The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 56

Ciel Midford (2)

 ༺ Ciel Midford (2) ༻ 


  “The criteria used to score your assignments submitted by April 12th was based on the quantity of unique information collected. Also, those of you who have only gathered generic data will receive a lower score.”


   I informed my students about their assignments after looking at the attendance list filled out by Euphemia.


  “Your scores will be available at the same time as the final exams, and at the same time, we will start the production of the textbook. It will be given out to the next batch of freshmen when it is ready…….”


  Briefly glancing at my students, I noticed that Lizzy had a particularly sickly complexion. 


  Her dossier stated that she suffered from weak health, but if she had been seriously sick, she would have requested dismissal from my classes.


  “During our previous lecture covering the ‘Auror Knights,’ someone raised the question, whether someone had to experience their training to increase their comprehension rate.”


  “Hm….Professor, that was me!”


  “Yes, it was an excellent question.”


  Looking at the eager student who had raised his hand, I approached the blackboard and made a memory diagram.


  “Depending on your knowledge about the life experiences of the corpse, your comprehension and implementation will increase. However……”


  When receiving feedback from a specific memory fragment, it was possible to increase your comprehension even further by empathizing with the emotions and feelings that the corpse had lived through via that memory.


  But this is something that is not well known, even among most Warlocks.


  Because emotions like joy, sorrow, wrath, hate, love……


  Are things that most people have already experienced in their lives, so one wouldn’t go out of their way to empathize with those emotions. This causes the synchronization rate to not rise by much.


  But there were some emotions and experiences that were hard to empathize with.


  A typical example of this would be the emotions and experiences felt by someone who had lived through the tragedy of war.


  But for a Warlock to empathize with these emotions, should they experience the horrors of war firsthand?


  Not necessarily.


  Of course, these experiences can also be simulated to a certain extent by routine territory warfare……


  “Take the example of Isabel Ron-Pierre Genova, the famous Witch of Genova…… Since the Genova family practiced incest to preserve their bloodline purity, Isabel rebelled against this practice as she felt a sense of disgust at the very notion of having sexual relations with her brother.”




  “This feeling of disgust and immorality is something you can empathize with without resorting to incestuous practices like the Genova.”


  Warlocks, by nature, are beings who are very knowledgeable.


  As they have to accumulate diverse life experiences.


  Because, in certain moments, they will need to use this accumulated knowledge as a substitute for situations like this.


  “Besides, Cough……”


  My throat was sore.


  So after talking for a while, I took a sip of tea to moisten my throat.


  And after this brief pause, I prepared to resume my lecture……




  Laura was sulkily staring at me with her gemlike crimson eyes.


  Is she angry because I used her ancestor as an example?


  It was somewhat amusing that she thought that I wouldn’t sense her mood just because she was sitting in the back seat and using a slightly tall student as a shield.


  With a grin, I called her out.


  “Laura De Charles Rosenberg, do you wish to say something to me?”




  As the students looked at her, Laura hiccuped as she shook her head.


  Her response was somewhat disappointing, but since she would have only been reduced to a stuttering mess if she had answered me, I calmly continued my lecture.


  Then…… with 10 minutes remaining.


  I distributed the data charts containing the basic information about the corpses they would soon receive.


  “As you can see, all of you will receive some mercenaries’ corpses. And as some of you have already noticed, the gender of the corpse is the opposite of yours. Your final exam will be to use the autonomous control technique and control these corpses for hunting monsters, so I encourage all of you to increase your synchronization rate as much as possible.”


  Then, in the corner of the classroom, I stood in front of Lizzy’s desk and handed her the data chart.


  Lizzy didn’t even look at me as she accepted the data chart with trembling hands.






  “If you are sick, then go see a doctor. Don’t be foolish. Taking a legitimate sick leave won’t undermine your attendance score.”


  “I’m not sick, I’m not……”


  “Are you sure?”




  No matter how I looked at it, she was definitely ill. But since she wished to remain stubborn, I dropped the subject and ended the lecture as I walked to the Administrative Building.



* * * * *


  Ferzen’s office had a plain and minimalist decor.


  Sitting on a simple chair, Euphemia laid her head on the desk and closed her eyes.


  ‘What was that……’


  When she was doing the attendance check, some students refused to answer despite having their names called.


  If only the girls were doing this, Euphemia could understand it, but since even most of the boys were also showing this behavior, the young woman was puzzled.


  Did they think her life was something to be jealous of?


  No, even if the life of the woman named Euphemia El Lauren Louerg was, in fact, a sea of roses……


  Euphemia knew very well that being Ferzen Von Schweig Brutein’s wife was by no means a desirable thing.


  Just like how a sea of roses seems enchanting at first, until one is plunged deep amidst the thorns lurking beneath the surface.




  The woman in the next office also said some rude things……


  And when they ventured into the capital, the people around her also had the same reactions……


  It would be easy to tell Ferzen about the students’ behavior, but Euphemia didn’t want to involve him in this.






  After the end of his lecture, Ferzen entered the office.


  Since there was only one desk and chair in this plain office, Euphemia got up as Ferzen approached her.


  Then as he sat comfortably on the chair, Euphemia gently rested on his lap.




  His reaction was somewhat displeased.


  “Where else…. would I sit?”


  Then, as she got up from his lap and looked around the office, she decided to settle down on the desk.


  Naturally, Euphemia closed her legs so she wouldn’t display her underwear while sitting atop the desk.




  However, as if scolding her for such a display of modesty, Ferzen uttered her name in a low tone, so Euphemia opened her legs and shamefully revealed her luxurious white panties.


  “Ah, hm…….”


  Ferzen’s large hands traced her plump thighs.


  But his hands didn’t stop there as he moved under her skirt and teased her inner thigh.


  And as if this was some sort of trigger……


  Euphemia grabbed the helms of her skirt and lifted it.






  Then Ferzen held her waist, preventing her escape as he lowered his head and kissed her navel.






  He didn’t end with just one kiss, and as the man continued to tease her, Euphemia had to cover her mouth so that her shameful moans wouldn’t leak out.




  But the moment he used his tongue to tease the insides of her navel, she couldn’t hold anymore as her body trembled.


  Her entire lower abdomen had become an erogenous zone as the pleasure derived from his ministrations continued to rise.


  Eventually, Ferzen gently pushed Euphemia down as she helplessly fell on the desk with her navel exposed like a dog.




  After some time……


  When Ferzen stopped teasing her navel, her underwear was already drenched with her fluids clinging to her maidenhair, exposing the shape of her engorged womanhood.






  Ferzen slowly pressed down on her pearl with his index finger as her fluids flowed shamefully.


  Slightly tilting her silky underwear to the side, her pink flesh was revealed as the thick scent of a woman in heat permeated the room.


  It was an alluring visage.




  Although I wasn’t there, she must have received the full brunt of the students’ hostility.


  What sort of reaction would I receive for comforting this woman now?


  There is something called the suspended bridge effect.


   In her current distressful state due to being exposed to the student’s hostility, if stimulated with lustful desires……


  I will forever be marked as the one who will bring this sort of sensation to her.


  “Lie down.”




 Because of their current location, Euphemia seemed to feel a psychological resistance to perform such acts even while blushing profusely.




  But as Ferzen encouraged her with gentle pats on her thighs……


  Euphemia turned around and bent over as she lay flat on her belly.




  And then her silky white panties were slowly lowered to her ankles.





   Ferzen’s fingers assaulted her dripping folds in a hook-like form as he gently stirred her insides while pressuring a particularly sensitive area inside her.




  Even if the young woman didn’t want this, her body was honest.


  In a place of learning and a place of personal growth —- The Imperial Academy.


  In such an esteemed place, Euphemia felt deeply ashamed by having her bottom presented to a man and her insides being toyed……


  But then, as if reading her current thoughts, Ferzen inserted not only his middle finger but also his index finger inside of her and started to dig into her mercilessly as Euphemia could do nothing but moan and tighten around his fingers.


  “Anggg~~Ah! Mhnnnn……”


  Ferzen got up from his seat and kissed her lovingly.


  Euphemia moved her tongue in a very inexperienced manner as his fingers never ceased their relentless teasings……


  Ferzen skillfully coiled around Euphemia’s tongue as he continued his deep, passionate kiss.


  “Mhnnnn! Hnnggg~~~~! Hmmm!”


  Soon Euphemia’s body spasmed as Ferzen’s fingers went deeper and deeper inside her as they reached a particularly bumpy area……. and pressed it hard.


  “Ahhhh~~~! Hngggg, Hyaaaaa~~~~!”


  Then, as Euphemia’s body trembled and spasmed due to the sudden influx of pleasure, Ferzen enveloped her in a crushing embrace.






  The young man was puzzled by his growing fondness for his wife even as she continued to spasm in his embrace.






  When her womanhood was tapped, a vulgar and obscene noise, like a splash of water resounded.


  The papers on the desk were now soiled with her fluids.




  As the afterglow of her climax faded, Euphemia whimpered like a lost child in a mix of sorrow and shame.


  But as Ferzen licked her tears dry and tapped her thighs again, Euphemia opened her legs and raised her waist.






  Then, carefully and gently, Ferzen wiped her soaked privates and pulled her underwear back.


  His ever-present touch always followed even simple actions like these.




  Euphemia was already aware that Ferzen was the one poisoning her so he could provide the antidote, but she also knew that besides him, she had no one……


  As Ferzen pulled her into his embrace again, the young woman nestled her head on his collar as he caressed her cheek tenderly.


  If a person lost in a desert found a puddle of water, even if it was somewhat muddy and dark, wouldn’t he drink it all the same?


  “Let’s eat something, since it’s almost noon.”




  So the couple stood up together.


  However, Euphemia’s legs were weak from her climax, so she wobbled.


  In response, Ferzen reached his arm towards Euphemia as she relied on him, and they left the office while leaning on each other.


  If someone saw this scene……


  They would undoubtedly think this man and woman were the perfect examples of a good couple.


* * * * *


  They say that every troublesome thing becomes irrelevant before the passage of time.


  And I was hoping that my worries for this important night would become nothing but a joke in the near future.


  It was something I was eagerly looking forward to.




  In the blink of an eye, 6 days had already passed, and May 7th had arrived.


  Looking at the grand Imperial Palace in the distance, which seemed to challenge the very heavens with its astounding height, I quietly lit my cigarette.


  I won’t have to care about having a just cause for what is about to happen today.


  The only thing that matters is to get rid of him.


  Yesterday – May 6th, I spent the entire night taking care of Laura’s curse since it was full moon, so after having lunch, I slept for a good portion of the day.


  Thanks to this, my mind is sharper than ever.


  My condition couldn’t be better with a rested body and a sharp mind.




  Opening the door leading to the balcony, Euphemia, clad in a snow-white dress, stuck her head shyly.


  Just as I had ordered, her dress wasn’t overly extravagant.


  A literal work of art that glimmered in its elegance and simplicity.


  Indeed, only Azelia could create something like this.


  “Let’s go.”


  As I held her hand, I noticed she was a little anxious.


  She must be aware that Ciel would be there too.


  But neither of us.


  Mentioned this possibility.


  So, after getting inside the carriage, we headed to the Imperial Palace.



The night sky was exceptionally bright today, with its countless stars shimmering in attention —- It was almost as if the celestial bodies were looking forward to the events of this fateful night




* * * * *




  The servant standing at the doors of the Imperial Banquet looked at his attendance list and frowned.


  Despite being invited, eight people were absent.


  And among some of them, two names were already counted as being absent from the very beginning……


  Ferzen Von Schweig Louerg.


  Jeremiah Von Schweig Brutein.


  If you include those two names, then there were 10 absent people.


  They ruled out those two names because of their blood — The blood of Brutein.


  Those of the Brutein bloodline rarely attended events like these — Because they had no interest in the political disputes of the Empire, in the case of this banquet, a prelude for the game of thrones.




  9:30 P.M.


  As the servant looked at the clock and judged it would be alright to leave, a single carriage appeared at the gates of the Imperial Palace.




  The banquet would start at 9:30, but etiquette demanded that one arrive by at least  9:00 P.M., so the servant wondered who this ignorant and crude person was.


  Because even if late, one should at least strive to arrive earlier than his Majesty the Emperor.


  But in the banquet hall, His Majesty the Emperor of Ernes and His wife, the Empress, were already seated……


  To enter the banquet at this time would be the epitome of rudeness.


  In this case, it would be more prudent to stay out of the banquet and inform one of the Princes of the reason you didn’t come.


  ‘He must be some rural lord who’s nothing more than a pig pretending to be someone important. When this thing arrives, I will announce him with the loudest voice I can muster and let him die of shame.’


  As the Imperial Power’s centralization grew, the Empire’s servants also grew in both power and pride for being able to serve the Imperial Family.


  And because of this, they naturally became enraged when they saw someone committing some sort of sin against his Majesty the Emperor.




  However, when the carriage parked, the servant looked at the crest engraved on its doors and froze on the spot.


  As Ferzen Von Schweig Louerg stepped out of the carriage accompanied by a beautiful woman.




  “Do you plan on keep wasting my time? Here’s the Invite.”


  “Yes, yes……”


  When confronted with those crimson eyes, the servant trembled and felt as if he was facing His Majesty himself, so he quickly accepted the invitation.


  But the doors stayed closed……


  The servant was too stunned even to do his job.


  Because of this, Ferzen calmly walked past the servant and stood at the wide doors leading to the banquet hall as he looked at his anxious wife.


  “Stand proud.”




  “There’s nothing to be nervous about. They can only stare at you and won’t even approach us.”




  “So, keep this in mind.”


  Ferzen lowered his head and whispered into her ear in a low-pitched tone.


  “We will only bow to one person and him alone. His Majesty the Emperor.”


  With this, Ferzen reached out his hand and opened the banquet hall doors.


  Beyond the doors, a mix of colorful and exuberant lights and music greeted them.


  Aristocrats clad in pompous clothes talked with each other.




  Although Ferzan said Euphemia had nothing to worry about, the young woman immediately panicked.


  Because never in her life had she attended a gathering like this.


  However, as Ferzen resumed his proud strides, Euphemia clumsily followed his lead.


  At this moment……


  “Fe-Ferzen Von Schweig Brutein has arrived!”


  The servant guarding the door came to his senses and loudly announced Ferzen’s entrance into the Imperial Banquet.


  Although he didn’t announce Euphemia’s name due to his incompetence, it was clear that she was his wife.


  But even then, just the mention of Brutein drew the attention of all present at the banquet.






  Standing in front of the Emperor and Empress of the Ernes Empire, Ferzen opened his mouth as if to correct the incompetence of the servant.


  “I, Ferzen Von Schweig Louerg……”


  “I, Euphemia El Lauren Louerg……”


 ………Greet the Empire’s Sun and Moon


  Suddenly, the entire banquet was engulfed in absolute silence.


  No, the music was still playing, but aside from that, no one uttered a word.


  The banquet hall suddenly lost its purpose and turned into an audience, eagerly waiting for the play’s next action.


  That was the weight Brutein held.


  In fact, if you compared it with the weight of the crown……


  It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Brutein was the foundation for the crown.


  It’s an undeniable truth.


  And now, everyone present in this banquet would be reminded why Brutein was considered the Empire’s pillars.


* * * * *


  ‘Ciel Midford……’


  Looking at the Second Prince of the Roverium Kingdom, I could see Ciel, the protagonist of this world, standing by his side.


  If you compare the people who lived in this world as actors on the stage of life.


  Then the audience can be the souls of the damned watching from beyond.




  It’s time for the curtain to drop.


  All the actors are in place.


  I will also gladly play my role.


  And on this very night, I shall send you to the underworld, where you will only be able to watch the living performing their roles in the eternal play of life.







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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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