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“…Do you realize how cruel the demands you’re making of me are?” 


The First Prince of the Roverium Kingdom, a neatly dressed man with blue hair, spoke weakly.


Prince Raymond’s words carried a tone of pleading, but from the First Prince’s perspective, they sounded no different from a coercive request.


“My brother…… It seems he was carrying a heavier burden than I had imagined.” 


His complexion was pale, and his lips quivered.


With a haggard expression, the First Prince swept his face with his hands.


“It doesn’t matter if you don’t comply.”


“……Then the Elmark Empire will ask my brother to give a speech saying the earthquake was caused by you.”




“If that happens, you……”


The First Prince’s words faded before reaching a conclusion. What would happen next was as clear as day, given that the Ernes Empire had already done it last night.


“Can you give me some time……”


“It doesn’t matter. After all… If Prince Inas gives a speech first without waiting for us, it means he has rejected our offer.”


“Even if people call him an idiot…… My brother is a smart kid. He won’t act rashly, so please give me exactly three days.”


Upon the First Prince’s request, Prince Raymond looked back at his retainers sitting behind him.


In response, the nobles exchanged glances, nodded in unison, and expressed their intention that it didn’t matter if they were given a grace period of about three days.


“…Let’s do that.”


After granting his permission, Prince Raymond stood up.


Unlike the previously heavy atmosphere, murmurs began to buzz in the room as soon as Prince Raymond stood up. Perhaps this was because they felt relieved that the meeting with the First Prince had ended earlier than expected.


Meanwhile, Ferzen, who had finally found some free time after arriving in the Roverium Kingdom, chose to walk to the building where Euphemia and Yuriel were, instead of taking a carriage.


“I can’t! It’s not that we don’t want to sell it, it’s because we don’t have change to give you!”


High-pitched voices resounded in various places in the shopping district.


Ferzen, who had paused and observed the scene, indifferently turned his head after a while.


To be honest, like a ticking time bomb whose remaining time he couldn’t discern, Ferzen felt uneasy about the situation between the Ernes Empire and the two Princes of the Roverium Kingdom. After all, it was akin to playing Russian Roulette.


He couldn’t help but wonder which one of them would be left holding the bomb when it exploded.


With a composed step, Ferzen slowly looked up at the sky.


It wasn’t the right time to worry about that, at least not today.


Unlike the time bomb, whose detonation time was unknown,


He knew that tonight was the night when a full moon would grace the night sky.


There would be an explosion of a different kind if he didn’t attend to it tonight.


* * * * *




Yuriel, lying quietly on her bed due to having difficulty moving, read a brief report that had been given to her before placing it beside her bed.


The report had been delivered to her by one of her grandfather’s retainers who has been following Roer. 


They were discreetly providing her with updates on Roer’s activities.


To be honest, Yuriel felt mixed emotions as she read it.


Despite becoming Ferzen’s wife……


She was aware that what he had done to the Claudia family was an unforgivable crime.


‘……It might be better for both sides if Roer continues living as he is now.’


After all, Yuriel understood that the cycle of revenge was not easily broken.


With the thought of stopping the Claudia family from seeking vengeance by erecting an impenetrable barrier, Yuriel closed her eyes.




Even though she had just slightly turned her body, a sharp stabbing pain still assaulted her. It was obvious that it was caused by the monstrosity that had entered her other hole last night.


Every time that happened, Yuriel could not help but blush because her mind always recalled the memory of his large member stabbing her without hesitation as well as the memory of her shameful incontinence.


Honestly, in terms of personal preference, Yuriel did not want to let him do that ever again.


After all, the Ferzen from last night had become an unstoppable beast.


However, on the other hand, she also felt a slight hesitation.


Ferzen was someone who always had a stoic appearance and exuded an overbearing atmosphere.


Whenever she saw him trying to mate with her like a beast and not a human, she always felt that her spiritual needs were fulfilled. 


To slowly dye someone in her own color was as addictive as a drug. Especially when it came to sex, an action where instinct trumped reason.


Someday, Euphemia would feel a great sense of incongruity when sleeping with him.


Even if it was her who would have Ferzen by her side during the day. At night, Euphemia would be the one who borrows Ferzen from her.


Yuriel was sure that Euphemia would lay with Ferzen as usual, but if she feels the difference in him at that moment……


She couldn’t help but wonder how Euphemia would react.


As she indulged in this imaginary scenario, a faint smile graced the corner of Yuriel’s mouth.


* * * * *


“E, eung……”


After a fairly early dinner, Euphemia looked back at Ferzen who was squeezing the milk from her breast with his hands as she straightened her disheveled clothes.




Ferzen was licking her milk which had smeared the tips of his fingers with his tongue.




As soon as she saw this act of his, shame and embarrassment washed over her.


Grabbing a towel near her, Euphemia hurriedly held it out in front of Ferzen and closed her eyes tightly.


However, Ferzen just smiled slightly and brushed away the towel she had offered him to the side before putting his hands behind her back.




To her embarrassment, he buried his face on her voluptuous breasts which were hiding behind the clothes that had not been properly tidied up.


Then, Euphemia could clearly feel her milk dripping from the tips of her pink nipples and soaking the corners of his mouth.






The sight of him plundering her milk could be seen as something akin to coercive harassment.


Yet, she showed no resistance whatsoever and just magnanimously gave Ferzen the milk that should belong to her child.


“Haauu…… E, eung……”


She certainly didn’t think he’d take any more milk from her……


However, her thoughts turned out to be wrong.


“Ah, heuu…… heung……”


Time ticked away as he did that.


When Ferzen finally released her nipples from the grasp of his mouth, Euphemia quickly covered her breasts with her hands as her whole body trembled.


The marks that his teeth left behind were vividly engraved on the tip of her vulgarly erect pink nipples.


Euphemia winced and trembled at that moment. Her nipples were harassed to the point that they were swollen.


The pale milk that flowed out of them looked as if they were the tears of her breasts.




When she neatly pulled up the hem of her dress, Euphemia blushed as her erect nipples were exposed on the surface of her clothes.


“The doctor said it doesn’t taste good, though……”


“It’s not plain anymore.”


Just like the child in her womb that was growing little by little.


Her body was also gradually changing her plain breast milk into sweet breast milk as it prepared itself to be suitable for the body of a mother to feed her child.


Ferzen, who felt the vivid change firsthand, gently laid Euphemia on her bed while savoring the sweet taste of her breast milk that lingered in his mouth.


“Will you be working for long?”


“Yes, maybe I’ll be up all night.”


He had mentioned having some work to do, indicating that he wouldn’t be spending the night with her.


The loud creaking noise from that woman’s bed on the previous night echoed in her mind at that moment.


 ……She wished she could erase that memory.


“Alright… Don’t push yourself too hard.”


However, Euphemia chose not to be too demanding and allowed Ferzen to leave. After all, if he hadn’t brought her along, she would be living alone in Brutein’s mansion right now.


“Okay… The sun will be setting soon, so don’t go out and just rest. I’ll come to see you in the morning.”




Ferzen rose from the bed, gently stroking her hair with his large hand, before the door closed behind him. 


Now alone in the bedroom, Euphemia placed her hand on her belly and gazed at the darkness slowly enveloping the world beyond the window.


* * * * *


If her curse was to manifest while she was in the room right next to Euphemia’s, the noise would undoubtedly carry over.


So, after Laura moved to a faraway room, she changed her clothes and patiently waited for Ferzen.


If it weren’t for this cursed affliction of hers, she wouldn’t have to be in the Roverium Kingdom, enduring such a dull and uneventful day.


…Especially recently, instead of alleviating her boredom by reading a book or honing her magic skills,


The amount of time she spent masturbating increased, and Laura could not help but sigh inwardly because of it.


Some members of the Genova Family even theorized that their increased sexual desires and oversensitivity were a by-product of their curse.


Laura was ashamed because of her recent behavior.


Clearly, she believed that the patience she was displaying was of great value.


However, her inability to control her own desires had shocked her.


‘…Do I have such inclinations?’


It was such a blow to her high self-esteem, the feeling of immorality that she experiences when she succumbs to her desires.


In fact, rather than physical pleasure, the mental pleasure that was caused by the act was the cause that continued to induce her into masturbation.




The door of the room opened at that moment.




“Since we have greeted each other, let’s start with the preparations. The moon will rise soon.”


“I under…stand.”


At Ferzen’s dry voice, Laura started to take out the gag that she would use to cover her own mouth.




Then, Ferzen, who had come to her side before she knew it, tied a rope around her waist and tied the other ends of the rope near the legs of the bed to complete a perfect dog leash.


“Just like before, your altar will be confiscated until the morning.”


“I-I underst–sthand. Heuk……!”


When he lifted the back of her head and touched her Rosario which was hanging on her collarbone with his large hand, Laura let out a fairly hot breath as she flinched because of his fingers that had touched her collarbone.


She found her own reaction to be absurd. After all, she was well aware that Ferzen was someone who had no hesitation when touching a woman’s body.


She knew that Ferzen was just seeing her as a slave who could ensnare Rosenberg rather than a woman.


Yet, her reaction might have come from the fact that she recognized him as a man.


“Your hair is quite long.”


“Ah…… A-after…… Departing t……to the North, I-I don’t…… have t-time…… to m-manage it……”


Her platinum hair, which once cascaded down to the top of her hips, had grown long enough to reach her thighs before he had even noticed. The sight of her hair now reminded him of a waterfall.


“I’ll arrange for a skilled hairdresser to come tomorrow for maintenance and you should let her take care of it.”


“T-thank you.” 


“You don’t need to thank me.”


In the current era, it was unusual to shorten one’s hair, and many did not favor it.


However, seeing Laura accept it without resistance made Ferzen realize that historical research in modern times was missing many details.


He couldn’t help but chuckle inwardly.


Ferzen, who had been quietly watching the sky outside the window by her side, gradually observed a brilliant full moon rising beautifully over the setting sun……




As Laura got off the bed and approached him, Ferzen slowly raised himself up.




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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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