The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 128

Before Heading North (4)

Before Heading North (5) ༻



As the bright morning light trickled into the room, the heat and the lingering scent of their activities from the previous night escaped through the opened balcony window.




Yuriel, her naked body covered by a piece of blanket, crawled towards Ferzen, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, and nestled comfortably on his knees.


Ferzen looked down at Yuriel, curled up like a baby, and gently ran his fingers through her hair.


“Sleep a little longer before waking up. I have work to do.”


“You’ve been shut in the office since yesterday. Are you still not done with your work?”


“That’s correct.”


“…Should I lend you a hand?”


“It’s alright.”


Knowing it was nothing more than a polite offer, Ferzen shook his head and kindly declined Yuriel’s help.


Yuriel didn’t expect him to accept her help anyway. So she closed her mouth and eyes.




“You’ve buttoned your shirt wrong.”




“You did it a step too high.”


His current appearance made Yuriel wonder where the beast of a man from the night before had gone.


When morning arrived, a well-dressed man had quickly replaced that beast, leaving her somewhat disappointed.


However, when she noticed the mistake he made while getting dressed, she couldn’t help but let out a hint of laughter.


He must have made that mistake because he was still immersed in the afterglow of their pleasure from the night before.


“Let me do it.”


Yuriel’s back was aching from her hips down to her buttocks, but she still reached out with both hands to fix Ferzen’s clothes.


“You’re going to wash and change anyway, yet you’re still weirdly obsessive about this.”


Ferzen flinched for an instant, touching his necktie, and then raised his body upon unexpectedly hearing the word “obsessive” coming from her.


“I will eat breakfast separately. Can you please tell the maids to bring it to my room?”


“Okay. We’ll probably depart to the north tomorrow… Think of it as a break and have a good rest.”




Soon after, Ferzen closed the door and left.


Meanwhile, Yuriel pushed the blanket that was covering her body to the side and lay comfortably on the bed.


At that moment, the manly scent that soaked the bedsheet began to spread.


She was sure that if she stood up and walked, his seed would flow down her thighs right after.


But before she could dwell on it for long enough, Yuriel blushed as she remembered Ferzen’s action of persistently harassing her other hole last night.


She spread her legs at that moment and reached for her buttocks and carefully stroked her asshole.


His fingers were the only things that entered it and scratched the inside flesh last night, but in the future she was sure……


‘He will want to…… Put his shaft too.’


Feeling a throbbing pain just by imagining it, Yuriel hurriedly pulled her legs together.


To be honest, she didn’t think she would be able to take anything of that size in her other hole without feeling any pain.


But since Ferzen was someone who had sadistic tendencies, wouldn’t it mean that he would be even more aroused by the sight of her crying and hurting?




After thinking about it extensively, even if he ended up wanting to insert it in her back…… She wanted him to be considerate of her.


However, wouldn’t it hurt less if he put it in when it was soft?


Knock-!! Knock-!!


As Yuriel continued to ponder over her vague thoughts, she heard a knock on the door and turned her head toward it.


“Come in.” 


Not worried at all, as she knew it could only be her maids visiting at this time.




“Oh my goodness…!”


The maids who opened the door and entered were shocked, quickly lowering their heads as soon as they saw Yuriel.


Though Yuriel was showing her naked body, she felt no shame, knowing that the two women before her were her maids, and such modesty was unnecessary in their presence.


Their surprise, however, wasn’t due to her nudity. Instead, it was because of the strong, manly marks engraved on her body and the bed.


Yuriel smiled faintly at their reaction.


Traditionally, maids were meant to be the hands and feet of the Master’s wife. Showing off the marks on her body from Ferzen’s passionate embrace last night gave her a sense of superiority over them.


Even though her official position was that of a concubine, what she had just shown them should suffice to make them realize who they should serve and follow.


“Go ahead and clean up. After you’re done, please get ready to help me bathe.” 


Yuriel commanded the maid with a relaxed voice, asserting her dominance with subtle confidence.


* * * * *




While Ferzen had breakfast with Euphemia, and Yuriel had her meal in her room, Laura had her breakfast brought to her bedroom.


According to the moon cycle, today was the day when the full moon would appear in the sky.


Even when Laura tried to compose herself and avoid worrying about it, she couldn’t help but feel unusually sensitive for some reason.




Perhaps that was why she didn’t have much of an appetite.


After finishing her meal, Laura set the spoon and knife down and lightly shook the bell on her table.


Shortly thereafter, a maid entered the room, gathered the dishes and tableware, and left again.


The current time was sometime past 9 AM.


She hadn’t done much all morning, but for some reason, time seemed to be passing by quickly today.




Annoyed by her unorganized and untidy hair, Laura went to the balcony and welcomed the warmth of the sun.


The sun wasn’t too overpowering yet, and its moderate warmth was calming to some extent.


After standing there in silence for a while, Laura turned and made herself comfortable on the bed. She then reached for her altar, the rosary, and opened the subspace to pull out a book to read.


Positioning the stuffed rabbit beside her, she began to read quietly.


* * * * *


6:30 in the evening.


The reddish light in the sky signaled the approaching night, so Laura decided to skip dinner and headed straight to Ferzen’s office.


She had told Yuriel that she was feeling unwell and planned to sleep early. To avoid any suspicion, she locked her bedroom door from the inside, making it appear as if she was resting.


Despite the presence of the Imperial Knights and Wizards staying at the mansion, their proper guard duty wouldn’t start until 7 o’clock. This made it the perfect time for Laura to make her move.




Shortly after, Laura stood in front of Ferzen’s office and entered without even knocking. Ferzen, already aware that only Laura would barge into his office at this hour, remained silent.






Putting the awkward exchange behind her, Laura took the clothes she intended to change into from her subspace and placed them on the floor.


Among them, was a cheap set of clothes that she didn’t mind getting dirty, accompanied by a stuffed rabbit.


As Laura slowly took off her clothes, she couldn’t help but notice how well the clothes suited the stuffed rabbit.


Rustle-!! Rustle-!!


An odd sound filled the room, almost quiet enough to be mistaken for silence.


Laura turned her head and glanced towards Ferzen as she held onto her last pair of clothes–her undergarments–and slightly bent her waist.


Ferzen, seemingly disinterested in her, simply lowered his eyes and continued reading the papers.


“I don’t even have the intention to peek at your immature body from the corner of my eye, so just change your clothes.”




Laura felt a slight sense of alienation when Ferzen uttered the word ‘immature’.


However, she couldn’t help it because, in her previous life, she had been a full-grown woman.


After removing her panties and becoming completely naked, Laura glanced down at her uncovered body.


It was a body that was so pitiful, there was no room for her to refute the word ‘immature’ that he had said.


She was sure that her delicate body would break down instantly if it was ever assaulted by that man’s lust.


‘It is rather fortunate……’


After all, she didn’t have any intention to seduce Ferzen with her body.


While thinking that the current situation was rather suitable for her, Laura put the clothes she had just stripped from her body into the subspace before bending down toward the clothes on the floor.


No, more precisely, she crouched down to pick up the bundle of cheap clothes strewn on the floor


……In the first place, he didn’t even see her as a woman.


So why did she pay attention to him and see him as a man?


Laura bit her lips in displeasure.


But then……


Knock-!! Knock-!!




At the knocking sound that came from outside the door, Laura’s entire body froze in her current crouching position.


—Is it okay for me to enter?


The owner of the voice outside the door was Yuriel.


Ferzen, too, felt surprised at the sound of Yuriel’s voice. His unique crimson eyes trembled momentarily, but he quickly regained his composure and gestured quietly for Laura to move quickly toward him.


Laura swiftly grabbed the stuffed rabbit doll, the gag, and the leash that she would tie around her waist, and hurriedly moved towards the back of Ferzen’s desk. She ran on her toes to minimize the sound of her footsteps.


—Can’t you hear me?


Knock!! Knock!!


Yuriel knocked again when she received no response.


Once Ferzen confirmed that Laura was completely hidden behind his desk, he opened the door to let Yuriel in.




As the doorknob turned, Ferzen frowned. Laura suddenly moved again, trying to get further under the desk.


Ignoring his intimidating expression, Laura extended her small finger and pointed to his back.


Slowly turning his head toward the direction Laura was pointing at, Ferzen saw Laura’s reflection in the window. The last bit of light was fading, and darkness was beginning to fall.


“Are you busy?”


“I couldn’t answer because I was concentrating.”


Knowing Laura’s intentions well, Ferzen pretended to correct his posture, pulled the chair back, and pushed Laura’s tiny body into one corner.




However, the space under the desk was too small to accommodate her, and Laura felt her breath choking.


Especially with Ferzen’s knee pressing down on her collarbone.


Barely holding back the groan that threatened to escape her mouth, Laura carefully raised her hands and spread Ferzen’s legs to both sides.




Only when a little space was opened up in the prison-like area where she couldn’t even sit comfortably did Laura let out a soundless sigh of relief.




However, as soon as she found some leeway, her eyes landed on Ferzen’s crotch, which was only a short distance away from her nose.


Embarrassed, she tried to turn her head, but the cramped space blocked her from doing so. Therefore she could only wear a puzzled expression on her face.


On top of it, the pungent smell that entered her nose every time she took a breath made her want to keep inhaling it.


Without a doubt, that smell was the smell of a man.




Since he was sitting down, the pants of the suit that Ferzen was wearing became quite taut.


It was only a faint outline, but the shape she saw around her bulging groin was unmistakably his rod……




It’s only a little distance away from her face.


At that moment, Laura, who had come closer to his groin without her even knowing, was shoved back by Ferzen’s large hand, which landed on her forehead after squeezing through the tiny gap between his legs and the table.


It was only then Laura realized what she had just done. Fortunately, darkness had completely settled down outside, so there was no reason left for her to be ashamed.


Perhaps because there were no clouds hanging in the sky, the brightly shining full moon shone especially beautifully that night.




As soon as Yuriel left the room and closed the door behind her, Ferzen was about to give his tense body a rest from all the nervousness he felt. However……




He couldn’t do so as a groan escaped his lips due to Laura biting into his finger.


Ferzen shoved the chair away from the desk and looked down. What came into his eyes was a cat-like female who was quietly crouching under his desk while being devoured by her own instincts.




The appearance of Laura licking his blood from the corners of her mouth made her look very sultry. At the same time, Ferzen also felt like she looked spiteful.


In response, Ferzen raised the corners of his mouth and stretched his hands, which were filled with power, toward her.




Laura struggled and tried to resist. However, Ferzen rendered all of her resistance null with force. He then seized her altar, the rosary, and threw it over to his desk, grabbed her by the back of her neck, and pressed her down.


Then he picked up the gag and rope lying around her and smiled.


“It’s going to be a rather eventful night……”



TL note:  SO i went to em gym with my friend right, and she just started recently.


Then we went to train sum shoulders, and I told her we were doin em dumbbell frontal raises.

She didn’t knew the exercises name, so i just showed her how we gun do it.

Then she ded ass looked at me and said, Oh so are doing those hail hitler exercises.

I swear my mind just experienced the biggest bruh moment of my life.


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