The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 127

Before Heading North (4)

Before Heading North (4) ༻



As Yuriel saw Ferzen’s upper body as soon as she recovered her composure, which was lost because of the kiss, she reached out and touched his distinctive firm chest.


The final destination was, of course, his pants.


“The f-foreplay…… Is enough……”


With her blurred vision, she found a button near his waist and unfastened it.




Why did his monstrous member look so lovely today?


In particular, its tip, which constantly poured a slippery transparent liquid, seemed to want to come inside her at any moment.


With the intention of teasing him, she stretched her index finger out and touched the tip carefully.


……Its appearance was nowhere near how ferocious its nature was.


Yuriel looked at Ferzen’s face at that movement. His expression seemed to threaten her to be faithful to her duty as a female at any moment.


His cheeks were considerably flushed thanks to her own scent, which became thicker as time passed.




Ferzen’s actions were very restrained and careful, but there was a very strong force in the hand that he used to take off her damp underwear.


“W-wait a minute……”


Seeing Ferzen bringing his twitching penis closer to her slit, Yuriel reached out and stopped his movement for a moment before turning around and raising her hips high.


She wanted to do it while seeing his face, however, she didn’t want to keep looking at Ferzen who was full of traces of the woman.


“You can put it in now……”


Yuriel, who fully exposed her wet folds and red anus to Ferzen, closed her eyes tightly as she hug a pillow with both hands.


Aside from the inconvenience she felt from not being able to see Ferzen, she was also in a very shameful position.




Soon after, his large hand grabbed her hips strongly.


Then, using his index finger, he pulled the thick flesh on her swollen pubic area apart. His act left Yuriel feeling so embarrassed as she felt like her inner flesh was fully visible to him.






The hot tip of his shaft pressed against her entrance before slowly making its way inside.


Even though Yuriel knew that she should relax to make it easy for his member to enter, she couldn’t help but to contract the flesh around his penis.




In response, Ferzen let out the breath he had been holding and tried to soothe Yuriel’s tense body with his soft voice.


For sure, they had done this many times until now, however, the narrow and tight passage leading to her womb made it feel like it was their first time every time…… Just when would her insides get trained enough to accommodate his size?




A lot of Yuriel’s fluids were spilled to let his member dig smoothly, however, as he tried to stretch her inner flesh near the entrance with his fingers, he felt some resistance.




Eventually, his patience ran out and Ferzen strengthened the grip he had on her waist.


To be honest, he wanted to give as much leeway as possible to her, but……




The sensations felt by his shaft as he forcibly penetrated her were too good to pass up.




When his rod was halfway in, Ferzen leaned his upper body forward and rammed his penis all the way up to the root.




Ferzen let out a moan full of satisfaction and embraced Yuriel’s lascivious body with both hands.




On the other hand, Yuriel’s whole body could only tremble as she felt a heavy discomfort from his rod that vigorously stamped and pressed into her cervix.


But she was still pleased by the fact Ferzen’s body was clinging to her like a beast.


“Ah…… Ang! Huang!”


Ferzen slowly moved his waist. At the same time, his hands were clutching her bosom vigorously as if trying to milk the heavy flesh.


For a moment, Yuriel recalled the memories of Ferzen insulting her by calling her a cow, but she was fine with being treated like this now.




“Call…… My…… Name……”


Yuriel said so because she was afraid that Ferzen would project the image of that woman on her, since they were having sex without seeing each other’s faces, 


Whether she was called a bitch.


Or a seed dump.


She could accept everything, even if he treated her harsher. However, she wanted to avoid being treated as a substitute for that woman.


And since Ferzen had no reason to not do what she had asked, he whispered in her ear in a pleasant, low-pitched tone.






His desire was visible in his hot breath.


“Keep, keep calling……”




Why did it feel so good whenever Ferzen moved his waist and called her name simultaneously?


Yuriel’s legs trembled at the rush of pleasure that assaulted her.


All the while, she thrust her hips up and down, lasciviously burying the tip of Ferzen’s penis into the deepest parts of her…… It was her way of letting him know that there was no woman more lovely than her in bed on a moonlit night.


As they continued to make love and showered each other with affection, Ferzen realized that Yuriel had become entirely relaxed. So, he slowly raised his upper body.


He then clasped his hands tightly around her curvy hips and began to move his hips wildly, as if intoxicated by the strong peachy scent that came from her body.


“Ang! Aang…… ! Huaaang!”


The obscene sound of flesh slapping onto another flesh echoed loudly.


Unlike before, his movement was like the movement of a male who only had one wish in his action: relieving his pent-up desires.


It felt like he didn’t treat her as his woman or his wife.


She felt like she was being treated as a whore, but Yuriel was happy by the fact that he was so fascinated by her body to the point that he continued to have sex this way.




Just like before, Ferzen quietly touched her other hole.


Feeling that this time he was rougher than last time, Yuriel gasped at his rough movements and let some words out in a shaky voice.


“I-I’ve…… Lubed it……”




She was a wizard who was gifted in elemental magic; one who could transmute magic into water.


For someone like her, lubing her body was anything but a difficult task. That’s why Yuriel confessed to Ferzen that she had made preparations for tonight.


Then, just in case he hesitated, she reached towards her bottom with one of her hands and stretched her hole from side to side.


If she could make herself appear more vulgar than Ferzen, perhaps…… It would lessen his reluctance and make him go for it.






As if those efforts were not in vain, Yuriel stiffened in surprise at the strange feeling that came from his fingers digging into her anus.


Her unused hole, which stretched out lewdly to the sides, closed tightly in an instant and bit into Ferzen’s index finger.


Unlike the inside of her womanhood, her anus was very cramped. Its inner flesh was also warmly clinging to his finger.






When his shaft, which had stopped for a moment, was thrust into the end of her womb once again, her other hole, which was tightly closed because of the pleasure, loosened, and wriggled strangely.


Is there any woman in this world who drives her man crazy like this?


Also, is there any woman in this world who gives her everything to her man without hesitation like this?


…… No, giving herself without hesitation might be the wrong word.


After all, Yuriel was just informing Ferzen.


She was telling him that she was a woman whom he could ask to do anything for him, anytime, anywhere.


Her body was his…… and there shouldn’t be any part of her own body that he couldn’t covet.


All he needed to pay for using her body was a little love, a love that would never die.


“Haak……! Aangg!”






Pushing his heavy body all the way down, Ferzen roughly pressed onto her womb.


At the same time, Ferzen lowered his upper body and clung to her body like before.


‘Even if you don’t do this……’


She would still be patient with his circumstances.


“Haeung! Eu-eung……!”


Hot, sticky semen flowed out of his manhood, which was throbbing violently at that moment.


Feeling her lower stomach warm up because of it, Yuriel’s body weakened. Just when her buttocks were about to go down……




Ferzen held and supported her with his characteristic large hands. He seemed to be telling her to take all the seeds he had poured out.


Yuriel, who had managed to stay upright thanks to his interference, took his semen into her womb.


However, unlike usual, his ejaculation lasted a very long time.


She could vividly feel the semen that had filled every inch of her inside leaking out of her ravaged slit and running down her thighs.


Doesn’t it make her feel like a dumpster whose job was to only receive his seeds?


‘It’s…… Full……’


Yuriel let out a moan as her whole body trembled.




However, after finishing his long ejaculation, Ferzen only let out a hot breath and did not pull his monstrous rod out of her……




After grabbing Yuriel’s hands tightly, he slowly moved his waist.




While savoring her body, Ferzen bit the exposed back of her neck quite strongly.


Rather than having sex with a man, it felt like she was mating with a wolf.


However, as she was engulfed in that mysterious pleasure, Yuriel suddenly thought of Euphemia.


‘Stupid, woman……’


With you, this man must have maintained his high-handed and noble figure, right?


But look at him now.


Even as a descendant of the noble Brutein, he has shed the shell of his nobility.


He shed the essence of the man he was deep down and became a beast.


As she sneered at Euphemia, who was not here, and felt a sense of superiority as a woman, Yuriel suddenly noticed the bracelets on her hands.


Deep down, she wanted to ask what they were worth, but she didn’t want to wake Ferzen up from the lust that kept him from moving away from her body.


Thus, the intercourse between a woman and a man, who dyed the night with a thick scent of flesh to the extent that even the moon hides behind the clouds in shame…… Lasted for a long time.




TL note:

Now if only the new company who is taking care of Star Wars Old Republic doesn’t destroy my favorite MMO I’ll be happy


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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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