The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 116

DC (3)


Warning, this chapter contains depictions Rape, Torture, Child murder, and overall insanity.


DC (3) ༻


Lizzy Poliana Claudia.


Throughout her childhood, she often found herself getting lost.


It happened so frequently that she sometimes wondered if her two older brothers deliberately avoided playing hide-and-seek with her.


And this tendency of hers to get lost extended even into her dreams, just like in reality where a lost child was often approached by those with sinister intentions.


Inside the dream, the unaware Lizzy found herself being approached by a malevolent nightmare.




The scene unfolding before her, unaware that it was merely a dream, was utterly shocking.


Her first and second brothers lay before her, their bodies severed into gruesome pieces, their breaths faint.


Is this an underground place?


In this lightless environment, a putrid smell of blood and decay assaulted her nostrils.




Struggling to catch her breath, Lizzy opened her quivering mouth.


She reached out her hand towards them, instinctively trying to move forward with the help of the wheelchair’s handle held by a corpse…


But flinch-!!


She couldn’t feel the presence of the corpse behind her. Instead, a large hand belonging to an unknown individual gently caressed her cheek from behind.


“Ah… Ah…”


From that hand, she recognized a fishy, repulsive scent that she would never forget.


Only then did Lizzy discover the identity of the hand’s owner.


“Hick…! Hick…!”


Her body trembled in terror, and a series of hiccups escaped her naturally.


Furthermore, her body, touched by Ferzen, convulsed as if in a seizure.




At that moment, her second brother, lying before her, took his last breath.


“Ah… Ah…! Ah… Aaaaaa——!”


Indeed, they weren’t just lying there with faint breaths.


They were slowly dying.


“Perhaps because he has a normal body, he died faster than expected.”


Speaking with a dry voice about people’s deaths, he extended his hand and pointed at the hourglass placed on her left, almost showing it off.


That hourglass undoubtedly represented the remaining lifespan of her remaining brother, Roer.


“…… Please.”




“S-spare… S-spare…”


Despite all the strange elements surrounding her, Lizzy still failed to notice, or rather, she couldn’t notice.


She continued to beg Ferzen to spare the life of her older brother, Roer.


“I-I was… wrong…”




“I… was wrong…”


For asking you to dance without even excelling in that subject.


For committing the offense of stepping on your foot due to her clumsy skills.


For attempting to bite your nape instead of bowing her head low.


Despite being the victim, Lizzy considered herself a sinner.


She pleaded for mercy and forgiveness in the most wretched way possible.




Without saying a word to her, Ferzen ran the back of his hand across her collarbone.


Then, he summoned the gates of the Underworld and called forth a creature capable of repairing the damages and defects of her body.


At that moment, she felt a strong sense of detachment. Only then did she realize that it was all just a dream.






He was undressing her.


She couldn’t bear the touch of Ferzen as he removed the hem of her clothes.


The sight before her was unbearable, and Lizzy’s trembling hands pathetically attempted to hold onto Ferzen’s hand. However, it was Lizzy who gave up first.


She realized that this place was not an illusion barrier, but purely her own dream.


Therefore, the most valuable thing she could offer at this moment was herself.


Or, more accurately, the one thing she believed Ferzen would take the most pleasure in destroying would be her body.


The brutal nightmare accurately reflected that desire.




Before long, Lizzy, completely naked on top of her wheelchair, trembled uncontrollably.


The cold air,


The darkness,


And the dreary atmosphere of the underground surrounded her.


Despite her body always being tense, it twitched in a more pitiful manner than ever before.


It was like a bare tree standing in the midst of a blizzard on a winter day.






Soon after, he grabbed her left leg and roughly pulled it forward. Lizzy, who had her slit exposed, desperately held on to the armrest of her wheelchair to prevent her half-dragged body from falling as she cried.


“Please…… Other…… Than…… That……”


In between her widely spread legs, her smooth, hairless womanhood was reflected in his eyes.


More than humiliation, Lizzy didn’t want to be trampled by him when her brother was near.


“A-Ah…… Hieek……!”


But as if mocking her plea, the corner of Ferzen’s mouth curled up as he gently brushed her wetness.


A precious place that had never been touched by anyone.


When it was touched by the man she hated the most in the world, Lizzy reflexively stretched out her right foot.




But Ferzen caught it quickly as if to tease her.


Meanwhile, his other hand released her left foot which he had been holding.




Naturally, it was impossible to resist his power with a broken leg.


As it was said that dreams were a product of one’s own thoughts and desires, it could be said that her legs, which currently couldn’t move, best represented her deepest feelings.


After seeing such a weak Lizzy, Ferzen leaned slightly on his upper body and whispered with a kind tone.


“There is a saying that the most effective method to awaken the mind of a person in a coma is…… The voice of their beloved family.”




And at the same time as he spoke those words.


He pulled his pants down and thrust it towards her like a weapon.




“Heut…… Keugh…… He, heuk!”


She could feel the sensation of his member violently pressing down on her wet slit and forcefully opening her thick flesh.


Lizzy, whose face had become pale as if she was on the verge of dying, let out an unsteady breath.


Can something like that enter without hurting her?


If something like that entered her, maybe she would die.


As she realized that she feared her own death even in the midst of this. she felt indescribable loathing towards herself.


Is this the meaning of ‘every family member is the captain of their own boat of life?’


Lizzy was seized with guilt as she recalled the words she had confidently uttered at the marriage of her brother, Roer.


Without the courage to take the helm of her ship, she was nothing more than a sailor.


Fortunately, this self-loathing created an illusion of punishing herself……


“Keheuk……! Ah…… Oh…… ! Aagh!”


It allowed her to escape from the pain caused by her raw flesh being penetrated by Ferzen to some degree.


Of course, it was only a small relief.


The sensation on her lower belly was so unfamiliar and painful.


She was shaken so much by the foreign object that she could vomit at any moment.




Lizzy, who had been holding onto the armrest of the wheelchair with her slender hands, finally slipped.


The impact caused the wheelchair to hit the wall roughly, creating a loud noise.


At that moment, Ferzen reached out and gently took her upper body, which was about to fall to the floor, into her arms.


Even though his behavior showed nothing but kindness.


For Lizzy who was cradled by him while being forced to accept his rod, it was the worst kind of hell.


“N-No…… Heuk! Keu…… Kkeuk……!”


The hideous object seemed hell-bent on piercing her uterus.








The blood from the torn flesh……




Acted as a lubricant as it poured down to the floor of the basement.


“Ah…… Auuu…… Ah……”


In the end, Lizzy couldn’t bear the pain.


“Heu…… Keu… … Aaaaaang!”


She cried like a child as she fought desperately in his arms.


In response, Ferzen brought her to the closest wall, pressed her back against it, and then carefully moved his waist.


“N-no…… I don’t want to……!”


Of course, she knew that he was moving his waist not because he was considerate of her. She had learned that from her experiences in a short period of time.


Lizzy stretched out her hands and tried to push Ferzen’s firm chest away, but……


“It hurts…… It hurts…… It hurts…… It hurts… … ! Ahhhh……! Ouch!!”




It was rough, blood-spattering, filthy lovemaking where she was forced to endure unspeakable pain over and over again.


And Ferzen, who had said nothing since he began violating her, kept his silence until the end.


True to his purpose to make her cries audible to Roer’s ears.


He remained silent while continuing to ravage her.


* * * * *


“… … ”


With blurry eyes, Lizzy swayed like a doll, following Ferzen’s movements as he violated her.


She couldn’t even fathom how much time had passed.


The parts where they intersect were dyed red as he repeatedly thrust violently.


Meanwhile, blood continued to flow down to the floor like flower petals falling in winter.


Fortunately, the pain had decreased significantly.


Only the burning sensation remained.


Even though her expression showed that she had given up…




He grabbed her pelvis,  thrusting deeper and deeper, pressing against her womb, leaving no space between them.




Lizzy stiffened and struggled with what little energy she had left.


But no matter how hard she struggled,


She still felt his hot seed rushing into her as soon as the ejaculation started.


When the despairing thought of being pregnant with this man’s child crossed her mind, Lizzy looked as if she had lost the world.


“Ha…… Ha……”


His monstrosity, which had been tormenting her so much, left her warmth at once as if it had finished its business.


Lizzy sank to the floor helplessly, looking at the thick semen mixed with the blood flowing from between her legs——from her horribly ruined womanhood.


Her sobs echoed in the dark and collapsing space as she held her face in her hands.


If getting to know a man was one of the necessary steps in transitioning from a girl to a woman, then the experience she just went through was like a pupa transforming into a wingless butterfly.


It could be described as the most dreadful form of emergence.


Soon after, Ferzen, who had been by her side, vanished.


Roer disappeared as well.


Not only that, but the space around her started to crumble and darken.


However, this was not a sign that she would finally awaken from her dream.




It was merely a transitional phase, leading to the next chapter of her nightmare.




Amidst the peculiarities and discomfort, Lizzy gazed down at the baby suckling on her breast.


Although it was a scene that starkly contrasted with her true feelings, buried within her own nightmare, Lizzy was unable to think clearly.


And as she pushed herself to the brink, the red-eyed baby boy, bearing a striking resemblance to Ferzen, continued to drink her breast milk.




In one fell swoop, she tossed the child onto the bed.




Naturally, the child burst into tears at the rough action.


Lizzy crouched down, covering her ears to block the sound of the baby’s cry, which resembled a lamb’s bleating, a trait inherited from her.


However, no matter how much she blocked it, the sound still penetrated her ears.


“Ha…… Ha……”


Eventually, Lizzy, with dilated pupils, picked up a pillow and moved closer to the child, covering his face with it.




She felt an unexpected resistance, a strength that seemed impossible for such a tiny body to possess, coming from the baby.


Even though Lizzy put her weight on the pillow, she couldn’t help but recall that the child she’d seen in that short amount of time was a reflection of both Ferzen and herself……


“Ah…… Ah……”


She hurriedly removed the pillow, but the child, who had already died, remained motionless.




Overwhelmed by a rush of negative emotions, Lizzy sank to the floor and gazed at the large full-length mirror in front of her.


The reflection of herself in the mirror looked so wretched and pathetic.


At that moment, she felt a strong urge to strangle herself, but ultimately, she couldn’t bring herself to do it.


And then…… 




Suddenly, she saw Ferzen standing in front of the door, even though she couldn’t sense his presence.




Lizzy scrambled to her feet, instinctively taking a step back from him.


However, he still followed her, like a shadow that would trail her wherever there was light.




However, there was a limit to running away in a closed space.


Blocked by the wall against her back, Lizzy could only watch as Ferzen calmly strode towards her.




Fortunately, he was not walking towards her, but towards the child who bore a striking resemblance to him, now a lifeless corpse..


Ferzen Von Schweig Louerg.


He lifted the child into his arms and gently caressed the motionless body, his steps eventually leading him closer to Lizzy. As he approached, he spoke to her in a low voice.






“Just as you wished.”


This young lamb, bearing your characteristic.


“He has stopped crying, hasn’t he?”


Ferzen handed the child to Lizzy, who had frozen in space.


Lizzy turned her stiff neck and looked at the child she had killed……




As if the baby was letting out a breath he had been holding in, she could hear it scream before it burst into tears again.


In that moment, everything shattered, and the dream began to crumble.


Her body, tortured and tormented by the nightmare, couldn’t bear it any longer, and she struggled to open her eyes open.


Meanwhile, Lizzy couldn’t erase the sound of the child’s cry, which still lingered as a faint hallucination beyond her fragile mind.


Because that cry felt like a creature that continues to grow.


From a baby’s scream to a child’s scream.


From a child’s scream to a girl’s scream.


From a girl’s scream to a woman’s scream.


Perhaps this was a prelude to the end of her rebellious path.


Lizzy felt herself floating in her fading consciousness, and soon enough, she awakened from her nightmare.




No words came out of her mouth.


Her clothes and blankets were drenched with cold sweat that trickled down her body.


Unpleasant as it was, Lizzy crawled out of bed and hesitantly crouched under the window.




Before long, a much-welcomed summer rain poured down on Lamia, which had become dark.


“Heu, heuk……!”


And Lizzy, still huddled under the window, listened to the rain.


She wished.


For the rain to wash away everything that held her down.



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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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