The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 69

Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred (3)

༺ Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred (3) ༻ 






  Lizzy threw herself on the floor.


  Looking at this Ferzen laughed.


  “You can’t even control yourself……Even now the most you can do is control your bladder…..What could you even accomplish being like this, Lizzy Poliana Claudia?”


  “Ugh, ah, damn it……!”


  “You are pathetic.”


  Ferzen reached out his hand.


  And caressed her pale cheek.


  The act horrified Lizzy, and tears slipped out of her eyes.


  “If my legs were intact, I would have run away from you!”


  But Ferzen, grasped her chin, ceasing her struggle.


  And he stared right at her.


  Her purple eyes shuddered in fear.




  With his other hand, he grabbed her wrist.


  And forcefully lifted her.


  There was nothing she could do.


  Wrapping one hand around her waist, Ferzen danced with her.


  Yes, just like that nightmarish day.


  Then, lowering his head he whispered in her ear.




  The same melody of that day.




  The memories of that day plunged Lizzy into the abyss.


  Even if she struggled, she couldn’t get out.


  Before long, like a puppet with its strings cut, she collapsed.


  Lizzy swayed along with Ferzen’s movements.


  And just like on that day.




  Ferzen lightly stepped on her ankle.




  This was the catalyst as repressed memories and her trauma flooded her mind……


  “I’m Sorry!…… I’m Sorry!…… I’m Sorry…..!”


  Everything came crashing down at her.


  “It hurts……. I’m Sorry…… It hurts……”


  Lizzy cried as the hallucinations of that day caused her pain.




  After that, Ferzen stomped on her other ankle and laid her body on the desk.


  Then he gently wiped her tears and whispered in her ear once more.


  “Humans have instincts.”


  Among them, fear is directly connected with the body’s need for survival.


  “Follow them, trust in them, do not deny them.”


  He could smell the familiar stench coming from her.


  Annoyed, Ferzen lowered her head.


  Even if she didn’t soil herself like that time, the clear stain on her crotch area was undeniable.


  “Every time you face me alone, you can’t even control your bowels, so what kind of revenge can you even hope to accomplish? Lizzy……The might of Brutein and the prestige of an Apollyon class Warlock are not something an incontinent child can overcome.”




  After saying his piece, Ferzen settled her down on her wheelchair, straightened his clothes, and opened the door.


  “I will grant you one last chance, for you to reconsider.”




  “Listen to your fear, for it is the voice of reason.”


  After Ferzen left the room, Lizzy collapsed again and cried for a long time.


  Her trauma was eased with time, but her body still trembled.


  Ferzen……Von Schweig Louerg.


  The arrogant man, no the devil, didn’t change.


  “You…..Really….are the worst……”


  Clutching the book she just borrowed, Lizzy left the room in a wheelchair.


  2:23 PM……


  She was late for her classes.


* * * * *




  “Did I wake you up?”


  When I returned to the carriage, Euphemia looked at me with a drowsy gaze.


  After instructing the coachmen I relaxed in my seat.






  “I thought we could get a little bit of bread……?”


  “Yes, we could. In the future, if you wish to eat something, just inform me. As long as it’s not too early in the morning I shall satisfy your wish.”




  “We could also procure some Luve since you liked it so much.”




  Euphemia blushed a little at those words.


  “Then let’s get a little……Oh and what about lunch…..?”


  “We can just eat the bread. I’m not hungry. But you need to eat and take care of yourself.”




  Euphemia looked at me, as I said those words.


  Maybe she isn’t used to this much kindness on my part.


  “Ah…..N-no, not here……”


  I could never hold myself back whenever she looks at me in this manner, so I reached out my hands and gently caressed her bosom.




  As I teased her nipple under her clothes, she moaned softly.


  There’s nothing more alluring than seeing her accepting my advances like this.




  “N-no, not the neck……It will leave a mark……Ah…..”


  Doesn’t she know that the more she tells me to not do something, the more I want to do it?




  But just as things were starting to get heated, the carriage stopped in front of the bakery, so I kissed her one last time and opened the carriage’s door.


  As soon as we entered the bakery, the sweet and pleasant smell of pastry greeted us.


  Handing her a basket placed at the entrance, I ordered a generous amount of Luvé before sitting down on a bench.


  After a little while.


  It seemed that no matter the age or even the world, the nature of women is the same.


  Even the small act of buying bread took a long time.


  “I think…..This much is enough.”


  After 20 minutes, Euphemia happily approached me with a basket full of bread.


  After paying and getting the break packed, we entered the carriage again.


  Then taking one Luvé, I unwrapped its package and handed it to Euphemia with a spoon.


  “Eat it. The bread will leave a lot of crumbs, but not the Luvé. And also, you must be hungry since you skipped breakfast.”




  Euphemia appeared a little hesitant, but she quietly grabbed the spoon and started eating the Luve.


  “Do you like it?”


  “Hn….It’s delicious…..”


  “That good…….”




  Reaching out to her, I licked the remaining Luvé on the corner of her lips.


  Her soft lips carried the unique sweetness of the Luve.


  The temptation proved too strong to bear, as I kissed her once again, coiling my tongue around hers.


  Euphemia blushed, and licked her lips slightly after the intense kiss, then slowly, like a startled animal, she finished eating the Luve.


  After this, turning my head towards the window, I gazed at the sky.




  The weather was a bit cloudy.


  It seemed like it would be a rainy night.


* * * * *




  As expected, as the evening approached, it began to rain.


  The downpour was intense.


  It didn’t look like it was going to stop anytime soon.


  Euphemia had long fallen asleep, even though it was only 7 PM.






  “You may enter.”


  The door opened.


  And a maid entered the room and gave me a slight bow.


  “Master, you have a guest.”


  “A guest?”


  I wasn’t expecting anyone today.


  “It’s Sir Roer Poliana Claudia, shall I send him back?”


  “No…… I will see him in the reception room.”


  “Yes, Master.”


  The Imperial Knights are also in charge of the Academy’s security, so maybe he is here because of my meeting with Lizzy.


  Otherwise, there would be no reason for him to be here.




  As I walked down the stairs along the sound of the rain and entered the reception room, Roer’s enraged expression welcomed me.


  “Take a seat.”




  “For you, it’s Lord Louerg.”




  “Tsk…..It seems that ignorance runs in your family.”


  “You…..Are you even human….?”


  “This is a pointless question. What do you think I am?”


  “You! You’re nothing more than a beast……! If you had even a semblance of conscience you wouldn’t reenact a child’s deepest trauma—-!”


  “I do have a semblance of a conscience. In fact, that was exactly why I gave her a choice.”


  “A conscience you say……..Hahahaha!”


  The candles around the room illuminated Roer’s face as he laughed madly.


  “If you still had a conscience then—”


  “Roer Poliana Claudia.”


  After cutting him off, I continued speaking.


  “If you wish for compensation, I shall grant you. If you wish for a public display…..I shall grant you that as well…..”


  Ferzen’s ego stirred at this though.


  But I suppressed it.




  “What was done, cannot be undone. But I can give you anything you wish as a form of compensation. But……You will never accept it, will you?”


  No matter what I offer, they will always doubt my sincerity.


  “I offered your sister this as well, but it seems that like her, you will choose to continue your senseless struggle.”




  “Don’t you know? Revenge always breeds more revenge. Hate will only create even more hate.”


  There’s nothing more ironic than for me to say such things.


  “Don’t you agree?”


  “Shut up……”


  “Yes, I thought you would say that.”


  “You crazy bastard……Don’t you dare pretend to be a saint, after what you did to my family, after what Brutein has inflicted upon us……There’s nothing more disgusting than to see the devil pretending to be an angel……If you are a man then at least don’t act like something you are not.”


  Roer got up and stormed off the room.




  As I called her name, a maid appeared by the door.


  “Yes, Master?”


  “My ‘guest’ didn’t have an umbrella. Give him one.”


  “As you wish, Master.”


  After instructing the maid, I grabbed a glass, put some ice cubes in it, and filled it with whisky.




  The raindrops crashed against the window.


  Looking at this, I took a sip of the whisky.


  ‘Roer Poliana Claudia.’


  Do you know?


  From the moment I decided to kill the protagonist of this world, Ciel Midford, I chose to embrace my role as a villain, rather than struggle to try to be a hero.


  ‘If I can’t untie the knot……’


  Then all I have to do is burn it.




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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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