The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 37

Euphemia El Lauren Louerg

 ༺ Euphemia El Lauren Louerg ༻




  The warm sunshine basks the bustling street.




  But for a certain woman, this sight was a little unfamiliar.


  Perhaps because of the crowded street?




  That is because even though the street was quite crowded, most people stayed out of the woman’s way.


  Everyone could notice that as the woman walked, she was followed by maids dressed in luxurious outfits, so it was clear that the woman was either a high aristocrat herself or was married to one.


  Since this was something completely different from the frozen wilds of Loeurg, Euphemia gripped her parasol tightly as she continued to scout her surroundings.


  “Where now…….”


  “To the left, My Lady.”


  “Hm……Thank you.”


  Following the guidance of her maids, Euphemia went towards the ferry.




  But the young woman saw the exterior of a familiar building on the way to the ferry.


  In front of her stood a beautiful atelier with the name Chanella proudly displayed at the entrance. Euphemia remembered the night when Ferzen led her into this same building as she blinked her perfect golden eyes.


  ‘What…….Why is it this…….’


  Presented in the vitrine of the atelier is the painting of a man holding his wife like a princess as he kisses her head with a lovestruck smile.


  “It’s a beautiful painting, My Lady.”




  Her maids expressed their opinions about the painting.


  And as they said, this was truly a beautiful painting.


  I fell asleep at the time, so I don’t remember much, but……


  ‘Realy…..that man just does what he wants to me…..’


  I doubt he stayed like that for 3 hours.


  Maybe the painter just added this on his own accord…..


  As she continued to observe the painting through the vitrine, Euphemia couldn’t help but to grow a little restless at this work of art.


  “Look, daddy……!”


  While Euphemia was lost in her conflicted feelings, she was suddenly approached by a little girl who looked at the painting and at her……


  “Look daddy, it’s a princess, a princess!”


  She pulled on her father’s clothes while exclaiming loudly as she pointed at Euphemia and at the painting.


  “M’lady, please forgive my daughter. She is just a child!”


  “It’s fine.”


 The father hurriedly hugged the excited girl and pleaded for her forgiveness, but Euphemia shook her head with a bitter smile on her lips.


  In that child’s eyes, one could clearly see the excitement of encountering a ‘Fairy Tale Princess.’


  “Sweety, I’m not a princess.”


  After gently stroking the girl’s hair, Euphemia walked away.


  Her cage was so beautiful others seemed to see it as a splendid castle.


  ‘If someone knew my situation….would they think that I am ungrateful…..?’


  The people in her territory now had food, clothing, and shelter to hide from the cold, and even the industry was slowly developing.


  Sometimes when she received a report on the development of Louerg, she wondered how things turned out this way…




  However, if someone asked Euphemia if she was truly happy with all of these developments……


  She would struggle to agree with it.


  Because even though she had it all, Euphemia couldn’t say she was truly happy.


  And it was precisely that gap in her heart that Ferzen was trying to fill.


  Since all of her needs and worries here were handled by Ferzen, all that was left were her personal Feelings.


  Euphemia was by no means stupid, she knew how difficult it was for people to live a life like hers now.


  Because of this, Euphemia considered Ferzen’s ‘taming’ method very cruel, although it was clever and efficient.


  She could almost hear the devil’s whispers telling her to compromise on her personal feelings and bend to him since she now had or could have everything she desired.




  Her steps reflecting her mood, became heavier.


  If she had the power to choose how her life would plan out……


  She wouldn’t have to bear with all of this.




  In truth, she made this choice.




  She remembered the last time she saw Ciel when he reached out to her. Euphemia fixed her hair as those memories flashed through her mind.


  She didn’t make this choice for herself, but for the people of Louerg……


  But she didn’t hate them for making her choose this outcome.


  Because even if she repeated the events of that day 100 times.


  She was confident that she would have made the same choice.


  “It’s here, My lady.”




  Before she noticed, the ferry had arrived.


  The voice of her maid snapped Euphemia of her thoughts as she paid for her passage and boarded the ferry while holding the helm of her skirt.


  The Thisbe river glowed under the sunlight as if it was made of glittering jewels.


  Soon the boatman slowly paddled the ferry as they traveled through the riverside……


  And as she sat on the ferry, Euphemia enjoyed the beautiful view of the Thisbe river listening while various artists playing their own instruments as she took out some sandwiches from the basket and started to eat them.


  ‘I know……’


  Someday I will surrender to him.


  Someday I will get used to him.


  And even if I don’t wish for it……


  Someday I will bear his child.


  But I will try my utmost to delay this inevitable outcome……


  This is my resolution, my pride, and my will.




  Euphemia caressed her belly as she thought about the meaning of her existence while glancing at the spotless azure sky.


  Today was such a beautiful day.



* * * * *




  After slowly opening his blood-red eyes, a lone man rose from his bed and looked at the window.


  After sending Euphemia off, I immediately took a bath, changed my clothes, and slept. I must have been tired since it was 2:50 P.M.


  My throat was slightly parched, but I could already see that I had managed to recover a little from my fatigue after spending the night with Laura and after giving my lecture.


  ‘It seems that she hasn’t returned.’


  Since I already told her that she was free to go around the Capital as she pleased, I didn’t have any reason to hold on to her, and besides that, I was also quite exausted, but for her to still be out until now……




  Getting up from the bed, thinking that perhaps a change of pace was necessary, I went to the balcony.




  In this rare moment of peace, I enjoyed the blowing wind, coursing through my body.


  And after some time, I could see Euphemia passing through the main gate of the mansion as my lips curved into a gentle smile.


  But rather than walking like a proud aristocratic lady, her gait was slightly crooked……


  Like a lamb entering the tiger’s den.



* * * * *







  After she walked to the Master room and carefully opened the door, Euphemia flinched as she stared at Ferzen’s back as he gazed at the horizon.


  “I… back.”


  She gave him an awkward greeting as she took off her hat.




  He stood in his place like a scarecrow, so Euphemia approached the hanger and hung her hat somewhat sullen.




  Then, as soon as she turned around, Ferzen suddenly approached her from behind and held her waist firmly.


  “I….I sweated a lot…….”


  She knew full well that she wouldn’t be able to escape his clutches by force.


  So Euphemia racked her brain, trying to find an alternative to make him disgusted to touch her.


  “I will be the judge of that.”


  Not caring about her words, Ferzen carefully swept away her hair and buried his head in her neck.






  His lips grazed the back of her neck, carefully tasting her skin.


  Euphemia’s body started to shudder at his warm breath that tickled her fair skin……






 Ferzen lowered his hands that were holding her waist as he pulled her skirt up, revealing her beautiful plump thighs. Startled by this, Euphemia hurriedly tried to hold his hands in place.




  But as soon as she tried to stop his hands, her neck was bitten.


  Although she knew that he didn’t mean to harm her, she couldn’t help but stiffen at this.


  “What’s wrong with you….?”


  She lowered her hands and spoke in a trembling tone, but Ferzen ignored her and continued to playfully bite her neck.


  Then he leads her to a corner in the room and uses his body to block her way out.


  “Euphemia. Isn’t today your fertile day? Don’t try to deceive me since I’ve been keeping up with your cycle.”


  “I wasn’t trying to lie to you…….”


  “Then you shouldn’t have tried to run away from me.”




  “So Euphemia, am I correct?”


  Hearing Ferzen’s menacing tone, Euphemia turned her head towards him.


  Truthfully she didn’t believe it when he said he was keeping track of her cycle.


  And she planned on taking advantage of that by trying to sleep in a separate room on her fertile day……


  But she was afraid that this man would reject her wish and punish her.


  She was quite thankful that he seemed busy with his duties at the Academy and spent some nights outside.


  “Euphemia, I don’t embrace you that often. But if you are trying to run from your duty to bear my heir, I shall be forced to do it. Do you wish for that? To be treated as a breeding mare? If that is your wish, then I will haply comply with it.”


  “Please…..Not that……”


  It’s possible to get pregnant while she is fertile. 


  But that is only a matter of probability.


  Feeling that there was no meaning in resisting this man, Euphemia shook her head helplessly.


  “That is not how one should act when they are in the wrong, Euphemia.”


  Ferzen whispered to her as she lowered her head.


  Biting her lips, Euphemia stretched her trembling hands and grabbed the helm of her skirt……


  Slowly but surely, she lifted it up to her waist.


  Her silky white underwear was exposed, along with her smooth belly.


  Pleased with her actions, Ferzen smirked as he pressed his hands above the area where her womb was located.




  Her body leaned forward, and her legs trembled, but Euphemia still tried to regain her posture.


—Look daddy, it’s a Princess, a Princess!



  For some reason, the memory of that little girl came to her mind at this moment.


  The girl who called her a princess……


  Her mouth curved into a self-depreciatory smile.


  ‘That child was wrong…….’


  I’m not a Princess.


  What kind of princess would lift her skirt and expose her shameful parts just to be harassed like a cheap harlot?




  Euphemia couldn’t resist his caresses as Ferzen started to apply a little more strength to her navel.


  “Ah…..It hurts…….”


  Euphemia drew a deep breath as he continued to press on her womb and navel.




  But all of her posture was thrown out of the window when Ferzen gently bit her earlobe and caressed the center of her navel……




  Euphemia couldn’t help but moan.


  Ashamed by her own lack of control, Euphemia blushed and grabbed her innocent skirt roughly.


  I must be sick.


  Because how else could I explain this feeling that is coursing through my body?




  But even before she started to panic, Ferzen gently uttered her name……


  “Your scent is quite strong today.”


  With that simple line, Euphemia could feel tears forming in her eyes.


  Since the sun was particularly strong today and she couldn’t help but sweat a little, even then, the young woman was particularly offended by his words as she continued to hold her skirt.


  “Hateful bastard……”


  Did you have to say that?


  While Euphemia was truly mad at Ferzen’s words, the man in question was far from displeased by her current state……


  As her arousal built up, her natural scent grew stronger – The scent of a female who was trying desperately to bewitch a male. Ferzen then stopped his teasing and carried her to the bed.




  Euphemia tried to stop Ferzen as he rolled off her skirt and pulled her silky white underwear.


  His disheveled hair caught her attention.


  Perhaps he was sleeping until now.


  Since he tried to sleep in the middle of the day, Euphemia thought that he could have been tired, so if he ejaculated once, perhaps he wouldn’t embrace her today.


  Since a man’s lust was also proportional to his stamina.


  “I…..I will…..With my mouth…..I’ll do it.”




  Ferzen was stunned by her words as he looked at her.


  However, Euphemia misunderstood his stunned gaze, and she spoke once again with a shameful tone.


  “Like that time…..You taught me…..”




  The man was truly surprised by her words.


  Though the woman didn’t notice, her words only seemed to further enhance her husband’s desires.


  And because of this, Ferzen now stared at his wife as she began to caress his trousers with awkward movements.





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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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