The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 199

Yuriel Wayne Dayna Louerg (24)

༺  Yuriel Wayne Dayna Louerg  (24)



Yuriel quietly rose from the bed, her eyes darting to her clothes casually draped over the chair. 


The question lingered in the air: should she clothe herself now?


Her current outfit, blatantly designed for seduction, was embarrassingly revealing, even to Yuriel. 


The ensemble featured black lace stockings, held in place by the garter belt of her panties, preventing any slippage.


The most daring piece, the open-crotch panties, boldly unveiled her womanhood with just a slight shift of her legs.


Her negligee, loosely covering her upper body, did little to conceal her breasts, leaving her pink areolas and nipples exposed.


Dressed in such a provocative manner for the first time, Yuriel cradled her face in her hands as she peered at her reflection in the mirror, releasing a soft sigh. 


Tonight might be her last with Ferzen, and she wanted to grant him a memorable evening.


‘Could it be……’


Would he be displeased by her appearance?


As she hesitated, the door clicked open, and Ferzen entered. Instinctively, Yuriel snatched the blanket to cover herself.


“Is the night air colder than it seems?” 


Ferzen asked with curiosity, noting Yuriel clutching the blanket to her form.


“No, it’s not that.” 


Yuriel murmured, her eyes meeting Ferzen’s as he came closer.


“Wrapping yourself up now is rather pointless.”


His voice carried a note of amusement. He had seen and memorized her body countless times.


Yuriel, uncharacteristically shy, watched as Ferzen chuckled softly.


“Don’t look at me… like that……”






“Sometimes, what women are timid, men find it enticing.”




“So relax. I’m looking forward to your reaction.” 


With another creak, he sat on the bed and slowly pulled the blanket away from Yuriel.


Her provocatively clad body was revealed. Ferzen took a moment to silently admire the work of art before him.


She wished that he wouldn’t stare so intensely.


But deep down, she knew this was part of her own desire, so Yuriel fought the urge to cover herself up.






“You look absolutely stunning.”


“That’s not true…”


“Deep down, you know the truth better than anyone.”


Ferzen took her hand, drawing it toward his body, and then, with a teasing touch, he caressed her breasts through the negligee, flicking and twisting her nipples with a playful firmness.



As Ferzen’s lips met her sensitive flesh, Yuriel’s nipples responded, betraying her arousal with their stiffening. He teased them with his teeth, gently at first.


The faint peach scent from her skin seemed to enhance the moment, her breasts almost tasting sweet.


“Ung…! Ah…!”


A shiver ran through Yuriel as Ferzen bit down, encompassing her areola, mixing pleasure with sharp pain.


It was too soon for her scent to have such an effect on him. Could her revealing attire be awakening his darker pleasures?


“Ha, uh…”


When Ferzen finally released her, Yuriel touched the tender marks with her fingers, her eyes meeting his.


“It hurt……”




“If you liked it… no need to be sorry……”


She offered a soft smile, her hand resting on his shoulder, as she gently pushed him back against the wall, guiding him to stretch out his legs.


The scene was reminiscent of a lustful emperor being serviced by a devoted maid…


But to Yuriel, there was no shame in it, as she tucked her hair back and knelt between his legs, carefully undoing his trousers.


Sniff sniff…


Even through his underwear, his masculine scent was potent.




She rubbed her cheek against the fabric, feeling the shape of his arousal, pressing her lips to it through the cloth.


Then, peeling away the last barrier, Yuriel lifted her hips and brought her face close to his bareness.




She didn’t rush to take him in, instead lavishing her attention on his base and testicles, her hands gently working the tip.




For now, Yuriel’s skills were unmatched.


Ferzen exhaled deeply, his hand finding her head.




Listening to the subtle pleasure in his breath, Yuriel ceased her handiwork and pressed his length against her face, feeling it pulse and mark her with its leaking arousal.


Without prolonging the tease.


His member, engorged and demanding, revealed its raw hunger.


Yuriel opened her mouth just wide enough, focusing her attention on the tip, sucking in her cheeks for a tight embrace.








Perhaps it was because that area was a nexus of sensitivity, teeming with nerves made for a man’s pleasure.


His hand, once relaxed, now gripped her hair with a twitching urgency.


It caused her mild pain, but not enough to be a concern.


With tender care, Yuriel’s hand continued to caress him, her tongue and lips lavishing love upon his reddened tip.


“Guh…! Gk… Gkbb…!”


Then, like a serpent winding into its lair, she took him deeper, coaxing his length beyond the resistance of her throat.


Grazing her uvula, her body’s reflex was to reject, yet she persisted…


His pubic hair soon blurred into her narrowed field of vision.


All she could sense was the fullness in her throat, the heavy pulse of his manhood within her.


“Gkh…! Guh… Gkuk…!”


This was not a new dance for them; the pain had long since faded, though the discomfort remained, coaxing tears from her eyes.




She aimed to hide any grotesque contortions of her face, burying it as much as she could, but perhaps he disapproved, for he reached to lift her chin, forcing her to meet his gaze.


Despite the indignity of repeatedly taking such a monstrous thing into her mouth,




Do you relish seeing me like this, every single time?




Yuriel met Ferzen’s fiery gaze, swallowed her shame, and tightened her lips, producing a crude noise.


With a firm hold on her hair, Ferzen gently pressed himself against her slicken throat.


“Gk… Guh…!”


Her body shook with the effort, and despite her tears, her lips remained fiercely sealed around him, sucking with crude fervor.


This raw and primal display was reserved for his eyes alone.


…And it was utterly precious to him.


To the sound of Yuriel’s feral noises that filled the space between them, Ferzen suddenly thrust forward, disrupting the rhythm.




The abrupt motion caught her off guard, and Yuriel’s distress resonated through her quivering form.


Her face was buried in his lap, her body now rigid with shock.


Feeling her throat constrict with greater intensity, clinging to him with fervor, Ferzen applied more force to her head, indulging in the sensation.


Despite Ferzen’s sadistic leanings, he wasn’t so callous as to disregard her well-being to such an extent…


Yet, it was undeniable that human scent grows more potent with the release of bodily fluids.


Indeed, her pale skin was now slick with sweat.


The subtle trickle of her arousal coursing down her thighs was emitting a scent far more potent than when Ferzen had first entered.


One might question whether even a valley ablaze with peach blossoms could rival the intensity of her fragrance.


Yuriel’s body, exuding that soft floral aroma, only served to inflame his primal urges further, like rain saturating fabric.


Ironically, it was Yuriel herself who had transformed in his eyes, from a wife to a mate to be possessed.


“Cough…! Hng…!”


Yuriel’s eyes widened as she felt his release flood her throat, her toes curling in response.


Its thickness made it a challenge to swallow, her throat visibly straining.


“Cough! Cough…!”


Nevertheless, Yuriel managed to endure, hastily releasing Ferzen from the confines of her mouth, coughing for air.


“Ha… Haa…! Cough…!”


Her complexion, once tinged red from the lack of air, slowly returned to its natural hue as breath returned to her lungs.


The meal earlier seemed trivial compared to the fullness in her stomach, now occupied by his seed.




Before she could steady herself, Ferzen roughly grabbed her breasts and pushed her onto the bed, and Yuriel barely managed to hold onto his shoulders.






But his strength was too much, and Yuriel, sprawled out like she was on display, shuddered feeling his heat pressing against her.


“I, I’m… fertile today…”


That wasn’t true.


But she had to say it, or else he’d go all out and be too rough with her.


Yuriel was trying to put some brakes on Ferzen with those words.


Instead, she reached back and worked a finger into her pink, twitching backside, just above her dripping entrance.






Her clean, tight spot clenched around her middle finger.


Yuriel fought to get another finger in, trying to stretch it out a bit more.




Her back entrance clenched visibly, holding onto the slow movement of her fingers.


Seeing a lady of her status on all fours, offering herself to a man, giving off that feminine scent while probing her own backside…


That was seriously indecent.


If there was a standard for indecency, Yuriel was meeting it right then.


“Ugh… Hng…!”


But the thing was, this whole indecent act was happening because Yuriel was actually mortified by it.


It’s like how something that’s partly hidden can be more intriguing than being totally bare.


If Yuriel hadn’t been showing a bit of shame at the embarrassing view in Ferzen’s eyes, it would have just seemed dirty.






And with her face redder than ever, Yuriel, gasping for air, wished she could ignore each obscene sound as she explored her backside.


But tonight, this last night.


She wanted to be held by him, as a woman.


Yet she didn’t want to give up her role as a mother to their future child.


So she kept going with the only compromise she had in mind.




At last, Yuriel stopped fingering her backside…




And spreading herself open with both hands, she guided Ferzen’s tip to her now open, quivering entrance, softly saying,


“You can… put it in… it’s okay…”


She said.



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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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