The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 48

3 Weeks (3)

 ༺ 3 Weeks (3) ༻ 



  Twelve days have passed since the incident at the Imperial Academy.


  Laura enjoyed her time relaxing during this pseudo vacation, but today she left the dormitory and went to the mansion that Ferzen recently bought.


  Although Rosenberg was relatively close to the Imperial Capital, Laura couldn’t afford to come back since the next full moon was close.


  Whether she liked it or not……


  The young lady had no choice but to rely on Ferzen.


  ‘Is it here……?’


  Laura knocked on the doors as she took a moment to look at the mansion. The mansion was a modest one – for Bruteins standards – located on the outskirts of the Imperial Capital.


Knock, knock.


  ‘I can’t hear anything…….’


  Due to her naïve curiosity, Laura put her ears on the door as she tried to discern what or who was inside the mansion, but when the people on the street started to look at her dubiously, Laura blushed and shook her head.






  And at that exact moment, the door opened.


  And from beyond the doors, her previous body — Isabel Ron-Pierre Genova greeted her.


  “Come in, and close the door.”


  “Y-Yes, ye-yes……”


  When Ferzen urged her, Laura hurriedly entered the mansion and closed the doors.


  In the middle of the wide room stood a single bed and a table.


  No, that wasn’t all.


  Because on that single bed……




  There was a sturdy rope, a ball gag, and a change of clothes and underwear.




  As soon as the young lady saw those objects, she wanted to run out of the mansion in shame.


  But she didn’t have that option since the sun was already setting.


  Because if it weren’t for Ferzen, she would have massacred countless people on the last full moon.


  “There is no need to be afraid. These are nothing less than countermeasures to better restrain you. These clothes should be about your size……I thought it might be useful if you had another change of clothes since the last time they got stained.”


  “…….T-That’s true, bu-but……..”


  “Since both of my arms are disabled, this is the only way to secure you. The full moon should rise anytime now, so let us not waste any more time.”




  Laura wanted to comment about the suspicious objects in front of her, but since the time was short, she shook her head and walked towards the bed.


  “Ah…….Before we begin, give me your Altar.”




  He was thorough.


  After taking off her Rosario and handing it to Ferzen, Laura hesitated momentarily and looked at him.


  “Y-You…..Sh-Should also ch-change c-clothes……If y-you g-go out n-now…..”


  “There’s no need for that. I already made the necessary preparations, so even if I change clothes now, it wouldn’t matter.”




  “But if you want to, then you can do so.”




  Laura pouted her lips a little and continued to glare at him……


  But as the dusk grew darker, she sighed and started changing clothes.




  As she did so, Laura’s snow-white body was revealed.


  If the pigmentation of her skin were a little lighter, the general color would be an unhealthy shade of pale white and not the captivating snow-white color.


  Her alluring body evoked a primal desire in the hearts of many, making them want to engrave their marks on that beautiful snow.




  “Is there something wrong?”


  “Ah, n-no……”


  The clothes he prepared, especially the underwear, fit her so perfectly that it would be strange if they were tailor-made.


  This realization caused goosebumps to wreak havoc on her body.


  She looked at Ferzen for a moment, but……


  His eyes were closed.


  His posture was the textbook example of perfection, and for some reason, this eased her discomfort a little.




  After carefully folding her old clothes and putting them under the bed, Laura shyly called for Ferzen.


  “Good. Now sit on the bed.”




  As soon as she sat on the bed, Isabel’s corpse approached her and began tying her with the rope, making a particularly tight knot around her waist.




  “Does it hurt?”


  “Ye-Yes….a bi-bit…..”


  Since he wasn’t the one tying the ropes, he realized he had made a slight mistake while controlling Isabel, so he commanded her to loosen the rope a little.




  “T-That…..I….Ca-Can d-do it my-myself…..”


  When Isabel tried to pick up the ball gag, Laura quickly reached out for it and wore it.




  If anyone saw this scene….Then Ferzen’s reputation would be in shambles.


  ‘No, by the time this information reached Brutein…….’


  No matter how perfect one can be, in the end, they are still human, and there is no way anyone would allow such a stain on their reputation.


  Anyway, for both of our sakes.


  I can’t allow anyone to find out what will transpire tonight.




  Laura was mortified by shame as she tried to wipe the stream of saliva that trickled down through the small hole of the ball gag.




  She tried to ask Ferzen for a handkerchief to wipe herself, but……


  “You’re going to do even worse things all night long, so what is the point of even wiping it now?”


  She failed.




   As the night deepened, the saliva dripping down through Laura’s mouth was starting to look like a small stream.


  And above the night’s sky, the full moon rose.




  And just like in those werewolf legends, as soon as the full moon rose, Laura lost control of herself and struggled viciously on the bed.


  ‘Sure enough……’


  Since her altar was taken away, and the only corpse in proximity was Isabel, Laura immediately poured all of her mana into her as she tried to seize control.


  But when it comes to it, the difference in skill, proficiency, understanding, and most of all, sheer mana……


  She couldn’t steal Isabel’s corpse.




  Laura started drooling as she entered the state of mana exhaustion, so sensing my opportunity, I approached her bed.




  However, as soon as I approached the bed, Laura tried to pounce on me, but noticing the rope, she then tried to untie it somehow.


  Wondering if my previous training regime was somewhat successful since we only had one ‘session’ until now……


  So to test that, I opened my mouth and said the keyword.






  Laura, who until now was struggling to untie herself, stopped moving and stared at me blankly.




  When I repeated her pet name, Laura naturally laid on her stomach and clapped her hands like a well-trained hound.




  This situation was so bizarre that Ferzen couldn’t contain his laughter.


  I wondered if I needed to waste time retraining her, but this didn’t seem to be necessary.


  “Good girl.”



  She happily jumped into my arms as I approached my pet and tried to choke me.


  Perhaps because the curse aroused her as she tried to choke me to death, her crimson eyes contained a mischievous glint, and her drool became more intense.


  Since I was already prepared for this anyways…..I simply enjoyed her struggle.


  The corpse of Isabel was standing beside me in case Laura tried to do something dangerous.




  “Good, the more pressure you put on the central airway, the easier it is to choke someone. You seem to have a natural talent for this, Charles.”




  As she was getting better and better, Ferzen started to feel a little discomfort in his neck, but since her body was quite frail, it was tolerable.


  And so, under the full moon’s gaze, a man and his treasured pet continued to indulge in this lunacy.



* * * * *




  On the morning of the next day, Laura showed a lot of discomfort, like a woman who lay with an unknown man because she was inebriated.


  “I’ll close my eyes now.”




  Nodding her head, Laura pulled out her original clothes that were under the bed.


  Although she started to feel the aftereffects of last night’s activities, it wasn’t as bad as the first time her curse activated.




  Because of what happened during the night, her clothes were drenched with her own saliva.


  While she was taking out her underwear……


  They were wet and sticky.




  Laura hurriedly changed her clothes and threw them into her subspace.


  “With that being taken care of…..This room reeks.”


  “Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah…….T-This!”


  With tears in her eyes, Laura tried to deny his words, but the room reeked of a musky stench.






  “Y-Your….Cl-Clothes….I’ll pa-pay y-you back…..”


  She could see the visible stains on Ferzen’s knee area, and no doubt it was caused by her.


  But not only his pants but also his coat were in terrible shape.


  “This is a suit that I was prepared to dispose of. There is no need for you to reimburse me, and since it’s still rather early…….”


  But before Ferzen finished speaking, countless notes of purple energy appeared in the room.


  And those notes converged and started to dance in a slow rhythm as one note began to play music.




  Those musical notes being played were remarkably similar to the song Ferzen performed in front of Laura…….




  The music was played to perfection.




  A special power that could only be granted by the Gods – A blessing.


  And right now, the God of Arts is blessing him.


  ……Honestly, it was the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard.



  The heavenly notes can manage to capture the attention of anyone, no matter who the listener is.



  “Ah…..Y-You go-got ble-blessed……”




  “I se-send…..T-The music sh-sheet with my le-letter to fa-father…..S-So, maybe, uh, t-the te-temple…….”


  “You’ve done a useless thing……!”


  Ferzen touched his forehead for a moment.


  In his mind, a place was shown to him – The music room of Dormitory A and the accursed piano inside.




  Since Ferzen didn’t own an instrument, the God of Arts blessed the piano, where Ferzen played the song for the first time. Now, the Piano had become an indestructible object until the day Ferzen died.


  ‘I’m going to get crazy at this rate…….’


  The blessed instrument would have to be moved to his personal residence since only the blessed one could play it.


  And now, due to its indestructible status, it would be impossible to reduce the number of keys to 72.


  A piano with 73 keys that will never be damaged as long as the owner lives.


  This isn’t even funny.


  Don’t fuck with me.


  Why would this blasted God curse me with such a demonic thing?






  “Rosenberg is the sacred place for art and culture.”




  “So, I shall dedicate the blessed piano to Rosenberg.”




  “Your opinion is irrelevant. You must remove the piano from the Imperial Capital and transfer it to Rosenberg….. Do. You. Understand?”




  Laura was a little taken aback by his fiery tone.


  I….Thought he’d like it…..


   So the young lady couldn’t help but be surprised at his hateful reaction.


  An instrument blessed by the God of Arts, and a piano was priceless beyond imagination.


  “In this way, your father should be more inclined to hear my request when I call for Rosenberg.”




  “Ah, come to think of it, it’s that time again.”




  “Are you just going to keep spouting ‘Yes’ all the time? Let us see if you made any progress Laura de Charles Rosenberg, but if you fail to impress me, I fear that punishment is due.”


  And as Ferzen’s crimson eyes loomed over her. Laura instinctively protected her buttocks with both of her hands.


  “T-That’s harassment…….”


  “It’s not. This is called corporal punishment. And besides, you have nothing to fear if you do well. Why are you so afraid? You should have improved if you kept training, no?”




  Her previous self – Isabel, put straddled Laura on her lap as she continued to struggle, but because of the aftereffects of the curse, this proved to be meaningless as she couldn’t escape the clutches of the corpse.


  “If a dog chews shoes, whose shoes does he choose….. go on, say it.”


  Seeing Ferzen sitting in front of her with a malicious smirk on his face made Laura tremble as she barely opened her mouth and said.


  “I-If a, a d-d-dog, ch-chews, ss-shoes…….”


  Because she was nervous, Laura stuttered more than usual, so she looked at Ferzen with pleading eyes.







  “Four weeks, Laura. It’s been four weeks since our bet, and there’s still no progress at all.”




  “It H-Hurts…….!”


  Laura whimpered and tried to grab the helm of Ferzen’s clothes.


  But the current Ferzen couldn’t forgive Laura, who made that abomination, that devilish thing, that damn piano be born in this world……


  And on top of that, she made no effort to accomplish his task.


  Yes, this was unforgivable.


  “H-Hey…..S-Stop….Please!…..I….I’ll ge-get  be-better…..!”






  Her desperate cries fell on deaf ears.


  Only after Isabel spanked her six more times…..She was released.



* * * * *


  ༺ Rosenberg ༻


  The sacred grounds of culture and arts.


 “…..Say it again.”




  “They always say that you can doubt even your own mother….But you can always trust Brutein! But what is this!”


  A week later, Baiden, Laura’s father and the head of Rosenberg, was stunned as he looked at the piano blessed by the God of Arts that had just arrived.


  And the origin of this astonishment was contained in Laura’s letter that came with the piano……


  The letter contained her deep affection for Ferzen, but it’s a loss since he already has a wife, so they won’t approach the topic of marriage.


  And that was good news indeed!


  “Look at this! This is surely a ploy for my baby girl to become his concubine! How else would one give us a blessed piano just like that?! Come to think of it, she hasn’t come home for a while now as well! That bastard must have done something to my little princess!….. When I get a hold of him, I’ll—–!”






  At the cold voice of his wife, Baiden, the Lord of Rosenberg…..shut his mouth.


  “It’s not good to jump to conclusions, Honey~~ That’s not good at all. Since I’ve been invited to the marriage between that Claudia boy and Alfred, I’ll talk to Laura myself, alright~.”


  “No….How can you be so calm?!  You want our baby girl reduced to a mere concubine?”


  “Ah~ I didn’t say that….But depending on her partner…..Who knows~~.”


  “What?! No! I refuse to accept this! I don’t care if he is the second son of Brutein! My baby girl will never become a concubine!”


  “Sigh…….His wife is the daughter of that Loeurg loser. I don’t know why the second son of Brutein decided to marry that bumpkin, but since his official wife is almost a commoner….if Laura managed to become his concubine…….”


  “I won’t allow it —!”


  “Yes, yes…. now dear~~.”




  “Please stay quiet. My ears are starting to hurt.”




  Laura’s mother shook her head tiredly at the dunce of her husband, who was too sweet on the girl for his own good.


  Anyway, she would soon discover the truth on April 27th.






TL note: I will be honest with ya’ll if a hunk like Ferzen radiation data dilf energy came to me with a ball gag and some ropes…… I would gladly surrender to him…..Don’t get me wrong I don’t have this kink……BUT……….


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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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