The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 83

Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred (13)

༺ Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred (13) ༻





  Euphemia groaned as she rubbed her sore eyes.


  The child growing inside her was beginning to add some pressure to her bladder, so the young mother had to wake up in the middle of the night to urinate quite frequently. 


  With this being the fourth time…….


  However, aside from the morning sickness, lack of sleep and her moody bladder, Euphemia’s first trimester has been relatively uneventful.


  Just as she pulled back the duvet and got off the bed.





  A familiar figure greeted her.


  Euphemia’s eyes narrowed as she tried to examine her husband’s figure in the dimly lit room.


  7:40 A.M.


  “G-Good Morning……”


  The young mother greeted her husband in an awkward and hushed tone, feeling a little guilty for not noticing his presence sooner.


  “I’m back.”


  His even and calm tone was completely different from his exhausted expression, so much so that he seemed to be ready to sleep at any second. So after drinking a glass of water, Ferzen walked towards Euphemia who was still seated on the bed, and gently touched her shoulder.


  “You can rest more if you want to, Euphemia.”


  “Ugh, I-I have to use the bathroom……Again……”


  “Is that so.”


  Releasing the hold on his wife, Ferzen immediately dived under the comfortable duvet as he relaxed on the bed.


  But even as she continued to squirm at the urgent pleas of her bladder, Euphemia didn’t move.


  “Do you have something to say to me, Euphemia?”


  Ferzen couldn’t help but ask her as the sight of his wife squirming with the need to relieve herself was quite puzzling.




  Euphemia squeaked in a shy and uneven tone.


  “I’m going to wash myself…….Then I’ll rest…….”




  An unnecessary report.


  Ferzen was puzzled by her words, even as he was going to fall victim to his sleep.


  “You don’t need to inform me of every little thing you do, Euphemia.”


  “I know…….I know…….”


  Euphemia felt a little incredulous with herself, but she couldn’t help but be self-conscious of her scent at this moment.


  She feared that he would refuse to embrace her when she returned from the bathroom.


  “No……Sigh……I’ll be back soon.”


  Euphemia quickly rushed toward the bathroom, already aware that the more she tried to explain herself, the more her pride would be damaged……


  Then after finishing her business as quickly as she could, Euphemia returned to the bedroom.




  Ferzen was now sitting on the bed reading a letter.


  Since his mood was a little off, Euphemia quietly sat by his side covering both of their legs with the duvet.


  As she looked at the torn envelope, she recognized the crest of the Alfred Family.


  ‘What do the Alfreds wants now…….’


  Even she, someone who had lived at the edge of the Empire for all of her life, knew that the Brutein and Alfred families were not on speaking terms.


  Nervously brushing a strand of hair behind her ear, she watched as Ferzen finished reading the letter and raised his head in order to look at her.


  “Did something happen……?”


  “Do you remember what I had asked you that time?”


  “I don’t follow……”


  “I asked you if you would be sad if I took in a mistress.”


  “Ah……That’s…….I remember.”


  Euphemia nodded at his words, as she once again gazed at the letter, reading some fragments of it.


  But what drew her attention was in the middle of it.


  “June 9th?”


  A date.


  “On this date…… I shall take the second daughter of Alfred as my mistress.”


  “And the second daughter of Alfred is……”


  “The owner of room 403 in the Administrative building.”




  “As to why I’m doing this…….”


  For the first time.


  She didn’t want to know his motives.


  But Ferzen began to explain in detail the reason why he was taking her as his mistress.


  And through it all, Euphemia tried to keep herself from frowning as the image of a familiar dark-haired woman flashed in her mind.


  The young mother wasn’t sure as to what her reaction should be.


  Although this was something she had already expected to happen, it didn’t mean she had to like it.


  Besides, from Ferzen’s explanation, she understood that the reason for this was all in order to realize his ambition of making Louerg the center of the North. 


  But even then……


  There was no way she could like this.




  If one were to categorize her reaction to this news, it would certainly fall into the ‘Bad’ category.




  Looking at the nearby mirror, Euphemia studied her face.


  It was a little wrinkled.


  And because of the pregnancy, her body was now bloated, and she felt uncomfortable with herself.


  The second daughter of Alfred — A woman named Yuriel, who had perfect skin and her figure……






  “Are you anxious?”




  “You fear that Yuriel is going to take your place?”


  “N-nothing like that……”


  “Euphemia, you cannot lie to me.”




  While smiling, Ferzen pulled Euphemia into his embrace, pulling down her shoulder straps.


  Gently rubbing her ample bosom, which was now even larger due to her pregnancy, he kissed her cheek before burying his face on her fair nape.


  “You have nothing to fear. She will never take your place at my side, this I swear to you.”


  “I’m……Not such a narrow-minded woman.”


  “You are offended at the idea of sharing your husband with another woman, this is not narrow-mindedness, but simply something natural. If I had to share you with another man……My jealousy would make me find a way to dispose of him.”


  “I’m not jealous……”


  His words were music to her ears.


  Euphemia rubbed her hands, pleased with his words as she wondered if the root of her jealousy was because she wanted this man for herself only.


  Then Ferzen continued, starting a comparison.


  “Yuriel smells better than you.”


 The young mother tried to inhale her own scent……


  “Her breast are fuller, her hips larger, and her waist is narrower.”


  His hands scoured through her body.


  It was obvious what he was aiming for……


  Euphemia couldn’t help but cringe at his words.


  So many thoughts filled her head, in such little time.


  Even if she managed to smell good, it would be because of some perfume.


  Her breasts weren’t as voluptuous as hers, but now they were overly engorged, with large and wide areolas.


  Euphemia tried to push him away, as his words soured her already volatile mood, but the man continued to bury his face on her nape.


  Then he did something even more unpredictable.


  He laughed.


  His composed and cold expression now contained a gentle smile.




  “I’m going to rest. Touch me or don’t. I don’t care anymore……”


  “You know, I lied to you before.”


  “Ack, h-hurts……!”


  With this sudden confession, Ferzen roughly grabbed her left hand.


  Then, he guides her hand inside his trousers, forcing her to grasp his throbbing shaft.




  Euphemia was deeply flustered by this, but Ferzen continued to speak at his leisure.


  “I’ve told you this before, that someone like me wouldn’t lust over your body, but……”




  “But that was a lie.”


  Making her hand go up and down on his hard shaft, he continued to whisper sweetly in her ears.


  His red eyes now glimmered with barely contained lust.


  “Every time I see you, Euphemia……I lust for you.”


  His words were sincere, without a single shed of deception.




  After saying such words, Ferzen pulled her into his embrace stronger than ever.


  Her bosom was crushed against his firm chest.


  She could feel his body heat.


  Then, as naturally as she breathed, Euphemia leaned on him, tilting her head slightly in order to look at his face.




  She was greeted by a hand gently brushing her lustrous hair aside.




  Gathering her courage, she kissed his cheek, his nose, and his forehead.




  If someone were to describe the feeling of being loved……Then It would be something similar to this.


  This single feeling of fulfillment, of being whole, of being cared for so strongly was way more addictive than the lust that left her gasping for air. And as such Euphemia naturally traced her husband’s lips, taking the initiative to kiss him.


  The young mother was aware that her current behavior was akin to a puppy eagerly wagging its tail, expecting a reward. And when Ferzen brushed her hair, she let out a sweet moan, as she slowed the movements of her hand clutching his shaft.


  ‘It’s a little sticky……’


  It wasn’t his seed.


  But something was clearly flowing out of the tip of his glans, staining her palm.


  Even then, this wasn’t unpleasant, so Euphemia used this new discovery as a lubricant for her lewd behavior.


  She felt proud.


  Hearing his slightly hushed breathing, Euphemia pulled her husband’s trousers off, freeing his member.




  The musky scent of a male invaded her nostrils.




  Euphemia curiously tilted as she continued to breathe in the scent of his member.


  But as soon as she realized what she doing, she blushed and jerked away from the thing, acting as if nothing had happened as she continued to stroke his throbbing shaft awkwardly.


  But of course, her gaze wandered towards Ferzen’s face.


  She was already aware that her technique was subpar, and that, the quickest way of learning on how to improve would be to gauge his reactions.




  But as Euphemia stared at him, she noticed that Ferzen’s red eyes were fixated at her bosom, which bounced with every movement of her hand.




  Euphemia felt a particular twinge of pleasure in her womb, as his red eyes which were always so intimidating, now contained a glimmer of curiosity and fixation.


  The fact that such a cold-hearted man was looking at her as a woman, no, as a woman he wished to breed with, gave her an unspeakable amount of pride.




  The young mother had never been this sensitive to his gaze.


  But now, her pink peaks slowly hardened.


  Although she was embarrassed by her body’s reaction, when she noticed that his hungry gaze had intensified, Euphemia used her free right hand to gently lift the helm of her nightgown.




  She was aware of the faults of her ministrations.


  And she also knew that he wouldn’t be able to climax if she continued like that.


  With this simple line of reasoning, had Euphemia insisted on taking his member inside of her mouth, the problem would have been solved.


  But she didn’t do that, instead, Euphemia slid her underwear aside, and with her fingers, she exposed her pink flesh for him to see.


  As his gaze shifted towards her womanhood, she could already feel herself getting wetter.






  And from his member, more of that sticky fluid that wasn’t his seed flowed out.


  His threatening shaft pulsed.


  In response to his reactions, Euphemia spread her legs, and inserted a single finger inside her folds, opening it a little more, exposing her inner flesh.




  The savory scent of a female in heat spread around the room.


  But as he showed no signs of releasing his seed, Euphemia leaned down and took his member inside her mouth.


  As if encouraging her, a warm and large hand rested on top of her head, stroking her hair……


  Euphemia quickly swallowed his member as much as she could, as she concentrated her efforts on licking the tiny slit on the center of his glands — The urethra.




  The young mother pursed her lips as his member finally released its thick seed into her mouth.




  Not a single drop of his seed was wasted.


  In a bout of consideration, Ferzen picked a white cloth nearby, but Euphemia shook her head, denying the need for such a thing.




  And just like that, she swallowed his thick seed.


  “I thought you said this was something disgusting……”


  “It’s okay……”


  With a proud smile, Euphemia wiped the corner of her mouth.


  The sweat present on her body, due to her actions, was cooling off…….


  “It’s a bit……Cold……”


  Euphemia shivered slightly, like a baby bird caught in a cold winter night.


  “Indeed it is……Come, lay with me.”


  Ferzen took Euphemia into his arms as he was trying to pull up his trousers, but……




  She stopped him.


  “Lie down……” 




  Her touch wasn’t forceful, and her tone wasn’t demanding, but Ferzen couldn’t help but to be bewitched by them as he meekly layed on the bed.


  Then, Euphemia pulled back the duvet and clung to his side, as his member touched her navel, rubbing against it……


  “Now it’s warm……” 


  She whispered such words in his ear.




  Temtempting words flowed out of her mouth with ease.


  “Ah! But don’t hold me too hard……It will harm the child……” 


  Euphemia gently buried his face on her nape, soothing his desires.


  “Say……Do you like the scent of my flesh…….?”


  “Yes, I do…….” 


  “Good Night……” 


  With a victorious smile, Euphemia hugged her husband as she played with his hair.


  And so, with the lovely caresses of his wife, her soft flesh, and her mesmerizing scent, Ferzen drifted into the land of dreams.



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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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