The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 94


༺ Interlude ༻



‘It hurts……’


Yuriel, who was headed to the bathroom with the help of the maid called by Ferzen, put her hand on her waist and stopped for a moment.


Since her first experience was quite rough, it was not unreasonable for her delicate body to feel burdened and stiff.


Going into the bathroom just like that, Yuriel took her clothes off and entered the bathtub……




There, she met Euphemia who had come before her.


The mansion had two bathrooms.


One was to be used by Ferzen only, so the two women had no choice but to run into each other as they had to use the same bathroom.




Euphemia noticed Yuriel as well. She gazed at her with her unique golden eyes without even saying a word, 


No, rather than gazing, it was more like scanning.


She saw all the traces which were engraved on Yuriel’s body by Ferzen.


As she was also a woman, Yuriel noticed her look right away. Therefore, despite the pain in her back, she straightened her body and got into the bathtub filled with warm water.


“It’s a good morning, isn’t it?”


“……That’s right.”


Yuriel was the one who greeted her first albeit awkwardly, and Euphemia accepted her awkward greeting.


The atmosphere around the two was hard to decipher, so the maids who were standing there watching them could only gulp down their saliva.


“Excuse me.”


“……What’s the matter?”


“It’s difficult to take all the lust of that person alone.”




“Rather than refusing to sleep with him, why don’t you just accept him? After all, it was really tough last night for me. I thought I was going to die.”


Sweeping her wet hair to the side, Yuriel revealed the kiss marks engraved on her own body.


It was as if a woman…… No, a slave was showing off the chains hanging on their feet.


Euphemia inwardly frowned at the Yuriel who was feeling a sense of superiority because of those marks.


However, she realized that she had no reason to be upset about it, so Euphemia turned her head away.


“I am not rejecting him.”




“It’s him who is holding back.”


Rather than holding back, doesn’t he just not want to sleep with her?


While Yuriel was lost in her thoughts, Euphemia gently stroked her lower belly……


“It’s not good to lose the child in exchange for satisfying his sexual desire, is it?”


As soon as Euphemia said those words, Yuriel instantly became dumbfounded.


“The doctor told us to not have sex until the child is 12 weeks old. So until then…… Could you please relieve his pent-up sexual desire?”




There was a thing known as a teaser mare.


It was a mare that was used to drain the stamina of the stallion before it entered a full-fledged copulation process.


Yuriel felt aggravated by the words of Euphemia, who seemed to treat her like a teaser mare, but for some reason she couldn’t answer.


“Ah…… Also, did you say it was difficult to take him? It’s really a mystery, after all I never felt so. He ejaculated quickly every time he was with me.”


He liked my body more than he liked yours.


Yuriel was taken aback by Euphemia’s words, which were very blunt.


“Then, I’ll leave first.”


Euphemia had entered the bathroom before Yuriel.


Since she didn’t want to be there anymore, she got up from the bathtub and left with a leisurely gait as if laughing at Yuriel.


“Is that…… True?”


Yuriel, who was still in the bathroom, asked with trembling lips, her maid regarding Euphemia’s pregnancy.


The maid had no reason to hide it from her, who had become the master’s concubine, so she frankly replied.


“Yes. Madam has conceived and is currently in her 5th week.”




The fact that she was pregnant was not well publicized.


People were either silent about it or just didn’t confirm or deny it.


After all, it was very easy to kidnap a pregnant woman.


For that reason, it was common practice not to inform others before the belly became big enough to the point it couldn’t be hidden any longer.


Yuriel, who heard the answer from her maid, bit her lip.


The feeling of superiority that she had harbored in her heart since last night and just a little while ago…… Felt like It had been trampled.




As she stroked her smooth hand on top of her womb which should have been filled with his seeds, Yuriel felt a wave of emptiness.


His semen oozed through her slit and mixed with the water.


So, Yuriel closed her legs, put her hand down to close her crotch, and then squeezed her entrance shut


Even though that semen couldn’t get into her womb and could only flow out.


Yuriel wanted even those seeds to remain in her.




The feeling of happiness she had felt since dawn subsided in an instant.


It was the worst feeling.


* * * * *


Returning to the bedroom, Euphemia changed into her clothes and sat in the chair by the window, quietly admiring the flower bed.


After some time had passed.




The door opened, and Ferzen entered the room.




She stood up for a moment in an attempt to approach him. But Euphemia, realizing that she wanted him to approach her first, put her half-raised buttocks back on the chair.




Soon after, the door closed, and Ferzen slowly approached Euphemia, who didn’t even look at him.


“Did you happen to face any issues during the night?”


Her hair, wet and shiny from the bath she had taken.


As he ran his hand through her hair, Ferzen grabbed her white nape.


To that tickling sensation, Euphemia answered with a small voice that masked her moaning.




“I see. Then…… Let’s go for some breakfast.”


Originally, the food would have been brought into the room. However, because of Yuriel now, they had to go to the dining room to have a meal with her.


After all, It would be strange for her to come all the way here to have breakfast together with them.




Even though Euphemia fully understood that, she was reluctant to comply.


That’s why……


“My…… Belly hurts……”


She was lying……


“I’ll call the doctor right away.”


As soon as Ferzen heard her complain about her belly, he turned around to leave the bedroom to call a doctor.




But Euphemia grabbed his arm.


She then shook her head.


“I-It’s not that bad…… It’s just like a slight stomach ache……”


“Since you have our child inside of you, it is better to be safe than sorry.”


“I-it’s really okay…… Can you just stay by my side…… Don’t go anywhere……”




At that point, Ferzen noticed that she was telling lies.


If she really had a stomach ache, even if it was minor, she would ask for it to be checked.


After all, she was bound to be more sensitive than him.


“The meal……”


“Can you tell the maid to bring it here?”


Euphemia, who checked his reaction, lowered her head.


‘I don’t want to eat breakfast with Yuriel……’


It’s what she meant by those words.




After reading her thoughts, Ferzen didn’t bother to talk about it and just told the maid outside the door to bring breakfast to the bedroom.


She’s currently not just insecure because he’s been mingling with another woman for one night.


Feeling jealous because of that would only be natural.


In fact, the very sight of her being jealous was a bit fresh for Ferzen.


When Ferzen returned to Euphemia, he helped her to raise her body from the chair and took her to the bed.




He gently supported her back and laid her down before also laying down.


Then Euphemia, who was lying beside him, buried her face naturally in his chest.


A seductive smell of flesh which was far different from that of Yuriel, tickled his nose.


‘I already know that she lied, but……’


Pretending not to know, Ferzen reached out and caressed her belly.


“Eu…… Eung……”


Is she in the mood?


Euphemia let out a strange moan as her face became flushed.




Different from her usual act, Euphemia slightly raised her head and landed a clumsy kiss on Ferzen’s neck.




Euphemia’s hot breath spread like a faint scent on the nape of his neck.


It’s unnatural, and didn’t fit her.


But…… Her desperation was cute.


Finding her lovely, Ferzen kissed her on her white forehead and lifted his hand from caressing her belly.




The buttons on her top come undone.


And Ferzen, who put his hand inside it, rubbed her voluptuous and soft breasts quite vigorously.


“Ah…… Eung…… Angg……!”


Euphemia’s lewd moaning stimulated a men’s heart.


Hearing that, Ferzen slowly concentrated on appreciating her body.


Watching Ferzen who explored every inch of her body, Euphemia brushed the back of her own hand over Ferzen’s groin.




Above his pants, she could feel his genitals squirm.


In fact, what she told Yuriel when she met her in the bathroom earlier about how quickly Ferzen ejaculated when he mixed his body with her, was nothing but a lie.


It was just words she said because she did not like her, who was showing off the traces of what Ferzen did to her last night, as if proud of it.


But on the other hand, it also made Euphemia wonder whether he really felt more satisfied when he blended with that woman rather than herself.


However, when Euphemia looked at his genitals that spurted out so much heat…… she couldn’t help but think that he had not completely poured all of his sexual desire yet.


Delighted by that fact, Euphemia caressed his groin with the palm of her hand, not the back of her hand, and said.


“I-I will..…. Do it for you…… With hand or mouth……”


Knock-!! Knock-!!




But before Ferzen could answer, a knock could be heard from the door.


In response, Ferzen roughly tidied up Euphemia’s disheveled clothes, then opened his mouth while moving his face towards the door.


“Come in……”




“Excuse us.”


As if it were a banquet, the maid laid out the breakfast that was big enough to be mistaken as a banquet meal.


Right after they left, Ferzen brushed her bangs.


An uncomfortable yet awkward silence lingers.


It was Euphemia who broke that silence first.


“Should we…… Skip breakfast?”


“We shouldn’t…… You should think of the child.”




However, at Ferzen’s words, Euphemia wiggled her hands, closed her eyes tightly, grabbed Ferzen’s trousers, and bent down.




“J-just…… enjoy…… Your meal…… I…… Will…… Relieve your lust……”


Before Ferzen could even express his permission, Euphemia pulled his penis and put it into her mouth.


His penis, half limp because of the entering maids, dropped over her tongue.




Only after she get used to it did she pursed her lips and sucked on his penis to make it completely erect.




At the end of that effort, Ferzen’s cock hit the roof of her mouth.


Her jaw was quite in pain as she tried to hold his large penis with her small mouth, but Euphemia didn’t mind it much and moved her head slowly back and forth.




In the end, Ferzen put down the spoon as he felt the intense stimulation……. He then laid his hand on Euphemia’s head.


* * * * *






“It’s tidy. In a different way.”


After a long time, one of the maids who went into Euphemia’s bedroom and cleaned up the breakfast asked such questions.


The food that had never been touched.


It felt cold.


“Usually, even when the madam doesn’t have the appetite, she still touches it a few times. However, that’s not the case now…… Was she feeling unwell?”


“You…… You are more gullible than you look.”




“The lady’s clothes were disheveled.”


Looking at her partner, the other maid shook her head pathetically.


Ferzen had tried to tidy up, but his jacket was still buttoned up incorrectly. Anyone with a keen eye could easily spot it right away.


……Everyone then should realize that they were sharing affection between husband and wife.


“Oh my god!”


And at the words of the other maid who told her about what she had been oblivious about, the maid who first questioned the matter made a fuss.


“Didn’t the master have a first-night last night?”


He had spent a blissful night with her concubine, yet, her master still had the energy to do it again in the morning. She was amazed by him and her face naturally blushed.


“Well…… If the master’s energy is good and the relationship between him and the madam is all good, it would only make our job easier.”


“That’s right.”


The more wives a husband had, the more he had to deal with. It also meant that the maids would suffer more.


As bad as it was for the wives, it was the maids who would be more troubled because of their quarrels.


Fortunately, if the husband’s energy was good, the discord between the wives tended to be less.


That was because they would not be at odds with each other because of the night activity.


The maids continue to stroll down the quiet corridor while chatting with each other.



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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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