The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 72

Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred (6)

༺ Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred (6) ༻ 





  After ending her lecture, Yuriel took the medicine prescribed by the Academy doctor and leaned on her seat, closing her eyes for a while.


  Her headache had subsided, but her body was still weak.


  ‘It’s already……’


  4:40 P.M.


  From her perspective, she had only rested a little, but 6 hours had passed.


  “Are you feeling better now?”


  “Yes……Thank you.”


  After thanking the Academy doctor, Yuriel walked towards her office.


  Then when she sat on her sofa, Yuriel heaved a deep sigh while her hands rested on her forehead.




  After a while.


  Yuriel opened her eyes at the faint knocking on her door.




  Who could it be?


  Briefly remembering her encounter with Geralt this morning, Yuriel got up from her resting place and opened the door.




  Unsurprisingly the one standing in front of her was Geralt, dressed in luxurious clothes and with a faint smile on her face.


  “Professor Yuriel, would you like to dine with me?”




  Even if her body was famished, eating now would only aggravate her sickness.


  “Fine……Let’s go.”


  But Yuriel accepted his invitation.


  As they walked out of the academy and into the rainy streets of the capital the tension between them eased for a bit.


  Yuriel was especially pleased that Geralt didn’t try to start a meaningless conversation.


  Because she didn’t have the energy to indulge in such things.


  “I planned on eating at this establishment, is that fine with you?”


  They stopped in front of a fairly famous restaurant, and for the first time, Yuriel looked at him with a pleased gaze.


  “Yes, that is acceptable. But unfortunately, I’m not really hungry, so I won’t be able to enjoy the cuisine as much as I’d like to.”


  “I understand, since you’re not feeling well that can’t be helped.”




  Did I ever tell him I was sick?


  “Your condition was apparent, Professor Yuriel.”


  “You have good observation skills.”


  ……Unlike ‘that’ man.


  Unwillingly, Yuriel made such a comparison as they entered the restaurant.


  As they sat down, Geralt handed her a piece of paper.


  “What’s this?”


  “This morning I told you about my villa. This is the address, I also prepared some clothes and money for you.”




  Yuriel frowned as she held the paper.


  “I apologize if this came out as condescending, however, I believe that this is the best course of action.”


  “To be honest……”


  “Is there a problem?”


  “No, it’s great……But I just need the clothes and the money. We are not yet engaged and living in your villa will invite unpleasant rumors. I’ll pay you back in the future as well.”


  “My father agrees with my offer.”


  “I know.”


  “Is there any difference if this happens sooner than later…..But if you have such reservations then–”




  Yuriel turned her head and looked at the raindrops dripping from the window.






  “Don’t be impatient. We both know that this is set in stone. I will become your wife, and I will bear your descendent……Or at the very least you will be able to touch my bosom that you seem to stare at so much, but only when the time comes.”




  “It’s good that you aren’t denying it. However, this is the only time where I’ll be granted a modicum of freedom and I intend to enjoy it…..”


  “I respect your decision.”


  With a gentle smile, Geralt answered Yuriel as she carefully ate the appetizer.


  After their meal, which lasted for about 40 minutes, Yuriel and Geralt left the restaurant and walked the Capital streets side by side.


  Their destination was Geralt’s villa in the Capital.


  “Are you staying at some inn for the time being?”


  “No……I’m staying at my office. If I stay at an inn someone will see me. And I don’t want rumors spreading, and I’m already sure that some are curious about why my carriage is not parked at the academy already.”


  “After we get married, if you wish, you can continue to pursue your career as a professor. I will even support it.”


  Geralt’s words cause her to brush her hair behind her ear. Until now, Yuriel was able to make decisions for herself, but after getting married she would need her husband’s permission. And this realization made her sigh.


  “Well……That is good to hear.”


  After entering the mansion, Yuriel gathered the money and clothes.


  “Very well…..Are you going to return to the Academy then?”


  “No. Since I’ve already left the Academy and was seen doing it, I will find someplace to sleep by myself.”


  Geralt couldn’t help but notice her choice of words.




  The villa was beautiful, and it was completely vacant.


  No, perhaps Geralt already made such arrangements beforehand.


  Realizing this, Yuriel chuckled.


  “Looks like you’ve already been with another woman.”




  “Don’t try to act pitifully in front of me, a woman’s sympathy is not proportional to her bosom size. I have no intention of spending the night here with you.”


  Geralt watched as Yuriel left the room. 


  He dearly wished to stop her and embrace her here……But he quickly discarded this thought.


  Because there would be no point in being greedy, when he would have her in the future.


  “Then, have a good night.”


  “Yes, thank you.”


  Yuriel left his villa.


  But her scent……


  Her scent still remained there……


  And it was wonderful.




* * * * *





  As Yuriel returned to her professor’s office on the 4th floor of the Administrative building, she lay on the sofa and covered herself with a blanket, and took the medicine prescribed by the Academy’s doctor.


  Outside, the rain still persisted lowering her body’s temperature, but as soon as she entered her office she felt her body warming up.


  ‘Since when was my body so weak……?’



  While heaving an exhausted sigh, Yuriel closed her eyes.


  Although it was only 7 P.M, her weak body demanded a rest.


  So after closing her eyes, Yuriel fell into a short sleep.


  When she awoke, it was around 1 A.M.




  With a groan, she barely managed to lift her upper body, and as she checked herself, her clothes and blanket were soaked with sweat.


  Her body was burning.


  Why the hell is it that the more I sleep, the worse I feel?!




  Even the slightest movement caused her head to throb painfully, and the damp feeling of her clothes was like countless needles piercing her skin.


  Her nausea was so strong that with every breath taken, the need to vomit grew.


  At this point, Yuriel had to admit that she couldn’t deal with this on her own.


  So she lit a bright flame that illuminated the room.




  With this, an Imperial Knight or a member of the Wizard Corps would investigate the disturbance.


  She was already thinking about the excuse she could use.


  Since the final exams were close, she could claim that she fell asleep while preparing her schedule.




  The flames burned brightly.


  Every time this happened her body would shudder as her fever made her feel sick.


  The desire for warmth and the cold shivers plagued her mind.




  Eventually, someone opened her door.




  And with her blurry vision, Yuriel could see the faint outline of a man.


  “I fell asleep while working on my final exam, but I think I’m sick…….I’m sorry, but could you take me to the Infirmary?”




  The blurry figure didn’t answer her.


  So Yuriel grumbled with as much force as a feverish woman could muster.


  “Hey you…..Don’t just stand there like a damn scarecrow! Do something……”


  Each word uttered made her feel even sicker.






  A familiar voice echoed in her ears.


  Because of her fever, she couldn’t see well, but as she squinted her eyes a little……


  Yuriel recognized the man in front of her.


  Ferzen Von Schweig Louerg.




  How are you here?


  “You aren’t seeing things.”


  “Get out…….”


  Of all people….It had to be him…….


  “Consider yourself fortunate that I am the one who found you. The Knights and Wizards gossip a lot, by tomorrow everyone would be aware of your condition.”


  “The only problem is you being here! You’re the worst…….!”


  Gritting her teeth, Yuriel yelled as her headache intensified.


  “Are you even aware of your condition, Yuriel?”


  With a frown, Ferzen looked at Yuriel’s lower body.


  ……What do you mean by ‘my condition?’


  With a weak laugh, Yuriel looked down.




  She was bleeding.


  “Don’t……Don’t look……”


  Startled by the bleeding, Yuriel hastily covered her lower body with the blanket.


  “Get out….Get out….Get out…..”


  Her voice was littered with tears.




  Why does this always happen to me…..


  “Don’t get closer…..Don’t touch me….”


  As Yuriel continued to mumble, Ferzen simply ignored her and put his hand on her forehead.


  Her temperature was nowhere near normal.


  “Don’t touch me……”


  It’s so cold……


  For some reason, Yuriel wanted to snuggle against his warm hand.


  “You are such a troublesome woman.”


  “And you’re a jerk.”




  “Bad bastard……”




  “It’s all your fault……”


  The amount of blood was higher than usual.


  Maybe that was the reason for her unusual weakness.


  Yuriel’s head was spinning.


  She lowered her head, as she weakly punched Ferzen’s firm chest repeatedly.


  “Just go away……”


  Eventually, Yuriel fainted.


  Causing Ferzen to hold her in his arms in silence.






TL NOTE: Ohhhhhh Sick Yuriel is adorable

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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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