The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 200

Yuriel Wayne Dayna Louerg (25)

༺  Yuriel Wayne Dayna Louerg (25)





Ferzen found himself doing nothing but gasping for air.


The room was suddenly filled with a potent peach fragrance, causing him to frown slightly.


Amidst his disoriented senses, all he could fixate on was his intense sexual craving and the sight of Yuriel’s beckoning backside.


Gazing at her pale, pink entrance rhythmically contracting against him, as if eagerly kissing his member…


The urge surged within him to thrust forward, to plunge his full length into her in one swift motion.


But such an action would surely elicit a sharp cry of distress from her.




Yet, inexplicably…


Ferzen found himself yearning to hear that very cry.


He wanted the room to resonate with her anguished moans, her gasps of pain mixed with pleasure.


Although a part of him screamed for consideration, for restraint, in pursuit of mutual enjoyment…


That internal plea was quickly silenced by the heavy scent of peach blossoms, transforming into a siren call to claim the woman before him as he wished.


With a gentle touch, Ferzen stroked her hips with his left hand, and then with his right, he gripped himself and carefully yet firmly pressed into her narrow passage.


“Ugh! Ah… Ahh!”


Surprised by the large, foreign object forcing its way into her unprepared depths, Yuriel’s voice broke into a scream rather than a moan of ecstasy.


Ignorant of the intrusion, she might have mistaken the sensation for a serpent slithering into her.


“Ah! It hurts… It hurts… Ferzen… Slow down… please…”


Perhaps because her body understood that he would not agree to her wish even though her mouth was pleading to him,


Yuriel instinctively tried to crawl away from him as she squeezed the bedsheet tightly.






In response, Ferzen quickly pressed down on Yuriel’s shoulders with his two hands and nailed her in place.


Even while Ferzen was pinning her down like that, the monstrous hideous object of his was still digging into the depth of her. Since she was unable to move her body, the only resistance she could offer was…….


Moving her high-risen buttocks from side to side to delay its entry as much as possible.


However, as Ferzen had already felt that her anus was trying to push his penis out beforehand, he just gave more strength to his waist and thrust his shaft in as he felt her resistance increase.






When half of his penis was lodged into her behind, Ferzen could finally bury the remaining part of his penis a little more easily than before.




Unlike the slight feeling of regret that he felt when he penetrated her vagina due to the uterus that limited his advance, Ferzen felt tremendous satisfaction right now because his penis was able to enter her without any sort of limitation.


There were also no words needed to describe how tight she was. Moreover, every time he watched Yuriel’s body tremble because of the slightest movement that his waist made, his sadistic tendency bubbled up.


Would it be better if he stayed like this for a bit to give her some time to get used to it?


“Keuk…..! Heuk……! Keu…… Keheuk……!”


But his body wasn’t listening, driving deeper into her despite his thoughts.


The raw sounds of their flesh meeting made it seem less like sex, and more like something wild.


“Ah……! Ah……! Hah……! Keheuk……!”


Can it really be called pleasure?


Every time his abomination burrowed into her winding intestines, lodging itself deeply in her, and then slowly slipping back out…… Yuriel felt as if her body was excreting and couldn’t help but let out a gasp.


She didn’t want to squirm like an animal at such a filthy sensation, but her body unconsciously focused on the repeated excreting sensation and made her pussy release a steady stream of lustful juices because of it.


‘Ah…… ’


When she suddenly raised her head slightly and looked at the glass window in front of her, she saw their reflections that were vaguely reflected.


Black and disheveled hair that stuck to her flushed cheeks.


Even though the lump of meat under her shoulders, which he always said to be vulgar, could be seen because her head was firmly planted on the bed……


Why does her waist, which was curved upwards like a cat stretching itself along with her high-raised hips, look so lewd?


“Keu…… Heung……!”


Her body swayed to the noise of the creaking bed seeming to be claiming that she was unmistakably a female specimen.


Of course, the Ferzen she saw on the reflection was not the Ferzen who was the second son of the Brutein family as well as an Apollyon-level warlock.


He was merely a male, stripped of grandeur, focused solely on grasping the flesh of the woman he claimed and plunging relentlessly into her.


“Hauu……! Angg……!”


Does her body feel that good?


Even if she cleaned it out, the fact that it was a dirty place would not be changed.


However, when Yuriel saw him moving his waist roughly as if he did not care about the fact, she also stopped suppressing her cries.


“Augh……! Heut……! Ang! Ang……!”


As the lewd sound of their union echoed in the room, Yuriel couldn’t hold back her moans, succumbing to the pleasure provided by the physiological feeling of excretion.


Each time he withdrew, she shamelessly pushed her hips back against him.


Under the place that he was penetrating right now was the womb where the fruit of their relationship–their child–was growing.


When that thought suddenly occurred to her, Yuriel’s anus tightened due to the strong sense of immorality she felt.


……Still, since she didn’t receive his rod with her vagina, the unborn child probably didn’t know what was going on.


When she thought about it like that, Yuriel trembled. After all, it felt as if they were a couple that were having sex in the back room without their children knowing.


What a mother she was, indulging in the perverse bliss of such a taboo.






Ferzen’s sudden, forceful movement drew a gasp from Yuriel, her body jerking in response.


He didn’t speak, but his actions were almost bestial in their intensity


Did he realize that she had been distracted for a moment?


It seemed to her that his monstrous penis, which was flaunting its presence by throbbing violently as it was lodged in the deepest part of her, was openly scolding her to focus all her attention on him.


“I-I’m sorry……”


Her apology came out muffled, a mix of sobs and sighs, as she tightened around him.


Even though she also tried to please his ears by letting out lewd moans……




Dissatisfied with her current position, Ferzen reached out and forcibly lifted her upper body.


His robust forearms then tightly encircled her, restraining her movements.






He pressed his hips firmly against hers.


“He… Hheuuu!”


Yuriel felt her lower abdomen bulge in new ways as his formidable member pressed against her intestines due to their positions and his grip.


“Keu…… Keuhh!”


Ferzen stammered as he ran his large hands over her entire body.


At first, he just lightly touched the area around her belly button, but his hand quickly moved upward, grabbing her boobs, which were shaking crudely, and massaging them roughly.




When Ferzen’s hand pinched her erect nipple and pulled it, Yuriel let out a tearful cry.


As much as she wanted to plead for gentleness when he bit into the nape of her neck and growled, Yuriel found herself unable to resist, submitting to his rough handling.




After some time passed,


Ferzen let out a hot air from his mouth and gently removed his hand from her chest. On the other hand, Yuriel lowered her head and looked down at her chest.


His handprint was clearly engraved on her large chest.


On top of that, the pink nipples that he had violated were tingling, swollen, and erect to the point of obscenity.


It was something that Yuriel knew would not happen even if her child grinds their teeth on it when she breastfed them.




However, before her jestful appreciation was over, Ferzen completely released his thick forearms that were binding her upper body.


Then she noticed that her upper body, which was naturally leaning forward, started to tilt downward……




As if holding onto the reins of a horse, Ferzen grabbed both of her hands and pulled them back, making her falling body stop at the halfway point.


“Keu…… Keuheuk…… !”


Her large breasts stood out like a sore thumb together with her waist which would make everyone think that it would break soon because it was so tightly curved like the string of a bow.


On the other hand, Ferzen, who was admiring her appearance through the glass window in front of them, slowly moved his waist once again.








With each impact, a shameless sound emanated from the tightness she offered him.


On the other hand, her voluptuous breasts, which were bouncing vigorously, quietly showed their unique presence without making any sound.


“Ah…… ! Ah…… ! Ack! Ahhh Ahhh…… Huang!”


Yuriel’s cries were primal, her breathing ragged.




Do you perhaps want to know just how lewd and vulgar my body is?


Although they were not directly facing each other, Yuriel’s body still convulsed as she stared into his gaze through the glass window in front of her.


Reflected there, his crimson gaze was fixed on her breasts, which swayed indecently, nipples proudly erect.


……However, Yuriel did not turn away from the sight this time.


To be honest, Yuriel had a complex regarding her body.


Due to her body, she had always been a recipient of an unwanted and sinister look from men since she was young.


On top of it, whenever that time of the month came to visit, she always suffered from severe breast pain.


All in all, her body had never left her with good memories.


But seeing him so intoxicated by her vulgar and sinful body, all the negative memories she had seemed to be evaporating in an instant.




“Keu…… ! Keheuk…… !”


Immediately after, Ferzen pulled her arm violently, thrust his penis deep into her body, and stopped moving altogether.


However, through his monstrous object that was slowly swelling and pulsating inside her, Yuriel instinctively knew that he would reach the climax soon.


“Euu….. Ah……”




As his seed surged unceasingly, as if intent on filling her to the brim, Yuriel’s body clenched reflexively.


His ejaculation lasted so long that she wondered if it would ever cease, pondering if he was also relieving himself inside her.


… But it was a place meant for excretion, regardless.


Even if Ferzen was truly urinating, what of it?


If his sadism found satisfaction in treating her like a toilet, Yuriel thought she would be fine with it.


After all, don’t animals mark their territory using their urine?


Since what was behind her right now was a beast, an animal, such behavior could be said as natural rather than unusual.




“Heuk……! Heu……! Hickk……!”


Soon, he released the hands that he used to roughly pull her and moved his hands to grab her buttocks to enjoy the afterglow of his long ejaculation.


In response, Yuriel turned her head to the side and looked up at his face.


Then, what caught her eye was the expression of a man who was intoxicated with the satisfaction of having completely conquered the woman in front of him.


‘Ah…… ’


Just how could it give such spiritual pleasure?


Belatedly feeling that she was also reaching the climax, Yuriel trembled.


Perhaps this side of Ferzen was something that Euphemia would never see.


She might have seen Ferzen as her husband countless times in her bed, but there should be no occasion where she saw him as only a male–the fundamental part of his manhood.


Yes, she was the only one……


Who could make him throw away the pride he had built up as well as the dignity and grandeur that were naturally ingrained in him.




“Keu…… Hangggg……!”


As his sizable shaft withdrew from her, Yuriel voiced a groan, caught between a sense of release and a whisper of loss.


Her anus stretched wide, failed to close, quivering shamelessly as it inhaled the chill air.




After that, the thick, gurgling stream of his cum that was pushed to her inside by his rod, dripped down to her womanhood and onto the bed.


As she didn’t want to be seen like this, Yuriel tried to get up. However, since she could not muster any strength on her waist, Yuriel could only grab the blanket tightly and bury her head on the bed once again.


However, when she felt his naked gaze lingered on her anus for a long time, Yuriel, after some hesitation, stretched her hands towards her buttocks……




With her fingers, she parted her quivering entrance, presenting herself more openly.




At her sudden action, Ferzen, who was quietly catching his breath while watching Yuriel’s private parts, stopped breathing for a moment.


As a man, how could he not get mesmerized by the sight of her bragging about the fact that she had him leaving his traces and scent even in her private places?


Ferzen didn’t think that her anus was dirty at all as he saw his semen gurgling out violently.


Rather, he was wondering whether there was a more lascivious sight than it. At that moment, Ferzen belatedly let out his hot breath and brushed his sweat-soaked face.


Part of him wanted to shove his penis one more time into that hole to make his semen stop leaving it……


However, he also knew that more sex would literally mean abusing her.


Ferzen then lay down comfortably next to her and held Yuriel’s body in his arms.




“E, eung.”


“I think it would be better if we open the window a little.”




A single word from Ferzen caused her to use her magical power and interfere with the atmosphere in the room to open the window.


A fresh breeze began to disperse the mingled scents of male and female.


At that moment, Yuriel’s lips curled into a mischievous smile, watching him tenderly caress her breasts as he held her.


He seemed like a person who had committed a crime out of anger and realized the situation too late. That side of him which was not often seen was something that made her feel his humanity.




At this point, he was tempted to look at her and ask what was so funny about what made her smile.


However, he was unable to do it and ended up just biting into his lips.


Without realizing it, Yuriel thought that Ferzen was very cute.


She was deeply moved to think that there were moments in her life when she found this man to be cute.


Just until a moment ago, he was just like an animal that was mercilessly assaulting her anus.


Do people who raise wild animals find this kind of gap attractive?




When the man who was quietly making eye contact with her suddenly got up from the bed, Yuriel was left puzzled.


“Where are you going……?”


Judging by the fact that he put on his clothes, it doesn’t seem like he was only moving to drink water.


“To the bathroom.”




As it’s not fitting his personality, he shouldn’t have been trying to avoid this awkward atmosphere.


In that case, he might really feel the urge to urinate as his heated body cools down rapidly due to the cool breeze.


……It shouldn’t be like this.


Because she found Ferzen cute, Yuriel wanted to play a bit of a lewd prank on him.




“What is wrong?”


As if he could not allow wrinkles to appear in his casually worn clothes. Ferzen turned his head while he adjusted his appearance.


In response, Yuriel brought her legs together and raised them upward. Then, she stuck her buttocks out and used her thin fingers to open his anus, which had already been tightly closed, to the left and right.


“You can urinate…… In me……”


Her anus, which was trying to close, was unable to do so due to her fingers and began to shake violently, spitting out the remaining semen inside her.


Her action was like telling him that there was a toilet in front of him that had already contained his bodily fluids.


Even though she was the one who said it, Yuriel was left embarrassed after saying it. However, because she was unbearably curious about his reaction, she just stretched her legs out and slightly opened them.




Then, unknown whether he was angry or if he thought it was ridiculous,


Ferzen’s expression, where various emotions coexist, came into her view.






A low-pitched voice that was pleasant to listen to echoed.


If she just looked at his atmosphere, she felt like he would say something like ‘Don’t be indecent.’


However, the words that actually came out of his mouth were……


“Don’t make fun of me.”




Before she could even process his words, Yuriel watched with a blank expression, as Ferzen with a dismissive ‘Hmph’ and a slight chuckle, exited through the door.




Ferzen Von Schweig Brutein.


The only man she called husband in this world.


How could he be so adorable, so endearing?


Chuckling to herself, Yuriel straightened up and brushed away the tears trickling from her eyes.


…A man who cherished her, despite her lascivious and coarse nature.


She, in turn, adored him, along with his dark side—shattering a family, engaging in cruel love-making ill-suited to his usual persona.


Perhaps for both of them…


They were the singular souls in this world capable of accepting each other’s frailties.


‘That’s why… Ferzen…’


I shall strive to never exist in a world without you.


So, endeavor to never be in a world devoid of me.


* * * * *


They say the night is long, but why does tonight feel so short?


While thinking that time was passing too quickly, the two fell asleep while holding each other in their arms.


Just like that, the night slowly sunk beyond the horizon, and the morning of December 8th appeared.


At 11 a.m, The Emperor of the Ernes Empire declared war.


It was the moment when the blood flower would blossom with a fiery heat that would drive away even the bitter cold of the coming winter.












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