The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 68

Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred (2)

༺ Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred (2) ༻ 



  Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred.


  Recalling her strange state of mind, I entered the carriage with Euphemia.


  ‘Maybe it’s because the Elder is in the Capital……’


  So she must have been punished.


  My main objective was to get rid of Ciel Midford, but the opportunity also allowed me to strike a blow against Alfred and as a consequence, the Claudias.


  ‘In the grand scheme of things……’


  This could be considered a meaningless event.


  However, Seo-Jin’s ego still felt some sort of guilt.


  After all, Yuriel even grabbed my arm and begged me to stop.


  But even then……


  That is as far as my sympathy goes.


  There’s nothing more to be said.


  It would be hypocritical of me to seek her forgiveness after the deed has been done.


  What I should consider however is not Yuriel’s problems, but the happenings of the North.


  ‘The situation……It’s not that bad.’


  The current leader of the North, Lord Asran, is the father of the future Empress.


  But because of this, it is also difficult to support a specific Imperial Prince.


  What if one were to sponsor the First Prince, and the Second Prince managed to ascend to the throne?


  According to his arrangement, his daughter would marry the future Emperor, but this is also a dangerous move for him.


  So he maintained his neutrality by dividing his support between the two Princes.


  ‘I am confident that I will be able to leverage the second prince……’


  The North wishes for a predominant presence in the political arena of the Center of the Empire.


  So it wouldn’t be bad to form a connection with Lord Asran, who will become the father of the future Empress, but it would be difficult to tempt him with Louerg.


  When June comes, and the exams are over, the Imperial Academy will enter a three-month recess.


  During this time, I should go to the North and deal with things.


  ‘I will also have to deal with the matters related to the Roverium Kingdom.’


  Sudden exhaustion washed over me as I thought about my future schedule, but since some of those matters were my fault, I just have to endure it.


  Originally, I was even prepared to cut all ties to Brutein, but now things have changed.


  ‘We arrived.’


  Just as I pondered about such things, the carriage stopped in front of the Wizard Association.


  Since I ascended to the Apollyon class, I have to schedule an examination.




  Did she fall asleep?


  No, we haven’t been in the carriage for even a few minutes.


  It may be her morning sickness.


  Some symptoms of pregnancy usually appear in the 4th week, but it seemed as if it came early for her.


  “I’ll be back soon, if anyone comes closer, just send them away.”


  “Understood, my Lord.”


  After giving my instructions to the coachman I left the carriage.


* * * * *




  During her lunch break, Lizzy stopped by the Wizard Association to check the list of available theses.


  Since her brother married the eldest daughter of Alfred, Lizzy was able to borrow the corpse of a Euclidean-class Elemental Wizard.


  So in order to increase her knowledge she searched for papers related to Elemental Magic that focused on the ‘practical’ aspect.


  Elemental magic is extremely practical and realistic but as the magic rank increases the ‘practical’ aspect of the magic gradually fades away.


  That is because fire, water, ice, and lightning belong to the schools of ‘transformation’ and not ‘interference’, so their basic properties could be changed to an extent.


  How much magic that used this concept existed?




  After pondering about this, she made her way toward the lobby where she saw the head librarian speaking with a man.


  Lining up behind the man she awaited her turn to speak with the head librarian.


  But something about this man was peculiar……


  His unforgettable voice and the scent of his perfume.


  Lizzy immediately recognized him.




  As if sensing her gaze, the man turned around and looked at her.


  Ferzen Von Schweig Louerg.


  Lizzy was aware he was in a critical state, but in the end, he managed to survive his injuries.


  ‘Why can’t you just……die……’


  Although Lizzy wished for his death, she didn’t want to sacrifice herself in vain.


  So as long as Ferzen died, she had no interest in sacrificing her life.


  Turning his head away from her, he spoke to the head librarian.


  “I wish to apply for the Apollyon class verification.”


  …….Apply for the Apollyon verification?





  Along with her, the head librarian didn’t process this information due to his shock.


  “As I said, I’m here to apply for my class promotion……”


  “M-My Lord, if I’m not mistaken you are a Euclidean class Warlock…….”


  “Fortunately I was able to surpass my limits. But since you are clearly a Keter class, this is not something you can handle on your own, therefore, procure someone with the necessary qualifications to conduct the exam. ”


  “Yes, yes My Lord. We shall inform you when the preparations for your verification procedure are done……But in the meanwhile allow me to congratulate you! My Lord, you are currently the fourth Apollyon class Wizard In the Empire, and to achieve this rank at the age of 24……..”


  The head librarian didn’t call him the ‘youngest’ Apollyon class wizard because this title belonged to Isabel Ron-Pierre Genova, the infamous Witch of Genova.


  For she ascended to the Apollyon class at the tender age of 16.


  But since this achievement was only possible due to her curse of the full moon, Ferzen’s achievement was much superior to hers.


  And maybe during his life, as his mana grows, one day he would be able to reach the Thaumiel class.


  “Hm, during my lecture days I will only have time during the evenings, so take this under consideration.”


  “Yes, my Lord, I will strive to schedule the examination as soon as possible.”







  Does this man never fail?


  Shouldn’t his karma bring his reckoning already?


  “Are you looking for a thesis?”




  Ferzen, who had finished his business with the head librarian, spoke to her.


  “If you are looking for a good thesis, read the ones that old coot Theor wrote, but read the cheapest ones, those high-grade papers are full of useless advertisements and you will only waste money with those.”


  “Your suggestion…..Is unnecessary.”




  Despite his recommendation, Lizzy moved her wheelchair toward the head librarian and purchased a high-grade thesis. 


  “Hoh, did you forget your debt to me, Lizzy Poliana Claudia? Or are you now able to spend your money recklessly?”




  His every word enerved her.


  “I didn’t forget. So….. Don’t worry, I will repay the suit I soiled, even if I have to sell my own body to do it.”


  “That is a rather extreme thought process.”




  He was lecturing her.


  He dared to lecture her.


  Nothing could disgust Lizzy more than this.




  “And who was the one who pushed me into this situation—-!”




  “How dare you……What makes you think you can dare to say these things to me……”




  The head librarian sent a pleading look toward Ferzen, as Lizzy continued her outburst.


  Because this was not the place for such things.


  And also because the poor librarian thought he was in the middle of a private matter.


  “…….Give me a key to an available study room.”


  Taking pity on the poor librarian, Ferzen sighed and reached out to him.


  “Y-Yes, yes!”


  On the first floor of the Association, people could sit in the public spaces, but on the second and third floors, there were exclusive study rooms for those seeking to conduct their research privately.


  “No! Give me back!”


  Lizzy’s unique talent made it impossible to steal the corpses she reached the maximum synchronization rate.


  Therefore, Ferzen had to burn his mana to forcefully reach the rate of 90% of synchronization in order to control her corpse servant and push her wheelchair to the second floor.




  “N-no…….I don’t want to…..!”


  While leaving the door half open, Lizzy’s wheelchair was pushed inside the private room.


  That was done to prevent another panic attack.




  After waiting a few moments for her to calm down, Ferzen opened his mouth.


  “In the entire Ernes Empire, there are only 4 Apollyon grade Wizards, and among them, I’m the only Warlock.”




  “You should be aware of what it means to have access to the third floor of the Underworld.”




  “With Brutein’s wealth, I can arrange 4 or 5 transactions a year, this way we could heal you even if we managed to summon the wrong monster.”




  “That is my offer to you.”


  “Offer you say…..”




  At Ferzen’s words, Lizzy’s purple eyes glistened with a chaotic mix of emotions.


  “If you are really sorry……Then why did you do it in the first place? Even if you manage to right your wrongs……The past will not change, the life you took from me won’t come back, my pain will not disappear, and my suffering will not go away…..You are the one who did this. So don’t you dare to try to be a good person now. I hate you……”




  “Do you think I will beg for you to heal me?”


  “I see. As you said, the past will not change regardless of my actions. But Lizzy what do you want? Do you wish for me to suffer the same pain as you? Is that really it?”




  “I’m sorry, but if that is your wish, then you will never be able to achieve it.”


  “Y-You are a hateful person……”


  “Lizzy. No matter what you do, the Claudia Family will never be able to bite my neck, even if they sacrifice everything for it. While you waste your days being a mere Keter class Warlock, I rose to the Apollyon Class. And now even the Alfred Family is not a threat to me anymore.”


  The gap between them would only grow wider.


  “You will never achieve your goal. No matter how fierce the flames of revenge burn, in the end, only your ashes will remain. No…… Even if your ashes remain, that would be the best ending possible for the likes of you. Because if you try and fail, the only thing that awaits you is despair.”


  Just as Lizzy said, the culprit is no one but Ferzen.


  Even if his actions were compelled by his illness, they were past the point of forgiveness.


  Nevertheless, the right thing to do would be to face her vengeance rather than hoping for her forgiveness……


  But could such a thing even be achievable?


  The probability was small, but it could happen.


  However, as much as entertained Ferzen to watch the Claudia Family quietly sharpen their fangs, he couldn’t help but try it.


  Yes, his intentions may even be selfish.


  No, he was undeniably selfish.


  “If you ignore the mercenaries and soldiers, then the average life expectancy of a person is about 80 years.”




  “May 24th, 1:23 PM.”


  As he looked at the clock, Ferzen continued.


  “If you insist on throwing away the remaining 62 years of life you still have, then I won’t stop you, however, there will be no going back, so choose carefully……”


  “There is no guarantee that my fangs won’t rip your neck apart……”




  Her choice was made.


  “You will regret your choice. When you see your brother paying for your mistakes, you will know the true meaning of despair.”




  “What can you even do about it?”


  Ferzen smirked.


  The corners of his mouth twitch, forming a malicious grin.


  Then he slowly reached out towards the door.




  And closed it.


  He even locked the door.


  And now, inside this private room, Lizzy was alone with Ferzen.




  As soon as she registered this fact, Lizzy suffocated.


  She couldn’t breathe.


  Her body trembled.


  The monster before her slowly approached.






  She desperately moved her wheelchair in a pathetic attempt of running away from this monster, no this devil, but she only ended up getting cornered instead.


  And in front of her.


  The devil stood.




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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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