The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 29

The Night Of The Setting Full Moon (3)

 ༺ The Night Of The Setting Full Moon (3) ༻


  Euphemia was feeling rather refreshed even though they were exposed to the frosty weather of the Capital.


  ‘That’s strange….’


  Observing her husband, she noticed his strange behavior.


  Ferzen would only focus on the floor when walking, never looking at what was ahead of him.


  His pace was also constant, and he never stepped on the uneven tiles on the street.


  Euphemia wondered if there was a special reason behind this, but she quickly dismissed her thoughts.


  Luckily for Ferzen, Euphemia didn’t suspect his bizarre mannerisms.


  “Here it is.”




  They stopped in front of a certain atelier.


  The exotic name – Chanella – caught Euphemia’s attention.


  And beyond the vitrine, various paintings were displayed.


  Could it be an atelier run by a famous artist?


  “Let’s go in.”




  Since the interior of the establishment was rather luxurious, Euphemia stood close to Ferzen as she wasn’t familiar with places like this.


  “Welcome, dear customers!”


  Contrary to her expectations of encountering an artist with clothes full of paint stains, they were received by a man in quite the sophisticated suit.


  “I wish for a portrait of my wife and me in an oil painting.”


  “My Lord, an oil painting takes about a week to be completed, and the painting needs to be dried for about a month if you wish to frame it. Would that be acceptable?”


  “That’s within reason. And I’d like you to leave some padding on the left side of the painting so I can engrave it. Can you do that?”


  “Of course, My Lord! Please follow me.”


  A portrait?


  Euphemia followed Ferzen as he dragged her further into the atelier.


  “My Lord, please make yourself comfortable.”


  Upon hearing the artist’s words as he brought a chair, Ferzen turned his gaze, then settled down atop of it.


  Seeing this, Euphemia wondered if she should take a chair and sit next to Ferzen…..






  “Come here.”


  Ferzen tapped on his lap.


  “Are you serious……?”


  “Yes. You are my wife, so there is nothing wrong with it.”




  “So come here.”


  Euphemia sent Ferzen a piercing glare, wondering if her husband was out of his mind, as he smirked at her and continued to tap his lap.


  Giving up, Euphemia sighed and carefully sat on Ferzen’s lap.


  Then he brought her body closer to him, as her head now rested on his firm chest.


  It’s surprisingly comfortable…..


  “You’re the one who will be uncomfortable holding me like this…..”


  “Euphemia. It’s impolite to keep moving while you are being painted. Besides, if I was going to be uncomfortable, I wouldn’t have you sit on my lap in the first place.”


  “Sigh….. Why do you even want a portrait?”


  In this world, there are no such things as pictures.




  “When a person wants to remember a particular moment forever, then this is the only way of doing it.”


  “That’s your own opinion…..”


  Ferzen didn’t deny Euphemia’s words.


  However, the true purpose of this painting was to forcefully create a memory with him.


  And as Euphemia relaxed and better adjusted herself on his lap, Ferzen put one of his hands on her waist.


  In this position, her full weight was being supported by Ferzen.


  ‘He was the one who wanted this anyway….’


  And while they maintained the same position, Euphemia’s eyelids began to droop.


  It’s no wonder that I’m tired…. After all that wine and food.


  “If you are feeling tired, it’s fine to take a nap since this will probably take around three hours.”


  “Three hours……?”




  Euphemia quickly became worried that Ferzen would have to support her full weight for three hours. Ferzen, who noticed her worries, whispered in her ears…..


  —I’m not so frail for you to worry about such silly things.




  Sigh, why do I even bother….


  Scoffing at her husband’s arrogant nature, Euphemia stretched her back as his hands continued to support her.


  At this point, Euphemia wondered to what lengths this man would go in order to preserve his pride.


  Deciding that worrying about him was a pointless endeavor, Euphemia closed her tired eyes.






  She could clearly hear the sound of his heart as her head rested on his chest.




  Ferzen then started to slowly pat her head in a way that didn’t bother the artist. And for Euphemia, his touch only seemed to relax her further, as if he was singing her a lullaby.


  Euphemia wanted to complain to him for treating her like a child, but she quickly dismissed that idea as she slowly drifted to the land of dreams.


  After a short while, Euphemia had fallen into a deep slumber…..


  ….. Nestled in his embrace as if that was the most natural thing in the world.


  Before she realized his warmth was comforting to her.


* * * * * * * * * *


  Zelos, the dutiful artist, who was working extra hard to paint the couple, paused for a short while.


  ‘They look well together.’


  A wife resting in her husband’s embrace.


  Looking closely, the artist assumed they must be quite the amorous couple, since the wife seemed so comfortable in his warm embrace.


  It was quite rare for an aristocratic couple to be this comfortable and in love.


  The couple complemented themselves so well that Zelos felt his artistic sense burn with a renewed conviction to do his absolute best…..


  As such, Zelos started painting this perfect couple once more.


* * * * * * * * * *


  “My Lord, the work is done. You can move now.”


  “Is that so….”


  Loosening his stiff neck, Ferzen got up while carrying Euphemia, who was still asleep.


  “I will return to collect the painting in a week.”


  “My Lord, if it doesn’t rain, it should be ready by the sixth day. However, I must warn you again, if you desire to frame the picture then-”


  “I shall await a month.”


  “Yes, My Lord. That is correct. Also, as per your instructions, I left a blank space, is this acceptable?”


  Nodding my head at the artist’s words, I settled Euphemia on the chair, took out a pen, and wrote my message on the blank space using an Ancient Language.


  It would be fun if Euphemia tried to decipher this encrypted message in the future.


  “My Lord….. If you don’t mind, please allow me to display this canvas until you retrieve it.”


  “…… Do as you wish.”


  “My Lord! I am most grateful….”


  After rewarding his work generously, I picked Euphemia once again and left the atelier.


  But Euphemia showed no signs of waking up even when he carried her.


  Shifting her body in a Princess-carry style, I buried my head on her neck.


  If only she was always like this…..


  No… if she was like this all the time, I wouldn’t be able to control myself……




  The cold night once again greeted the couple as they walked through the streets of the Imperial Capital.


* * * * * * * * * *


  “So…. Did you like my gift?”


  March 5th — Lizzy Poliana Claudia’s 18th birthday.


  Yuriel excitedly asked Lizzy as she pushed her wheelchair from behind.


  “Yes. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you.”


  “….. You don’t seem excited, though?”


  “It’s my first time outside the Academy, Professor Yuriel…. So I’m a bit nervous.”


  “Ah, no, stop, stop, Professor Yuriel is such a stiff title. Just call me Yuriel.”


  Since their families are getting united in marriage, wouldn’t it be nice if they were more comfortable with each other?


  ‘Yes…It’s completely reasonable….But….’


  Recently, Yuriel seemed to have forgotten the weight of her family’s name as she was constantly harassed by Ferzen, who is someone equal in status to her.


  But this much should be fine….


  As Yuriel continued to struggle with her thoughts, she saw a familiar figure across the street.


  Yup, I’m even hallucinating about him now…..


  No matter how much she tried to deny the reality, she could clearly see Ferzen walking across the street.






  As Ferzen met her gaze, he stopped walking.


  At this, both Lizzy, Roer, and Yuriel also remained silent.


  “Why are you here? Yuriel, you shouldn’t abuse your authority like that.”


  “Hmpf, today is this child’s birthday. So what if I’m abusing my authority?”


  “Is that so?”


  Ferzen then looked at Lizzy, who was in her wheelchair, and sighed before opening his mouth.


  “…….. Happy Birthday. I hope you enjoy your celebration well.”


  Lizzy didn’t wish for his ‘congratulatory words.’




  “Thank you… for your words.”


  She reluctantly accepted it.


  Then as if nothing happened, Ferzen passed by them as he held a green-haired woman in his arms.


  Perhaps that is his rumored wife…..


  “That bastard….. What shitty luck to find him today of all times…. it makes me sick. Lizzy, you…. Never mind.”


  Lizzy nodded at the words of her Lord Brother Roer.


  “Don’t worry, brother, I don’t care…. I don’t.”


  She would not give that man this satisfaction.


  Because Lizzy didn’t want to let him interfere in her life anymore.


  However, it was inevitable that their mood had been soiled by his appearance.


  Not only Roer and Lizzy but also Yuriel – whether she still harbored feelings about Ferzen or not – felt a little angry at his interruption.






  And just as they waited for a carriage to cross the street…..


  Lizzy was suddenly enchanted by the beautiful canvas displayed at the vitrine on the nearby atelier. But her purple eyes widened after recognizing the figure who was painted.


  “Hm? What the…..”


  Yuriel, who followed Lizzy’s gaze, curious as to what she had been staring at, also saw the painting of Ferzen affectionately hugging Euphemia.


  Ferzen was pictured smiling affectionately as he hugged the beautiful woman, who was asleep in his embrace, as his lips were close to her head.


  The artist Zelos had naturally changed the picture to some extent, but neither Yuriel nor Lizzy were aware of that.


* * * * * * * * * *






  Lizzy barely managed to hold back her tears as she gripped her wheelchair.


  However, no matter how much she tried to hold on, she cried.




  Roer hurriedly hugged his sister.


  But that only seemed to be a catalyst for her sorrows, as Lizzy cried and howled unreservedly.


  “No!…. Why….Why……Why……?!”


  You ruined my life. How can you be like this……


  How can you be this happy after all you have done to me?!


  At least, if you had any semblance of conscience….


  You wouldn’t display those things to me.


  If you can look at someone with such a warm gaze…. Then why did you do this to me?!


  The resentment locked away in her heart continued to spill out.


  Lizzy now was just…..


  A broken child who had no choice but to cry her sorrows away.


* * * * * * * * * *




  And unlike Lizzy, Yuriel, who can read ancient languages, smiled bitterly as she inspected the words engraved on the left side of the painting.




  The future is upon us.


  The present is ever-changing.


  Only in the past, the footsteps we imprinted shall remain.




  Seriously…. this phrase…..


「Do you seriously believe that just because filthy sludge water flows in the sea, that repulsive thing is part of the clean ocean? 」



—— I doubt that this message was written by the same man who said those words to me.


  ‘If he had spoken those words to me at that time….’



  「Your only purpose is to bear his seed. Nothing more.



  Even since I was a child, I’ve been told this.


  But if he could be this kind to that green-haired woman…. couldn’t he be a little kinder to me as well?




  He is such an egotistical man.


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I added that extra * * * * * * * * * * to Lizzy’s pov just so you guys can differentiate better, since this second half of the chapter was on Yuriels POV, but because of the author’s ‘Fluid’ writing style, I had to do this so you guys could see that that part was Lizzy’s pov, since in the raws the author just rolled with it – the Perks of Korean language I guess.


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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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