The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 89

Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred (19)

༺ Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred (19) ༻



  Did he ask his maids not to wait for him in advance?


  The mansion she had entered with Ferzen was dead silent, no one could be seen anywhere. 


  The chandelier which was decorated with luminous stones that gently drove away the darkness was swaying due to the wind that blew through the open windows.


  Perhaps it was also due to the wind that the radiant light wavered like a haze, creating a more shady and forsaken atmosphere rather than a luxurious one.


  All of those circumstances made Yuriel think as if it was only Ferzen and herself left in the world. Not hating that at all, Yuriel stopped for a moment and leaned her head on Ferzen’s arm.




  Without saying a word, Ferzen looked down at her. He then moved his hand towards her face and gently straightened her disheveled bangs before pulling the hand she was holding on to, toward him.


  The situation where a man led a woman might seem to be romantic at first glance, but Yuriel felt as if Ferzen was leading her by pulling on an invisible leash. However, rather than feeling subjugated, she was tinged with a strange feeling.






  Yuriel could clearly hear their footsteps while they were climbing the stairs. 


  The figure of Ferzen, who was standing next to her was intimidating.


  Is this how the prey that was captured by the wolves felt when they were transported to the lair.


  However, Yuriel did not resist. It was really ironic that the captive sheep did not cry at all and behaved obediently.




  While moving to her bedroom somewhere in the mansion, Yuriel looked up at Ferzen as he stopped in front of a door with a luxurious pattern and bit her lips.


  Yuriel was not someone who couldn’t read the room, so she intuitively noticed that the bedroom behind the luxurious door in front of her was where that insignificant woman of Louerg was staying.


  “Tonight… I am the one who needs you by my side.”


  “Is that so.”




  “I’ve made a mistake, and for that, I apologize.”


  It was unusual for Ferzen to apologize to her. So, while Yuriel was feeling quite taken aback, she was also displeased. After all, the fact that Ferzen apologized to her meant that he was trying to not offend the woman inside the room.


  However, Yuriel felt a sense of incongruity at that point. In the first place, it was funny that Ferzen was walking on eggshells for someone else.


  No, even if he indeed did that…


  He had already taken her as his concubine. Was there any reason for him to do that?


  Besides, how dare he look like that before their first night……




  As her thoughts reached that point, Yuriel wanted to know something.


  “Are you displeased?”


  For now, it would be better to let him mingle for a bit. 


  “Don’t ask if you know.”


  Feeling that she had pushed enough, Yuriel turned her head.


  Then Ferzen opened his mouth as if to reprimand her for her childish behavior.


  “Yuriel……Jealousy will only tire you.”


  He said so.


  Hearing his words, Yuriel laughed inwardly.


  As a matter of fact, he had been married for less than a year, and had never been a case where one had multiple wives in his family, so it would only be natural for him to be clumsy in this kind of situation.


  “You know? If you are trying to not offend her, you can just tell me.”




  Maybe her words weren’t the reaction he expected.


  His expression, which was stiffer than ever, was strange to Yuriel. It was rare for Ferzen to show so many different emotions.


  ‘Still, it was unpleasant……’


  She decided to do something he didn’t like.


  “You are going to have sex with me now.”




  “You can tell her that ‘You are going to put your cock inside another woman’. But since you are not cheating on her or something like that, she won’t have to worry.”




  “You hate hearing such vulgar words, don’t you?”


  “If you know this, then why did you do say such things?”


  “You are doing bad things too. Women are more sensitive to this matter than you think. I mean, we noticed things like this faster. Weren’t you trying to sort the rank between the two of us just now?”


  At Yuriel’s words, Ferzen flinched. After all, her words hit the mark.


  “Even if I try, I’m confident in my own charm to not be jealous enough of a woman from the northern border to do something against her.”


  That woman was someone with humble origins. Her abilities were also quite insignificant. Her pale white skin couldn’t be said to be something excellent either.


  It could only be thought of as rude to feel jealous of such a woman.


  But Yuriel felt that every time Ferzen treated her better or cared for her, her judgment became twisted.


  “Either it’s envy or jealousy, but it’s all because of your actions.”


  Feeling jealous of discrimination was, in a way, natural. Of course, Yuriel did not deny that she wanted to be compensated to some extent. After all, the time invested in both of their lives was different.


  It would be more accurate to call it a kind of twisted affection, no, a love-hate relationship.


  Since she was born only for Ferzen, he was the only one who could compensate for what she had lost in the process.


  “So if you want a harmonious family, don’t discriminate. You just need to behave well. Else, it will only have the opposite effect. I don’t want to be discriminated against. I hate being discriminated against. Why should I be discriminated against? You know how I was raised and how I have lived, don’t you?”




  “I can have an in-depth conversation with you about elemental magic theory. Even if I don’t know much about politics, you can share your grievances about territory management and the direction it will take in the future with me. Then, when you are hungry, you don’t have to worry about the menu. I like everything you want to eat.”


  Yuriel reached out to him and carefully grabbed the hem of Ferzen’s clothes.


  “There won’t even be an awkward silence around us when we’re having a conversation. The books you read, the instruments you play, the plays you enjoy… Even if you change the subject suddenly, I can still talk with you about all of it.”




  “It’s okay to put her first. But don’t treat her favorably. When you give that woman a gift, you have to do the same to me later. Simple skinship like caressing the hair is no exception.”




  “I’m okay with her experiencing everything with you first… But, I don’t want to not do something that she has done with you. Both tangible and intangible.”


  While tidying up the hem of Ferzen’s clothes that she had clenched tightly, Yuriel lowered her hand.


  “It’s easy to deal with me, so… Don’t make it complicated.”


  At her words, which contained a lot of emotion and a lot of meaning, Ferzen was silent for a moment. But then, he opened his mouth.


  “I won’t let that happen. I was too short-sighted just now.”




  “I’m sorry, Yuriel.”




  His sincerity was different from his earlier apology, so Yuriel leaned her head against his chest. Then he placed his large hand on her head, making her bury her head a little deeper.


  In response, Yuriel rubbed her face lightly at his chest, like a dog delighted with the voice of her master who called her own name, as she inhaled his body odor.


  Being so sensitive to the other person’s scent might be something the two of them have in common.


  ……Time passed and both of them stood still like that.






  Perhaps because of the tension that emanated from how close they were, Yuriel was a little breathless at Ferzen’s action of lowering his hand that was stroking her hair and hugging her roughly.


  It was embarrassing, especially since her own breasts were being crushed mercilessly. If she had been dressed in a dress with a side slit, her pressed chest would have been protruding vulgarly.




  But that notion soon faded.


  Ferzen’s hand began to grope her waist and back at that moment. And as his pants, which touched her belly, slowly swelled up, Yuriel immediately blushed.


  In fact, the pants of the suit were not very elastic.


  Therefore, there was a clear difference between the size of his thing that she saw from the side in the carriage and the size of his thing that was currently touching her belly with only a piece of fabric as a wall in between.




  However, before Yuriel could measure his size, Ferzen tenderly grabbed her body and gently pushed her away.


  Even while she wondered why she felt regretful about it, Yuriel quietly moved her hand……




  She grabbed his erect penis and gently caressed it over his pants.




  Yuriel was very surprised by her own behavior, but a smile naturally bloomed on her lips due to Ferzen who flinched cutely.


  At that moment, Ferzen’s eyebrows slightly furrowed, and his distinctive crimson eyes looked down at her. As she thought that it was already too late to back down, Yuriel met that gaze directly and smirked.


  “What I tried to kill, rose again.”




  “Am I the first to get you erect in the hallway of the mansion, I wonder?”


  After removing her hand for a moment, Yuriel gently extended her index finger and poked Ferzen in the groin.


  She herself wondered where all of this courage came from. But since she somehow felt good after taking the initiative from Ferzen, she quickly put the issue to rest.




  At that, Ferzen said nothing and just brushed her bangs. A little bit of sweat trickled down her forehead as he did that.


  When Ferzen saw how she clumsily took the initiative and how delighted she looked while doing it, he felt that she looked lovable and sadistic. On the other hand, he couldn’t wait to crush her.




  “Let’s go. The room isn’t far.”


  So, Ferzen took Yuriel’s hand and took a step that had been postponed until now.


  Yuriel’s bedroom was exactly diagonally opposite to Euphemia’s.


  When Ferzen finally stopped walking once again, Yuriel also noticed that the room in front of them was her bedroom. And at the belated realization that entering the room would lead to their first night, Yuriel started to feel fidgety.


  She seemed to know a little about why her maids had given her hip massages.


  “Why are you standing still?”




  “I don’t think you don’t know how to open the door.”


  “Don’t be stupid……”


  At Ferzen’s words, Yuriel stretched out her hand.


  At that moment, Ferzen, who was standing behind her, poked his swollen groin into the area slightly beneath her bottom…….




  She let out an unsightly moan, and her body flinched.


  Then, when his voice sounded like a sneer in her ears, Yuriel raised her eyes and tried to look back at him…






  But, she couldn’t afford to be as courageous as before. Therefore, she quickly grabbed the doorknob and opened it.






  As soon as the door opened, Yuriel stepped forward and entered the room as Ferzen pushed her back.


  The interior of the bedroom was monotonous. Such monotonous compositions matched Ferzen’s taste perfectly, and at the same time, it also matched her own taste.




  Soon the door closed.




  No, the door was not just closed. It was locked.


  “Um, why are you locking the door……”


  The slightly dangerous smile she saw from Ferzen when they climbed the stairs earlier became even more apparent.




  At that moment, Ferzen, who had come closer to Yuriel, hugged her roughly from behind without saying a word. He then propped her chin up with his hand and whispered in her ear in a low voice.


  “Just in case. I have an inkling that you’ll run away……”


  The wolf, which had entered its lair, growled and bared its teeth.


  Which means, it was time for the sheep to get eaten.





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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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