The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 122

Interlude (4)


Interlude (4) ༻



“Let’s clean ourselves and slowly start to leave…”


“Ha, heut…”


At that moment, Ferzen’s large hand and thick forearm, which had been embracing her the entire time, slowly loosened their grip.


Yuriel naturally extended her slender hands to the floor, supporting his upper body as he leaned against her back.


Her silky black hair cascaded down like a waterfall.


Glancing at her waist, contoured painfully, her gaze descended along that line, revealing Ferzen’s size between her pale buttocks. 


“Yuriel…… Relax a little bit.”


Ferzen’s words were accompanied by his attempt to withdraw his fully immersed member.


However, the tightness of Yuriel’s womanhood clung to him, refusing to let go like a wife clinging to her departing husband.


Although her insides were slick from the mixture of his ejaculate and her own fluids, the sensation of pulling out felt as if her insides might spill out with each movement……


It would be painful to delve into the details of just how tight it was.


“I-it’s not like that……I can’t control it……”


They had only been intimate a few times……So, how could he expect her to possess such skill?


While uttering those false words, Yuriel tightened her abdominal muscles.


Once again, she felt the throbbing of his size inside her.


Even though he had ejaculated twice, Yuriel instinctively knew that he was not yet satisfied.


Ferzen’s attempt to conclude their intimate encounter likely stemmed from the anticipation of Euphemia waking up soon.


‘I’m being greedy……’


She was acutely aware of it.


The ugly jealousy she harbored toward the woman who paled in comparison to her.




Perhaps that was why Ferzen gripped her hips and forcefully spread them apart as if punishing her for her failure to respond.


Her other orifice was forced open, leaving her exposed and vulnerable.


In response, Yuriel stretched out one hand which had supported her upper body, attempting to cover herself……






However, she couldn’t succeed as her entire body trembled from Ferzen thrusting his hips once more, driving his member back into her depths.


The sensation of his shaft pressing against her cervix made her feel utterly dominated as if he had seized her by the scruff of her neck and pinned her down.




Soon after, his thumb intruded into her other hole, causing Yuriel involuntarily to release the tension in her lower abdomen.


Seizing the opportunity, Ferzen swiftly withdrew his rod.




The glistening genitals emerged with a peculiar sound, resting between Yuriel’s buttocks and pulsating vigorously.



Ferzen let out a long hot breath, relishing the intense lingering aftertaste.


Truth be told, it was more challenging for Ferzen to cease his actions due to Yuriel’s intoxicating scent rather than Yuriel herself.


In his mind, he wanted to enter her warmth and violate her again, but he stopped himself and leaned back.


However, In the process, the feeling of his shaft rubbing against her buttocks was so pleasant to the point that Ferzen couldn’t help but lightly bite the nape of Yuriel’s neck, who was panting.




Yuriel flinched at his surprising action.


It was obviously an act that was devoid of any malice.


Therefore, Ferzen found her body, which was stiffening little by little, cute.




“Ah…… ! Keuh!”


Ferzen brought his penis, which had been rubbing between her buttocks, up to her other hole and poked it teasingly.


Yuriel, who was caught off guard by Ferzen’s act and assumed he was about to violate her back door gasped and tried to turn her body……




However, she couldn’t do so as her voluptuous breasts were being violently squeezed by his big hand.


It made her wonder if it was a man or a wolf that was currently violating her.


Ferzen put his face close to her ear and whispered in a low voice.


“Don’t indulge in excessive greed as it could cause trouble…… Yuriel.”




“If you don’t, I am able to give you anything you want.”




“Why aren’t you answering?”


As if tempted, Ferzen bared his teeth as he slowly licked the nape of her neck, which smelled like sweet ripe peaches.




At that subtle threat, Yuriel curled her toes and hurriedly nodded her head.




Then, as if rewarding a job well done, Ferzen smirked and carved a red mark on the nape of her pure white neck.


“If you’re going outside today…..Then dress as modestly as possible.”


Ferzen forcibly pulled away from Yuriel and left the bathroom, even though his body was reluctant to stop.




Immediately after, Yuriel, who was left alone, traced the marks Ferzen had left on her body with her delicate hands as if grabbing onto the heat that lingered like a slight fever.


The area around her breasts had been abused to the point that her pink nipples were swollen and twitching.


The area around her areola was pale, but she could see the bite marks Ferzen had left there.


Does he…… realize that he has been shedding his inherent sophistication every time he had sex with her?


Yuriel had a sultry smile on her face while stroking the area around her areola with her thin fingers.


This vulgar, frivolous, obscene body.


Little by little, it seemed like she was turning him into a beast, and Yuriel was filled with joy thinking about it.


Even though it was he who had violated her, it felt like she was the one who was training him.


Perhaps when he would sleep with that plain woman in the future, they would have sex that would be so formal to the point that it was boring.


The side of Ferzen that only she knew.


Yuriel liked it so much that it filled her with immense pleasure.




At that moment, his seed seeped out her swollen slit.


She wanted to shut it tight to entrap it inside, but it was impossible to do so. Therefore, Yuriel slipped back into the bathtub while blocking it with her palm.


She was okay with being displeased during the night if it meant being happy when the morning came……




If only her next menstruation did not come, there would be nothing better.


* * * * *




Ferzen opened the door to Euphemia’s bedroom and entered. He checked her as she sat on the bed, not uttering a word.


The current time was 5:50 in the morning…


He had spent almost two hours indulging in Yuriel’s body.


“……You’re here?”


 Euphemia said with a gloomy voice before smiling ever so slightly.


Noting the contrast between her voice and smile, Ferzen realized she had noticed that he had just had sex with Yuriel.




What should he do, he wondered.


Should he hug her?


However, since Euphemia was pregnant with their child and still affected by Yuriel’s scent, engaging in intimate activities would be quite rough. Therefore, Ferzen simply moved towards his desk.


He quietly opened a book and took out a carefully inserted piece of paper.


It was a list of names for their child that he had thought of in his free time.


“…….Take this.”


Euphemia silently accepted the paper without saying anything and looked at him.


“What is this……?” 


Ferzen smiled at her question and sat down beside her.


“It’s a list of names for our child that I think of whenever I have time.”


How did his voice become so gentle just by referring to the child as ‘our child’ instead of ‘my child’?


Euphemia lowered her head and delicately ran her palm over the paper, treating it as a precious treasure, before reading it.


“Asillipe… Aria… Farnese… All of them are girl’s names, aren’t they?”


“I have never thought of a boy’s name.”


Ferzen’s possessive nature towards Euphemia felt a hint of jealousy at the thought of considering boys’ names. 


Meanwhile, his modern-day self, Lee Seo-jin, had always wanted to have a daughter if he were to get married. Perhaps that’s why the only names he could come up with were for girls.


But Euphemia, unaware of this, simply thought it was Ferzen’s way of saying he didn’t mind if their baby turned out to be a girl, and she smiled innocently.


“Then… as for a boy’s name, let’s think about it together.”


Ferzen reluctantly agreed, and Euphemia beamed with happiness.


How could her face, with that joyful smile, be so beautiful?


Placing his hand on the back of her neck, Ferzen drew her face closer and kissed her lips. His tongue gently explored her mouth, tangling with Euphemia’s tongue.




Euphemia let out a soft moan, her hands instinctively wrapping around Ferzen’s nape.


In the past, he had always forced his kisses on her, like a tyrant. How could he be so tender now?


Thanks to the show of affection that felt like a mother bird feeding her chicks, Euphemia could feel a subtle contraction in her lower abdomen.


Even though she felt that it was inappropriate to be aroused by a mere kiss… she didn’t dislike it.


After their passionate display of affection, they spent the rest of their time contemplating names for a boy child.


However, no matter how hard Ferzen tried, he couldn’t come up with a suitable name for a boy.


“How about…… Copsen?”


“No, I don’t like it. I feel like the baby would be too frivolous with that name.”


“Alright, let’s keep thinking.”


It was a name that Ferzen had come up with after careful consideration. Therefore, he couldn’t help but sigh when Euphemia scolded him for the first time.




TL note:  Copsen is such a boring name…..It’s the name of a milk brand here where i live lmao


Btw how do i do this…..Ahh lemme check.

Ah perfect.

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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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