The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 38

Euphemia El Lauren Louerg (2)

 ༺ Euphemia El Lauren Louerg (2) ༻



  “Euphemia, do you plan on just standing there?”


  “I’ll do it…….”


  Euphemia carefully undressed Ferzen’s trousers and stroked his still soft shaft as she inclined her head closer to it while letting out faint complaints.


  ‘This smell……’


  Unlike the last time she did this, a musky stench drifted to her nostrils.


  Is it different because he just woke up?


  However, even though the smell was strange, it wasn’t unpleasant. As such, Euphemia quickly focussed on the task at hand as she opened her small lips and swallowed the tip of his penis.


  It’s not big yet……


  Euphemia felt a small sense of accomplishment as she carefully handled Ferzen’s genitalia on her mouth.


  But this was just a meaningless attempt of this young woman to distract herself from this shameful act.


  For right now, her appearance was unsightly as she couldn’t even utter a single word while her head was buried between her husband’s legs……




  And as she continued to suck on his penis, it grew larger as it eventually reached her throat, so Euphemia had to close her eyes in order to contain the rising nausea that his shaft was causing.


  ‘It’s too big…….’


  My jaw hurts.


  As she continued to suck on his manhood, Euphemia opened her lips for a moment and exhaled the air in her mouth as she resumed her clumsy movements.


  She felt strange doing all of those things that Ferzen taught her on that dreadful night……


  But even then, she continued to lick his penis without making any sort of vulgar sounds.






  Ferzen’s large hands neatly combed her hair as she proceeded to gently stroke the back of her head.


  Euphemia shuddered slightly at this action because it almost felt like he was praising her.


  “Cough…! Cough!”


  But suddenly, Ferzen pressed her head against his member as tears gathered around her eyes when his penis choked her throat.


  ‘It hurts……’


  As her jaw started to hurt, Euphemia tilted her head back.




  Fortunately, it seemed as if Ferzen was merciful because he didn’t force Euphemia and allowed her little escape. As Euphemia freed herself, she could see his member shimmering wet from her saliva as she tried to catch her breath once more.




  However,  even during this little break, Ferzen didn’t waste his time as he started to slap both of her cheeks with his hard member.




  “I told you to wait for a little…….”


  But there was no way that Ferzen would ever do that.


  His hard shaft continued to slap her cheeks, further enhancing her shame.


  In the process, a murky liquid, something different from his seed, started to stain her cheeks, and Euphemia could only sigh at how depraved her appearance must look now.




  Then with a resigned expression, she once again lowered her head and brought his shaft closer to her lips.




  Euphemia naturally opened her lips, and once again, she swallowed his shaft.


  If someone saw her now…..What would they think of her?


  Lying down like a submissive hound in the presence of her master while burring her face between his legs and sucking on his phallus……


  Everyone would see her as a filthy bitch…..and not a proper lady.


  No, she was even worse than a dog.


  Unlike a dog who would loyally lick it’s owners hands.


  She was sucking on her ‘owner’ penis……




  While she continued her back-and-forth movements, Ferzen uttered a slight groan as he pressed her head once more.


  That act was no different from the harbinger of his climax.


  Euphemia sensing this, stopped her movements as she started to stimulate his glans with her tongue.


  She was ashamed of herself to be able to do such things naturally now, but……


  Her brooding time was cut short as his seed filled her mouth.


  ‘It’s over…….’


  His taste was strange, and his seed carried a unique texture.


  Euphemia hated all of that.


  Soon Ferzen patted her head……




  Euphemia held his seed inside her mouth as she distanced herself from his member and raised her upper body.




  Since she already knew this man wouldn’t allow her to spit his seed, she braced herself and closed her eyes as she swallowed it all at once.




  Euphemia coughed continuously as the thick seed traveled down her throat into her belly.


  Elated that her torture had ended, she wiped the tears that accumulated in the corner of her eyes as she gazed at Ferzen……




  His member stood proud, and it twitched viciously.




  Ferzen then grabed her ankles.


  Trying to resist, Euphemia desperately held on to the blankets, but the man was relentless as he dragged her and entrapped the young woman in his arms.


  “Euphemia, it is a common misconception that Wizards have low stamina.”




  His warm breath tickled her sensitive ears as Ferzen put one hand under her panties and stroked her slit.


  “Hmm, Euphemia…. I wonder….. are you this wet because of your sweat or…..”


  “I….don’t know….I don’t…..”


  Euphemia refused to answer his teasing question because either of those alternatives were things that deeply wounded her pride.


  “Yes, that’s how it should be.”


  With a predatory smile, Ferzen supported Euphemia by her waist with one of his hands, and with another, he spread her legs.


  Then he pulled down her silky underwear and swept his hands through her most sensitive area.




  Euphemia quivered at his touch as she bit her lips, trying to contain her shameful sounds.


  The young woman was determined to not give herself to this man……


  “Euphemia……Spread it for me.”


  Ferzen whispered those words in her ear.


  “But… were doing it…..”


  It seemed that she confused his intentions, so Ferzen lightly tapped her womanhood.


  “I want you to spread it with your own hands.”


  “No…..I can’t……!”


  Euphemia shook her head vigorously after she understood his intentions.


  “Euphemia, you will do as you were told. Now don’t let me repeat myself.”


  Ferzen took out his hand that was caressing her womanhood.


  Instead, he pressed down slightly above her womb.


  Because of this, Euphemia sent Ferzen a tearful gaze as she reached her trembling hands and stretched the outer labia……


  “Good. You did well.”


  Her womanhood was at his mercy now.




  Euphemia turned her head away from this scene as the shame evoked by such acts was too much for her to bear. But Ferzen held her chin and forced her to look down.




  “Look at it. It’s such a lovely color, isn’t it?”


  As he continued to speak, Ferzen teased her pink folds, and Euphemia was forced to watch her own womanhood being teased by him.






  With time, Ferzen fingers became sticky as his movements started to produce wet sounds. Seeing his fingers teasing her insides in this manner, Euphemia shook her head even though Ferzen was silent and completely focused on teasing her.


  “It seems that giving you that diet focused on childbirth foods was a good decision after all.”


  After quite some time, Ferzen removed his fingers which were drenched in a viscous liquid, as he started to rub his fingers in front of her eyes.


  “Don’t show me that….Please….”


  Euphemia grabbed Ferzen’s strong forearm with both of her hands and tried to push it away……


  Surprisingly, he didn’t resist this time.


  Instead, Ferzen, who was sitting on the corner of the bed, stretched his arms and pulled her forward without hesitation.


  “Sit straight.”


  Like a child resting on its father’s lap, Euphemia collapsed against his firm chest.




  His firm shaft poked her stomach.




  “I know……”


  There was no point in resisting anymore since they had already come this far.


  But even then, as her last token of resistance, Euphemia moved as slowly as possible in order to accommodate his pen—






  “Not like that. Face me.”


  Afraid of angering this man after being slapped on her buttocks, Euphemia clenched her teeth and shifted her position to face him.




  Now facing each other, Ferzen’s hand once again reaches for her behind.


  Perhaps fearing another slap, Euphemia questioned him as she curled up.


  “Lift your butt.”






  Although she hated this, Euphemia put her hands on Ferzen’s shoulders and lifted her hips a little, changing to a semi-squat position.


  “Good girl.”




  Ferzen caressed her butt as he kissed her neck tenderly.


  “Now, Slowly sit down and let it in yourself.”


  “…..You really have to do this to me….?”


  “Euphemia, don’t question my words. You just need to do what you were told.”


  Ferzen guided her right hand that was holding onto his shoulders to his upright shaft.


  “Now, Sit down.”


  Then, like a dog who received a command from its master……




  After an agonizing silence, Euphemia placed the tip of Ferzen’s member at the entrance of her slit as she gently lowered her hips.






  Her pink folds, where an overflowing liquid presided, produced a vulgar sound as his shaft pierced itself inside of her.






  When about half of his member was rooted inside of her, Euphemia’s legs trembled as they lost their force.


  Since she only had sexual relations with Ferzen, and even then, they made love on a few occasions, his large shaft found resistance slightly inside her tight folds……


  This cramped feeling was discomforting for her, so Euphemia reflexively stopped her movements.




  But at this instant, Ferzen grabbed her weak legs and vigorously pushed them down……




  His member pierced deep inside her cervix as her entire body quivered at this aggressive stimuli, and the young woman had no choice but to let out a silent moan.


  Normally, penetrating deep inside a woman’s cervix would only cause her to feel pain. Euphemia, however, couldn’t handle the sudden influx of intense pleasure and pain that this act caused.




  Ferzen gently stroked her back as he gripped her waist and pistoned deep inside of her, reaching her cervix once again……


  “Ahng~~~~Ah! Hmmmmm”


  Euphemia, overwhelmed by pleasure, could only moan uncontrollably as she hugged her husband tightly.


  Because of their current position, it was natural that without support, her body would fall backward, but the current Euphemia was trying her hardest to grind her hips against his shaft.


  Euphemia was scared of her own change in behavior.


  After all, there was a reason why people used pleasure as a form of torture……


  As her body inevitably bent backward, Ferzen held her waist firmly.






  Pleasure dominated her mind as her body also moved on its own.


  “Aren’t you bold? Euphemia. Think of all the maids waiting outside of the room. Do you wish for them to hear your shameful display?”


  “Ah……..! No~~.”


  Her mind was clouded.


  Euphemia, who is desperately trying to hold onto the thin thread of reason that still remains, wraps her plump white legs around Ferzen’s waist as her entire body starts to shiver in both shame and pleasure.




  Her body once again trembled as her cervix was being crushed by Ferzen, and this sensation was slowly gnawing away at her reason…..


  Like a baby, Euphemia did her best to hold onto Ferzen.




  But even this didn’t seem enough to restrain his movements.


  Rather as if his member was kissing the entrance of her womb, her cervix was constantly stimulated, and this drove Euphemia on the verge of tears as she buried her head on his shoulders.


  This is the first time in her life that Euphemia has experienced this kind of sex.




  Be it either her pride or her self-esteem.


  Euphemia, at this moment, didn’t have the leeway to care about those things as her head continued to bury herself on his shoulders, trying to calm down……




  “Hmmm! Ahhh~~~ Hnggggg……….”




  His thick seed exploded without any warning this time as the heat completely painted the walls of her womb, mocking all of her previous efforts to evade this very situation.




  From her womb, a murky white substance flowed down, bringing with the ever-present fishy smell as it dripped from her folds……




  When their connection was cut off, Euphemia’s body lost all its strength as she collapsed in his embrace.


  Ferzen then carefully laid Euphemia on the bed, as her body still spasmed from time to time. But when he saw the clear stain marks all over the duvet and on the floor, he clicked his tongue.


  “This……What a mess.”






  From Ferzen’s point of view, those were just his honest opinions, but when Euphemia heard those words, she shamefully tried to finger her womanhood to get rid of all of his seed.


  “……You’re still not satisfied?”


  Since this was something that even Seo-Jin never went through in his old world, Ferzen opened his mouth with a troubled expression……


  Euphemia sensing a rare opportunity to get back at her husband, answered in a tone that contained a tinge of contempt.


  “I…Didn’t get enough at all…..”




  “You…..You are too small, so…….”


  She desperately tried to wound his pride.


  So she said those words while venting all her wretched feelings……






  But the young lady suddenly regretted it.


  Because Ferzen pounced over her and stretched her legs open.


  “Wait….No more……”


  “It’s fine, Euphemia. Since you can’t even fathom the size of what has been piercing your insides until now, isn’t it fine? If the wife is not satisfied, then isn’t it the duty of the husband to take care of her needs?”


  He ripped her clothes.


  And buried his face in her sweaty bosom.


  And once again, the man entered her still sensitive folds……




  As such, the married couple……




  Resumed their lustful dance above the cracking bed.



* * * * *






  The pair of maids who were dutifully awaiting outside their Master’s bedroom looked at each other while blushing furiously.


  It didn’t matter that both of them were already in their 40s and were already experienced women…. But to hear such intimate acts going on for hours without end…….


  It was something very shameful for them.


  ‘Oh my goodness…. it seems that they are finally over….’


  From the bedroom, an exhausting silence ensued.


  The pair of maids realized that their time was approaching, so they reined in their expressions and emotions.




  And soon enough, the distinct and clear sound of bells was heard from the bedroom.




  One maid knocked on the door ceremonially as the par entered the bedroom.




  Even though they had already prepared themselves, as soon as they entered the room, the musky stench of a passionate love affair greeted them in full force.


  “Change the bedsheets and clean these stains on the floor……But before that, attend to my wife’s needs first.”


  A young man with sweaty hair sticking to his nape.


  Half opened eyes.


  But aside from these features, the young man looked composed and carried himself with an unmatched dignity as he had changed his clothes already.


  In fact, the pair had no choice but to focus on the young woman laid on the bed.


  Because her current appearance was too pitful, it was as if she was sucked from all of her forces and had lost her mind.


  “My lady, please take my arm.”


  From her current state, it wouldn’t be strange if she jumped out of the window just because she was told to……


  Euphemia grabbed their arms as she leaned against them and slowly walked toward the bathroom.




  But as soon as they were in the hallway.




  His seed lazily dripped down from her folds and fell on the floor……


  Euphemia regained her reason at this instant as she crouched and clenched her legs in extreme shame.


  “It’s all right, My lady.”


  As one maid consoled their lady, the other wiped the semen stains off the floor with a handkerchief.


  Just how much did he………


  No matter how much I tried, I just couldn’t keep up with him, so I just surrendered myself like a doll as he unleashed his lust……




  His seed continued to drip from her legs, traveling through her underwear and staining her clothes.




  When they arrived at the bathroom, and the maids undressed her, the thick seed was freed and flowed down out of her body continuously……


  Euphemia covered her face with both of her hands as she cried.


  But in the midst of her sorrows, she thought of one act of defiance that she could do at this moment.


  Yes, she started to finger her folds, trying to clean all of that man’s seed.




  But of course.


  After all that passionate session, her still sensitive folds shuddered in delight as Euphemia was ashamed of this continuous pleasure she was receiving while trying to rid herself of his seed.







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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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