The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 117

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DC (4) ༻



The night’s summer rain, which had been falling lightly, continued until dawn.


However, the rain gradually grew thinner, indicating that it would likely stop in the morning or around noon.


The current time was 5 am.


Having woken up early, Ferzen walked toward the window and sat down on a chair, opening the window slightly.






The sound of rain pouring down the street was a soothing melody.


Lost in a peculiarly sentimental mood for a moment, Ferzen slowly opened the book he held in his hand……




He gently folded one corner of a page.




However, as he expected, the asymmetry instantly filled his mind with discomfort.


An obsessive thought that perhaps took precedence over the survival instinct imprinted in his genes.


Knowing better than anyone that resisting it was a foolish endeavor, Ferzen folded the other pages in the same way as the first one with the help of digitization and closed the book.


A wave of relief washed over him, causing him to let out a wry smile and sigh.


As it stood, It could be said that he and Lizzy had something in common: they were both haunted by the experiences they had inside the illusionary world.


‘Come to think of it……’


Now that he had time to spare, two questions that he had previously pondered resurfaced.


The illusionary world distorted all cognitive elements of tis victims, making them unable to notice that whatever they saw inside was not real……


Then, why did it change his appearance and make it easier for him to realize that it was not real?


And those fragments of unknown memories exuded a strange yet intense familiarity.


Moreover, the monstrous beings that manifested inside exhibited a curious fear of him, as if compelled to worship his presence.


‘They were monsters that had never been recorded in Brutein’s library.’


Certainly, considering their vast number, it was possible that they were simply creatures from the unexplored depths of the 3rd floor. 


However, the unease he felt when he effortlessly uttered their true names, spoken in a language that did not exist in this world, served as a stark reminder that he was no ordinary resident of the third floor.


Could it be……?


Was he, by chance, a high-ranking monster dwelling in the abyss of the underworld?


The notion seemed absurd, and yet, it held a peculiar logic, given his lifelong struggle with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. 


It would be stranger if there were no side effects whatsoever, considering the nature of his transformation—a state the human body was ill-equipped to handle.


Perhaps it was fortunate that the most pronounced side effect he experienced was his obsessive-compulsive tendencies.


Unbeknownst to him, Ferzen found himself fleshing out this hypothesis, inadvertently tightening his necktie as he wallowed in self-pity.




As the constriction around his throat evoked a feeling of suffocation, Ferzen sensed his clouded mind abruptly clearing.


“Isn’t it too late…?”


There was little point in questioning the origins of his species or attempting to unravel them at this late juncture.


 After all, his conjecture was merely built upon a foundation of insufficient evidence, hardly enough to support his wild theories.


However, even though he knew it, the fact that he still fell deeply into it and focused on it……


It must have been because it provided an additional reason, other than his severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, for the misdeeds he had committed so far.


After all, when there was a clear reason or narrative, it felt like a pardon had been given.


‘Have I become weak?’


Even if his origins were not human but that of a monster, it wouldn’t change anything. 


After all, weren’t the words ‘demon’ or ‘monster’ originally derived from humans? 


In that sense, contemplating his roots seemed meaningless.




Ferzen closed the window.


He could see his face being reflected in the spot where the rainwater dropped.


After staring at it for a long time without saying anything, it became foggy as if he had blown his breath on it, So Ferzen took out his handkerchief and wiped it clean.


Whether it was in the past, present, or future, the fact that he was a villain, as well as a human, wouldn’t change.


There was no need for hypocrisy and pathetic excuses to be seen as a victim.


Because the path of life, once taken, could never be retracted.


* * * * *


8:30 A.M.


After allowing the students time to freshen up, Ferzen entered a private room on the first floor as planned.


As he had informed them the previous night, this was to carry out the final exam using a different approach.


Originally, he had intended to assess the student’s level of autonomous control, but he decided to simply evaluate their understanding of a corpse.


While it was the simplest method, it was highly likely that there would be numerous requests for grade corrections in the future.


By utilizing his digitization skill for comparison, he found the margin of error to be within a range of ± 5%. This highlighted the inherent inaccuracy of grading performed by humans.


‘……I have no choice but to lower the grading threshold for each grade level.’


Doing so would, at the very least, prevent his office from being inundated with students in the future.


As the clock struck 9 and all preparations were in place, Ferzen rose to his feet and opened the door.


“Please come in.”




A student from the front row stood up and approached nervously.


Ferzen could sense the student’s immense stress.


As the student entered and turned his stiff neck to glance at him, Ferzen closed the door.


No, before closing it completely, he cast a sidelong glance at the students waiting outside.


In that brief moment, he caught sight of Lizzy, sitting calmly in her wheelchair at the very end of the line, implying that she would be the last to enter.


‘The very last, hm?’


It seemed she wished to delay their encounter for as long as possible.


With a faint smile, Ferzen closed the door.


And belatedly, Lizzy gazed at the closed door with a sense of unease in her purple eyes.


* * * * *


One, two…


As Lizzy observed the number of students dwindling before her with each passing hour, she tightly shut her eyes.


Though it was only natural, it seemed to her that the lanterns illuminating the hallway extinguished one by one, casting an unknown and deep darkness over her surroundings.


If it had stopped at that, perhaps she could have managed. But there was no escape from it. She had to venture into the darkness alone.




Finally, the thirteenth student emerged from the room, their face adorned with apparent joy as they skipped around in excitement, confident in their performance on the test.


Through the partially open door, Lizzy caught sight of Ferzen, undisturbed in his seat, causing her delicate hands to clench tightly.


At that moment, trembling started in her fingertips and spread throughout her body, defying her desperate pleas for control.


Despite fixing her gaze on Ferzen’s feet and constantly reminding herself that he wouldn’t harm her with so many people outside the door…






Lizzy’s breath still quickened, as if she were gasping for air atop a lofty mountain, as the wheelchair inched closer to the room.


Cold sweat dripped down her soft cheeks, adding to her distress.




It was as if an ominous warning, forbidding her from approaching or crossing the threshold.


Lizzy heard the haunting screams that had plagued her nightmares, and it dawned on her.


She would never be able to enter that room.




Eventually, she brought the wheelchair to a stop and bowed her head.


Lizzy was determined to forfeit the exam.




As she clutched onto the wheelchair, her complexion paled, sensing a high-concentration magic power intertwining with the corpse she controlled.


Without needing to guess, she knew who the wielder of that magic power was. It possessed a distinct quality different from her own.


Desperately attempting to resist, she found her control being snatched away in an instant, her efforts in vain.






Against her will, the wheelchair began moving forward.


Just because the darkness hadn’t approached didn’t mean it hadn’t drawn nearer.


“Cheer up. You seem very nervous.”


Looking down at Lizzy, who had reached the door, the pure-hearted knight, who admired her courage, opened it with a smile.


Upon hearing his encouraging voice, Lizzy struggled to lift her bowed head.


Revealing an expression tainted with fear and terror, she attempted to call for his help.






However, already halfway inside, Lizzy was powerless to respond to his voice calling her name.




Tears that had collected in the corners of her eyes, defying her efforts, cascaded down onto the back of her hand.


Perhaps that was her final plea for help.




Yet, the knight beside her remained oblivious. After checking on Lizzy as she entered, he closed the door.


He would perhaps never know.


To the girl he had praised for her bravery.


He had unwittingly opened the door to Hell.


“You are the last.”


“A-ah… H-heuk…!”


At the same time, he blocked her only escape route.




TL note: For those who braved through 116…… congrats, and for those who skipped…i wished I could do that….i fr thought of dropping this novel on that chapter, few things are more disturbing than rape and child murder….. even if it’s a nightmare.


Anyways, the gloom part aside, it’s finally a new month, and on this first day of august mama already did 7 chappies………OMG Im amazing right right right right right right right right right right?

Oh but I’m not mass releasing


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Some sweet wholesome stuff. Should be gud if he’s doing it with the Pseudo Whore. I hate him (we are besties) {But my novel is still better}


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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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