The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 155

All Of Me Is Yours (3)

༺  All of Me Is Yours (3) 



Ferzen quietly frowned as the sunlight shone onto him through the window, 


However, that frown only lasted for a short while as his body relaxed due to the sweet smell of the woman’s flesh that seeped into his nose.


Yuriel, who was cradled by his side like a baby, exhaled softly.


Behind the curtain of messy hair, he could see a lovely face still deeply asleep.




Reaching up with his large hand to tidy her disheveled hair, Ferzen turned to face her and rested his head on the headboard.




Was she feeling uncomfortable with his current position?


As Yuriel, who was tossing and turning, finally quieted down as she laid on her side with her back facing him, Ferzen quietly placed one of his hands on her waist while using his other hand to squeeze her soft, voluptuous breasts.


Each time her large breasts twisted because of his grasp, the scent of her body grew stronger, making Ferzen move closer toward her.


Then, his erect penis, which was erect because of his sexual desire, slipped down her hip bone and settled between her seductive thighs. And soon, a strong male scent rose from it.




Yuriel slightly opened her eyes due to the stimulation given by Ferzen and laid still like a corpse for a moment. But suddenly, her body jerked up in a panic.




However, as soon as she raised her body using the strength of her back, Yuriel fell over on top of Ferzen’s body because of the pain that assaulted her.


“I-it hurts……”


“Just lie down. Your back will hurt quite a bit. It would be strange if your body isn’t screaming after all the abuse it went through last night.”


Ferzen said so since he remembered that Yuriel had been maintaining a crooked posture for a long time last night.


At that moment, as if he was trying to give her a massage, he gently laid her on her sides and used his finger to put pressure on her waist.


However, Yuriel didn’t even have the time to enjoy his kindness. As the memory from last night flashed through her mind, she couldn’t help but close her eyes as she felt the heat rushing to her face.


Even though she couldn’t quite remember a few moments that led her to fall asleep.


She could still vividly remember the fact that she had involuntarily pissed herself while she was mixing her body with his. To be honest, the shame that she felt made her want to do nothing but cry.


She was a grown woman. On top of it, she was married.


To think that she did something that shameful in front of her husband……






“Don’t think too much of it. Your sloppy appearance was quite refreshing.”


To be honest, Ferzen only noticed it when the maids put away the sheets when they were done.


He didn’t feel any sense of repulsion or rejection from seeing it, so he just brushed Yuriel’s waist and assured her in a soft voice.


“J-just…… don’t say anything……”


Even though she was willing to be vulgar in front of Ferzen, she was unwilling to let him see her incontinence.


Should she say it’s related to human dignity?


“Just lie down for now. Since the water needs to be warmed up, it will take some time before it’s ready.”


After patting Yuriel’s back while saying those words, Ferzen rose to his feet and headed towards the bathroom while his fingers were stroking his altar.


Even though he felt a little uncomfortable for tasking his predecessors to heat the water that would be used by Yuriel, wasn’t it okay since she was a woman who would one day give birth to his child? A child that would carry the lineage of Brutein.


So, after Ferzen came up with a justification to use the power of the former head of the family who had already died and become a corpse, he moved towards the bathroom.




Shortly after Ferzen had walked into the bathroom that was attached to the room, Yuriel stirred. She put her hand down and tried to touch her anus.


His ridiculously monstrous beast had pierced her inside without hesitation and stabbed her dozens of times.


In a way, she considered herself to be extremely lucky since it had not torn her hole.




Just how in the world did it fit into her?


While groping around her own anus with her hand, Yuriel was surprised because of many reasons.




At that moment, Ferzen’s semen, which was stuck in her belly, leaked out from her anus, which had stayed small even though it had been constantly stimulated.




Yuriel gave some power to the muscles around her back hole to clench it shut.


Both, the feeling of his semen pouring out from her womanhood and the feeling of his semen flowing out from her anus.


They were very similar. But at the same time, they were also different.


If she had to explain the difference, she was not very happy with the feeling that followed when the semen flowed out from her anus as it made her feel like she was a cheap whore.




“Ah…… Eung……!”


As soon as she heard Ferzen calling her name, probably because the water had been heated enough, Yuriel lowered her foot to the ground and stood up before stepping towards the bathroom.




However, due to the pain that suddenly assaulted her as well as her wobbly legs that were so weak that they could not support her body properly, Yuriel sat down on the floor, stamping her buttock to the ground.


The throbbing pain from the shock as well as the pain that assaulted her tailbone hurt as well.


As his semen leaked out from her anus, which had been tightly closed due to the strength of her muscles, Yuriel wept and pulled her legs together.


“D-don’t look……”


The fact that her husband saw some of his semen flow out from her anus could not have been more humiliating, so Yuriel wanted to do nothing but to faint at this moment.


On the other hand, with a grave expression on his face, Ferzen grabbed a towel that was scattered around, spread Yuriel’s legs to the sides, carefully wiped away the leaking semen, and gently held her into his firm arms.


Once he had brought her to the bathroom,


Ferzen sprinkled some warm water on the floor and then set her down slowly.


“I-I want to go into the bathtub……”


“If you don’t scrape the semen from your intestines, you’ll have a little trouble later.”


“W-what problem……?”


“Since your back hurts and you can’t even move properly. Shouldn’t we avoid situations where you have to sit on the toilet?”


“W-wait a minute……!”


Yuriel shook her head vigorously and backed away.






Ferzen grabbed her ankle and pulled her towards himself. Then, he forced her, who was struggling and pleading with a sobbing voice, to lie on her back.


“I-I…… I’ll do it myself……!”




Ferzen smiled mischievously as he called her by her name.


His large hands forced her into a puppy-like pose, and Yuriel, who in the end could do nothing but show him her pale pink anus, shuddered.


“I know better than you about how deep the seed was sown.”




His fingers dig into his back hole without facing much resistance.


At that moment, the bathroom was filled with an obscene squelching sound that was caused by the semen that had lingered near the entrance.


With his hand gently scratching the entrance and gently pulling out the sticky semen, Yuriel had no choice but to lower his head and quietly spill out his seed.


* * * * *


In the morning, Roer rose from his bed, his expression dry as he gazed at the sunlight streaming in through the window.


He went about his routine, took a bath, and changed his clothes.


As he moved through the hallways of the mansion, he couldn’t shake the feeling of being constantly watched by the personnel Corleone had assigned to him.


It was unpleasant.


It was sickening.


And it made him furious. 


However, Roer kept his emotions in check, maintaining a composed exterior as he tidied up his room. 


He knew that it would be difficult to convey his true thoughts to his benefactor with these watchful eyes on him, but sometimes using their prejudice against them could be more effective.


After adjusting a particular object in his room, he stepped aside, allowing the mirror behind him to capture a full view.


“Let’s go.”


As such, Roer left, accompanied by the Alfred family retainers, who wore fake smiles as they followed him.


* * * * *


Ferzen walked down the street without bothering to use a carriage.


Last night, a total of four buildings had been demolished. 


However, the number of buildings damaged by the debris from those four structures was by no means small.




Although his intended destination was not the site of the incident, Ferzen had deliberately left his lodging early to approach the disaster area.


The closer he got, the clearer the devastation became. 


Even though a significant amount of time had passed, the cries of the Roverium Kingdom’s citizens still echoed through the area.


Additionally, scattered amid the rubble were bodies and clear signs of dried blood.




Ferzen’s eyes lingered on the broken supplies of a child for an extended moment before he quietly turned away.


The guilt squeezing his chest felt like a thorn pricking him.


If flowers thrived on water and sunlight, villains thrived on the tragedy of others as their sustenance.


Therefore, Ferzen chose to view the tragedies of others as comedies.


From a distance, their cries sounded like laughter,


 And their twisted mouths appeared as smiles.


Turning away from the site of the disaster, Ferzen resumed his path toward his original destination—the royal castle of the Roverium Kingdom.


If Princess Elizabeth could successfully guide the Roverium Kingdom’s First Prince and persuade Prince Inas to make a choice, the fork in the road would narrow down to a single path.




Slowly ascending the stairs beneath the royal castle, Ferzen was alerted by the sudden presence of a significant number of people behind him.




Roer, though trying to mask his defiance, stared up at Ferzen indifferently. 


The retainers of the Alfred family behind him bowed their heads showing their respect for the blood of Brutein.


“……Good morning.”


Eventually, Roer put an end to the delicate standoff and offered a reluctant greeting. 


However, his clenched fists continued to writhe as if they desired to light the flames of conflict.


“Good morning to you too, Sir Roer.”


Ferzen replied with his usual monotone voice, choosing to ignore the tension.


He gazed down at Roer, realizing that on the day he fully embraced the path of a villain……


Would be the day that the Claudia Family ceased to exist.




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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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