saw through the charade.


  The figure’s true self was clearly reflected in his eyes.


  Not a woman, but a girl.


  Moreover, a young lamb that had strayed beyond the ranch’s property with no regard for its own safety.






  “Lizzy Poliana Claudia.”


  Gradually, Ferzen Von Shweig Louerg uttered the young lamb’s full name.


  And as soon as he did that, the monstrosities in the area also focused on her.




TL note:  Ah another normal, totally normal chapter…..


Not like sum eldritch shit happened…………..


Btw I’m currently…..Training my replacement…….What a strange world……..I have half of mind in teaching him the wrong shit……But mama didn’t raised no bitch…..So yeh……


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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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