The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 121

Interlude (3)


Interlude (3) ༻



When someone stays up late, it is natural for them to wake up late. However, that was not the case for Yuriel. She found herself waking up far too early.


Glancing at her watch, she realized it was only a little past four in the morning.


‘Did I only manage to sleep for about three hours……’


Drowsiness still weighed heavily on her eyes, tempting her to lie back down. However, knowing that Ferzen had to go to the academy again that day, she decided to stay awake until then.


Carefully, so as not to disturb the sleeping Laura, Yuriel sat on the bed and rolled up her sleeves.


Her gaze fell upon the cheap, worn-looking bracelet she had impulsively bought without really knowing why.


‘It was just a superstition, nothing more……’


Was she so envious of Euphemia, who carried Ferzen’s child, that she resorted to relying on such superstitious items?




With a sigh, Yuriel roughly tucked her flowing hair behind her ears and stood up, making her way into the hallway.


She planned to go to the bathroom and take a bath to shake off her drowsiness.


Afterward, she thought of taking a stroll through the garden to pass the time.


Step by step, Yuriel walked along the corridor, illuminated by the dim light of dawn. However, she couldn’t simply pass by the room where Ferzen and Euphemia were sleeping together.


Even though she forced herself not to glance toward the room…


Like a deer caught in the headlights, her legs refused to take even a single step forward.




Yuriel was certain that inside the room, Euphemia was held in Ferzen’s arms.


She must have been enveloped by his warmth, feeling it throughout her body.


An urge to slightly open the door to peek came over her, but Yuriel managed to stop herself, though just barely.


After all, she knew that even though Ferzen was tired, he would make love to that woman……


If she opened the door, the filthy smell of their intimacy would seep through the gap, tainted with the smell of their bodies mingling.




Don’t want to see that.


After all, what benefit would she gain from witnessing the traces of the man she loved becoming intimate with another woman?


Yuriel shut her eyes tightly and forced her legs, as heavy as rocks, to move.




However, just as Yuriel was about to take her first step to leave, the sound of a turning doorknob echoed through the quiet hallway.




Startled, Yuriel flinched and turned her stiff head to the side.






At that moment, she saw Ferzen walking out of the room, his face filled with fatigue and a frown.




It couldn’t be anything later than 4 in the morning.


Ferzen wondered if he was dreaming, but the sweet scent of peaches that reached his nose couldn’t be mistaken. He glanced at her before turning his head to look back into the room.


Though he had moved carefully, he could still see Euphemia tossing and turning in her sleep because of him.


In order not to disturb her, he quietly closed the door and fixed his gaze on Yuriel.


“You look very tired.”




When he gently touched her soft cheek, Yuriel didn’t shy away but instead accepted the touch calmly.


As Ferzen slowly withdrew his hand, Yuriel leaned her cheek towards him, seeking affection in a shy manner, yearning to feel the warmth of his hand.


Finding her actions endearing, Ferzen gently pressed her against the wall and inhaled the scent of her body.


“I haven’t washed yet……”


“Are you tired because you couldn’t sleep?”




Ferzen didn’t need to guess the reason why she couldn’t sleep.


It was undoubtedly because he had chosen to sleep with Euphemia upon his return.


“I feel annoyed and upset, but… it’s fine.”




“Because I was the one who told you to prioritize that woman and not to worry about me.”


Yuriel’s obsidian-like eyes averted Ferzen’s gaze as she spoke those words.


In truth, she didn’t truly mean what she had said. She wanted him to show her a bit more consideration.


However, she thought that revealing her true feelings would make her appear selfish… or rather, troublesome in his eyes. So, Yuriel chose to play the role of a good woman.






Ferzen’s hand, which had ventured downwards, caressed her hip in a provocative manner.


“It’s okay to be greedy. Do you think my body is so fragile that I have to hold back, even though I only have two women?”


There was no one else in the hallway, but that was not the point. What mattered was the man in front of her and his current actions.


Disregarding the circumstances, he would always reach out to her, acting without scruples if anyone were to witness it.


Yuriel couldn’t help but wonder how far he was willing to go for his own desires.


Throb, throb.


Her heartbeat gradually quickened, threatening to burst at any moment.


“R-right now…”




“I’m on my way to take a bath…”


That’s why…


“Let’s… go together.”


Even as she spoke those words, Yuriel immediately felt a sense of regret.


“Let’s do that.”


However, when she heard Ferzen agreeing without hesitation, she couldn’t help but look at his face.


“My fertile period… It has already passed.”


“I know.”




With a slightly cold gaze, Ferzen lowered his head and gently bit the nape of her neck.


Was he angry?


Yuriel carefully stood on her tiptoes and hugged Ferzen, her body trembling.


“Do you think… I only see you as a mean to bear my children?”


“I-I’m sorry…”


“Don’t make unnecessary assumptions. I desire you because I genuinely want you, Yuriel.”




“I want you as my wife, as someone who will stand by my side.”


Stepping back from her, Ferzen looked down at her.


His eyes burned with such intensity, glowing red in the darkness, enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine.


But to Yuriel, it was not scary. She found it beautiful as if she was completely subdued by Ferzen.


“What is this simple bracelet?”




Since Yuriel hadn’t pulled her sleeves down, Ferzen noticed the cheap bracelet she had secretly bought the previous night.


“It’s nothing… just something I bought.”




Did he impose any restrictions on how they should spend their money?


With his keen eye for detail, Ferzen immediately noticed the poor quality of the bracelet.


“Don’t hesitate to spend our money.” 






Yuriel hesitated, feeling a twinge of regret as he took the bracelet from her.


However, Ferzen immediately reached out to his altar and opened his subspace, revealing a beautiful jewelry box.


Come to think of it, he had never given her any gifts since they became husband and wife. Ferzen held a pair of bracelets in his hands and presented them to her.


“They suit you well.”


“Ah…” Yuriel’s voice quivered as she looked at the first gift he had ever given her.


One bracelet for each wrist, one for the left, and one for the right. Both resembled the reflection of the sky in the ocean.


This man… No, Ferzen, her husband……


“Do you like them?”


Shake, shake.


Yuriel vigorously shook her head.


Honestly, she never thought that she would feel such happiness from accepting a leash around her neck.


Yet, she felt elated to receive such beautiful bracelets as gifts.


She couldn’t help but think of the necklace she often saw Euphemia wearing. It was clearly beyond the financial means of the Louerg family. Yuriel was convinced it was a gift from Ferzen.


Now she had something similar…


“L-let’s go…”


After gently caressing the bracelets, Yuriel took hold of Ferzen’s hand and led him.


With his considerable strength, Ferzen followed her, allowing her to feel like she was leading the way.


As soon as they entered the bathroom, Yuriel stripped Ferzen of his clothes with a very sincere touch.


Ferzen’s smell spread throughout the bathroom as soon as his penis was out.


Maybe because it had been a while since she had last seen it, Yuriel was a little frightened by how huge it was.


Even though she knew that his rod had entered her several times already, as if her body had lost its memory, she couldn’t remember how she used to receive it.




The water inside the bathtub rippled.


Yuriel, who had soaked herself, glanced at Ferzen who was sitting next to her.


Ferzen’s rod, which she saw swaying in its reflection in the water, looked like an underwater monster.


As time passed, the veins around his shaft became ugly as his member swelled a bit.




Ferzen’s hand wrapped around her waist at that moment.


With his other arm, he pulled her closer by grabbing her slender ankle. In response, Yuriel instinctively grabbed his forearm.


“……I’ve endured a lot, Yuriel.”


Ferzen growled, his voice laced with a sticky desire that made her feel his desperate longing for her. She lowered her hand that was holding his thick forearm.




As if there was no time to waste now that the resistance was gone.


Ferzen yanked his arm that was gripping her ankle to pull her closer before wrapping his arms around her waist.


Yuriel stumbled at the touch and she quickly put her hand on Ferzen’s broad shoulder.


Her ample, large breasts jiggled seductively in front of his eyes.


“Ah, aang……!”


In response, Ferzen opened his mouth and bit into one of her breasts.


It was a fairly rough act, but his hand gently swept through her waist as he tried to lower it.


“He, heuk……!”


Yuriel tried hard to not feel it, but each time her waist went down, his genitals poked hard against her thighs.


It gave a terrifying sensation as if a snake were slithering on it, so Yuriel unknowingly clenched her privates.




However, as if not caring about that level of resistance, Ferzen’s sinful rod slithered towards her entrance……






Then, it slowly started to dig into her womanhood.


Yuriel could feel all the nerves in her body rushing to her lower abdomen in an instant.


The only thing that had entered her was the tip, but she already felt uncomfortable.


“He…… Ah, aeung!”


Yuriel shuddered as Ferzen hugged her body as if he was about to crush it……


Without the slightest bit of hesitation on his part, he continued to open Yuriel’s pale pink flesh forcibly and thrust his large shaft into her.


Yuriel’s analogy that saw it as a snake that had crawled on her thigh and tried to slither into her pussy could not be more wrong.






Eventually, when the gap between them became close to none, Ferzen gave more strength to his hand that had been pressing down on her waist, driving his length all the way in, in one breath.




At that moment, Ferzen felt satisfaction that he could not put it into words.


Yuriel also felt a vague sense of satisfaction, despite the discomfort she felt from being filled to the brim.


“Heu…… Eung…… Heut!”


Wriggle, wriggle.


As if its greed had not been satisfied yet.


The snake thrust its head into her womb.


That spot was supposed to be a place where the child she would conceive from his seed would grow up with great care.


“D-do it…… However you want……”


As if willing to be caught and eaten, Yuriel relaxed her body and leaned towards Ferzen to hug him.


However, the truth was…… She simply had no energy to move.


Amidst the calmly rippling waters, her pure white buttocks rose.


Since she had relaxed her body, the dainty pink anus flashed obscenely over the water’s surface.


* * * * *


Nasty woman.


Dirty woman.


Disgusting woman.


Feeling a surge of anger and frustration, Euphemia released her tight grip on the doorknob.


She had woken up shortly after Ferzen left the bed. intending to leave herself…


However, as she stood there, her hand hovering over the doorknob, she couldn’t help but overhear the conversation between Ferzen and Yuriel.


With each word, her anger grew, and she clenched her lips harder.


She understood that Yuriel had her own feelings and desires. Euphemia could comprehend that.


But seeing Yuriel deliberately wearing a cheap bracelet out of the blue…


It infuriated Euphemia. She believed it was a calculated move to gain sympathy from Ferzen.


That woman had taken everything from her, even her poverty, just to win Ferzen’s sympathy.


It was easy for those who had everything to take something from those who had nothing.


At that moment, , despair washed over Euphemia.


Yuriel had so many weapons at her disposal, Euphemia felt completely felt defenseless as if standing naked before Yuriel.


Instinctively, Euphemia placed her hand on her belly, where Ferzen’s child was growing.


That was all she had left—Ferzen’s child, her only source of solace in this tumultuous situation.


Her jealousy burned intensely, stronger than ever before.


With all her heart, Euphemia wished that Yuriel would never bear Ferzen’s child.


She wanted to be the only one who could bear his children.


It was an inexcusable and ugly desire for monopoly.




Only when she realized it belatedly did Euphemia’s expression turn sad.


She had used her child as a tool for her own gain…


It was so pathetic.


It couldn’t be any uglier.


“I’m sorry… I’m sorry……”


Euphemia let out a pitiful sob as she gently caressed her belly, with more tenderness than ever before.




TL note:  Thats kinda kinky?


Btw Bauldurs gate 3…..Omg i can’t stop playing it….It’s too good…..Jesus christ it’s the perfect game.


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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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