The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 125

Before Heading North (2)

Before Heading North (2) ༻



The time was approximately 8:40, nearly two hours since they had finished their meal at 7 o’clock.


Despite pouring out her emotions for such a long time, Euphemia was unwilling to leave Ferzen’s side. It seemed that everything they had done so far was not enough for her.


In the dimly lit room, illuminated only by moonlight, Ferzen could clearly see the marks she had left on his upper body.  


The scent of her perfume filled the air, overpowering any trace of his own body odor. It created the illusion of lying amidst a bed of blooming flowers.




Euphemia, who had been caressing his pelvis with her lips, reached out ro remove his pants. Sensing her intentions, Ferzen gently lifted her body, silently conveying that she didn’t have to go that far.


“No, please……!”


Ignoring his subtle gesture, Euphemia persisted, grasping his waist with her delicate hands.


Even though there were still clothes separating them, Ferzen involuntarily reacted when he felt her ample breasts press against his groin.


Noticing his response, Euphemia continued. She deliberately rubbed her breasts against Ferzen’s groin.


“That woman…… Should not be in her fertile period currently. Even if you ejaculate inside her, there’s a high probability that your seed will just be wasted……”


In other words, it would be an act closer to excretion than ejaculation.


So it wouldn’t be any different from pouring his semen into her mouth.




Ferzen, on the other hand, found himself concerned about another matter.


A slight chill ran down his spine when he realized that Euphemia was aware of Yuriel’s cycle.


Despite his attempts to treat them equally, he wondered if both Euphemia and Yuriel were concealing their true feelings and intentions, secretly plotting against each other.


While Ferzen was lost in thoughts, Euphemia slid his underwear down along with his trousers in one swoop.




Although she did this out of her own volition, Euphemia still gulped down her saliva at the momentum of his monstrous rod leaping out and slapping her cheek.


The musky scent that emanated from it aroused her feminine instincts. Therefore, Euphemia lowered her head and gently kissed his erect penis.




Euphemia carefully licked the slippery liquid that flowed from the tip, creating a shamefully erotic sound.


With her luscious buttocks raised like a stretching cat, she buried her face in Ferzen’s crotch…… The scene was so sensual and erotic that words could not do it justice.


Surely,  If other young or noble ladies witnessed this display, they would undoubtedly label Euphemia as a vulgar prostitute.


But Euphemia didn’t think any of it as it was only Ferzen, her husband, who would be able to see it.


For that reason, Euphemia shook off her sense of shame and slowly held Ferzen’s monster near her mouth.




She opened her mouth as much as she could and took his member into her mouth, wrapping her soft tongue around it. But, as if it was not enough, it throb ferociously and pounded hard on her uvula.


Euphemia groaned in agony as she struggled to accommodate his size. Yet, only one-third of his length was inside her mouth.




When Ferzen’s left hand touched her hair, Euphemia closed her eyes tightly and swallowed his savage abomination, all the way down her throat.




Her toes loosened and then curled again quickly. She had hoped to satisfy Ferzen a little more with her actions, butt……




Euphemia lifted her head as she was unable to overcome the pain.


Filthy saliva dripped from her quivering lips as well as from Ferzen’s genitals.


“I-I’m sorry…… Cough…!”


It was a mistake stemming from her own greed, so Euphemia quickly buried her face in his crotch again, meticulously licking his shaft from the base as if cleaning it thoroughly.






A vulgar figure of Euphemia, which was rarely seen.


In response, Ferzen withdrew his outstretched hand and calmly sat on the bed.


Just a little while ago, had contemplated pushing himself deeper into her mouth so that Euphemia would swallow it all the way down, but……


If he did, her beautiful golden eyes would become wet with tears.


Just like that, Euphemia did her best to lick off the monstrous rod that had caused her nothing but suffering until now. 


She then glanced at Ferzen and pulled down her shoulder strap, revealing her slightly enlarged areolas due to her pregnancy and her voluptuous, beautiful breasts.


“Th-they looks strange…… Do-don’t look……”


Just when Ferzen tried to appease her by saying that they were not ugly,


Euphemia inserted his penis into the space between her breasts, which were slightly sweaty from the heat.


“I-I doing this…… Because I-I saw your reaction earlier……”




Euphemia awkwardly grabbed her breasts with both of her hands, rubbing her mounds against his rod.


“I-is it not good? Then…… tell me…… what you want……”


“That is not the case.”


Shaking his head, Ferzen gently bruised away the hair that clung to her face because of the sweat.


Then Euphemia, smiling brightly like an excited puppy receiving praise from its master, continued her service awkwardly using her breasts.


As time passed, their heat and desire engulfed them, eroding their reasoning……




Euphemia, gradually getting the hang of it, let out an obscene moan in response to Ferzen’s teasing. He suddenly grabbed her nipples and tugged them, eliciting a pleasurable response that delighted his ears.


His index finger gently traced her areola, before pinching her nipple as if to extract her breast milk.


“Eung…… aaaang!”


The pleasure and the tingling sensation overwhelmed the pain, causing Euphemia to lower her buttocks unconsciously, leaving a mark on the bed where her wetness made contact.


Immediately after, she felt Ferzen’s shaft throbbing between her breasts. However, it was not as intense as when it was inside her skit……




Euphemia cupped her own breasts with both hands, catching the hot, thick semen that poured out of him.




The sensation of his semen spreading across her chest was truly satisfying. But more than that, Euphemia lifted her head and looked at Ferzen’s face.




He had closed eyes while quietly letting out a hot breath.


Did he feel fully satisfied?


With a faint smile blooming on her face, Euphemia withdrew her breasts from him.






His semen, pooling in her breasts, dripped onto her thighs, and trickled down her stomach.


She couldn’t deny that she had become a receptacle for his seed, and a sense of shame crept over her……


Euphemia glanced at the semen dripping around Ferzen’s groin, stopped him from reaching for the towel, and lowered her head.




Euphemia carefully licked the semen that fell around Ferzen’s groin and thighs.


Just in case there was still some semen that hadn’t been shot from his ejaculation, she reached out towards his still twitching member with her left hand.




However, instead of a mere trickle, the remaining semen shot forward and landed on the bridge of her nose and cheeks.


It was sticky, clinging to her skin and slowly making its way down. The strong masculine scent lingered, leaving a mark on her.


“Heu…… Ung……!”


Seeing that, Ferzen grabbed the towel and carefully wiped Euphemia’s face, chest, and belly.


The time was already approaching 11:00 PM. Euphemia wondered how upset Yuriel must be feeling at that moment. She could imagine that Yuriel was probably unable to sleep properly.


While she pondered this, Ferzen discarded the towel and began getting dressed.


Knowing that it would be selfish to keep him any longer, Euphemia quietly pulled up the blanket to cover her body.


“Then, I’ll see you in the morning.”




She couldn’t bid farewell to Ferzen, who was heading to another woman’s room, so she simply nodded in response.


With a soft click, Ferzen closed the door, and the warmth that had filled the room quickly dissipated. Euphemia clutched the blanket tightly.


Closing her eyes, the image of Ferzen entwined with Yuriel came to her mind.


However, Euphemia wasn’t overly bothered by it. After all, there were traces of her engraved all over his body. Seeing that, Yuriel would surely grit her teeth in frustration.


Ferzen von Schweig Louerg.


The only man in the world who shared the same last name as her.


Euphemia hoped that Yuriel would realize, even if just a little, that she was not sharing a man named Ferzen with her, but merely borrowing him.


Even if the whole world recognized Yuriel as his true love.


‘… In the end, she’s just a concubine.’


Euphemia was his one and only wife. She was the one who would give birth to a descendant who would inherit the Louerg name.


Repeating this thought in her mind, Euphemia shifted to the side and inhaled Ferzen’s lingering scent.


Then, Her gaze fell upon her necklace, which she had momentarily taken off. A deep sigh filled with regret escaped her lips.


‘I forgot to ask…’


The necklace must be worth more than Yuriel’s bracelet.


Even if it wasn’t, Ferzen would insist that the necklace he had gifted her was more valuable.


Euphemia had no doubt about it.




TL note: Ya know, sometimes I think i can see some strange stuff. Or strange stuff happens when i near.

I just went out to buy some stuff to eat since i forgot that when ur live alone this means that if you don’t go to em supermarket u have no food at home (tehe!)

Anyways, I parked the car right, and just before i entered the supermarket, a drunk(drugged?) dude just looked at me and Said ( I shit you not).

“If Usa is so great then why I have this usB right here huh!”

And the guy started to get real mad for some reason and say more nonsense.

I stayed rooted there for a whole minute, just processing what I just heard.


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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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