The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 55

Ciel Midford

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  Euphemia, who had stayed up all night long, stretched her body.


  The glorious dawn gradually drove out the darkness of the long night.


  She couldn’t even remember how many times they made love.


  But the intense musky stench that permeated the room……


  Only served to remind her of what had transpired last night.




  As she squeezed her legs, a murky white fluid flowed out from her slit.


  Dazed by the situation, Euphemia blankly stared at the ceiling as the stains on the sheets got bigger and bigger.


  The young woman’s mind was devoid of any emotions, be it fear, sorrow, or rage……


  She simply felt hollow.


  Maybe that was why she nestled herself even deeper in his arms, like a child searching for her mother’s warmth.




  Perhaps because she kept tossing and turning in his embrace, Ferzen woke up and gently kissed her forehead.


  “Trouble sleeping?”




  Naturally, as a perceptive man, Ferzen soon noticed his wife’s condition.


  “Although today is supposed to be your first day, your absence won’t interfere with my work. Therefore, you can stay here and rest if you so wish……”


  “No……I vowed to help you. You don’t need to worry. Even after receiving your seed so many times…… I can still work.”




  Ferzen’s hand, that, until now, was brushing her silky green hair, stopped.


  Did the young woman say something wrong?


  Euphemia looked at Ferzen with slight apprehension in her eyes.


  “It’s rather early, so let us take a bath. Some hot water will be more effective in relieving your sore body than simply sleeping here.”


  Gently kissing her nose, Ferzen removed their sheets.




 Euphemia, whose naked body was exposed to the frosty morning breeze, trembled and reached for Ferzen’s arm, as she curled around him, seeking his warmth.




 Then, with the sheets removed, more of his seeds flowed out of her due to her sudden movements, bringing out the familiar fishy stench with it.


  “Allow me to clean it for you.”


  “N-no….I’ll do it, just give me a towel……”


  “Don’t worry, it’s nothing difficult, let me help you.”




  It’s not like it was a difficult thing to do, but the area that was to be cleaned was quite a shameful part.


  He knows this, and even then……


  He’s awful.


  “Lie down.”


  “That…..I-I can do it….Just…..”




  As the man uttered her name in a calm tone, he patted the bed and looked at her with his characteristic crimson eyes.




  When one surrenders and agrees to obey every command of their Master.


  All that’s left is to follow through with the commands unconditionally.




  As if he was changing the diapers of a newborn, Ferzen raised Euphemia’s legs and cleaned the seed that had flowed out from her womanhood to her other hole.


  For the young woman, this was a rather shameful and submissive act, but……


  Being taken care of by her husband in this form evoked a deep sense of helplessness in her.


  “It’s done.”


  Putting the stained towel aside, Ferzen brought a nearby blanket and covered her naked body.




  Then he lifted her up like a princess as Euphemia wrapped her hands around Ferzen’s neck and nestled her head on his collar.


  “While we bathe, make sure to clean the room.”


  “Yes, Master.”


  As he opened the door, Ferzen gave a simple command to the nearby maids and slowly walked towards the bathroom.




  Then, as the blanket covering her body was removed, Euphemia couldn’t help but let out a faint chuckle as she checked the state of her body.


  Her neck, bosom, torso, and……


  Even her thighs had lingering traces from their passionate night.


  “You didn’t need to do this……”


  Euphemia grumbled at Ferzen as she traced the marks on her body with her hands.


  “At least, try to do this on the parts that are covered by my clothes……The neck and even my ankles are like this…… It’s too much.”


  “Hm, I shall remember this in the future.”


  After undressing himself, Ferzen replied indifferently, as he grabbed her hand and led her into the bathtub.






  As the warm water soaked her body, washing away the accumulated fatigue due to their wild affair last night, Euphemia moaned softly as she relaxed her body,




  However, when Ferzen spread her legs and put his fingers inside her womanhood in order to scrape the seed inside, Euphemia shuddered without knowing what to do.




  She tried to hold his wrist, but Ferzen ignored her rebellion and continued to stir her insides mercilessly.




  With his free hand, Ferzen gently pressured her navel.


  Then Euphemia’s folds contracted violently.


  Her body, which had been thoroughly tamed, was able to derive pleasure even when her womb was being teased from the outside.










  Rhythmically, as Ferzen pressed her womb, Euphemia’s folds tightened and contracted around his finger.


  This was something disturbing for the young woman……


  As she couldn’t understand how she could be feeling pleasure from something like this.


  But even if she didn’t understand.


  Her body was already conditioned to react to it.






  Euphemia reached her climax as Ferzen applied a stronger pressure on her womb, and her folds twitched lewdly as her toes curled and her waist quivered helplessly.




 Now completely exhausted, Euphemia leaned helplessly in Ferzen’s arms as her eyelids drooped.


  “So tired……”


  The warm water was like the silkiest of blankets.


  And his embrace was like the softest of beds.




  Unable to cope with the backslash of her sudden orgasm, Euphemia whined like a child and closed her eyes.


  I still have to bathe, but……


  It’s troublesome.


  Since he owns me, shouldn’t he take responsibility for it and take care of it?


  Hmm, It’s the owner’s duty to take care of his possessions anyways……


  Then, Euphemia buried her head in Ferzen’s firm chest as she entered the land of dreams.



* * * * *




  Resting his chin on the window of the carriage, Ferzen lowered his gaze.


  Euphemia, who had fallen asleep inside the bathroom, had not woken up till now and continued to rest with her head on his lap.


  ‘We are almost at the Academy, so if you don’t wake up now, it will be a bother……’


  If I carried Euphemia in my arms from the parking lot to my office, and if there was some student watching this scene, the hatred accumulated for revealing the fact that she was the one who designed the special desks in my classroom would be wasted.




  But this shouldn’t matter much.


  Since Euphemia’s self-esteem was already at rock bottom, she had already surrendered herself to me.




  But as soon as the carriage passed through the front gate of the Academy, Euphemia woke up with a faint groan.


  We arrived at the Academy by 8:35 A.M.


  Since she had only slept for around 2 hours, her eyes were still clouded with a tinge of fatigue.


  This side of her is strangely attractive too……




  Euphemia, who raised her body and tried to arrange her disheveled hair, felt my gaze and a displeased look formed on her face.


  “Stop it…..Someone might see…..”


  As I got closer and closer to her, Euphemia flinched and tried to come up with a reasonable excuse to stop me.




  However, there was nothing to worry about since no one would be rude enough to interrupt me……




  No, there was definitely someone rude enough to do that.


  Just in case, as I kissed my wife and glanced out of the window, I saw Yuriel, who had just got out of her carriage and was glaring at me.


  If she had any semblance of common sense, she would leave me be.


  Instead, she sent me a judgmental glare as if I was committing some sort of crime.




  After a moment, Yuriel huffed and stomped towards the Administrative Building.


  Truthfully, I couldn’t understand her at all, since walking around in those indecent clothes with those huge mounds bouncing up and down was something way worse than kissing your wife in your own carriage.



* * * * *




  Lizzy, who reached her classroom, tried to open the door, but a man’s hand suddenly popped out and opened the door for her.


  When she turned her head, she saw it was one of her classmates – Rofen, who she had never once talked to before.




  After Claudia and Alfred’s marriage union……


  More and more people started to treat her and her family with this facade of kindness.


  “Thank you.”


  Of course, those trying to curry favor with her were usually the children of aristocrats who didn’t have a good standing.


  From their point of view, since she was a disabled person, they could curry favor with her family and even marry her by treating her like this.


  It was something disgusting, but……


  Lizzy was pleased that she now had some sort of political value.


  While engrossed in such thoughts, the young maiden entered the classroom at 8:50 A.M.


  She thought that he would soon be here, but to her surprise, the one who showed up was not Ferzen, but a green-haired woman.


  Most students looked puzzled by the appearance of this woman, but Lizzy recognized her right away.


  The woman who had accompanied him to the wedding.


  The woman who had soured her birthday.




  And shortly after her appearance, Euphemia began introducing herself.


  At this, Lizzy bit her lip.




  Even within the Academy, I will be forced to watch your merry life?


  Does this stupid woman know who you really are?


  It’s ironic.


  More than his actual wife……


  I know who he really is.


  And this realization made Lizzy unbearably furious.


  Is he hiding his true self?


  Or does she already know about it?


  Lizzy didn’t have the answers to these questions.


  Compared to Brutein, it’s true that her family was inferior, is that why he stepped on her and treated her like a toy he could break and dispose of?


  However, Louerg was a territory that was looked down upon even by the Claudia Family.


  So, why is he so caring and affectionate towards her instead of treating and abusing her like a pet?


  “Lizzy Poliana Claudia.”


  Lizzy stared into Euphemia’s eyes as her name was called for the attendance check.




  When she answered, she made sure Euphemia recognized her.


  So that she remembers her.


  Yes, so that she would never forget.


  Making a clear imprint in her mind.


  Because here lies a woman who had been completely ruined and broken by the man who you address as your husband — Ferzen Von Schweig Brutein.


  Then Ferzen entered the classroom and started his lecture, but……


  Lizzy couldn’t hear him at all.







TL NOTE: When Ferzen Broke lizzy ankle he was still a Brutein so that’s why she said Brutein and not Louerg.


Next chapter is huge, fr the biggest chappie I ever did. And for those wondering about the pace of the novel…..Lets just say things starts getting a lot heated in this next 3 chapters, as the payoffs of a bunch of stuff happens.


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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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When I read the development of the Heroine getting NTR’d, I left a malicious comment……   But then I woke up, having become the Villain who robbed the Heroine.      


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