The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 90

Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred (20)

༺ Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred (20) ༻



“Ah, yes…!”


Yuriel trembled and moaned as Ferzen kissed her nape exposed by the back of her dress.




But Yuriel couldn’t concentrate due to the euphoria she was experiencing.


He, who was manipulating her tense, stiff body like a toy, had already removed her snow-white dress.


‘He’s good……’ 


The way he undressed her felt more familiar than if she were to undress her own body.


This must be the influence of that insignificant woman, Euphemia.


Yuriel was uncomfortable enough to be jealous, but…




Soon, the white dress slid down to her ankles, and as he removed her brassiere, Yuriel couldn’t help but cover her large bosom in embarrassment.


As Ferzen was standing behind her, he wouldn’t be able to see it anyway, but because the wind that blew in caused the sweat that flowed down her neck from the tension to cool, Yuriel felt a strange sensation and made her feel quite ashamed.






And as she covered her chest, he reached out to her waist and with his large hand, he then touched and grabbed her lower abdomen, where some flesh was caught.


She had been managing her figure steadily, so why was there still some belly fat that could be caught…?


Yuriel’s legs trembled as Ferzen bent her body forward and unconsciously exerted some strength on her lower abdomen.






But as if disliking that, Yuriel forcibly relaxed her tense lower tummy, trembling all over as Ferzen’s finger poked and prodded at her belly button before releasing her limp body.


“You don’t have to be ashamed. This much fat is actually desirable.”


“T-that’s nonsense… Please don’t say that…”


“It’s not nonsense. By the way, Yuriel, you know what that is?”


“W-what, what…?”


“A mirror.”




At Ferzen’s words, Yuriel lifted her head and quickly turned her body, staring at the mirror that clearly reflected her body shimmering in the moonlight.


She didn’t want to see her own face, which was disheveled by his touch.


But she realized that it was a foolish act a bit too late.


As she turned away from the mirror, not wanting to see her own reflection, she realized that he could openly scrutinize her body from a very close distance……..




She lowered her head when she met his crimson eyes.


Unlike usual, it was difficult for Yuriel to endure the desire directed toward her by Ferzen, which was reflected in his eyes.



But at the same time, she felt happy. And her body accepted that happy feeling very honestly.



The exhilarating, tickling sensation from her womanhood. Is the liquid running down her thighs sweat or something more…… intimate?



A stronger female scent wafted through the air.






Then, as Ferzen reached out his hand and gently pulled her sweaty hair off of her face, she tightly crossed her legs. 


Her body was very sensitive to even the slightest of touches.



Then he approached a little closer and tried to bury his face in her nape.


Yuriel instinctively tilted her head to the side, but Ferzen didn’t do anything and instead just whispered.


“When will you remove your hands?”




Without waiting for her answer, he forcefully grabbed her hand, which was covering her bosom, and brought it down.


A pink nipple, standing erect, was flirtatiously exposed before him.


Yuriel tried to endure it, but she couldn’t bear the embarrassment and raised her hand again……


“Such a cumbersome resistance.”


But with Ferzen’s words as if scolding her, she froze like a lost child.


And Ferzen, who had grabbed her hand, gently placed it on his own bulging pants and said.


 “If you’re bored with your hand, why don’t you repeat that little trick you did in the corridor.”




Yuriel could hear the sound of his snickering laughter in her ear. 


But still, her hands remained stiff and didn’t move, unlike in the corridor.


Trying to relieve her tension, Ferzen reached out and traced circles around Yuriel’s nipple with his index finger.




Feeling the tickling sensation, Yuriel let out a light moan…




Soon enough, Fergen’s grip on her twitching nipple tightened and he began to tweak it gently, causing her to wince.


“Don’t…don’t pull it…”


As the elastic bosom pinched between his fingertips swelled up embarrassingly, Yuriel begged in a whimpering voice.


“Ah, ah…!”


However, as if scolding her for her rebellion, Ferzen twisted and pulled her nipples trying to draw their nonexistent milk.


As if treating her like a cow on a ranch……




He clenched her bosom, leaving imprints of his large hand on the tender flesh.


Yuriel would be lying in saying she wasn’t in pain, however……She was enjoying it.


The feeling of his hands exploring her body without any hesitation filled the emptiness that had not been filled in a long time.




And slowly, his hands which had been teasing her bosom traveled down her body……




As his hand abruptly entered her black silk panties, Yuriel pulled her waist back quickly.




But Ferzen forcibly pulled her forward with his other hand, grabbing her buttocks tightly.


“It’s quite……Wet.”


Underneath the soft but slightly rough pubic hair.


Ferzen touched her moistened womanhood and said.


“It’s sweat……”


“Is that so?”


Yuriel immediately denied it, but Ferzen answered insincerely and lightly tapped her slit with his widened palm.






Yuriel tightly closed her eyes at the obscene sound coming from below.


But as she closed her eyes, her heightened sense of hearing ingrained the obscene sound more clearly, telling her that it wasn’t sweat.




Then, as he slightly bent his finger, Ferzen penetrated her warmth, which had never been invaded by anyone before, and Yuriel bent forward, gripping his forearm.


“Ahh…..! Ugh…..!”


A tight and untainted depth.


Yuriel’s body trembled as Ferzen’s fingers swept around her slit, which was just barely touched.


It was a sensation she had never experienced before.


She had touched herself before, but Ferzen’s touch was much more pleasurable.


However, feeling pathetic for simply enjoying his touch, Yuriel trembled with a rebellious spirit and reached out to grab his pants.


She undid the button that held his length and fixed it around her hips to prevent it from falling down, but……




Yuriel was left speechless.


She was momentarily frightened.


Unlike what she had vaguely felt beyond his pants, his shaft was like a deadly weapon.




As if rendered incontinent by the fear, Yuriel’s privates were filled with sticky vaginal lubrication, oozing out shamelessly onto Ferzen’s palm.




And as if to help Yuriel, Ferzen grabbed her hand and pulled down his last remaining underwear.


Yuriel, who had now completely exposed Ferzen’s genitals, looked at him with a shocked expression.




This can’t possibly fit.


Ferzen’s expression was so vulgar that he withdrew his hand from her intimate parts and grabbed her buttocks with both hands, pulling her into his embrace.


Ferzen’s hot, pulsating member touched Yuriel’s smooth belly.




And each time she felt his throbbing pulse against her skin, Yuriel shuddered in fear.


The transparent, sticky, and pungent scent of female pheromones seeped through her thighs endlessly.


It looked like a desperate struggle for survival before excitement.




Whether it was because of her smooth skin or her scent, Ferzen moved his waist slowly, as if trying to vent his desires.


She had heard that the male genitals didn’t have bones.


But Ferzen’s erection was so hard that Yuriel felt a faint pain pressing against her navel.


“T-that hurts……!”


When she told him carefully, grabbing his forearm.




He roughly teased her lower abdomen, and then he leaned in close to the shivering Yuriel’s ear and whispered in a hoarse voice.




Yuriel was taken aback by what he had said. Her face flushed even redder.




Ferzen guided her towards the bed with his hand.




Sitting on the edge of the bed, Ferzen gazed at Yuriel after laying the soft blankets on the floor.




She glanced down at her large breasts and then quietly knelt on top of the blankets.


Although she was very embarrassed, Ferzen had clearly said that he had never tried this with Euphemia before.


This experience would exist between Yuriel and Ferzen but not between Euphemia and Ferzen……


This was something Yuriel coveted.


No, she was desperate for it.


So much so that her shame and pride meant nothing if she managed to achieve her wish.


“I-I’ll do it……”


She lifted up her breasts with her own hands and then approached his throbbing member, gently wrapping her warm bust around it.


Since her bosom was covered in sweat droplets like raindrops, there was no concern for any uncomfortable friction.


His red glans between her cleavage became visible.


Although it had looked like a deadly weapon before, now that it was buried in bewteen her breast, it felt a bit cute.




Even though she had just started to wrap her hands around it, when he stroked her head as if praising her……


Even though she knew that she shouldn’t be, Yuriel felt happy and felt a sense of excitement.




“What’s wrong?”




Although Yuriel was disappointed by the fact that Ferzen’s caressing had only lasted for a few strokes, she was too embarrassed to urge him to continue.


But since her desire was not subsiding, Yuriel leaned her head forward slightly, even though it seemed like a direct expression of her intentions. 


As she moved, Yuriel squeezed her mounds a little more.


Perhaps because of the pressure that was rising, Ferzen let out a soft moan.


‘So he likes this……’


His expression was slightly distorted.


Wanting to see it a little more, Yuriel slowly moved her hand on her bosom.




His penis, which was slick with sweat in the valley of her bosom made a coarse sound as she rubbed against it.




But Yuriel’s hand didn’t stop, as if in symphony with his faint moans.


Her voluptuous breasts rocked violently on Ferzen’s knees.


As a noblewoman from the prestigious Alfred family, it was impossible to find any grace in her posture as she knelt in front of a man with only her panties on and used her breasts to satiate his lust.


After a while, the pleasure deepened.


Even though there was a blanket laid out, her knees began to feel sore from being worn down bit by bit……




Yuriel was surprised when Ferzen suddenly pulled her shoulder toward him and leaned forward without leaving any gap.


And soon after, his penis started ejaculating roughly beyond control, Yuriel endured the pain in her shoulders and warmly embraced his penis.






His thick and pungent seed was discharged onto her breasts.


At first, there was so much of it that Yuriel thought he might be peeing on her, but as she watched the semen, which was as white as snow, filled the space between her breasts, she realized it was just her imagination.




Ferzen gasped for breath, his body jerking.


His hand, which was pressing against Yuriel’s shoulder, moved away, and she opened her chest slightly, feeling the sensation of the semen dripping down onto her lower abdomen.




Her body was covered in his semen.


‘With that woman……’


There’s no way he did that with her.


Yuriel knew that the amount of semen was more or less proportional to how long one had been abstinent, so she grabbed his penis where the residual fluid would be.


Then she awkwardly stroked it, bringing her face close.






Despite the awkwardness of the gesture, a gush of semen spurted out, staining Yuriel’s face and hair.


But Yuriel only arched an eyebrow and tilted her head slightly, seemingly unperturbed.


She stuck out her tongue and gently licked the base of his glans.


She knew it was possible to swallow all of his ejaculations but choose not to do it. Instead, she let him give her a facial.


If she had taken it all in her mouth, she knew he wouldn’t kiss her back.


And when she had squeezed all of his seed, Yuriel gave Ferzen a full view of her defiled self.


In the past —- when the most expensive courtesan had trained her, Yuriel had not been taught any sexual techniques, but she had been educated to the point of exhaustion on the psychology of men.


  And a particular lesson remained stuck in her mind.



「 My Lady, do you know why even high-ranking aristocrats from prestigious families come to a woman like me?」


「 I have no idea……」


「 The answer is simple. 」


「 …… 」


「It’s because they can’t fully satisfy their sexual desires, there’s always a line they won’t cross, so they restrain themself whether consciously or unconsciously.」


「 A line……?」


「 Be it because of their social status, the need to maintain their image in front of their partner, or simply because they love their partner so much that they won’t even show such a twisted side of themselves in front of them.」


「 I don’t understand……」


「And that is fine, but make sure to never forget this, My Lady. 」


「 …… 」


「A woman who can fully embrace her lust, who can reveal their true self without hesitation, even if her desires are twisted……They might not have their men during the day, however, she will always have them during the night. 」



Yuriel never forgot those words.


And because of this, she wanted to let Ferzen know that it was okay to defile her as much as he desired.




And their gazes met, Ferzen grabbed her arm and pulled her into the bed in one swift motion.


Yuriel struggled a little as Ferzen’s rough hold on her was rather intimidating, but the current man behaved like a ravenous beast.


And so, the beast in a man’s skin grabbed her waist, lifting her lower body.


“W-what! Hey….!”


Enraged by her resistance, the beast pressed its hands on her neck, as if ordering her to stop this senseless struggle.


And when Yuriel managed to turn her head and look into his eyes……




She realized.


That in the eyes of the beast in front of her.


She was its prey……


Her scent which had been altered by the ‘Fruit of Fragrance’ was akin to perfume in some cases.


No, it was more akin to a pheromone than a perfume, but even then it acted in a myriad of forms.


When one doesn’t have any sort of feelings for her, the scent can make this person more flirtatious.


And when one is flirting, isn’t it normal to hug their target? 


And when one hugs their target, isn’t it normal to engage in their carnal desires right at that instant?




  In an instant, Ferzen ripped out her underwear.


  The fabric was already drenched, and dripping.




  Yuriel couldn’t help but wince as his hands squeezed her pearl-shaped bottom.


 ‘He’s going to…….’


  She had nothing more to hide.


  Her shame was presented to him.


  Yuriel tried to cover her untarnished anus and her pink-petaled flesh, by clenching her bottom, but……


  Ferzen simply spread her cheeks, mocking her effort.


  “N-no…..Don’t look…..Don’t……!”


  She once again tried to reason with the beast, as she continued to clench her bottom.


  And when she traced his gaze, she became aware of what he was looking at.


  Because of her resistance, her pink anus was constantly twitching.


  Shyly closing and opening over and over again.


  Like a flower that blossoms and withers in a single moment.


  Tracing his fingers from the twitching flower, Ferzen then used his digits to spread her womanhood wide open.




  The fleshy folds were eagerly awaiting their reward even now.




  As his patience diminished, Ferzen settled himself over her bottom.


  Yuriel’s toes curled up as she felt his length rubbing against her tender flesh.


  But at this moment……Yuriel was a woman for Ferzen.


  And for him alone.





TL: Yesterday I just had the unluckiest day of my fucking life, I woke up at 5 a.m thinking it’s 8 already and I almost had a meltdown cause I would be late for work, then I just change clothes and bolt My place, and bam 5 a.m……

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Ohhh you think this is over???? NO it’s not. After having a rather nice day at work (I should have known…..) Some stupid fucking bloody cunt of a pigeon, shat on my head…….



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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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