The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 74

Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred (8)

༺ Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred (8) ༻ 



  Seeing Ferzen talking to a doctor, Yuriel looked down and assessed the state of her body.




  Her fever was gone.


  As well as her headache.


  The only thing that remained was the faint muscle pain and her sweaty skin.


  But there was a piece of clothing tied around her crotch.


  Her clothes were also different.


  Yuriel’s memories from the night before were still a bit elusive, but she could remember some faint whispers telling her about her clothing.


  ……Come to think of it, did I ventilate my office that night?


  She wasn’t certain.


  If that weren’t the case, then her scent must have been deeply entrenched in the room.


  Suddenly Yuriel shuddered at the thought of how Ferzen must have reacted.


  ‘What’s with this scarf……’


  Fiddling with the long scarf wrapped around her neck, Yuriel glanced at Ferzen who had just finished speaking with the doctor.






  “You don’t have a place to stay.”


  “I was simply preparing for the upcoming exams……Just some overtime work.”


  “There’s no carriage at the parking lot, and there are signs that someone’s living in your office.”


  Yuriel winced at Ferzen’s interrogative tone.


  “So what? Since when did you care?”


  “Corleone, that old coot, has done something foolish.”


  “That’s not your business……”


  Yuriel struggled with her weak body as she tried to rise from her bed.




  “Didn’t I already tell you not to refer to me like that?”


  “Professor Yuriel.”


  “What is it, Professor Ferzen.”


  “We need to talk.”


  “Can’t we do it here?”


  “If that was possible, we would already be in the middle of it.”


  “Sigh. Just go work or something, I’m still tired.”


  Yuriel grumbled as she turned her head away from him trying to end the conversation.


  But Ferzen grabbed her wrist and dragged her out of the bed and the clinic.


  “Hey! It hurts……Let go, you crazy bastard!”


  “Stop struggling, I’m not even putting on much pressure.”


  “I know my body better than you, you bad bastard!”


  Yuriel wiped her faint tears as she struggled against his hold, but Ferzen didn’t budge.


  “S-Slow down!….. My, my chest hurts!”


  With each rushed step, her body ached.


  So with her free hand, she started to slap his body.




  But at that moment, Ferzen stopped.


  The place they arrived at……


  Was the parking lot of the Administrative Building.


  “Go in.”




  Seeing a carriage engraved with the crest of Brutein, Ferzen gestured for Yuriel to board it as she chuckled helplessly.


  “What? Are you trying to get me in your mansion now? Don’t bother. I’m never setting foot in there even if I have to live out on the streets.”


  “I never said we were going to my mansion.”


  “Then just say where! What’s the problem with you? Why are you doing this to me? Did you develop sentiments now that I lost everything?! If that’s the case, then you shouldn’t have done that shit at the Imperial Banquet in the first place!”


  “……If you don’t want to, then do as you please.”


  Leaving Yuriel standing there like a scarecrow, Ferzen got on the carriage.


  “I will give you 30 seconds.”


  Then leaving the carriage’s door open, Ferzen started to count down the seconds.




  Bested by her own curiosity and a little bit of hope, Yuriel got on the carriage with 15 seconds remaining.


  “Do you have the talent to complicate everything you do?”


  “Shut up.”


  Closing the carriage’s door, Ferzen signaled to the coachmen.


  The rain had ceased for a moment, but the black clouds indicated that this was only a brief interval.


  Glancing at the window, Yuriel closed it fearing that the cold winds would worsen her condition as she looked at Ferzen.


  “So……Out with it.”


  “Geralt Ren Millien Asran.”




  “He told me that he wished to thank me by inviting me to a formal meal. However, no matter how much I think about it, I don’t remember doing anything warranting his gratitude. So maybe I did something that caused something favorable to them…..That’s what I think he meant.”


  Geralt…..You aren’t as tightly lipped as I thought.


  “Perhaps…No, I’m certain, Corleone must have arranged your marriage with him.”


  Since there wasn’t any reason for her to deny his words, Yuriel nodded her head.


  “That……Has nothing to do with you.”


  “Why do you think so?”


  “What, are you feeling guilty, that because of you, I’m now stuck with this arranged marriage? Really……What a joke.”


  “If I had any guilt Yuriel, I wouldn’t have caused that scene at the Imperial Banquet.”


  “You……I’m getting tired of your riddles. Get to the point.”


  At Yuriel’s demand, Ferzen lifted his head, looked straight at her purple orbs, and announced with a low-pitched voice.


  “I’m planning on cutting the Head of the North.”




  “So, it wouldn’t do if the Asrans managed to secure even more power.”




  Upon hearing Ferzen’s words, Yuriel narrowed her eyes, and……






  burst out in laughter.


  “Let me see if I got this right……Are you asking me to whore myself to the bastard you intend to put as the new head of the North?”




  “This isn’t even funny. I’m not some cheap whore you can order as you please. I’m tired of this shit. Everyone is always seeing me as their personal breeding mare.”


  “I will become the new head of the North.”


  “Go away……”




  “What nonsense are you spouting now? If that’s the case, why did you break the engagement 10 years ago? I wonder if the almighty Brutein can even salvage the spilled milk. That would be impressive.”


  “It can be done.”


  Despite Yuriel’s sarcasm and lack of decorum, Ferzen continued calmly.


  “If I was incapable of it, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”




  “Corleone will surely jump at my offer as well. His disgusting obsession with acquiring a direct descendent with the bloodline of Brutein is nothing new. Surely, you must be aware of this, no?”




  “Just like that time Yuriel, your opinion is irrelevant.”




  “You see, Yuriel, every premium good, is already chosen by its owner before it’s even made. Wasn’t that for your case as well?”


  “Pre-Premium goods……No, I’m not!”


  “It’s ironic isn’t it, although livestock also have lives, they’re still the rancher’s property.”




  “A farmer with a sword is of no threat to me as they wouldn’t even be able to use it properly anyway. No…… Even if the sword ended up in the hands of a powerful knight, it wouldn’t be a problem as long as they don’t oppose me. But that’s not the case here, is it? So isn’t it better to recover the discarded sword than to let it fall in the hands of someone who could threaten me?”


  Ferzen’s crimson eyes stared at Yuriel’s purple ones as he continued speaking.


  “Yuriel, there’s nothing you can do now. Just resign yourself. No matter how much you struggle, the result won’t change.”


  “Really…… Did you forget what you said to me 10 years ago? Do you really think you’ll be able to bear having a child with someone whose blood you hold in contempt?”




  “See? Ah, you also hate when I curse, don’t you? Well then, allow me to speak freely now. Can you even stick that cock of yours inside of me? Fill me with your seeds? Knock me up with your goddamned child who’ll have both Alfred and Brutein blood?”




  His veins popped as his fists were clenched tight.


  Every single one of Yuriel’s words annoyed him.


  In fact, everything she said felt a little repugnant.


  However, if it were the original ‘Ferzen,’ he wouldn’t have made such a choice, nor even attended the Imperial banquet in the first place.


  Yes, although he was Ferzen……He wasn’t Ferzen.


  “I……I apologize for my words from 10 years ago.”




  The carriage stopped.


  A modest house could be seen outside.




  As he opened the carriage’s door, Ferzen stepped out.


  With Yuriel following him.




  Ferzen took a key from his left pocket, unlocked the door, and entered the house.


  And once again, Yuriel followed him.


  “……I never wanted to hear an apology.”


  “You can stay here while I take care of things.”


  “Don’t ignore me.”


  “There’s money here as well. Use it however you wish.”


  On the bed was a pile of gold coins.


  “Ferzen……Von Schweig Brutein.”


  Yuriel uttered his full name with a quiet tone.


  Then, she took off her clothes.


  Transforming her mana into water, she cleaned her body.


  Her beautiful, alluring naked body became visible.


  Then, she walked seductively towards Ferzen.


  “If you cannot lust for me……If you aren’t resolved to embrace me. Don’t say those stupid plans. No! Don’t avert your eyes. Look at me! This is the body of the Alfred woman you once rejected.”




  “You bastard……Do you even know what it means to accept me as your mistress? Don’t make me laugh……You will reclaim what you once threw away……But if your sword can’t even stand at the sight of my body that’s been altered by that stupid fruit……”


  Hearing Yuriel’s rant, Ferzen sighed as he came over to her and took off the scarf hanging on her neck.


  Then, he led her in front of a mirror, grabbed her chin, and lifted it.






  “This is proof that I lust for you.”




  “I certainly see you as a woman.”


  “Just go…..”


  Yuriel pushed Ferzen out of the room.


  “The house is a little cramped, so make sure to leave it ventilated or buy some perfume or incense.”




  “Also, take care of your health.”


  Just as she wished, Ferzen left.


  Now alone, Yuriel sat on her bed and looked around.


  The interior was a little desolate.


  She could hear the rain.




  Yuriel lied on the bed.


  ‘I…..I won’t listen to you.’


  Glancing at the raindrops on her window, Yuriel touched her nape.


  Even though she didn’t wish to listen to Ferzen, Yuriel stayed in the house he provided.


  With the money she now held, she could go anywhere she wished to.


  ……She could go back to her office.


  Instead of staying here.


  Beyond the window, she could see the flowers wet from the rain.


  But her scent, which gradually filled the room, didn’t get dampened by the rain.


  Yes…….The flower’s scent may be damped.


  But hers would never.



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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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