The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 154

All Of Me Is Yours (2)

༺  All of Me Is Yours (2) 





His monstrous rod which was covered in lustful fluids that had trickled down from her slit, slowly took its position……




While she wondered whether it would be able to enter or not, Yuriel forcefully relaxed the muscles around her bottom.


In the meantime, she clenched the bedsheet with her slender hands and shivered.


She had heard that the hardest part would be when the tip began to penetrate into her cramped hole. However, it would be easy sailing from there onwards.


She had been thinking about it ever since she unbuttoned the first button of Ferzen’s shirt. Because of that, her body was as tense as it could be.


However, it’s not like she was the one who was consciously giving it any strength. She just couldn’t help being in that state because one of her holes was about to be penetrated for the first time.




Every single one of Ferzen’s moves, no matter how small it was, evoked an intense response in her.




His big hands grabbed her buttocks and spread them to the sides, forcibly stretching the creases in her anus.


Yuriel’s body instantly heated up because she realized that by doing that, Ferzen’s eyes could clearly capture the sight of her hole opening and closing.




Soon after, Ferzen’s monstrous penis, which had been quiet for a while, began to enter the inside of her anus little by little. Due to that, her white legs that were spread apart began to tremble.


“Heuk! Ah…… Agh—! I-it hurts…… ! it hurts……!”


As it tried to forcefully open the cramped hole, a painful cry burst from Yuriel’s mouth as tears came down from her eyes.


Yuriel, driven by her instinct, tried to get away from Ferzen.




However, every time that happened, Ferzen’s big hand quickly tightened its grip on Yuriel’s waist.


This was probably why a wolf pressed the head of its prey, which was struggling to survive with its front paws.


Soon after, like a wolf biting off the nape of its prey, Ferzen held her still and thrust his waist towards her.






Then, just barely, the rod stopped its entry after burrowing inside, spreading her pale pink flesh.


The sight of her pink flesh getting dragged out and invaded again as Yuriel writhed was so lascivious.


“Heu, uuuhh…… Keuk…… ! Huaaaa……!”


In order to ease the pain, even just a little bit, Yuriel gave more strength to her hands that were clutching onto the bedsheet.


She clenched it so strongly to the point that her palms began to lose color. In the meantime, tears dripped from her obsidian-like eyes as a sob escaped from her mouth.


At the same time, in order to somehow minimize the pain that Yuriel was feeling, her body no longer unconsciously tensed up.


Which meant that her hole had began to relax as much as it could.




And Ferzen, who was looking down at Yuriel, bent his back forwards and straightened the disheveled hair that covered her face and flung them to the side.


He was obviously trying to soothe her since she was sobbing like a child. But when he saw Yuriel’s lewd expression and the tears running down her eyes which was caused by her holding in the pain……


Ferzen betrayed his own intention.




He moved his waist forward a little bit more.


“Heuk! Ah…… Aghh……!”


After all, the sight of Yuriel who was unable to stifle her tears while gasping for breath made him even more aroused.


Like a wolf that was chomping its meal in a trance because it was intoxicated by the smell of its prey’s blood, Ferzen began to cook Yuriel to his own taste.


Even though her hole did its best to push him out, he persisted.


Squeeze-!! Squeeze-!!


Laughing lightly at that, Ferzen pressed Yuriel’s shoulders down with both of his hands and stabbed his shaft into her slowly.




“Ugh……! Heuk……! Ah…… Aaaaah……”


Soon, the distance between them became non-existent. 


Ferzen’s pubic bone grinded against Yuriel’s bottom, sending obscene sounds of flesh clashing in all directions.


Her buttocks, which had risen much higher than before, tightly gripped Ferzen’s shaft.


Perhaps there would be no lewder flower arrangements in this world apart from what he saw right now.


“Heu, uh…… Eung……”


His pulsating member, which was deeply embedded in her intestines, made Yuriel feel bloated. 


At the same time, she also felt a hot sensation that made her think that her intestine would get burnt by it.


Due to the slight dizziness that washed over her, Yuriel unwillingly committed shameful things in front of Ferzen.


Even though the amount of transparent urine that flowed down her thighs was not a lot by any means, that shameful sight clearly showed just how much Yuriel had been abused and pushed to the limit.




However, since he had been exposed to the scent of her lewd for a long time now, Ferzen didn’t even notice it.


On top of that, since his penis was buried deeply in her back hole, he was too high to notice it.


After all, it satisfied him with a tightness that was many times greater than her womanhood.


He felt a great sense of accomplishment for having all of her for himself.


As he squeezed her buttocks that he held with both of his hands, he could see the appearance of her inner flesh getting pulled out every time he pulled his waist back. 


It was a scene that could literally drive a man crazy.


“E, eung……! Ah……!”


Eventually, as if it had finally decided to wake up from the afterglow of conquering the female in front of it, his throbbing shaft moved again slowly.


At the movement of that gigantic monstrosity inside of her, Yuriel trembled as she felt as if a huge snake had coiled itself inside of her.


When his penis slipped out and entered once again……


Yuriel let out an excited moan as she felt the pleasure that came from a primitive physiological phenomenon.


“Heuk……! Haeuk!”




However, there was also pain mixed in those waves of pleasure.


Therefore, as Yuriel fell on the bed, Ferzen grabbed her hand and raised her body up.


Just how much deeper did he want to go to be satisfied?


Yuriel sobbed and shook her head as Ferzen grabbed her waist and tried to pull her body into his arms.


With his hideous member inserted into her anus, Yuriel swayed awkwardly in the air while both of her legs were trembling.


The appearance could only be described as obscene. But at the same time, it also had something that would evoke a sense of pity on anyone who looked at it.






Ferzen, however, had no intention of granting her request. He just grabbed Yuriel’s delicate ankles one by one and began to uproot her legs from the bed.


Just like how a man’s curiosity toward the unknown could not be stopped, a man’s desire to indulge in pleasure also could not be stopped.


“Huh, ah…… ah……”


Because her legs were lifted by his hands, her upper body naturally began to lean backward. Thankfully, Ferzen embraced her waist and stopped Yuriel’s body with his chest.






Then, Ferzen slowly lowered her body down and thrust his penis, which was about halfway out, into it again.


On the opposite side of where they were, a large, full-length mirror stood. Through that, Yuriel was able to see her current state clearly.


The figure of her sitting down with her legs wide apart while swallowing Ferzen’s large penis bit by bit with her anus under the grace of the beautiful moonlight was……


It was beyond the point of mere vulgarity. It was something that would make even the most worn and tattered whores, cringe. So, Yuriel quickly covered her face with her hands.




“Huh…… ! Ah…… ! Agh!”


However, when his twitching dick entered even deeper,


Yuriel could not help but remove the hand that was covering her face as she gasped and trembled violently.


The place where it stabbed into was obviously her anus, but why did it feel like his penis was tapping on her womb?






Yuriel trembled at that moment as one of Ferzen’s hands which had been holding her ankle moved towards her thigh. Not stopping there, his hand continued to move towards the middle of her two thighs before he inserted his finger into her slit.


“Ah…… Heu, aaang……!”


From the very same mouth that had been putting out nothing but cries until now, a strange and sweet moan escaped.


What she felt from Ferzen’s penis entering her asshole was an unfamiliar sensation of something foreign entering her body and its burning temperature.


However, as Ferzen’s finger started to burrow into her wetness and began to gently scrape the walls of her folds, Yuriel started to feel pleasure from the throbbing that his rod made.


To be precise, it was the knock on the back of her uterus that made her feel that pleasure.




Following Ferzen’s finger that was digging into her pink inner flesh, a lewd sound that came from the clear liquid that flowed ceaselessly from her slit echoed throughout the room.






As Ferzen began to violate her other hole with his thrust and the bed started to shake violently, Yuriel finally felt more pleasure, than pain, washing over her.


Perhaps that’s the reason why Ferzen suddenly violently grabbed her breasts, which had been swaying obscenely since before, and proceeded to treat her as nothing but a tool to relieve his carnal desire.








The bed shook violently and looked like it was only an inch away from collapsing.


“Ah…… ! Ahh……! Aang……!”


Following those creaking sounds, the vulgar moans of Yuriel resounded.


Even though the voices of the people of the Roverium Kingdom, as well as the screams of those who had survived the devastation, could be heard outside the window,


None of those sounds entered Ferzen’s ears as all of him was focused on Yuriel.


The slight sense of guilt that had risen inside him before was already sinking to the very bottom of his heart and would never stick its head out.






Before long, Ferzen, who had been raping Yuriell like a beast until now, called her name through his gasping breath.


Knowing that the woman in his arms would never run away, he used his large hands to hold her tightly and plunged his member deeper into her……




Thick and sticky.


The seeds of her man were released inside her.




What a contradiction that is. Getting something excreted in a place whose purpose was excreting something.


A sense of shame as well as an immorality, that Yuriel subtly felt in that contradiction, led her to follow Ferzen reaching climax. She then sagged forward as Ferzen’s hand let her body go. In the meantime, she still clearly felt his seed filling her insides and clinging to her.


However, Ferzen’s member was still lodged in her anus, still ejaculating. So her current position only gave Ferzen a more intimate view of her cute little wrinkles as she squirmed.




The fact that he had shot his sperm meant that Ferzen had relieved himself of his lust for Yuriel.


However, once he was done, the residual fire that remained threatened to grow in size once more.


It gave him a faint headache, so he couldn’t help but frown and groan.


This was truly the power of turning her body odor into something like an aphrodisiac. It was a stark reminder of the depth of Corleone’s twisted affection and inferiority complex for Brutein.


Corleone was someone who would not care whether his granddaughter would be treated as a whore for the rest of her life, or if she would be reduced to nothing but a seed toilet.


He didn’t care how ruined her granddaughter’s life would be.


The only thing that he cared about was getting his hands on Brutein’s seed. He would do anything to achieve that.


But Ferzen’s obsession was, in a sense, more severe than Corleone’s.


So he wiped the sweat from his brow as he forced the smoldering flames of desire to extinguish.


Perhaps the fact that his lust always wanted to burn again was because he was intoxicated by her scent. However, at this point in his life, his mental strength, which had been tempered by his extreme obsessive-compulsive disorder, was something that couldn’t be taken lightly.


“Heu…… Ang……”


Ferzen, who had stayed still for a moment to catch some breath, grabbed her luscious buttocks again and slowly began to pull his penis out.


Even though he felt he had control over his mind, wanted nothing but to bury his penis deeply in her again when he saw her inner flesh trying to come out along with his penis.




However, he buried that desire deep inside. Together with an obscene popping sound, he pulled his rod out completely.


Then her pale pink anus which had stretched to the exact size of his penis, gaped open. From it, some semen that he had shot inside her flowed out, showcasing the fact just how violently she had been violated by him.


Perhaps that was the reason why Ferzen’s hand, which had been gently caressing her body, suddenly turned vicious as if he wanted to devour her again.




But when he realized that Yuriel was sobbing while her body shook violently, Ferzen quickly stopped and gently pulled her into a hug.


Seeing her this close, left a little to imagination about how much she was suffering.


So he sat her down in the chair beside him, rang the bell to summon the maids, and covered her naked body with a soft cloth.


……Come to think of it, unlike usual, Yuriel was very sensual and active today.


He didn’t even have to think deeply about the reason behind it.


She must have been wanting to console him and distract him from the guilt he felt.


Outside the window, he could see just how chaotic the Roverium Kingdom currently was.


But Ferzen just nonchalantly turned his head away from the sight.


After all, it is a simple fact that all lives are not equal, isn’t it?


Since he already knew whose life was more precious to him,


There was no need for him to be shaken.


“…… Thank you. Yuriel.”


As he quietly thanked her, Ferzen gave her a gentle pat on the back.


Finding his voice as well as his gentle touch relaxing, Yuriel closed her eyes.


As if fainting, she fell asleep.


When the maids entered the room and removed the sheets……


They could only blush after seeing the traces of an affair that were engraved on it.


She was a woman from the Alfred family, who can be said to be a prestigious family, so they could only wonder what kind of sex she had that made her piss herself.


But no matter how hard they tried, the maids couldn’t understand what had transpired in this room.




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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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