The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 113

Presto (2)

Presto (2) ༻



  As Lizzy managed to escape the chaos, she stopped controlling her corpse servant.


  Then, with great caution, she released herself from the corpse’s embrace.


  Although she had already managed to do such a thing in this illusionary world, the idea of standing upright on her own two legs was something foreign to her.


  Because of this dissonance, Lizzy couldn’t help but doubt that such a thing was even real…..As real as possible within the illusionary world.


  Her left ankle was beyond repair outside of the illusionary world.


  Every single doctor had said so.


  After all, the medical technology of this world wasn’t advanced enough to treat things like nerves and joints.


  Even then, here she was, standing on her own two feet.


  Because this wasn’t a reality, but a world within a dream.


  If one were to push an invalid who couldn’t move his arms, would he be able to move his arms in this critical scenario?


  No, for that was the cold hard truth of reality.


  Despite his struggles, despite his instinct to survive, he would still fall and break his nose or some teeth.


  But within this illusionary world, where the limitation of the physical body didn’t exist……


  Lizzy Poliana Claudia was aware of this, so all she had to do was to wish for a healed leg.




  With a brief sigh, Lizzy carefully placed her leg on the ground.






  Like a newborn calf, her left trembled a little as her weight was fully distributed between her legs.


  The moment she saw this, Lizzy couldn’t help but shed tears of happiness.


  Since her early childhood, Lizzy had spent more of her life unable to walk than the contrary.


  Now at the age of 18 – the age of maturity for a woman – Lizzy laughed with childlike joy.


  For 70,080 hours.


  2,920 days.


  8 long years.


  After such a long period of time, the simple act of walking meant the world to Lizzy.


  Yes, Lizzy Poliana Claudia.


  She was engulfed in an uncontrolled euphoria.


  Her mana trembled, and the power contained within her lithe figure seemed to grow exponentially.


  Lizzy knew that on this day…..


  No, at this moment!


  Ferzen Von Schweig Brutein.


  If she could destroy his astral projection, then……




  Overcome this wall.


  This belief filled Lizzy with an unshakable resolve.


  Her purple eyes shone like never before.


  With her own two legs, Lizzy marched toward the center of the forest.


  ‘But first……’


  She would need to change her appearance.


  If Ferzen saw her walking again, he would surely realize something was amiss.


  So, Lizzy willed her appearance to change into someone Ferzen wouldn’t recognize.


  However, as soon as she reached the center of the forest, there was no sign of Ferzen. Only a large mirror stood there.


  Had the battle against the enemy warlock forced him to relocate?


  Gazing at the faint traces on the trampled grass, Lizzy could see where he had gone as she silently took a step forward.


  Perhaps there would be no need for her to be the one ending his existence.


  If the enemy warlock managed to kill him, then she would be satisfied.


  But if he failed……


  ‘I’ll be the one who will end him.’ 


  A tyrant.


  An arrogant man.


  Even though he always appeared calm and composed.


  The moment when he sought to tear the enemy’s throat apart.


  The moment when the boundaries of predator and prey became muddled.


  She would strike. 


  But to accomplish this Lizzy had to manifest something.


  Although the pinnacle of the path of magic was considered to be the Thaumiel rank, no one had ever managed to reach it.


  But the pinnacle of the path of the Auror Knight was different.


  Based on her knowledge derived from books and the known achievements of Gremory Elden Ishitar Elmark, Lizzy willed for such power on her body.




  Her body trembled.


  She could feel the limitless power coursing through her veins.


  A power such that everything seemed to be in her grasp.


  With this, she would be able to crush that filth with her own hands.




  Even just imagining it, the young maiden could feel an unspeakable pleasure coursing through her.


  With her perfect body, Lizzy was able to hear something from a distance.


  And without hesitation, she walked towards it.


  ‘When you are on the verge of death……’ 


  Just like at the masquerade ball.


  If she were to shed her disguise and reveal herself……What would his reaction be?


  Before long, the noise grew clearer.


  Now with Ferzen located right in front of her, Lizzy extended her hand to push the bushes away.


  At that moment.




  A chilling and unpleasant sensation.


  Since her body now stood at the peak as an Auror Knight, this wrongness weighed heavily on her mind.


  Then, she lowered her gaze ever so slightly……




  A silent scream left her lips.


  The very ground she stood on was akin to living flesh.


  Just as she was distracted by the wriggling and pulsing flesh, the sky darkened, and some pitch-black liquid rained beside her.


  And from this liquid, countless insects spawned.


  The insects wriggled and fused together, giving rise to something blooming from their mass.


  They formed trunks, branches, and leaves of trees.


  Her revulsion at seeing this was indescribable.


  Lizzy’s eyes shook as she reached for her sword.




  But even with her overflowing might, her strikes did nothing against the bulging mass of insects.






  No matter how much she cut them, the pieces would just reform into more trees.


  Unbeknownst to herself, Lizzy involuntarily took a step back and clumsily stumbled, hitting her buttocks on the ground.


  And then, she saw them.


  Beings moving and floating in the sky that she had never heard of before.


  The pure dread emitted by those beings caused her resolve to wane.


  And to make matters worse……






  “Lizzy Poliana Claudia.” 


  Within that nightmarish visage.


  As always, he uttered her name in an arrogant and imposing tone.


  Like a flower being cruelly stomped on.


  Like a hatching chick unable to break free of its shell.


  Like a candle blown out by the wind while trying to illuminate the darkness.


  Like a sandcastle being eroded by the unrelenting waves.


  Eventually, Lizzy looked at Ferzen slowly walking towards her, and then she realized with utmost clarity.


  The sweet, sweet dream she had, that grand and enchanting dream.


  It was nothing more than a vain belief that would never come to pass.



TL note:  At least she didn’t pissed herself this time, i mean she didn’t pissed herself YET……


It’s raining

It’s cold

It’s dark

It’s 6 AM

I wanna die

Imma be unemployed in 12 days



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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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