The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 136

The North (6)

The North (6)



As he enjoyed the warm sunlight, a rare blessing in the north, Lord Asran sipped on his tea.


“Father……What do you make of this?” 


“There’s no need to be impatient, my son.” 


Noticing his son’s anxious expression, the Lord of the North spoke in a soothing tone.


“It is indeed an incredible bait, this invitation to the Brutein auction. However, if the Brutein truly wished to support Ferzen in his quest to swallow the North, they wouldn’t have given him just five invitations. Even though it is a coveted event, do you really think that the other nobles would stand by the side of a newcomer?” 


“I’m aware of this, Father.” 


“And there is also something crucial to consider, he has no merit here. An Apollyon-Class Warlock he may be……Even I would be a fool to underestimate his might, but when you consider that Louerg will be the nexus of his vision for the North…….” 


The Lord of The North truly believed in what he had said.


Even then, the threat of Brutein made things complicated. So, the lord chuckled inwardly.


Moreover, wasn’t the Heir of Rosenberg accompanying him?


Frankly, this generation of the Lord of the North thought that he would live to see the balance of power tilt.


But that would only happen in his generation.


When both he and Ferzen pass away.


When their children would inherit the lands, the Asran family would naturally assert their Lordship over the North.


Sure, there would be some who would ally themselves under Ferzen’s banner, but that was an expected outcome. 


Pressuring the nobles when a sweet treat was being dangled in front of their eyes, would only threaten his position more.




Geralt, who had been receiving his father’s guidance while in the North, felt foolish and pathetic for being intimated by Ferzen.


The loss of Yuriel and the humiliation he suffered from the old snake of Alfred only filled his ire.


Perhaps that was why he found himself clenching his fists tightly while also biting his lips.




As Geralt was developing his self-esteem in a rather bizarre way, a knocking sound at the door prompted the Lord of the North to allow the entrance of the source of the knocking.


Approaching with a slight bow, the maid handed over a letter with Louerg’s crest on it, to him.




The Sovereign of the cold lands wondered what was the point of the letter. But as his musings were met with silence, he tore open the envelope.


Upon reading its contents, Lord Asran crumpled the letter into a ball and tossed it into the nearby hearth. 




As the paper quickly turned into ash, a faint burning scent spread in the office. Noticing his father’s mood, Geralt cautiously asked.


“……Why you did do that?” 


“The audacity of an ant clinging to the giant’s back, thinking it could reach the heavens sickens me.” 


Truthfully, the Lord of The North had no intention of really reading the letter, but the handwriting was so horrible that he unintentionally had to concentrate to comprehend its contents.


And was this effort worth it?


Of course……No.


After all, the one who wrote the letter wasn’t even Ferzen.


Was the world now such a place where a mere guard captain could invite the Lords for his birthday celebration?


Especially when the date, August 11th, was a clear challenge to him.


This was, after all the birthday celebration for the woman who would become the next Empress.


It was something inconceivable.


However, such nonsensical things could not be dismissed easily.


Because, unless Ferzen is a fool and had orchestrated this stupid thing in such a way, wouldn’t he be distributing invitations to the Brutein auction there? 


“Such childish behavior is truly unbecoming of someone who bears the blood of Brutein.” 


But Lord Asran soon quelled his anger and smirked bitterly.


It is one thing to act arrogantly when it could help maintain his dignity.


However, if the situation is set up to be like this, how would the nobles caught in the crossfire act? 


“Well, if he wants to play dirty, there is nothing stopping us from doing so as well.” 


As the weight of their choices increases, more and more would flee the crumbling sandcastle, that is the Louerg.


‘I think……I’ll rest for a while.’


Everyone would know this was just an excuse.


Then again, how could they be unaware that his intention was to pressure them?


Truly, he didn’t wish to go down this path, but Ferzen dared to raise the stakes.


‘He’s still an ignorant brat……’ 


While the lifespans of humans are limited, true power knows no such boundaries.


It merely shifts whimsically, changing from one master to another.


‘50 years in……’


To mortals, it might seem like a lengthy amount of time, but in the scope of history, 50 years, it was as short as an ant’s existence.


So, the Sovereign of the frozen lands decided to not harbor any regrets.


If there was anyone who desired to consume poison disguised as an opportunity, then such fools had no place by his side.


* * * * *


“I don’t see a reason to hide it……”


In the cold office, Yuriel brought a chair, sitting next to Ferzen as she discreetly spoke.


Disregarding any mention of the territory that now enjoyed a complete tax exemption, Ferzen continued to use the might of Brutein in his favor……


Frankly, from an external perspective, Ferzen’s actions were akin to a haughty young master who used his family’s backing for his own gains.


“This is not about saving face. And surely you understand why I didn’t speak a word about it.”




What Ferzen promised to the Second Prince of Roverium was a reward, for when the Prince supported by the Ernes Empire ascended to the throne.


So, there was no need to mention this beforehand and turn potential allies into enemies within the Roverium Kingdom.


Because for the current scenery he was drawing, the bait Brutein represented was enough. 


“Also……It’s not completely hidden.” 


The workers operating in Louerg weren’t just third parties contracted in the center, but also laborers from the northern territories.


Therefore, as most of the construction work was nearing its completion, Ferzen had sent them back to their respective territories already.


Because, after analyzing the blueprints of the developing area, the noble families in the North who gathered information through the laborers would likely be skeptical.


For a project of that scale would be impossible to be carried out in Louerg. And since the other lands within the North were also barren, it would also be difficult to proceed elsewhere.


Without a doubt, the nobles would be hard-pressed to figure out if this was just a show of might or something more.


Especially since his managers should have arrived at their territories by now, prompting the Asrans to assert pressure on them.


“So……Are you leaving tomorrow?” 


“Since I got an invitation, there’s no reason not to attend.” 


Ferzen’s goal for the North was not a monopolization of power, but its fracture. This way, the North would not be able to become unified again to pressure the Center.


‘He’s quite something……’ 


Seeing Ferzen like that, Yuriel couldn’t help but be proud.


Even at a young age, Ferzen didn’t covet unnecessary power. And even with his inexperience in politics, he managed to navigate these troubled waters with laid-back ease.


‘I should……lend him my strength too.’ 


Unlike that pitiful woman, she was the treasure of the Alfreds.


And since her grandfather had now taken advantage of the cheap taxes in Louerg by opening various proxy businesses……She could manage something.


Of course, Ferzen wouldn’t like the idea of involving Alfred. But for something like this, she could handle it herself.


“Also……When I leave tomorrow, I’ll be taking Laura with me.” 




Ferzen’s sudden remark brought Yuriel back from her schemes.


As soon as Ferzedn suddenly brought up this, Yuriel felt a sense of suspicion arising.


“It must be quite difficult for her to remain here with Euphemia and you.” 




“And looking at you now, I can see that.” 


As she looked into Ferzen’s red eyes, Yuriel pouted and turned her head.


Of course, she figured out his intention.


But she didn’t think it was that troubling.


Hasn’t she been quite considerate of the girl recently?


If she had a problem with it, she should have told her.






When considering the differences in status between the Alfred and the Rosenberg, it would be unreasonable to expect this.


However, that aside, Yuriel felt that troubling Ferzen with this matter was too much.


‘Ah, I’m sorry.’ 


And when Ferzen noticed the numerous expressions passing by Yuriel’s face, he uttered a silent apology to Laura.


In order to be ready for the next full moon, it was inevitable for him to take her.  There was no other choice aside from this to create a reasonable excuse.


And since he noticed that Yuriel’s presence was taking its toll on Laura’s mood, he simply took advantage of the situation.


“I didn’t cross a line……” 


“I’m not reprimanding you.” 


“No matter how you look at it, you are……But to think she was like that huh? Who would have thought that she was capable of putting on that shy and weak act while following me around.” 




“Did she see an opportunity when I became your mistress?” 






Resting her head on his shoulder, Yuriel spoke again.


“Just like that woman……I also don’t wish for you to acquire more mistresses. But to be honest, that girl would be a good choice. Her family may not be strong, but they are also not helpless.” 


For this reason, Yuriel didn’t apologize to Ferzen.


It was understandable that he might intervene to mediate between her and Euphemia, but wasn’t there more to it than just establishing a pretext?


Since Ferzen was the one who had brought this topic up in the first place souring their mood, he stayed silent.


“You’re the one who started talking about this, but you don’t seem comfortable with this topic.” 




Ferzen appeared nonchalant, maintaining an indifferent expression, but Yuriel could sense his faint regret.


Was this the bond between spouses? 


With hidden joy, Yuriel smiled beautifully.


“Then, shall I freshen up the atmosphere for a bit?


“……How about some tea?” 


As Ferzen reached for the small bell next to him, Yuriel stopped him.


“I……Want to suck your dick.” 


Ferzen scowled at the vulgar words uttered by Yuriel as his eyes narrowed.


“Yuriel, this is my office and……”


“I shouldn’t say such words?”


“And yet you still did it.” 


“Have you ever seen someone soothing a crying baby with words instead of a bottle of milk or a pacifier?” 


“Are you a baby now?” 


“When a woman wants to pamper her husband, she can be anything.” 




While speaking, Yuriel unbuckled his trousers with surprising dexterity and pulled them down.


For some reason, the sight of his softened member was endearing to her.


On one hand, it was hard to believe such a small thing could grow to become a hideous monster, even after experiencing it personally.






Sticking out her tongue Yuriel carefully licked and sucked the glans.


Ferzen shuddered at the soft and warm feeling enveloping his member.


It didn’t take long for the shaft to grow in size, as his throbbing member now slapped her cheek, demanding attention. However, Yuriel devoted her attention to gently servicing his testicles.


Yuriel thought about taking her time in teasing Ferzen for a bit, but the strong male musk made her own wanting folds, drool.




It must be full of his seed.


It would be all so ready to gush out the moment she took it into her mouth.


The fishy stench of his seed and its thickness could be something unpleasant to have in her throat, but Yuriel didn’t hesitate. She once more took his member inside her mouth.






A low growl escaped Ferzen’s mouth as Yuriel continued to tease his urethra, making the pleasant sensation coursing through his entire rod hard to resist.


During such a scene in the day.


The faint mist wafting with each breath indicated how heated the atmosphere had become.


Carefully lifting his felt hand, Ferzen gently pressed Yuriel’s head in.


Then on such a cold day in the North, the sounds of a vulgar woman’s passionate efforts could be heard in a cold and previously quiet office.




TL note:  5/20!

Well for this mass release I think this is a good place to stop.

We shall have a lot of politics soon, so for those who are a bit tired of sex scenes (Since we had a bloody lot and I can’t handle more of sex descriptions….) Have no FEAR!

Well that’s it for mua lads and lasses!

Imma now prepare for Crota.



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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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