The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 135

The North (5)

The North (5)



  Despite Ferzen’s warnings about the cold, Euphemia took some time to wander around Louerg before dinner.


  The sun was setting, and the chilling night was gradually settling in. However, despite this, the faces of those who lived in Louerg were noticeably brighter.


Even though she had done her very best to lead the territory, a sight like this was something very rare.


‘Come to think about it……’ 


Perhaps she was the only one who was momentarily happy at that time.


Although it had been some time, It hadn’t even been a full year since Ciel was gone, as there were some traces left of him in Louerg.


As Euphemia searched for those traces, a wistful feeling bubbled in her heart.


Ciel Midford.


The man she once relied on, and the man who is no longer in this world.


Recalling those days, Euphemia couldn’t help but sigh.


……Perhaps her reliance on him was a mistake.


Euphemia became aware that as much as she desperately sought someone to rely on, he was the same.


‘And if I hadn’t allowed you to do that……’


Then, perhaps they might have each walked on their own path toward happiness.


Of course, that was if Ferzen didn’t intervene.


But Euphemia didn’t even consider such an outcome.


Se couldn’t.


She wouldn’t even dare to.


Because now, Ferzen was all she had.


He was the only thing that mattered in this world to her.


So she crushed any sort of lingering guilt in her heart, taking full responsibility for the events that had transpired.


To be truthful, calling this feeling ‘guilt’ was contradictory.


Because two individuals imprisoned in the dark abyss rushed towards the only source of light, they barely glimpsed.


Would anyone dare to insult a moth for rushing to chase the light? 


Perhaps there were those who would do so, but there would also be many who wouldn’t consider this a wrong thing.


‘After some time……’ 


In Louerg, the snow that never ceased would cover even the faintest of traces of these memories.


But Euphemia was not bothered by this.


Since she and Ferzen, alongside their child, would make new memories on top of this snow-wide field.


* * * * *


The first night back in Louerg.


Sitting in her bedroom, Euphemia looked around with strange unfamiliarity and tension.


……Her first night, the night where she had been raped in this very bedroom.


The memory of Ferzen forcing himself on her, disregarding her pain and pleas as he took her purity flickered in her mind.


In such a place filled with painful memories, now she stood, looking forward to holding the child of that same man.


Euphemia could only chuckle at the Irony of it all.


‘When will he come……?’ 


It was almost 9 P.M.


Maybe he had more matters to attend than expected.






That woman wouldn’t have snatched Ferzen for herself, right?


It was a sudden assumption, but that assumption quickly consumed her mind, triggering wave after wave of jealousy and anxiety.




She rose from the bed, grabbed the doorknob, and opened it, she briskly stepped into the hallway even though her clothes were a little stained from her leaking breast milk.


That woman was like a sneaky thief.


Even when trying to steal her place, some limits should never be crossed.


While she continued to curse Yuriel for her greed, Euphemia soon came across Ferzen standing silently in the cold hallway, looking outside.




As if he heard her footsteps, Ferzen turned his head, staring at her with his piercing red eyes.


“What……are you doing……?” 


Moving cautiously, Euphemia approached Ferzen.


As she held his hand, she could feel the ice-like coldness of his body.


“It’s very cold at night, so please come to be bedroom……”


“Are you okay?” 


“My body is healthy, so……”


“I violated you in that bedroom.” 




Ferzen’s straightforward words made Euphemia tremble for a moment.


‘Is that why……’


Euphemia wondered if he was standing here in the cold hallway to avoid entering that bedroom.


As she continued to be uncertain about how to respond, Euphemia remained silent, following Ferzen’s lead.


Of course, it wasn’t as if she hadn’t been affected by the painful memories when she had entered that bedroom……


It was just that those memories and experiences didn’t remain as traumatic as they were. 


Now, after all this time, it was somewhat comforting to know that he once desired her so much to commit such savage acts.


Indeed, there was a stark contrast in his behavior before and after she bore his child.


There had to be something about herself that made him uneasy until she carried his seed in her womb.


But she knew that speaking such words would be only an empty comfort for his guilt.


Ferzen’s pride and ego wouldn’t allow him to be reassured by this.


“I won’t say that you haven’t wronged me.” 




“Because…..You were such a wicked man back then.” 




“I was always frightened of you, sick of your presence, always cold……” 




“People will always hurt others throughout their life……There’s no exception to this.” 


Whether it is a casual comment, a simple action, or a slip of the tongue.


Humans are social creatures by default, and as such, they seek interaction with others, and this will inevitably lead to inflecting wounds upon one another.


If someone truly wished to avoid this suffering, then they might end up living in isolation or spend their lives attached to a doll that can only offer one-sided communication.


And among those who thirst for company, there are only a select few who can truly forgive the wrongs done to them.


“In that regard……I think you’ve been treating me well.” 


“Is that so?” 




If Euphemia, the victim, speaks of her feelings about this, then Ferzen himself doesn’t have anything more to add.


“So……Don’t feel guilty about it.” 




Euphemia clenched her fists as her shoulders trembled.


“Because if you’re only being kind to me out of guilt……That will make me miserable.” 


“That is not the case. So don’t worry.” 


From the beginning…


And until now…


“I have never, not for a single instant, let my feelings for you be influenced by my guilt.”


The moonlight swept the place with a blueish hue.


In the calm and cold hallway, Ferzen lowered his head, took Euphemia’s hand, and tenderly kissed it.




Once on her left hand.




And once on her right hand.




Looking at his imposing red eyes, Euphemia blushed with a faint smile on her face.


In aristocratic etiquette, the act of kissing the back of the hand was a sign of courtship, an act of affection.


So, cupping his cheek Euphemia whispered the words ‘I love you’ and kissed the lips that always managed to engrave shameful marks on her body.


“Come. It’s cold out here……Even your lips are freezing.”


“You are cold too.” 


Since she was planning on lying with him, she wasn’t wearing her piece of cloth covering her nipples. 


Now, her nightgown was soaked. Exposing her rosy nipples and darkened areolas.




“Didn’t you notice it?” 


Euphemia had carelessly wandered about, fully exposed. Had someone other than Ferzen been wandering the mansion, they would have seen her.




Taking notice of her state, Euphemia quickly covered her bosom with her left hand.


Then she reached out her right hand and grabbed the hem of Ferzen’s suit, burying her head in his embrace.


“Come with me then……” 


I’ll warm your body.




Ferzen wondered if this was the same woman who always sobbed, gasped, and moaned in his hands.


Although her attempt at seducing him was amateurish, it was precisely because of that, that Euphemia appeared so adorable in his eyes, and he couldn’t resist pulling her waist into a strong embrace.




It was more forceful than expected, causing her to flinch a little. Even then, seeing her resistance to his action was incredibly amusing for Ferzen.


After all, does a wolf need a reason to torment the lamb? 


“Let’s go.” 




* * * * *




As soon as they entered the bedroom, Ferzen wasted no time and pulled Euphemia closer to him.




Sharp teeth sank into her nape, digging into the soft flesh.


Meanwhile, his large hand had already made its way up her waist, bringing down her shoulder straps, and exposing her leaking and lewd nipple, which he then gripped firmly.






The spontaneous gush of milk, stained Ferzen’s palm and dripped onto the floor.


He was simply teasing her nipples, but the mix of her milk and his ministrations created a vulgar sound that echoed around the room.




She wanted him to stop, but she couldn’t find in her, the strength to say it.


As if delighted by his fingers, her nipples continued to gush a constant stream of sweet-smelling milk.


Her clothes, which were barely hanging around her waist, were now soaked by the milky fluid that flowed down her breasts and across her stomach.


Euphemia, who was now clad in only her silky white panties, had her body covered with her own breast milk.


After teasing her for a while, Ferzen slowly withdrew his hands and took a deep breath.


The sweet smell could make one feel hungry just by smelling it.


It was the smell of a fat lamb fumbling toward the hungry wolf. With a smirk, Ferzen swept Euphemia in his arms like a princess.




Euphemia let out a startled groan as she was suddenly lifted, her heart pounding on her chest, so she naturally put her arms around his neck.


But Euphemia’s princess-like treatment was short-lived.


Ferzen then laid her on the bed, roughly loosened his tie, and swept his hand into her panties, skimming through her smooth hairless womanhood.






Euphemia gasped, her toes curling up as she received such a strong stimulus after a long time.




Not long after, his two fingers invaded her tightly clenched inner flesh, prodding her wet folds relentlessly.




Raising her hips in response to his touch, Euphemia shuddered in pleasure, with a clear liquid flowing down her slit.


She couldn’t hold it.


Before she realized it, she felt a tingling sensation in her lower body, like a dan about to burst, and when she looked down……




As if to punish her, Ferzen leaned down between her legs and lightly bit her swollen pearl.




At that moment, Euphemia’s body lost its strength collapsing on the bed, spasming like a freshly caught fish.


Both pain and pleasure assaulted her mind.


Euphemia sobbed like a child as these sensations pushed her far beyond the line of what she knew about pleasure, and she continued to gush a stream of liquid from her wetness.




And as if trying to compete with her lower body, her now engorged nipples started leaking a thin stream of milk.


As of now……Euphemia was perhaps the most vulgar woman in the world.


Too ashamed to face her own vulgar self, Euphemia tried to turn her head to the window beside her.


“Don’t get distracted, Euphemia.” 




Ferzen’s voice jolted her from the intense pleasure, forcing her to concentrate on him.


At the same time, he spread her legs wide, pointing his hideous member at the entrance of her wanting slit.






Although her folds were welcoming, a long time had passed since they had consummated their love. As such his member forcefully expanded her inner walls.


Normally, Ferzen would have given her a moment to compose herself, but not this time. Without a moment of pause, Ferzen plunged himself deep within her.


“Ang! Aang…… ! Huaaang!”


His shaft throbbed and stirred her insides.


As if ordering her to focus on it and nothing else, Euphemia tightened her lower abdomen, squeezing Ferzen’s penis tightly.


It was a rather vulgar way of communication, but as if her efforts weren’t enough Ferzen’s moved his hips, barging into her cervix.


“Haeung! Eu-eung……!”


Euphemia couldn’t help but wonder why having his hideous rod stimulating her cervix just by its sudden throbbing, felt so pleasurable.


Although, with time, she found it increasingly difficult to maintain her reason as the strong pleasure she felt refused to subside.


“Ah…… Ang! Huang!”


Bothered by Ferzen’s unwillingness to move, Euphemia arched her waist, trying to pleasure herself.


With her plump legs spread wide open, she continued to move her waist as her breastmilk flowed from her nipples and her husband’s shaft pungled into her……


Words alone couldn’t explain how obscene such a scene was.


“Hmmm! Ahhh! Hnggggg……….”


Climaxing, her body once again became devoid of strength as a loud moan burst from her mouth.


Drip Drop.


After a long moment, Euphemia felt Ferzen’s sweat dripping down on her face as she forcefully opened her clouded eyes.




As soon as she looked into his eyes, Euphemia felt her body tense as she lost her breath.


Not because she was afraid of him, but because she could see the sheer desire and possessiveness in those eyes.


Would she be able to quench all his desires?


No, should she try to attempt it, she would become nothing more than a toy for him to use.


He must have been suppressing such desires in consideration of the child she was carrying.


Yet, she had forgotten about this and tried to stroke his lust.




With a trembling tone still filled with the remnants of her pleasure, Euphemia tried to apologize to him as she placed both hands on Ferzen’s neck, drawing his head toward her bosom.




However, as soon as she did so, Ferzen gently bit her breasts, making her wince in pain.


Surely, when she wakes up in the morning, the reminder of this moment will be there.


Yet, Euphemia didn’t push him away.


Because even if he poured his frustrations on her bosom, his penis still inside her, was resting with a gentleness that belied its appearance.


……The desire felt by Ferzen was no different from that fateful day.


However, there was a huge contrast in how he channeled this desire.


Maybe that’s why Euphemia could no longer recall that painful, fighting, and cold night.




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