The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 158

Misery Loves Company (2)

Misery Loves Company (2)


Every human being possessed triggers that could cause them to react subconsciously, often rooted in their survival instincts from birth.


Meanwhile, the trigger that Ferzen had implanted in Laura through training was…




A name that would compel her to submit to him when he uttered it while she was under the influence of the curse.


“Heu… Beu…!”


With a gag preventing her from forming coherent words, Laura sank to the floor, whimpering pitifully, resembling a puppy in need of relief.


Even creatures less intelligent than humans could learn with enough training. It was only natural that a human, despite lacking reason and relying solely on their instincts, would excel at it as well.




Observing her immediate obedience, Ferzen settled down in front of her as he drew near.




Then, Laura started to climb onto his lap while saliva dripped from the corner of her mouth.


Now, all she would do was move her hands towards her neck just like usual……




“Huh, huh……”


However, contrary to what he had expected, Laura did not move her hands to try to suffocate herself.


She just rocked her waist back and forth clumsily, like a female trying to seduce a male.


Then, when Ferzen roughly grabbed her hands that were suddenly digging into her groin……


“Grrr…… Grrrrr……”


She suddenly resisted him strongly just like in the past when she had not undergone any training from him.


Ferzen, who had been looking at her with an impassive expression, eventually moved away from Laura, slowly increasing the distance between them.


Initially, he assumed that the specific trigger he had implanted in her had faded. However, when he saw her seated on the floor like an obedient puppy displaying its belly, he realized that this wasn’t the case.


After all, her plea for him to come to her was a clear indication of her complete submission to him.




In response, Ferzen pushed his brain into overdrive in that split second. Although it was merely a hypothesis, he arrived at an answer.


Perhaps the actions she took to satisfy her desires had been warped into a different form…


After all, wasn’t coital death also a form of death?


The only question he had right now was why did this change happen to her?


He had not seen the slightest hint of her growing tired of trying to suffocate herself.




“……You are really an impatient child.”


Having broken the middle finger of her left hand herself, Laura moaned wildly.


When placed in a situation where her needs while under the curse could not be met in any way, she would continuously harm herself which would lead to her death.


Ferzen didn’t want to procrastinate any longer, so he moved closer to Laura and grabbed her right hand.


“Don’t resent me.”




Just like her sanity which could not resist her instinct that became stronger because of her curse, Ferzen also, could not resist the urge to turn her cursed body into a perfect symmetry.


So he snapped Laura’s right-hand’s middle finger which was still fine at that moment.


“He…… Up…….”


However, as if she did not feel any pain, Laura instantly tried to raise her body.


Seeing her pathetic struggle, Ferzen gently loosened the gag that was blocking her mouth.


If indeed Laura, or rather, Charles, had not grown tired of trying to suffocate herself to death……


In the current situation where her mouth was free, she probably would not choose the option of killing herself using intercourse as a method.


“Auu…… Eeehh…… Au……!”


However, Laura just slammed her shoulders roughly against his and pressed her womanhood against him before swaying her hips lasciviously once again.


Whenever she was under the influence of her curse, she would only pursue the death of her target following the whispers of her instinct.


If so, just what kind of changes have occurred in her subconscious that affects, even her instincts?


‘If humans had a phase called puberty……’


Then animals had a phase that was called estrus.


However, hasn’t she already passed the age of going through puberty?




After pulling up the skirt of her dress, Laura tore her own shabby undergarments off as if their only goal was to annoy her.


How come she still had that kind of strength in her hands when both of her middle fingers were broken?


“Ewww…… Auhhh……!”


Everytime she is under the influence of the curse and her desires are satisfied, her body would be experience immense pleasure.


It was apparent that she was currently feeling it all over her body as her slit was releasing out an excessive amount of sticky liquid.


“……You might regret it.”


Even though Ferzen was not sure if she would even understand the meaning of his words,


Ferzen still warned her before bringing her face towards his nape.


Throwing away all the useless lingering emotions, Ferzen gave her a last option to pursue another form of death.


“Heu…… Ah…… Hauuu……”


However, rather than biting his neck, Laura just kept breathing roughly .


Then, as if searching for jewels that were buried under the sand, she lowered her hands, grabbed his pants, and tried to forcefully pull it down.


In the process, the button that was located on his waist burst out. Then, the thing that had been hiding inside was freed.


Laura then bowed her head and looked at the half-erect rod.




Thinking that she was trying to bite him, Ferzen roughly grabbed her long platinum hair and forced her to bend her neck backward.


However, as if not caring whether a few strands of her hair were pulled out because of his grasp, Laura still rubbed her cheek against his thigh……


Sniff-!! Sniff-!!


Laura kept sniffing the bulge as she tried to find whether the semi-hard rod in front of her was the very thing she had been looking for.




Ferzen let out a laugh at the sight of a dog wearing a human mask in front of her.


Then, as if the bulge was really what she was looking for, Laura reached out to it and pulled his undergarments down. She then gripped his twitching penis forcefully and stayed silent for a while.


“Do you think biting and twisting this thing will make it more painful for your opponent?”


Ferzen uttered those words to her, who held her silence.


As if not interested in his words, Laura, brought her body closer to him, crouched down like a frog and spread her white legs lewdly.


Rather than surrendering himself to the flow of the event, Ferzen reached out and gently stroked her moist pussy.


If she was simply trying to fulfill her lust, he would be able to satiate it without even having sex.






“Euuu…… Au, uh?”


However, Laura just tilted her head, showing no reaction to his thick fingers that were stroking and scratching her insides.


If she followed the whispers of her instincts and surrendered herself to it faithfully, she would get to experience a pleasure that would be stronger than what she was currently feeling.


Therefore, why would she be interested in the sensation of his fingers moving around inside her?




Soon, Laura, who was confused because of Ferzen’s behavior, got tired of waiting. She roughly slapped his hand that was teasing her slit away, grabbed his twitching penis, and slowly brought it toward her own wetness.




Seeing that, Ferzen grabbed Laura’s white buttocks with his large hands to prevent her from sitting down.


At that moment, he realized just how delicate her skin was.


Even with that weak touch, his handprints were clearly engraved on Laura’s white buttocks.


“…… I won’t be responsible for tonight, Laura.”


Ferzen uttered those words in a tone that was colder than even his usual cold tone.




Laura responded to his words by biting on her own forearm for an answer.




Red blood flowed from the fangs that were deeply embedded in her flesh.


If that was her will, Ferzen had no other plan to prevent Laura from killing herself.


So, he calmly removed his hand from her hips.




“Au…… Ah……”


Without hesitation, Laura sat down and thrust his hideous shaft into her folds at once.




Her vagina which had no prior experience in accepting a man, forcibly expanded and swallowed his large rod, bit by bit.


The hymen, which had showed a slight resistance to his penis’ advance, was torn apart……




Laura, who didn’t even crease her eyebrows, tightened her warmth and coated Ferzen’s penis with her own sticky liquid that was mixed with blood.




“Hah…… ah……”


As soon as his length touched the entrance of her womb, Laura trembled.


It was a natural occurrence since this was the first time she had ever had sex.


However, Laura’s petite body, which seemed like it would break at any moment if he applied even the slightest force, accepted his shaft more easily than expected.


Her bulging lower belly was clear evidence that his genitals had touched the womb.




“Haaeuuu…… Ah……”


“When you come to your senses in the morning, if you resent me…….”


Even though he knew she could not hear his words, Ferzen still said those words to her.


After that, Ferzen grabbed Laura’s other arm, brought it to his mouth, and bit it hard.


Then, just like the other arm, clear teeth marks were engraved and red blood dripped on it.


……The sight of them mingling unabashedly while revealing the insanity that each of them had hidden deep inside.


……It was as if they were mirrors showing their corrupted selves to each other.


TL note:

Why do we live?

If life is just suffering?

I do we live

In this forsaken world

In this forsaken world

I found only despair.

Why no boobies

Why no moochies.

Why no daddies

Why no mommies



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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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