The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 96

Everyday Life

༺ Everyday Life ༻


  Before the morning lecture, Ferzen stopped in his classroom, took out Isabel’s body, and aired the room.



  Since this world was a place without convenient items running on magic stones, it felt quite uncomfortable in some aspects.



  Of course, thanks to that fact, those born with magical powers were highly valued.



  In the situation that someone was born with the qualities of a Wizard rather than that of an Aura Knight, they wouldn’t have to starve until the end of their lifespan.



  After all, nobles who had no magical power themselves always looked for a wizard in order to fulfill their needs and demands.









  Ferzen, who had been taking a quiet break while letting the stale air inside of the classroom out, opened his eyes with a puzzled expression when someone opened the door and entered.



  He should still have about 20 minutes of free time left.



  So, he wondered who would have dared to set foot in this garbage-like classroom lined with all-in-one desks.






  After feeling the presence, Ferzen then heard a beautiful voice echo.






  The owner of the beautiful voice was too mature to be called a girl.



  But, she was also still too young to be called a woman.



  Like a flower before it blooms.



  She was tip-toeing on the fine line right between the two.



  Laura de Charles Rosenberg.



  She greeted him with quite the difficulty, wiping away the sweat trickling down her brows






  Ferzen, who had accepted her greeting, quietly looked at Laura as she passed by his desk and walked to her seat.



  She must be weak against the heat judging by the fact that she was sweating a lot after only walking a short distance from the dormitory to this classroom.



  Her unique body odor trailed behind her gait.



  Her white skin could also be seen through her clothes.






  Eventually, Laura, who sat down in her own seat, took off her robe and put it on the side of her chair.



  It wouldn’t be the case if it was still 6 or 7 in the morning, but at this time of year, when it’s close to 9 o’clock, the sun is strong and people wear extra layers of clothes to protect their skin when going out.



  That’s why she struggled with the heat even when the trail she had traveled wasn’t lengthy by any means.



  ‘He’s not looking, right……?’



  Wiping the sweat from the tip of her chin, Laura checked Ferzen’s gaze on her before carefully grabbing the edge of her skirt.



  She then waved it up and down.



  She knew it was a careless act, but as the cool air entered her skirt, her heavy body felt instantly energized.



  ‘How unfortunate……’



  Looking at Isabel standing next to Ferzen, Laura felt a feeling in her heart that she could not describe in words.



  “Have you told your parents yet?”






  At the sound of Ferzen speaking to her, Laura hurriedly let go of her skirt and inquired.



  Some lingering sweat still remained on her thighs.



  The feeling of the hem of her skirt clinging to it again was very unpleasant.



  “I’m talking about your excuse to go to Louerg after the exam.”



  “I-I have……”



  “What did you tell them?”



  “I-I will… G-go… T-to… L-Louerg… I-In order to… G-gain… Ex-experience…”



  “Is that so?”



  Yuriel would surely be there too.



  So, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to form a magic corp in Louerg.



  “A good excuse.”



  After answering briefly, Ferzen’s gaze moved towards Laura.



  She, who had been staring at him blankly, stopped looking at him for a moment and tidied up the hair that was clinging to her collarbone.



  She then felt the sweat on her forearm run down her armpit.



  Cool air also seeped onto her open chest through the openings of her clothes.






  Laura’s body trembled at the chilling sensation.



  The pure white sleeveless dress which was soaked in sweat teased her dainty nipples.



  Her body quickly responded to the unwanted stimulation, as her pink nipples stiffened.



  In the end, like paint dripping onto white paper, a strange pink color emerges in the middle of her shirt.






  It was only right for her to cover it.



  Laura involuntarily leaned forward slightly.



  It was strange that her body, which had suffered from the curse of the Full Moon and had experienced extreme pleasure, was aroused after only feeling her clothes brushing her own nipples.






  An excited moan escaped from between her tightly closed lips.






  Laura herself wondered how in the world did he make such a sensual noise, so she belatedly felt quite bewildered.



  With a worried feeling boiling in her heart, Laura looked at Ferzen, just in case he had heard her.



  Fortunately, Ferzen’s attention was still elsewhere.



  In the first place, she felt that he wouldn’t be able to hear her voice at this distance.



  Even if he did hear it, he still wouldn’t be able to confirm her current condition.



  Thanks to the relief and confident feeling that had washed over her body, Laura’s eyes noticed Ferzen’s sturdy physique and large hands.



  That night when she was influenced by the curse of the Full Moon but was still conscious, she had directly experienced it……



  His body was certainly not that of a kid, but the body of a man.



  Her current body was small and frail, so if she was ever touched by those hands, it shouldn’t be called foreplay but should be considered a type of abuse.






  As such impure thoughts flooded her mind, Laura hurriedly turned her head away when Ferzen looked at her.



  She also covered the area around her chest with her arm.



  Was it because her current body was still young, her mind was easily influenced?



  She couldn’t think straight thanks to her current body condition.



  After a while, students started to enter the classroom and fill up the empty seats one by one.



  However, even though it was getting closer to 9 o’clock, one seat was still empty.






  As the clock struck nine o’clock, Ferzen immediately got up.



  He picked up the attendance book and put a checkmark next to Lizzy Poliana Claudia’s name.



  She was late



  No, if she doesn’t come to the class by the end of the lecture, she would be marked as absent.






  Putting down the attendance book, Ferzen rolled his sleeve up and grabbed a piece of chalk.



  “Let’s begin the lecture.”



* * * * *


  While Ferzen was taking his morning lecture, Euphemia began to take care of the task assigned to her.



  It was to post the location of the final exam as well as the list of groups on the bulletin board in the main building and dormitory A.



  Then, to prepare the safety measures for the day of the test, she had to prepare and submit an official document requesting personnel to the Imperial Magic Corps and Knights.



  After finishing that work, she returned to the professor’s office, and the time was already 9:40 A.M.



  It was almost time for Ferzen’s lecture to end, so Euphemia began to clean up as they would be returning home soon.



  Of course, Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred.



  No, Yuriel Wayne Dayna Louerg.



  Might ask about having lunch together as soon as she finished her work……



  However, Euphemia didn’t want it to happen.



  After all, she would often sleep with Ferzen, at least during the time she was pregnant.



  Monopolizing his time could never be called greed.





  As soon as Euphemia finished those trains of thought, she headed to the bathroom.



  She washed her hands and tidied up her disheveled hair.






  Then, suddenly, she stopped her hand.



  Looking at her own reflection in her mirror, she found that her own act of delicately grooming herself was very unfamiliar.



  She just realized that deep down, she had the desire to look better as a woman.



  Back when she was leading Louerg, she paid no attention to her appearance at all.



  Deep down, regrets and lingering feelings of what it would have been like if she had paid even the slightest bit of attention to her appearance at that time surfaced in her mind……



  Euphemia could only laugh bitterly at those thoughts.



  It was a futile exercise.



  Realizing that, she turned around and left the bathroom.



  No, her steps came to a halt just before she could leave.






  After all, in front of her, Yuriel was entering the bathroom.








  An awkward silence ensued.



  First of all, Euphemia forcibly hid her uncomfortable expression.



  For some reason, she wanted to look as relaxed as possible in front of her.



  On the other hand, Yuriel clicked her tongue as she saw that Euphemia was ready to return.



  It seemed to her that she didn’t want Ferzen to have lunch with her.



  But she wasn’t offended at all.



  What she had asked from Ferzen was that even though he would prioritize Euphemia, he should not discriminate against her.



  Since he had made her eat breakfast alone, he would listen to anything she would ask for under the pretext of that fact.



  The thought made her feel better, so Yuriel turned her body to the side and made way for Euphemia to pass.



  “See you later.”



  Yuriel wished as she leisurely smiled at Euphemia who walked past her.



  And Euphemia, who heard that, stopped moving and stared at Yuriel blankly.






  After giving a brief answer, Euphemia returned to Ferzen’s office.






  The door closed with a faint noise.



  Approaching the symmetrically arranged sofa, Euphemia slowly sat down and clenched her delicate hands.



  Was the difference between forcing oneself to relax and being naturally relaxed that big?



  In her short meeting with Yuriel earlier, Euphemia felt that she had been pushed back by the atmosphere she felt from her and felt emotional for no reason.



  She had been notified by Ferzen that he would take her as a concubine.



  She also didn’t really care when she actually came to the house as a concubine.



  However, the changes in her daily life presented her with more discomfort than she could have imagined.



  In fact, Yuriel didn’t even do anything that could be considered oppressive, even when she provoked her a few times.



  Nevertheless, it must be some kind of inferiority complex that made her feel uncomfortable.



  The Alfreds. 



  It was a family that couldn’t be compared to The Louergs who were situated on the outskirts.



  Even without the family name, Yuriel’s individual achievements were quite prevalent.



  As for her womanly charm, to be honest, Yuriel had the upper hand.



  If she hadn’t been born with magical powers, she would have been the flower of society.






  Perhaps, when Ferzen had told her he would take a concubine, the reason she obediently agreed was to mask herself as a magnanimous woman.



  She had nothing, so she didn’t want to be hated for being a nuisance.



  Right, it was not a ‘perhaps’. It was the truth.



  When Euphemia’s thoughts reached that point, she bit her lip lightly.



  She had to put the ‘perhaps’ in front of the word ‘truth’ because she felt sorry for her weak self-esteem.



  This feeling…… It must be a desire for monopoly.



  That was the timidest desire for monopoly in the world.









  Before she knew it, the time was already 10:10 A.M.



  The lecture had ended, and Ferzen opened the door and entered the office.



  “You’ve worked hard……”



  Euphemia, who stood up as soon as she saw him, greeted him while covering her tumultuous feeling.



  “Did something bad happen?”



  However, Ferzen saw right through her inner thoughts, as always, at once.



  Even though she found it fascinating……



  Euphemia couldn’t help but pout a little, knowing that Ferzen couldn’t understand her worries.



  However, she didn’t have it in her to hate him for it.



  So she just detested him a little, just a little bit……



TL note: Just spent a wonderful weekend on the beach, where me and sum friend got shitfaced on the sand and we just passed out. Lucky us it was a deserted beach otherwise someone would 100% steal all our stuff.


Oh and we managed to light a mini bonfire on top of a surf board…….heheheheheheh man that was super cool, shame we burned the board too, but to make a bonfire on the middle of the water was nice, my monkey brain went dogshit insane with dopamine levels…..(or maybe that was the alcohol……)

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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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