The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 124

Before Heading North


Before Heading North ༻



As soon as Ferzen returned to his mansion after diligently participating in the investigation, he began to make preparations for their journey north.


Although there wasn’t anything particularly special that needed to be prepared, Ferzen intentionally locked himself in his office, claiming he had something to attend to.


At this rate, he could easily postpone the departure date without it seeming awkward.


‘One day from now……’


On July 3rd.


It would be the night of the full moon, which occurred every 29 days.


If Laura’s curse were to activate during their journey, it would pose a challenge. Therefore, Ferzen planned to address it before their departure.


If it were just the two of them on the journey, he wouldn’t have to go to such lengths. However, since Euphemia and Yuriel would also be joining, it would be difficult to keep Laura’s secret hidden.


‘Come to think of it……’


If he could obtain the recipe for the suspended animation drug, managing the curse passed down through the Genova bloodline would become much easier.


During the active phase of the curse, the affected person remained in a state of extreme alertness. It was impossible to render them unconscious except through death.


In other words, if he could acquire a drug that could simulate biological death, he wouldn’t have to assist Laura every night of the full moon.


Though the leash might loosen slightly as a result, their relationship wouldn’t change much since he was the only other person aware of her secret.


Knock! Knock!


As Ferzen stared at the papers in his hands, he turned his attention towards the door upon hearing the knock.


“Come in.”




With his permission, the doorknob slowly turned, and he caught sight of a white rabbit doll with drooping ears through the gap of the opening door.


“It’s me…”


A frail voice that didn’t match the doll’s appearance.


It was Laura de Charles Rosenberg.


She cautiously entered the room, clutching the rabbit doll tightly, before continuing her words.


“Tomorrow… I-I mean…”


“I know. That’s why I’m making such pointless arrangements.”


“Ah… I-I think you may h-have… somehow for-forgotten…”


“I haven’t forgotten. Sneak into my office as night falls. Be careful not to be discovered. If anyone asks, say you’re going to bed early and keep your bedroom door locked.”


“I Un-understand…”


With her head bowed, Laura left Ferzen’s office, having said everything she wanted to say.


However, as she belatedly recalled his warning, a rigid expression crossed her face as she secretly glared at the door of the office.


‘I don’t want to be found out either.’


Contrary to her expectations, Ferzen was deeply involved in the women’s relationships and orchestrated their interactions. Yet, there were always blind spots.


Laura didn’t want to get caught in those blind spots and be misunderstood or labeled as a stray cat by Yuriel, the second daughter of the Alfred family.


Of course, if, despite all her efforts in this life, she still couldn’t find a way to break the curse, she intended to become Ferzen’s concubine and spend her life by his side…


That would be the next best possible outcome.


For that to become a possibility, the best time would be after Yuriel became pregnant or gave birth.


After all, people tend to become more benevolent when they have spare time on their hands.


* * * * *


The sky gradually grew darker as night approached.


After dinner with Euphemia, Ferzen took a leisurely stroll with her before returning to her bedroom.


Since he had spent the previous night with her, it seemed fair for him to sleep with Yuriel tonight…


However, Ferzen couldn’t bring himself to mention it to Euphemia.


After all, she was aware that he had been intimate with Yuriel in the early morning hours.


“Isn’t it incredible?” 




“To think that you’re trying to consider my feelings……”


Perhaps due to their long time together or simply her keen intuition as a woman, Euphemia accurately grasped his thoughts, leaving Ferzen at a loss for words.


At the same time, Euphemia calmly extended her hand toward his arm.


“If it troubles you that you shared some affection with that woman earlier, then do it with me this time.”


Her words hung in the air, casting a gentle glow like moonlight entering a dim room.


Euphemia exuded a subtle sense of sensuality as she gently pressed her bosom against his forearm.


The act made Ferzen wonder how the soft touch of her breasts, which had grown larger than before due to the influence of the pregnancy, could be so alluring.




Moreover, the way she coyly spread her legs and revealed the white underwear between her thighs exuded a sensuality that was so uncharacteristic of her.


The sight of an innocent woman willingly embracing her own desire, dipping her foot into a river of vulgarness by her own will, was something that Ferzen found enticing.


It was a sign of how much she had surrendered herself to him.


Because of that, Ferzen kissed her gently on the forehead. At the same time, he let one of his hands dive down and pulled her curled skirt up to around her waist.


Then, he naturally supported her back with his free hand, intending to lay her on the bed……




“What do you mean by no?”




She was the one who had seduced him first.


In response to her bad behavior to stop him after they had come this far, Ferzen lightly bit the nape of Euphemia’s neck.


Then, like the rich flavor that oozes out when biting into a piece of meat, the enchanting scent of her body entered his nose.


“D-don’t be angry…… There are still about 3 weeks for the stabilization period, so you will probably restrain yourself as much as possible, right?”




“If you really do that, it will only benefit that woman. I…… I don’t want to play the role of a Teaser Mare for her.”


Euphemia’s confession was straightforward and sincere.


Because of that, Ferzen didn’t want to be selfish with her, so he let out a light breath on the nape of her neck and gently withdrew his hand.




However, Euphemia interpreted his action as him losing interest in her. She quickly got to her feet and crawled towards Ferzen like a puppy.


After all, her words didn’t mean that she wanted things to end here.


“E-even so…… I am now familiar with using both my mouth and hands…… ”


The twitching that his penis made whenever she held it in his hands was no longer strange to her.


She also knew how to touch him in a way that made him feel good when she put it in her mouth.


With some experience under her belt, Euphemia had become quite knowledgeable.


Surely Yuriel, who hadn’t done much with him, wouldn’t be able to even imitate it.


But as if her appeal was far from enough, Ferzen gently grabbed her wrist as she fumbled with his pants.


It was by no means a strong grip, but Euphemia still looked a little shocked as she stared at her wrist held by him.


“It’s fine.”




Could this be his consideration for her?


Or was it a resolute refusal, silently telling her that there was no need for it?






“I will do it. I’ll do a good job… Y-you… you will definitely enjoy it…”


Euphemia tried to break free from his grasp, but his strength was far too much for her.


She wanted to be loved as the one who would bear his sons, but she also longed to be loved by him as a woman.


It was a pity that the two couldn’t coexist.


Euphemia had taken the initiative at the beginning, but it was quickly taken away from her.


It was a testament to just how dependent Euphemia had become towards Ferzen, the sole person left in her life and in her world.


“…Looks like you misunderstood again.”


Like morning dew flowing down to greet the rising sun in the eastern sky, Ferzen reached out towards Euphemia, wiping away her tears.


“Your request must have come from jealousy and insecurity.”


More than just comforting her with words, Ferzen understood and sympathized with Euphemia’s situation.


When Ciel Midford was still alive, he was obsessed with her. He used all sorts of methods to control her and forced her to accept his seed.


Yes, that was how he dealt with his insecurities back then.


And now, because of Yuriel, Euphemia had become similar to his past self…


To survive. To elevate her position above Yuriel’s.


It was the aftermath of killing Ciel Midford.


Therefore, the proper course of action was to address her rising possessiveness with an appropriate response.


“I am not denying you your desire, so do not cry.”


Ferzen bowed his head and kissed the sobbing Euphemia.


At the same time, he slowly unbuttoned his shirt──one button at a time.


Because of that, the faint outline of his firm body was etched into Euphemia’s eyes.


“As I have always done to you…… Isn’t it time for you to engrave your mark on me?”




After letting go of her wrist, Ferzen gently stroked the back of her hair and pulled her closer to his chest.


At that moment, his body fragrance, mixed with the scent of his luxurious perfume, filled her nostrils.


In response, Euphemia instinctively reached out with both hands and caressed his sculpted, firm chest.


Before she was pregnant, hadn’t he ravished her body with that masculine physique pressing down on her every time?


When Euphemia realized that, her face turned beet red as she shyly asked,


“……Do you mean it?”




Euphemia’s hesitation vanished upon hearing Ferzen’s clear affirmation. She raised her body slightly and buried her head in the nape of his neck.


Once she carved her mark there, he would never be able to hide it unless he covered it with the collar of his clothing.




Euphemia’s soft lips landed on the nape of Ferzen’s neck, leaving a lewd kiss on his flesh.


At first, she cautiously left her mark on the nape of Ferzen’s neck……


However, as time passed, her possessiveness consumed her, and she began exploring his body with fervor.






The red mark, resembling a blooming crimson petal, adorned the nape of Ferzen’s neck.


Euphemia struggled to contain her overwhelming emotions, fully aware that she was being carried away……


“Ha…… Eung……”


Releasing a single heated breath tinged with a sense of lament, Euphemia surrendered herself to the unstoppable surge of emotions.




TL note:  Im sleepy and sad now that i finished BG3…..

It’s a void settled in my heart……I can play it again……But i also need to do adult stuff……And I did a whole lot of nothing since the game dropped……Oh such it’s life i guess…….

Back to translating a lot of chapters then.


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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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