The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 82

A Blurry Full Moon (3)

༺ A Blurry Full Moon (3) ༻ 



  June 5th. 


  5 A.M.


  Dawn was already approaching.




  The bed where Ferzen and Laura rested was full of bloodstains.


  Ferzen’s shirt was covered with caked blood as well.


  And his body was littered with bites.


  The bites were erratic and were varying in size, so it was impossible to achieve symmetry between them. Fortunately, due to Ferzen’s exhaustion, this wasn’t a cause for concern at the moment.




  And Laura who had been temporarily restrained once more, and was just about to break her hand as a form of threat……


  Froze like a young warrior who had just experienced his first kill.


  She soon regained her reason and her whole body trembled as she looked at Ferzen’s chest.


  “Are you thinking clearly now?”




  As Ferzen’s intense crimson eyes stared at her, Laura tried to back away, but the constant influx of pleasure due to her curse made her lower body weak and unwilling to listen to her will.


  Reaching out to her, Ferzen brushed his thumb across her lips.


  The blood became her lipstick, leaving a lustful stain on her face.


  “Laura de Charles Rosenberg.”


  “Y-yes, ye-yes……”


  “I’ll give you your altar back.” 


  Her Rosario lay on top of his bloodstained hand.


  “When one spills water, then they have the obligation to clean it.”


  Understanding what he wanted, Laura opened her subspace and took several first-aid products and ointments.


  If Laura were thinking clearly, she would have controlled the corpse of her elemental wizard and used water to clean the blood.


  But the young maiden’s thoughts were too erratic, so she nervously opened a bottle of disinfectant.


  The strong smell of alcohol spread around the room.


  “Ah…..I-I’m so-sorry…….S-Sorry……”


  Laura continued to mutter her apologies to Ferzen in a distressed tone.


  But of course, she knew that simply voicing her regret wouldn’t be enough.


  So she ripped the cloth clinging to her body and looked at Ferzen.


  “Pro-Professor…..Y-you ca-can……Hurt……M-me too……”




  A petite and slender feminine body.


  And because of her ripped clothes, her pale and modest bosom was further accentuated as her pink nipples shined with sweat from the happenings of the previous night.


  Although her build created a vulnerable and fragile aura, the smell of sweat and arousal served to remind anyone who saw her that she was in fact a woman and not a little girl.


  “If I were to do that, I doubt your body could handle it.”


  With a cruel smirk, Ferzen grabbed Laura’s fair waist.






  “If I just apply a little force, I could crush you like a fragile flower……”


  “I-it hu-hurts……!”


  “Just by doing this a little more, I could leave an imprint on your skin, and if I bite or scratch it with my nails, I could probably scar you forever.”


  Releasing her from his hold, Ferzen continued.


  “And for some reason, I don’t think your future husband will like the traces I would leave on your body.”




  “So stop trying to quench your guilt Laura, and just focus on healing me.”


  Laura could only nod in agreement with his words, as she took out a coffin from her subspace and controlled her Elemental Wizard to wash the blood off his wounds.


  After that, she dipped a cotton ball in the antiseptic and carefully applied it to them, then after making sure it was cleaned, Laura grabbed a bandage alongside her ointments and began to treat him.




  Withdrawing her hands, Laura glanced at Ferzen like a puppy who had just wronged its owner, as she awaited his next words.




  After checking her work, Ferzen buttoned his bloodstained shirt and rose from the bed.


  But Laura reached out to him and held the hem of his shirt.




  Laura De Charles Rosenberg – The heir of Rosenberg.


  She might not be tied to a leash, but she didn’t like being in debt to him.


  However she would never speak such things to him, and as such her semblance soured.


  “Do you truly wish to pay for your behavior, Laura?”




  Ferzen who was just about to leave looked down on her.


  Since she was now naked, except for her panties, Laura hastily covered her bosom with her hands.




  Ferzen sat on the bed once more.


  “9 hours and 40 minutes, but if we rounded up that number…….Yes, 10 would be acceptable, don’t you think so?”




  Laura’s question was ignored.


  Truthfully, she had an inkling of what his words meant. It was just that if she was right about her guess, then it would be something quite embarrassing for her.






  A truly awkward silence hovered in the room.


  Laura looked at his figure sitting on the bed, and made her decision……


  Like a dog, she crawled up to him and laid down with her belly on his lap.










  Her surprising pump bottom was now painted in a deep flush of red thanks to Ferzen’s ministrations.


  But what mortified Laura, even more, was the musky scent drifting from her panties, which had been slightly lowered by Ferzen.




  Laura buried her face in the duvet as she tried to beg for mercy but……






  Her pleas fell on deaf ears, as Ferzen continued to slap her poor bottom again and again.




  After 5 minutes of pure torture and abuse on the poor girl’s behind.


  Laura held her burning bottom, as she watched Ferzen pick up his umbrella.


  “Get the sheets cleaned while you are here……Then you can head back to the Academy.”




  Unfolding his umbrella, Ferzen opened the door and walked out calmly.




  As the door closed, Laura heaved a deep sigh.


  Although she didn’t remember all of it.


  Quite a bit remained engraved on her memory.


  Especially the early hours of the night.


  ‘This is insane……’


  In those moments, she’d rather take his seed.


  And to accomplish this, she was prepared to rip his heart apart……


  As those memories surfaced in her mind, Laura started to pull her lustrous white hair out, not even caring the least about her pain.


  Especially now that she was in total control of herself.


  She remembered threatening him with her own life, just so that she could continue with her twisted desires.


  And he conceded and allowed her to do whatever she wanted……


  Laura’s heart grew heavier and heavier the more she remembered.


  To her, he was a child.


  Even if he was indeed a full-grown man and a quite big one at that.




  Hugging her knees, she continued to ponder.


  The soft sounds of the rain, helped her mind settle down a bit.


  But when she noticed his blood on her fingertips……


  Ferzen’s blood.


  Without even thinking, she licked it.


  And sure enough, just as she had expected it to taste like…… Like iron.


  But as the taste spread through her mouth, Laura felt strange, as if she could faintly recall the feeling of clawing him with her nails……or sinking her teeth into his flesh.


  Some effects of the curse still seemed to remain.


  Her body tingled with excitement.


  Just as she reached out her hands, and touched her privates.


  The wetness greeted her.


  Rubbing her fingers, the viscous liquid stretched around it, forming long threads.




  Laura couldn’t help but sigh at her situation.


  ‘I’m disgusting……’


  Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, Laura forced herself to her feet, dressed, and cleaned the room just as Ferzen had instructed her.


  Then she returned to the Academy……


  Without wasting time, Laura sat down at her desk and began to write a letter.


  About her vacation.


  She needed to stay by Ferzen’s side if she wanted to keep her secret, and herself under control.


  But now that Ferzen told her his plans, she had the time to prepare the path.




  She needed to think about what she would write.


  The young maiden could only think of one excuse.


  She would go to Louerg during her vacation, to become the territory’s local Wizard and gain experience……..


  Although this excuse wasn’t bad, it wasn’t an ideal one at all, but it was all she could come up with.


  Eventually, Laura wrote her letter in her beautiful handwriting, as she was unable to think of anything better.





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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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