The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 73

Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred (7)

༺ Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred (7) ༻ 




  Ferzen looked at Yuriel’s form collapsed in his arms, as he opened his subspace and took out Isabel’s coffin.


  Yuriel claimed that she stayed late preparing for the final exam, but as he looked around the office there was no signal of such.


  ‘Corleone……That old fox, this must be his work.’


  Clicking his tongue, Ferzen started taking off her clothes.




  As soon as he entered the room, he could smell a strange scent.




  A sweet smell akin to peaches.


  When he undid the buttons of her shirt he was met with her strong body scent.


  Ferzen, who had a very sensitive nose was immediately entranced by her smell, as he buried his head in her nape and bit her fair skin.




  Yuriel groaned in pain, but Ferzen couldn’t get away from her.


  Usually, when Humans are accustomed to certain scents, they won’t consciously perceive them anymore, but Yuriel’s body scent didn’t follow these rules.


  So after leaving numerous bites on her nape, Ferzen barely suppressed his impulses and pulled away from her.




  Ferzen’s frown was apparent as his lack of self-control was disturbing.


  Then, after some time, he continued taking her clothes off.


  ‘She changed……A lot.’


  Compared to the young girl from his childhood, the woman in front of him has a body capable of tempting even the most resilient of men.


  Even her large bosom, which always triggered his OCD when they moved up and down, now tempted him.




  Reaching his hands to her breasts, he couldn’t even touch them entirely because of their size.


  His fingers were buried deep in her soft skin.


  Her bosom although large wasn’t saggy, in fact, it posed a surprising amount of elasticity.




  Yuriel moaned in feverish delirium as her eyebrows trembled at Ferzen’s touch.




  What I am even doing?


  With a sigh, Ferzen finally took off all of Yuriel’s clothes.


  Then commanding Isabel, she created a torrent of water and willed it to coil around her body, raising the temperature of the water.


  From her lower body, the blood mixed with the water, spreading it around like paint.


  After turning her over to clean any sort of dried blood, Ferzen opened her legs, and immediately burst into laughter when he saw both her womanhood and her other hole twitching desperately.


  Even though he had no intentions of opening these doors, it was rather irritating that the person inside them kept turning the doorknob repeatedly.


  Maybe it was because her body was aware that its ‘master’ was close.


  Truthfully Ferzen wished to indulge in the sight presented to him, but the thought of doing such things with a sick person was disgusting. So he wiped her body and brought her clothes.


  ‘Where’s her underwear……’


  Since he couldn’t find them, Ferzen simply tied a clean cloth in a triangular shape and put it on her lower body.


  After dressing her again, Ferzen took Yuriel to the Academy infirmary and put her on the bed.


  Since he was on duty that night, he returned to his post.



* * * * *



  Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred.


  Dreamed of her childhood.


  Since she was born with the gift of mana, Corleone raised her with the aim to obtain the lineage of Brutein.


  When she was 5 years old, she started eating the Fruit of Fragrance and her body was changed because of it. At 8 she was taught the art of seduction by the most prized courtesans.


  Originally, the child favored her short-length hair that reached up to her shoulders, but……


  She was forced to grow her hair in order to increase her sex appeal, by showing the nape of her neck hidden behind her hair, or by tying up her hair to show off her side-trimmed chest.


  Furthermore, after the Brutein successor was decided to be Jeremiah, she was forced to study Ferzen’s hobbies and habits.


  Because the more common points they held, the better she could relate to him.


  In short, Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred was groomed for a man named Ferzen.


  Because of this……


  Yuriel didn’t have a bright childhood.


  Everything she was taught was for the sake of Ferzen and not her own.


  It was painful for a child to know she wasn’t the owner of her own life, but she endured by always hoping for a better future.


  After all if when she become Ferzen’s wife, her suffering would end.


  Because of this, she dreamed of a happy married life every time she slept.


  When she turned 13, the engagement ceremony with Ferzen was arranged, so Yuriel calmed her beating heart and put on her most beautiful dress.


  Her long wait would finally reach an end.


  When Ferzen appeared, Yuriel stared blankly at his face, even forgetting the basic greeting etiquette.


  The happy future along with her husband she dreamed of……


  Since she didn’t know Ferzen, she naturally imagined his face in her dreams……


  But the reality was very different from her imagination.


  Her heart pounded fiercely inside her chest.


  Maybe it was love at first sight.


  Her first love.


  Fortunately, since Yuriel was groomed from a child with his tastes and interests in mind, it wasn’t difficult to start a conversation.


  Aside from her appearance, gender, and family name……


  She had everything in common with Ferzen.


  But the result was disastrous.


  The engagement ceremony ended in disaster.


 – Do you seriously believe that just because the filthy sludge water flows in the sea, that repulsive thing is part of the clean ocean? 


  Even now at the age of 23, Yuriel couldn’t forget the shiver she felt when Ferzen said those words.


  The leash that bonded Yuriel since her birth was loosened.


  But Yuriel wasn’t happy.


  In fact, the chance of her not being Ferzen wife always existed, but because of her upbringing Yuriel never even considered it.


  No, she couldn’t even imagine this outcome.


  Because of all of her life…..She was groomed for this purpose.


  So as Ferzen walked away, Yuriel’s gaze was hollow.


  13 years of life……


  4745 days.


  113880 hours.


  Reached an end in a 15-minute talk.


  A very, very horrendous end.


  Yuriel spent the next 2 years of her life, living like a broken doll.


  Her family also treated her as a useless commodity.


  It wasn’t until she became a Euclidean-class Elemental Wizard at the age of 17, that she managed to rise above that dreadful day.


  But when she was reunited with Ferzen……


  Yuriel’s heart was flooded with complex emotions.


  She heard he got married.


  With a country bumpkin, who hailed from a no-name family, on the edge of the Empire.


  She was nothing compared to her.


  So, she became furious.


  And every time she encountered Ferzen, she would feel the resentment rising. The resentment of 13 years of her life being wasted.


  But at the same time, she also hoped he would regret his actions.


  However, his attitude towards her……


  ……Even with that, Yuriel still wished to be compensated for the time that was stolen from her.




  She opened her eyes.


  And looked around.


  When she realized she was in a bed inside the Academy’s infirmary……


  “Are you awake now?”


  In front of her.


  Stood Ferzen.




TL NOTE: OMG Yuriel was GROOMED!!!!!!

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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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