The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 54

The Eve (3)

 ༺ The Eve (3) ༻ 



  “Go in.”


  Ferzen opened the doors of the grand cathedral and grabbed Euphemia’s hands with a serene expression.




  Initially, Euphemia thought the ice floors of the frozen cathedral would be slippery, but surprisingly enough, it was almost as if she was walking on a normal floor and not on one made of pure ice.


  This is because a wizard could manipulate the properties of a generated element to a certain degree.





  Since they were alone in this frozen cathedral, their footsteps produced a resounding echo.


  In the place where the guests would usually be, rested was a crown of ice flowers that were constantly blooming.


  The crystalline ice reflected the mellow rays of moonlight, softly illuminating the whole cathedral.


  And at the end of the frozen cathedral.


  Where originally, a painting of the Virgin Mary would be, stood the crest of the God of Love that seemed to welcome the young couple warmly.


  “I don’t even know anyone who we could invite anyway…… But I never dreamed that you would have done something like this……How could I even imagine this……”


  Euphemia spoke with barely contained emotions as she broke her long silence, but Ferzen brushed her hair as he opened his mouth.


  “I do not enjoy being in the presence of crowds, and…… It’s not that you don’t have someone that could witness this. You just don’t want that someone here.”




  For a moment, I wondered what he meant by that.


  Because I couldn’t wrap my head around the hidden meaning behind his words.


  But when Ferzen, who was staring at the crest of the God of Love, turned his head and looked at Euphemia with his crimson eyes….. Goosebumps rose all over her body.


  No….It can’t be…..


  Goosebumps don’t even begin to explain this feeling.


  This person…..This man…..


  He knows.


  Even though he pretended he didn’t even care about it until now.




  I can’t show my reaction to him.


  It’s like he can see through my very soul.


  If Ferzen didn’t turn around and stopped staring at her, Euphemia would have certainly soiled herself at this moment.


  “A wedding ceremony is nothing more than an event made for the couple to officialize their union to their guests. This is the reason we are doing this……Because you are the only one who still needs reassurance about our relationship.”




  Inside the frozen cathedral, Ferzen continued to speak as he gently caressed Euphemia’s trembling cheek.


  “We don’t have a priest present here…… So, according to the wedding ceremony, let us say our vows and finish this.”


  Looking down at his wife, who looked like she was about to collapse at any moment, Ferzen raised his right hand.


  “I, Ferzen Von Schweig Brutein, take Euphemia El Lauren Louerg as my wife, and I, with the God of Love as my witness, vow to be her husband for as long as I live.”


  For a moment, Euphemia stayed silent.


  But Ferzen waited for her response patiently.


  Because even if she took her time, she had no choice but to comply with him.


  “I…… Euphemia El Lauren Louerg……”


  And just like Ferzen expected, Euphemia eventually broke the silence as she opened her mouth and spoke with a mournful tone veiled with her frustration and despair.


  “Take Ferzen Von Schweig Brutein….As my husband….And with the God of Love as my witness, I vow……”


  Euphemia was by no means a fool. She noticed his intentions.


  Why did he say those words to her?


  Furthermore, what were his intentions with this wedding ceremony?




  Rather than tying his leash around her neck, he hoped she leashed herself.


  But Euphemia herself didn’t have any intentions of running away, and she didn’t want to drag Ciel Midford into this.


  Ferzen, however, didn’t know this, and he wouldn’t believe her even if she told him.


  Nevertheless, by never mentioning Ciel Midford in his presence and by being loyal to him……


  There was a chance he would leave Ciel Midford be.


  Because of this, Euphemia didn’t reject Ferzen’s vows and made up her mind.


  “That as long as I live….. I will always respect him.”


  Inside this grand cathedral that came straight up from her dreams, her sorrowful voice echoed.


  “I shall do my best in order to fulfill my duties as his wife.”


  “I shall share his burdens, his sorrow, and his joy.”


  “And…..I hereby swear to stay by his side forever and ever for as long as I live.”




  “My words are truthful, and I shall stand by them…… This I, Euphemia El Lauren Louerg swear……”


  Euphemia lowered her right hand.


  And in response to this, Ferzen responded in kind.


  “I, Ferzen Von Schweig Brutein…..Will treat my wife in the best way possible for as long as she, Euphemia El Lauren Louerg, doesn’t break the four vows she made.”


  Unlike Euphemia’s, Ferzen’s last words weren’t vows.


  This presented the probability of a new variable in their vows.


  An unfair and unforgivable action in a wedding ceremony.




  This ceremony couldn’t be called a wedding.


  For it was simply the most luxurious slave branding ceremony ever executed in this world.


  “……Let us return.”


  Ferzen lowered his right hand.




  And Euphemia nodded.


  Soon the grand cathedral, made of pure ice, slowly crumbled away as if it was simply a dream.




  As they returned to the bedroom, Euphemia stared blankly at Ferzen, who was changing his clothes.


  As long as she followed her vows, Ferzen would keep his promise.


  Yes, she will play her part too.




  If he ever killed Ciel.


  Or if there was a conflict created by Ciel.




  Euphemia wanted to have a fallback.


  And the young woman knew the means for that.


  “……I want you.”




  At Euphemia’s voice, Ferzen’s hand, which had been loosening his tie, stopped.


  “I want you to embrace me.”


  Today wasn’t her fertile day.


  Even then, Euphemia took the initiative.


  If she ever got pregnant, Ferzen would have fewer motives to continue to treat her like a caged bird.


  Euphemia would regain her freedom.


  Ciel would also give up on her when he sees her pregnant with Ferzen’s child.


  This way……


  Everything would be fine.


  She was fated to bear his child one day, after all.


  It was Euphemia who had struggled with all of her power in order to delay this as much as possible, but now she decided to give up and surrender herself.




  However, Ferzen looked at her with an icy gaze as he loosened his tie.


  Yes, she knew that if she stayed like this.


  He wouldn’t desire her.




  Therefore, Euphemia took off her underwear by herself.


  She lifted the helm of her wedding dress up to her waist and lay on the bed like a dog awaiting its owner.


  Then, with her fingers, she spread her womanhood as if inviting Ferzen.


  “You desire an heir…..Because of this…..I need to receive your seed…..Please give them to me……”




  Once again, Ferzen’s movements ceased.


  Because of the moonlight illuminating the room and with Euphemia opening herself to him, her womanhood and even her anus were visible.


  It was something disgusting for her to do.


  But even then, Euphemia didn’t falter.




  Ferzen, who came to her, opened his mouth as he stroked Euphemia’s plump bottom.


  “I see that you are being faithful to your vows.”


  “It’s my duty….. I vowed to give my best……”


  Euphemia’s words were more of a desperate plea than a confirmation of her resolve.




  And, of course, Ferzen had no intention of letting this go.


  But at the Imperial Banquet on May 7th, Ciel Midford would surely point his sword towards him.


  Because that was also fate.


  And if Ciel perished with clear cause, even Euphemia wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.


  In fact, if only Ciel Midford’s eventual death could be assured……


  To be truthful, there was also no need to go with this plan.


  Even then, Ferzen would follow it to the end……


  But could the young man manage to change his destiny?


  Because of this, Ferzen took this opportunity to tame Euphemia thoroughly.


  It was something reasonable to keep increasing one’s cards.




  Euphemia’s womanhood was slowly being lubricated.


  Usually, Ferzen would indulge in a little more foreplay, but not this time.




  He pierced her without warning.


  But Euphemia was prepared for it, so she accepted Ferzen’s member deep inside her folds.


  “Ahng~~~ Hunggg!”


  As if she was afraid of letting him go, her tight folds squeezed his member trying to keep it inside, as the man continued to pound her mercilessly.


  Every time that happened, her other hole that was tightly closed would also twitch lewdly, but……


  Euphemia didn’t care, and she even showed her own vulgar self to Ferzen.


  But then, why was the young woman crying?


  Could it be from pleasure….Or something else?


  On the last night of April, a wistful moan could be heard.





TL NOTE: Awnnnn this is so wholesome in the most fucked up way possible…….


Ehhhh this chapter took a while to come because:

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2- Destiny 2 launched a new season.

3- ch 63 (the chapter I was translating) was a big boy

4 – I found this nice fanfic and wanted to read it.

5 – Im a team manager at my office and one of my senior devs quit the project because he had cancer…… i I’ve been running around like a bitch trying to find another mf to help me with the development of the apps I’m tasked with supervising…… ffs I’m just a simple data scientist not some HR girl.


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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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