The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 93

Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred (23)

༺ Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred (23) ༻





At the early break of dawn.


Yuriel, who was feeling all warmed up thanks to being held in Ferzen’s arms all night long, lifted her heavy eyelids.




She could feel the fatigue creeping on her. Since she couldn’t sleep soundly, 


Yuriel, who shook her head a few times in a daze, soon stretched her corpse-like body out.


She had a hard time controlling her own body, so she didn’t want to move at all.


No, even if she wanted to move in the first place……


It was impossible because Ferzen was hugging her so hard as if he was trying to crush her.


‘You kept…… Hugging me…… Throughout the night, huh……’


Yuriel could clearly feel the connected part of their body.


His pubic hair brushed harshly across the soft white flesh of her hips.


On top of that, his hard penis…… Left no room inside of her as it filled her warmth to the brim.




Since her body was not used to copulating yet, she could feel an uncomfortable, tight feeling in her lower abdomen.


However, as if there was no reason for him to care about such inconveniences, his member broke through her tender inner flesh and ruled like a violent tyrant, using his precious wife as a blanket.


However, Yuriel did not dare to express her dissatisfaction with the monstrous object that had taken over her vagina.


……The truth was, there was no dissatisfaction to vent whatsoever.


After all, the fact that his erection had not gone away even once from the night until morning dawned due to the stimulation her body offered, gave her nothing but joy.




She moved her head slightly and looked down.


‘For sure……’


She had put his hand between her breasts.


However, at this moment, his hand was tightly gripping her large breasts.


Yuriel shed a light smile at the sight.


‘Even your hand……’


Can’t even grip her entire breast.


Carefully opening Ferzen’s hand that was holding her bosom, Yuriel brought it to her cheek and buried her face in it.


All through the first night, his hands were like a leash on her.


The light scent she could smell from Ferzen was good to the point that she couldn’t help but flex her stomach after she took a deep breath of it.






At that moment, Ferzen’s shaft reacted to her folds coming at it from all directions; it started rubbing against her cervix with a vigorous jerk.


At that thrilling pleasure, Yuriel’s body could only tremble as she didn’t know what to do.


Unlike yesterday, when he pounded her ceaselessly as if trying to break a door that would not open, and pressed down on her with a force strong enough to crush her womb where the fetus would settle……


The tickling sensation she was currently feeling was so addictive.






Because of that, Yuriel’s lower abdomen once again tightened and pressed on his genitals as much as possible amidst her trembling body.


Every time his rod softly rubbed against her cervix, Yuriel’s toes curled like a baby.


‘It’s not bad, is it……’


Just as there was nothing wrong with a husband coveting his wife’s body. There’s nothing wrong with a wife coveting her husband’s body either.


After justifying her actions, Yuriel squeezed his shaft, which was firmly embedded inside her, and went to satisfy her own lust.




However, she could feel something was missing.


She could hardly be satisfied with these mere bodily pleasures anymore.


Yuriel closed her eyes as she felt Ferzen’s hand that she had placed her cheek on.


She then recalled what had happened last night.


His gaze thoroughly scanned her slit that had been opened.


His two hands that had tightly gripped her waist to prevent her from running away as she struggled in pain.


His racing breath thanks to the satisfaction he felt as he forcibly dug through her cramped inner flesh and thrust his sword to the deepest part of her.


And, the gestures he made as he grabbed her chest while his rod pushed through her inside and poured his seed into her womb.


That’s right, the moment Ferzen showered her with his emotions…… Was the moment Yuriel felt the most intense satisfaction.


“Hick…… Hiiiick!”


In the end, the mental pleasure was added to the physical pleasure of rubbing her womb with his rod after such reminiscing.


Yuriel gasped for breath as she reached a climax.


As if she had a spasm, her body and vaginal folds trembled non-stop.



Naturally, at that intense stimulation, Ferzen, who was deeply asleep, couldn’t help but open his eyes.


However, even though his mind was still disoriented, his rod was already full of energy.


It was thanks to Yuriel’s body scent, which smelled as sweet as a peach, and her warmth, which had lustfully heated up because of her desire.




As if stretching his stiff body, he instinctively put his own weight on her hips and crushed her womb mercilessly.


“Ah… Ahhhhh!”


As a result, Yuriel couldn’t even breathe properly and let out an ugly moan as she puckered her lips.






Without any hesitation, his genitals tore into Yuriel’s pussy and began to stretch it.




“Heuk! Uh……! Heuk!”


At that moment, Ferzen’s waist, which was showing no signs of stopping, pressed down on Yuriel’s white buttocks.


His large hands grabbed her breasts without a hint of consideration and pulled her into his arms.


As he continued to dig into her vagina and found nowhere else to go, her lower belly naturally bulged out.


Even though she wanted to tell him to stop, she couldn’t even do so because she was short of breath.


All she could do was tremble as she was trapped between his arms……




At that moment, a strange liquid, which was thin and slippery, like urine dripped down from Yuriel’s pussy.




Immediately after, Ferzen stretched his body, exhaled a hot breath on the back of her neck as if staggering from the rushing dizziness, and gently pulled his dick back out.




Following his thick shaft that had halfway left her vagina, Yuriel’s pink flesh came out while making a weird noise.


“Huh, heuk…… Huk……”


In the lingering aftertaste, Ferzen calmly relaxed his whole body. Meanwhile, Yuriel could only whimper while laying in a position similar to a kid crouching down.




Hearing that noise, Ferzen quietly blinked his hazy eyes.


In the meantime, the temperature cooled down little by little.


Because of how cold the room was, the sour scent of lust wafting from the half-opened sheets, and Yuriel’s body odor…… Ferzen could feel himself slowly coming to his senses.


‘Even if it was just a dream……’


Ferzen felt taken aback by the sexual desire that soared as soon as he opened his eyes.


No matter how sweet her body was, it was not to the point it could infatuate a person who had just woken up.




Was she very surprised?


Watching Yuriel’s body tremble intermittently, Ferzen gently caressed her naked body with his large hands.


He then showered her with affectionate kisses on her nape and cheek, before patting her lower belly which had bulged tenderly.




In the end, Yuriel, whose sniffles had subsided, turned her head towards him.


“Why are you crying?”


Ferzen could see some jealousy swimming beneath her obsidian-like eyes.


After seeing that, Ferzen swallowed his doubts back.


And to that question, Yuriel quietly avoided his gaze and spoke in a small voice.


“I…… Just thought…… you are mistaking me with that woman……”




“If that’s not the case…… It’s fine……”


At the touch of Ferzen, who was touching her body as if he was handling precious things, unlike last night, Yuriel wondered if he had mistaken herself for Euphemia…… She had such thoughts.


Of course, she knew that this kind of jealousy was childish.


However, Yuriel’s true intention was to avoid being treated as a substitute for that woman.


Hearing those words, Ferzen lowered his hand that had been groping her body and held her delicate waist tightly.






The bed shook violently.


At the same time, Yuriel’s body, which had been lying on her side, was lifted. In an instant, she was already in a riding position on top of Ferzen’s body.


In response, Yuriel reflexively stretched her hands out and placed them on his sturdy chest to support her shaking body.


Her bent knees trembled as they kept his half-woke-up monstrous member at an appropriate distance so that it could not penetrate her all at once.


“I-It hurts…… Ge-gently……”


Even though it was such a sloppy posture, the position made it seem as if they were sitting facing each other.


Yuriel’s voluptuous, vulgar breasts lustfully caught his gaze at that moment.


Therefore, Ferzen reached out and squeezed her breasts.


In the middle of her squeezed breasts, her protruding pink nipples flinched and trembled.


“Ah…… Ahh……”


Ferzen’s hand grabbed and squeezed it before pulling it.


It felt like he was treating her breasts as toys, so Yuriel hated it a little, but she couldn’t say anything to him.






As Ferzen’s hand slid down and grabbed her bottom, Yuriel naturally relaxed her posture and tightened her vagina.




It might have relieved the tension, but Ferzen began to lower her waist with little force.


The bend on Yuriel’s knees gradually started to subside.


Every time that happened, his penis, which had been inserted halfway, entered deeper.






Perhaps because Ferzen didn’t like the slow progress, he lowered her waist with all his might.


Yuriel’s bent knees loosened in an instant, and her legs stretched out.


Making her slip and fall into Ferzen’s arms.


The bottom of his penis kissed her entrance as his tip fertilized her womb.


Feeling satisfied that he had completely filled her, Ferzen embraced Yuriel’s body as if he was about to crush her.


Immediately after, he whispered in her ears with a voice full of possessiveness.


“There was no misunderstanding. From the moment I opened my eyes, I knew it was you…… Yuriel.”


“Heuk…… Eung! Anggggg……!”


Thanks to those words, Yuriel felt indescribable happiness appear in her heart. She then wrapped her hands around Ferzen’s neck and buried her face in his neck.


His genitals, which he had pushed to penetrate the inside of her vagina and abuse her womb violently at that moment.


Yuriel tightened the wrinkles of her vagina and did her best to serve him with the hope that she could make him even a bit happier.




Yuriel’s thighs trembled as they made love so early in the morning, his seeds filling her womb.


Her fertile womb was filled with his sticky, slimy seed, and she felt her stomach clench and unclench as she winced.




Then, after slowly letting out a heavy breath, Ferzen leaned over and laid Yuriel who was in his arms onto the bed.


As if changing the diaper of a baby, he lifted her legs together and pulled out the monstrous penis that had been lodged inside of her for a long time.






With a lewd sound, Ferzen’s penis finally came out and hit the entrance of Yuriel’s pussy.


And then, her vagina, which had stretched out to accommodate his penis, began to vomit his thick essence in order to get smaller.




And then the semen began to trail down, dying her pink anus……


Ferzen held her ankles with his left hand and lowered his right hand to gently press the cute wrinkle of her anus.




Ferzen expected her to reject it, but Yuriel didn’t.




“I-it’s filthy…… D-don’t touch it too much……”


She just quietly complied.


Seeing that her figure was quite lovely, Ferzen let go of her legs, grabbed her, and pulled her into his arms.


Then, like a puppy nestled comfortably in their master’s embrace, Yuriel buried her face in his chest and wiggled.


A hand stroking her back.


A hand stroking her hair.


It all felt extremely good, making her whole body slowly relax.


At long last…… The morning had come.


The gloomy dawn faded away, and the warm sunlight poured down.


At this moment, Yuriel was extremely happy.



TL: Wow this weekend was nuts boys, i went to my office party, and we stayed until 2 A.M playing Cod Zombies……We also played Mortal Kombat X (But i lost EVERY.SINGLE.FUCKING.MATCH) And after the mini office party i went to get sum drinks……cause why tf not right? well…..Lets say that getting drunk at 2 A.M is not a good idea? Yeh lets go with that…….(That blasted moment where you want/don’t want to find out if you slept with the guy next to you or yall just clocked out)

Oh and the new Spider verse movie is super GUD.

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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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