The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 47

3 Weeks (2)

 ༺ 3 Weeks (2) ༻ 



  The following day, I changed my clothes and got ready for work.


  I didn’t have any lectures today, but I needed to go to the Academy to learn about what future policies were being implemented.


  But since I still had some time, I went back to the bedroom after I finished getting dressed.


  Then Euphemia, who was currently buried under the duvet, opened her mouth.


  “Aren’t you going to work……?”


  “I still have some time left. Why do you ask? Do you want to be free from me as soon as possible?”


  “No!…… I didn’t mean that…..It’s just…..Nevermind.”


  When I questioned her in a cold tone, Euphemia hurriedly shook her head and denied it.


  It was good to see that her low self-esteem was back.




  Getting on the bed, I stretched my legs comfortably.


  “Come here.”




  Euphemia quietly crawled next to me like a puppy waiting for the owner’s command.




  When I opened my arms, she came into my embrace.


  Her soft bosom met my firm chest.


  Her unique fresh scent pierced my nostrils.


  Her warm body snuggled closer to me.


  “Your arm…..Doesn’t it hurt?”


  “It’s fine.”


  I quietly enjoyed this peaceful moment by putting my arms around Euphemia’s slender waist.




  From the opened windows, the gentle spring breeze brushed past us.


  The warm rays of sunshine basked our bed.


  The serenity of this moment makes me hate my responsibilities……




  We stayed like this for 15 minutes.


  Since the time to go to work drew near, I called her name gently.




  Then, answering me in a drowsy tone, Euphemia raised her head and looked at me.


  Perhaps she took a light nap since her beautiful golden eyes were a little clouded.




  But soon, she shook off her drowsiness when she felt my legs digging through her skirt.




  She would be more comfortable if she closed her legs, but Euphemia didn’t do that. Instead, she raised her waist slightly.


  In response to her invitation, I put my knee on Euphemia’s crotch and gently teased her.




  Euphemia blushed as she let out a soft moan.


  It was satisfying to tease her, but the current look on her disheveled face wasn’t bad at all too……






  “Put your head down a little.”




  Although she hesitated for a moment, Euphemia eventually lowered her head and came closer to my face.


  Her lustrous hair tickled my cheek.




  And Euphemia, even when being teased, surprised me with the thoughtfulness of removing her hair from my face.


  I wanted to compliment her, but a mischievous idea popped into my mind as I gave her a predatory smile.






  She must have realized what I wanted at this point, so she closed her eyes and gave me a clumsy kiss.


  No….That could even be called a kiss.


  She simply touched my lips with her own.


  Still, this was enough for now……




  Rubbing my knees against her sensitive flesh one last time, I got up to work.


  My once neat clothes were now wrinkled, but with the use of my talent, I straightened them to perfection once more.


  And just as I was about to turn the doorknob……


  “Take care……”


  Euphemia, who was still panting a little from my teasing, bid me farewell in a shy tone.




  It was a situation where I could pretend I didn’t hear anything……but seriously, just how foolish and naïve can this woman be?






  “I’ll be back.”


  I didn’t feel bad at all….


* * * * *


  Since ⅓ of Education Building A was damaged, and the Administrative building was demolished, there were a lot of repair and construction personnel working.


  “Attention! All Professors, please go to the auditorium of Education Building B!”


  Because of the loud sounds of repairs and construction, many administrative clerks shouted and held large signs to instruct the professors nearby.


  ‘During the restoration of the Academy, many operations should be suspended…….’


  Even with all the money and manpower at their disposal, it should take around two to three weeks to fix all the damages.


  Well, the Imperial Family might want to continue the operation of the Academy, but I think this would be something unreasonable.


  Since the period of 2-3 weeks was neither short nor long, the students whose territory was far from the Capital would not be able to return.


  And one of the essential purposes of the Academy was to hold those aristocratic children ‘hostage’.


  ‘Are they planning on reducing the summer vacation by carrying over the number of suspended lecture days? Or will they reduce the number of lectures…….’


  While something unexpected may pop up, these are the Imperial Family’s only choices.


  That’s why I informed Euphemia that our current schedule might change.




  On my way to the auditorium, I could still see dried blood stains in some places.


  The exact number of casualties was still unknown, but the expected damage was rather low.


  If those commoners had talents in Elemental Magic, they wouldn’t die against people devoid of mana……


  Therefore, only the Warlocks who were assigned the corpses died.


  The bloodstains on the entrance of the building are more likely to be from the rats who were disguised as corpses than from the students themselves.


  “Ah here you are, Professor Ferzen.”


  One professor greeted me when I entered the auditorium and took a seat.


  I didn’t know his name.


  I nodded my head towards him and closed my eyes.


  Normally, if you do that to someone, they wouldn’t talk to you anymore……


  “Professor….. Who do you think was behind all of this mess?”




  But this dunce insisted on having this pointless talk.


  In the first place, if they had any evidence of who was behind this incident, then instead of gathering the professors in the auditorium, the Imperial Family would collect the heads of the suspects and display them in the court.


  “Oh……! I heard you played an instrumental role in taking out that abomination…..How does it feel to be a hero, Professor?!”


  “I just did what I had to do. It’s not something worthy of praise.”


  “Ha, I never knew you were such a modest person…….Anyways, don’t you think it’s rather disgusting that someone disguised as a corpse?”




  I frowned upon his words.


  Because it reminded me of that crazy fanatic.


  And, of course, there was no advantage of knowing how to enter into ‘stasis.’


  Since that would only be useful on the premise that no one knows that such a thing is possible.


  “Ah! Professor Yuriel, you are here too!”


  “Good morning, Professor Melvin, and……. Professor Ferzen.”


  “Yes, good morning. Professor Yuriel.”


  “Did your arm……Improve a little?”


  “It’s only been a day. How do you expect it to be different?”


  “Is that so? Here take this.”


  Isabel’s corpse grabbed Yuriel’s letter.


  No, the design of the envelope was too luxurious to be just a simple letter.


  “……Are you giving me an invitation to the wedding?”




  The wedding ceremony between Claudia’s eldest son and Alfred’s eldest daughter. Because of the difference in status between the two families, it’s no wonder that Alfred was the one calling the shots.


  So the Alfred family must have been the ones who were inviting the guests.


  Otherwise, there was no way I would receive an invitation.


  “I’m only giving this to you because I was asked to do it…….”


  The hidden meaning behind her words was quite evident.


  “I’ll think about it.”




  As Isabel folded the letter and put it inside my pocket, the First Imperial Princess Elizabeth, with her trademark platinum blond hair, appeared on the stage of the auditorium.


  I wondered if my shock therapy was effective since she was no longer wearing those trash-like things she considered accessories.


  “We are gathered here today to discuss the most recent incident…….”


  She uttered a dull and formal introduction.


  “And because of it, the Imperial Family will suspend all academy operations except for the dormitory until all reconstructions are done. Also, the number of days lost won’t be carried over.”




  As I expected.


  “Therefore, I hope each professor will adjust their teaching plans for the first half of this year and submit them to me as soon as possible, when it’s convenient for you.”


  The Imperial Family could have gone all out with this incident if they wanted to.


  Although it was true that there was no conclusive evidence, if you looked at it from another angle, if there wasn’t any evidence, then you could always make one instead. 


  So they could even say that the ones behind this incident were the aristocrats opposed to the Imperial Family’s reign, and after that, they could simply begin a witch hunt and crush the opposition……


  But that would have been overkill.


  However, if they wanted to, no one could stop them.


  ‘So they are trying to bury this incident……What is the Imperial Family scheming?’


  At the very least, one of the prime suspects should be the Elmark Empire, so couldn’t the Imperial Family just blame them?


  “…… Then, I hope everyone bears in mind what was discussed here today.”


  After gracefully grabbing the helm of her skirt with both of her hands and slightly raising it, Princess Elizabeth performed a formal bow and left the podium.


  ‘And as expected, everything has progressed without hiccups…….’


  After I left the auditorium, Yuriel suddenly caught up with me and said.


  “Are you going back right away?”




  “Let me buy you a meal.”


  “Yuriel, don’t try to needlessly curry my favor. You will regret it.”


  “How would I regret it…….”


  “I’m a loyal husband. And I have no intention of causing misunderstandings by sharing a meal with an unmarried woman. Especially in a private room.”


  “You a loyal husband? Bullshit. Does your wife know you keep harassing women just because of the size of their bust?”


  “I only do it when they’re beyond human standards.”


  “Wha……What does that even mean?!”


  Yuriel raised her head and sent me a fierce glare.


  “Even if you were in a ranch, you would surely be among your peers.”


  “Are you crazy…….!”


  Yuriel’s face was dyed in a deep flush of red as she wrapped her arms around her bosom. But since I didn’t wish to waste my time bickering with her, I turned my back and left.


  On my way, I looked at the remains of the Administrative Building and the damaged Educational Building thatt was being repaired……


  “Ah, this sucks. I wished the monster would smash that stupid lecture room along with those cursed chairs…….But can you believe that he didn’t even touch that part of the building? How unlucky can we be?!”


  “Even a bonafide monster of the Underworld avoided that room like plague. Why couldn’t we be spared of that suffering?!”




  I thought those students looked familiar… those were my students, huh…..


  “Even if it was destroyed, They would make sure to restore the lecture room back to its original state.”






  Those two students looked back at me in fright.




  “Good morning…..Professor.”


  “Are you both aware that your assignments are due by April 12th? Even though my lectures may have been suspended for the time being, if you don’t complete the task quickly…….You would find yourself in quite the difficult situation.”


  “Yes, Yes!……. Of course, Professor!……. I’m working on it.”


  “Yes, me too.”


  “Good. Then I’ll read your assignments a bit more carefully…..I shall await for them eagerly.”




  The two tearful students quickly scampered away.


  Ah, if you act like that……


  I won’t be able to stop my sadistic desires.


  In my following lecture, should I give them a group assignment and make a group of children of high aristocrats with those of lower standing?






  I quickly discarded this idea as I entered my carriage and returned to the mansion.


  “Master, the Lord has sent you a letter.”


  As soon as I entered, one of the maids politely handed me a letter from my Lord Brother.


  “Good. You can resume your work.”


  The timing was a little unfortunate, so after sitting down on a bench by the gardens, Isabel opened the envelope for me.




  The content of the letter that arrived from Brutein was dated May 7th.


  It contained information about a banquet being organized by the Imperial family.


  Perhaps he believed I wouldn’t attend it anyway, so this was the only thing written in this letter aside from his regards.




  Just in case, I made Isabel open the invitation I received from Yuriel.


  ‘April 27th, would you look at that……’


  This couldn’t be a coincidence.


  April 27th is most likely a chosen date in consideration for the many participants of the Imperial Banquet being held on May 7th.


  Besides, knowing Alfred…….


  ‘The Princes of the two kingdoms are likely to come as well.’


  After a moment of consideration, I made Isabel fold the Wedding Invitation.


  ‘This will be something troublesome, but…….’


  I can’t afford to lose this opportunity.






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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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