The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 153

All Of Me Is Yours

༺  All of Me Is Yours 



After finishing the dinner, Yuriel, who was sitting in her room together with Ferzen, looked at him who was sitting still without saying anything.


He didn’t even glance at her even though she was wearing a black negligee that showed off her pink areolas.


The sight of buildings collapsing one after another outside their room held Ferzen’s gaze, his eyes fixed on the impending destruction.




The table in front of them began to shake subtly, but due to the distance, Ferzen couldn’t hear the sounds of the disaster.


Nevertheless, he felt as though his ears were filled with the screams of those trapped beneath the falling debris.


Although he hadn’t fired the arrow, he knew that he was the one who had drawn the bowstring. It would be a lie if he claimed that he felt no guilt creeping into his heart.


Without uttering a word, Ferzen lifted the wine glass he held to his lips. In response, Yuriel quietly rose from her chair.


Indeed, there were only a few things better than alcohol to drown one’s sorrows.


Yet, Yuriel wished for him to seek solace in her presence instead of the bottle.


For that reason, Yuriel walked towards Ferzen and sat coquettishly on his lap. She then stretched her slender index finger out and moved it around his firm chest and stomach in a very tempting way.




When she saw Fersen’s gaze had finally landed on her, Yuriel smiled lightly and gently placed her lips on his.


Perhaps because he was already quite drunk, when she smelled the scent of the wine wafting from his mouth, Yuriel’s head became dizzy.


When she swallowed his saliva that had somehow found its way into her mouth, her body heated up with excitement.


However, she couldn’t even tell whether it was because of his saliva or because of the wine that was mixed in it.




As soon as their lips parted, Ferzen called her name in a low voice.


However, Yuriel didn’t say anything in response as if telling him to quietly surrender himself to her……




She stopped moving her index finger and started moving her hands to unbutton his shirt.




Yuriel buried her lips on Ferzen’s nape before tracing down to his stocky chest as soon as the shirt slid off his body.




Under Yuriel’s aggressive approach, Ferzen could only wonder where she had learned this technique of licking a man’s nipples while lowering her hand to caress his genitals.


Since it was still another form of foreplay, Ferzen couldn’t hold a grunt from escaping his lips as his body trembled from the pleasure.




His penis, which she had pampered with her hand, swelled violently. Then, a clear liquid poured out from the tip of his glans.


Was he satisfied with the service she was providing?


Yuriel removed her head from Ferzen’s chest and pulled her hand which had been tucked inside his trousers. She then licked the sticky liquid that had stained her hand like a cat.




It definitely didn’t have any particular taste. However, the smell of a man that came from it was still as addictive as it could be.


As soon as she licked all of Ferzen’s fluids clean, Yuriel went down to her knees in between Ferzen’s legs and slowly pulled his pants down.




Over his underwear, Yuriel vulgarly sucked the glans of his twitching penis, splattering her saliva all over the place.


Through her mouth, she could clearly feel the desire of the monstrous creature wanting to break free from the shackle of the piece of clothing that housed it and roughly pierce the throat of the woman in front of it……


However, Yuriel didn’t let it do so on purpose. She just kept caressing it over the underwear as if to tease it.


That was not all though. After all, she also had the intention to stimulate his sexual desire to make him forget about what had just happened. However, her true intention was to make him focus on herself.




As the agonizing time kept getting longer and longer, Ferzen lowered his pants by himself. He then grabbed Yuriel’s hair with his large hands and buried her face in his groin.


Every time his throbbing member that was reeking of a man’s scent slapped her cheek, she felt it was mocking her for being nothing more than a woman……


However, being fine with it, Yuriel just carefully licked the pillar of the monstrous object on her face with her red tongue.






While Yuriel was busy kissing and licking it seductively, his veiny shaft plunged into her mouth in an instant and pounded the back of her neck, as if saying that such foreplay was not necessary.


“Heu…… Keu……! Keheuk!”


Yuriel felt her eyes watering because of it. She tried to move her head away from its relentless attack. However, since Ferzen was holding her head tight and made her bend her head with force, she couldn’t do so.


Every time his massive shaft hit the back of her neck, Yuriel could not swallow her saliva properly as her throat tightened around his member.


For sure, the pain she felt was greater than the pleasure. But, Yuriel just closed her eyes and swallowed all of it into her mouth.


“Huh…… Ugh…… ! Kheuk!”


His penis moved back and forth slowly as if using her throat to measure the length of its prowess.


In order to ease the pain for even just a little bit, Yuriel sat down on Ferzen’s shoes and rubbed her wetness against it.


She couldn’t help but wonder whether there was a naughtier woman than her in the world as she did it.


Meanwhile, Ferzen slightly raised his shoes and willingly matched Yuriel’s vulgar gestures in order to distract himself from the rushing feeling of ejaculation that he felt all over his body.


Even though there were no rain droplets falling from the dark sky above,


Why were his shoes soaked and shiny?




As soon as he felt that the rushing ejaculation was only an inch away from bursting out, Ferzen moved his waist forward and buried Yuriel’s head deeply in his groin.


Yuriel also felt his swollen penis pulsating violently, so she put her hand on Ferzen’s thigh and swallowed the ejaculation that began soon after.


To be honest, Yuriel wanted nothing but to spit out the abomination that was lodged deep inside her mouth right away because the semen that was pouring out of his shaft was suffocating her……


However, since it also meant that he was shooting his semen into her stomach, Yuriel swallowed his seed with difficulty and endured the long ejaculation.




Once Yuriel felt that Ferzen had finished, she spit out his penis which was sticky because of her saliva before coughing violently. At the same time, she also wiped the tears from her eyes with the back of her hand.


She still had the illusion of his sticky semen running down her throat.


However, thinking that Ferzen might still have some remaining semen in his penis, Yuriel stuck out her tongue while running her trembling hands over his genitals.


Before long, the remaining seeds flowed thickly over her tongue as expected.




Her body showed a sign of rejection at that moment. Making her unable to swallow the seeds that were coating her tongue.


It was probably caused by the abuse that she got from his monstrous penis as well as from the semen that had poured over her throat.






Yuriel forcibly suppressed that rejection and swallowed Ferzen’s semen.






When Yuriel had a thought that she might be able to take a rest now, the tip of his monstrous penis, which was still standing like a spear, tapped the middle of her forehead.


The male scent that permeated the tip of her nose seemed to be many times stronger than before, so Yuriel gave a submissive kiss to his genitals while holding back her fear.




As soon as the kiss was over, Ferzen raised her up and grabbed her arm. She could not resist it and just let herself get dragged onto the bed.


It was definitely her who had encouraged him, but Ferzen’s red eyes, which were filled with lust, as well as his body odor, couldn’t help but make her recoil as he seemed to regard her as nothing but a prostitute at this moment.


But why did she feel excited at this moment?




That’s right, she really had nothing to worry about.


At the very least at this moment while they consummate their relationship on the bed.


She felt fine for being treated as nothing but a prostitute.




Soon, his big hands grabbed her ankle and situated her body in a proper position to be penetrated.


But just before his penis was about to penetrate her cramped hole, Yuriel moved her hands toward her womanhood and blocked its advance.


Her action was by no means intended to dampen the excitement of the beast who wanted to violate her……


Rather, it was to create a situation in which the beast could violate her more freely.


“I-I…… am currently in my fertile period…… I-if I become pregnant now…… It’s obviously not going to be good……”


Yuriel turned her body backward as she stuttered in order to comfort the displeased beast.


She then moved the hem of her negligee to her waist and thrust her bottom towards his abomination.


After that, she stretched her slender hands towards her ass and stretched the flesh around her pink anus to the sides.


“Si-since…… I have already cleaned it……”


Even though she had made all the necessary preparations,


She still found it difficult to say that he should use her other hole.


So, she just moved her knees slightly in order to close the gap between her anus and his penis. In the meantime, she also buried her blushing face on the duvet cover.


Then, as if kissing it with the tip of his penis, he brought it towards the entrance of her anus.


When she removed her hands, she wagged her tail and lifted it like a female attracting a male.




Yuriel stiffened, feeling dizzy from the pounding of her heart. But when his hands clutched at her waist, she quickly steadied herself.


At the same time……


“Even if you writhe in pain…… I might not have time to be considerate……”


Hearing Ferzen’s voice coming from behind, Yuriel buried her hesitation and weakly nodded.




TL note:

Well, I kinda of called this, lets delve DEEP into the anal chapter……..


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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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