The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 53

The Eve (2)

 ༺ The Eve (2) ༻ 



  April 30th – the end of the month arrived.


  The Academy will resume its normal operations tomorrow, so Euphemia will accompany me to the academy for the first time.


  Therefore, I was taking some time and reviewing the assignments submitted to me.


  ‘Surprisingly, they worked hard.’


  While some students gave their all in their studies at the Academy, most just regarded it as a place to build connections.



  Those who had little prospect of becoming leaders of their respective families were usually the most enthusiastic students, since they had to create their own way of life.


  ‘There seems to be no omission or fabrications.’


  Because they researched commoners’ lives and how their gender may affect their life experiences……


  It was to be expected that their research would have certain parallels.


  But there were those who stood out……


  ‘Lizzy, Laura……’


  It was as if both of them were competing because the sheer amount of information those two gathered was staggering.






  “You may enter.”


  The door opened, and a maid entered the study.


  “Master, we have received a letter from the Imperial Family.”


  “You can give it to me and return to your duties. Also…… Make sure that the carriage stays ready.”


  “As you wish, Master.”


  As soon as the maid bowed her head and left the room, I opened the letter bearing the Imperial crest.


  The letter contained an invitation to the Imperial Banquet being held on May 7th.




  Euphemia’s lack of pregnancy may be rather fortunate now.


  Because the shock of Ciel Midford’s death could lead to a miscarriage.


  ‘This Imperial Banquet……’


  Will be the turning point.


  For me.


   As well as Euphemia.


  After pondering over my future plans, I got up from my seat and left the study.


  “I’m going out to sort some business.”


  “Farewell, Master.”


  Even though the dress that Euphemia will wear at the banquet was still being made, the wedding dress that I had requisitioned was already finished, as there were several designs to work with.


  Therefore, I got on the carriage and headed to Azelia.




   Both, Seo-Jin and Ferzen, never had the experience of having their partners wear a wedding dress, but even then, Ferzen could not feel any sort of excitement thinking about it.




  His heart was unusually calm.


* * * * *




  Euphemia was memorizing the profiles of Ferzen’s students as she sighed quietly.


  Since her days were always dull and boring, Euphemia gave her all to accomplish this novel task.


 ‘Since it’s only 14 students, it’s not that hard…….’


  Euphemia had memorized their names already, so now she was reading information about their families, but suddenly……


  ‘Sigh…… Should I give it another try?’


  Taking out a familiar sheet of paper from her desk, Euphemia looked at the problems Ferzen had given her.


  But she hasn’t been able to solve these problems at all.


  There was no proper deadline for them, but with each problem solved, Ferzen would grant her a wish.


  Wait, once I get close to his students……can I not just trick them into solving these problems for me?


  And if I manage to get the right answer, I will ask him to open a small shop for me.


  I will have to use the money I make from being his assistant to revamp the interior of the shop, that way, I won’t be depending on him for everything.


  Should I start with a small cafe?


  Although a cafe seems like a crude idea, if it grows, the cafe might even become a popular location to host tea parties.


  The first floor of the shop would be open to everyone, but the subsequent floors would be restricted.


  Because aristocrats by nature, enjoyed the feeling of disparity between social status.


  And a situation in which the commoners are literally under their feet while they gaze at them from above would surely scratch their oversized egos.




  Euphemia gazed outside the window as she continued to formulate her plans for the future.


  She knew that in the current situation, she was nothing more than a bird locked in a cage made by Ferzen, but her pride would not allow her to be pitied for it.


  Truthfully, Euphemia knows that her cage is like a beautiful castle in the eyes of most people, most……




  But one person could see her cage for what it was.


  Because of this, she didn’t want him to become caught up in her problems.


  So that I won’t have to live while carrying this guilt……


  “What are you brooding over so much?”








 Her body trembled.


  When did he even creep in here? 


  The young woman didn’t even hear the sound of the door opening, and before she knew it, Ferzen had already pulled her into his arms.


  “I was just thinking about some things…..Nothing important.”


  She replied to him without skipping a beat as she accepted his warm embrace.


  While her mind still tries to resist him, her body has already recognized its master and feels comfortable in his presence.


  And like a puppy, if her master is displeased, her first reaction would be to surrender to him.




  As they moved onto the bed, she lay flat in his arms.


  Does this man ever get tired……?


  Her body, which has been thoroughly tamed by now, already knows what will happen and is starting to react to it.


  “Ah….That…..The sun…..The sun is almost up…..”


  Unlike usual, this time, he gently rubbed her bosom as he loosened her clothes.


  Surprised by this new chain of events, Euphemia tried to grab Ferzen’s forearm, but she quickly gave up on that idea.


  Because she could instinctively feel that this act was something that her short leash would not allow.


  As soon as her leash is tested beyond its limits, Ferzen will punish her again.


  “You learn fast, Euphemia. I’m proud.”


  As if to mock her even further, he whispered those words in her ear with an amused tone……




  And Euphemia had no choice but to agree with him.




  And so, ……. The man and his prized doll continued their passionate session.




* * * * *




  “Why are we here…….?”


  After dinner, Euphemia finished her bath and tried to return to her bedroom but was stopped by her handmaids and brought into the dressing room.




  And there, Euphemia was stunned when she saw a mannequin dressed in the most beautiful wedding dress of her life.


  Is that…… What do angels wear when they serve god?


  “Let us assist you, My Lady.”




  “It’s your dress, My Lady. Who else would wear it if not you?”




 Euphemia couldn’t even speak as her handmaids slowly undressed her and helped her put on the wedding dress.


  Then, as she looked at herself in front of the mirror, she could hardly believe what she was seeing.


  It was something almost magical. Euphemia felt disconnected from her own reflection because the contrast was so astonishing.


  After she finished dressing, the beautiful bride came down the stairs and was guided to the mansion’s flower garden……


  After seeing her, Ferzen, who was wearing a ceremonial suit, reached out to her.


  “What the hell……What are you even thinking?”


  “I’m simply continuing our wedding ceremony.”




  But why are you doing this now?


  Euphemia had many things she wanted to ask about, but she looked at Ferzen’s hand, which was still waiting for her as she held it angrily.


  Was it because of what I had said at the time of the wedding of the Claudia and Alfred families……?


  “So…… Are we walking to the cathedral?”


  Seeing that there was no carriage ready, Euphemia asked him in a fearful tone, but Ferzen chuckled and shook his head.


  “Even someone of my standing has to reserve the cathedral in advance. That is because no matter our standing, we are intruding in the place of the gods, and as such, a proper procedure must be followed.”


  In the Empire, people are free to believe and even worship any god they wish to, but if they ever try to gather and create a religion outside of the five gods of fortune, they are immediately executed regardless of their status and/or occupation.


  “Then are we doing it here…….?”


  “Yes. You won’t be disappointed with this, so there’s no need to worry.”


  Even though he had already memorized the blueprints, Ferzen still took them out and studied them one last time.


  Then Isabel’s corpse walked to the middle of the flower garden and raised her hands as the majority of Ferzen’s mana was consumed.


  Magic isn’t something only used for violence.


  Elemental Wizards, in particular, can convert their mana into ice or earth to help in construction or other works.




  Surprisingly in this world, ice is a much-used element in most constructions, as magic-generated ice is not formed by freezing the moisture in the air but by converting mana into the element itself……


  In the flower garden, countless vines made of pure crystalline ice started to sprout.


  And as they mixed with each other, they began to create something from nothing.




  Even Euphemia, who could be considered ignorant in the path of magic, was awed by the beautiful display in front of her eyes.


  The whole flower garden was within the scope of this magic, so even those who were passing by couldn’t help but stare at it and marvel at this scene.


  ‘Just a little more…….’


  This would not be difficult if the objective was to raise a construct while considering only the exterior appearance, but since Ferzen had to account for the interior as well, this required a serious degree of focus and concentration.


  He was, after all, creating a cathedral, not a bunker.


  But he wasn’t recreating the cathedral located in the Capital.


  No, Ferzen, at this moment, was using a model from Seo-Jin’s memory.


  He was modeling the construct using the Las Lajas Sanctuary as the template.


  Perhaps because Seo-Jin had memories of seeing photos and illustrations of this cathedral, Ferzen thought it wouldn’t be too hard to transfer those memories into an actual construct, but there was a reason this cathedral was considered a marvel of architecture.




  After a couple of minutes, a magnificent cathedral made of ice presented itself.


  On the outside, the ice shifted into a pattern of unshaded wood with countless snowflakes attached to it.


  As a result of this magical construct, the air got slightly chilly, to the point a faint mist started to form around the garden.


  Therefore, Ferzen controlled Isabel once more as she manipulated the atmosphere by blowing the mist away with wild winds.




 Then, the snowflakes, which were also being blown away, began to slowly fall to the ground.


  The moonlight was especially bright today, so the snowflakes glistened as if they were fallen stars.




  Outside the mansion, a child who was held by her mother stretched her hand towards this dreamy visage, trying to capture one of those fallen stars.


  And as they continued to fall, the child managed to capture one with her tiny hands……


  Looking at this beautiful snowflake in her hands and at the magnificent cathedral on the horizon, the child put her hands together and prayed with her mother to thank the gods for this blessing.




TL Note: Let it go~~~~ Let it Go ~~~~ LET IT GO~~~~~~~


Sigh next chapter is kinda weird lads ngl….. I mean my lady senses tingled at this thing but I think I may be a little fucked up in the head too…. well I’m translating this shit so yeh…..Maybe just maybe I’m a tiny bit crazy.




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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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