The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 97

Everyday Life (2)

༺ Everyday Life (2) ༻



  60 minutes.


  If something had happened to her in that period of time, there was a high probability that it was caused by Yuriel.


  Ferzen guessed so.


  Of course, Yuriel wouldn’t have pressured Euphemia by using her family name or even personally oppressed her.


  However, taking into account what the doctor had told him about Euphemia being prone to depression early in her pregnancy and that it was important to take care of her mental health……


  Yuriel’s existence by itself could have served as a catalyst that caused her anxiety.


  When Ferzen had told Euphemia that he would take Yuriel as his concubine before, she might have acted like she was okay with it. Her words might not have expressed what she had truly felt like.


  She might have tried to do her best to understand. But her subjective best might not have been her objective best.




  Ferzen called out her name and moved closer to her.


  He gently put his hand on her shoulder and sat her down on the sofa.


  Fortunately, she didn’t reject it.


  Deep down, Ferzen felt that he was lucky that his current self had a good eye for many things. It also helped that she was clumsy at hiding her feelings.


  She would have suffered quite a bit If she had been better at hiding her emotions and he himself had no ability to assess the situation correctly…….


  “I can understand if you are unwilling to talk.”




  “However, if that unwillingness stems from the idea that you want to be considerate of me, I would advice against it.”




  “I have never asked for you to do that for me. So…… It’s okay to be greedy.”


  Again and again.


  Hearing Ferzen’s voice ringing in her ears, Euphemia quietly cradled herself into his arms.


  His characteristic, large hand gently brushed the back of her hair.


  Feeling his affection in those touches, Euphemia summoned the very little courage she had to open her mouth.


  “Then…… Can you tell me…… The reason you like me……?”


  In the past, Ferzen had told her that he would let her know the reason if she ever had his child.


  However, Euphemia wanted to hear it now.


  After all, it would put her at ease If she knew that she had some advantage over Yuriel…


  “About that…… I’m sorry, but I cannot go back on my word.” 




  But Ferzen refused.


  In fact, it would not be difficult for him to tell her about his reason to like her.


  However, what good would that do if he told her about it now?


  If she heard it now, she would surely take extra care of herself to not ruin her proportions.


  However, she would also have to worry about the child that was going to be born.


  Even when taking into consideration the fact that she was pregnant, he also had to see through the intent of her request.


  After taking all the information into account, he came to the conclusion that telling her what she wanted to know would only bring more harm than good.


  “I-Is that so……?”


  Euphemia laughed bitterly before weakly grabbing the hem of Ferzen’s clothes.


  “Truth is…… There’s no reason at all, isn’t it?”


  “There is.”


  “I-I’m sorry. I know I’m just venting…… But……”


  Her voice was choked with emotions.


  “I’m not okay……”




  “She is a much more beautiful woman than I am.”




  “She’s…… She’s much more helpful to you…… Then I am.”




  “Even when I try to accept reality calmly, I can’t……”




  “Even though I’m frustrated with my own narrow-mindedness…… I still hate you…… Really…… Really…… Hate you……”


  “I’m sorry.”


  Is this why arranged marriages have become nothing but a custom in the world of polygamy?


  Rather than becoming one for the sake of personal emotions, the reason people get married is for the benefit of the family…… 


  The subject of the conflict that was to be seen on the surface was different too.


  “Since you prefer to lay with her…… Worries me a lot these days…… I wonder if you are ignoring me……”


  “There is no such thing.”


  “The fact that being loved by you, being able to depend on only you…… I hate it.”




  “In that respect, everything I have said about you is a contradiction. I’m also afraid of being hated by you…… How can I be so greedy……”




  “That’s why I wanted to know……”


  Hearing her thoughts, Ferzen spoke in a low voice.


  “Don’t try to compare yourself to Yuriel.”


  “You are so cruel…… How can I not do that……”




  “You who picked up a stone from the side of the road and wrapped it up to look as pretty as a jewel…… Then brought a really beautiful jewel right after……”




  “How, can I not compare myself to her……”




  “I even had this thought once; If Ciel was still alive, you would be more——!”


  At the end of that outburst, Euphemia stopped talking and closed her mouth.


  She knew that the words she was going to utter were too ugly to even think about.




  Meanwhile, Ferzen, who was looking down at Euphemia who was sobbing in his arms, loosened his tie.


  He then lay her trembling body on the sofa……




  He kissed her affectionately at the corners of her eyes and licked the tears running down her cheeks with his tongue.


  “The reason I like you…… You could say it is because you are unique.”


  Ferzen Von Schweig Brutein.


  To him, other people were mirrors that highlighted and reflected his own ugliness.


  Euphemia was the only one who didn’t look like that.


  She was like the sky he could look at freely.


  That’s why……


  “If you had been the emperor’s wife, I would have gladly decapitated him regardless of the blood flowing through his veins.”




  “Even if you were the vilest villain, I would gladly get my hands dirty for you and disappear into the dark side of history.”


  That’s why,


  “Believe that my love will last forever. Euphemia.”


  Be it now or in the future.


  “I won’t break that trust.”


  An eternity, that will one day run out.


  Yes, it was contradictory.


  However, Ferzen would continue regardless of that contradiction.


  Ferzen softly whispered into her ear.


  Even on a hot summer morning.


  The snow will not melt here.


  * * * * *


  After going to the Imperial Palace to schedule a meeting with the Second Imperial Prince, Ferzen returned home and looked at Euphemia who was clinging to his side.


  She never said a word on their way back from The Academy.


  She had poured out all of her emotions, but currently, she was just walking alongside him with her arms crossed with his. Perhaps, it was because she was ashamed of herself.


  At that, Ferzen erased the faint smile on his face and stepped into the bathroom instead of going to the dining room to have lunch.




  Euphemia’s steps came to a halt in front of the door and looked at him.




  Finding her expression adorable, Ferzen pulled her in.




  And Ferzen locked the door as soon as they entered the bathroom, Euphemia looked back at him while flinching.


  Ferzen had already brought his hand next to her bountiful breasts.


  After groping them for a while, Ferzen’s hand moved again.




  He unbuttoned her jacket.




  After that, he undid the clothes underneath her jacket and let them drop to the floor.


  Euphemia’s voluptuous breasts were revealed to his eyes at that moment.


  Due to the hot weather, sweat dripped from between her collarbones and seeped through the space between her assets.




  Worried that there might be a sour smell of sweat, Euphemia tried to take a few steps back, but……




  Ferzen’s large left hand wrapped around her slender waist as if saying that he would not allow her to do so.




  And then, with his free right hand, he tried to lower her panties.


  Euphemia reflexively grabbed his thick forearm.


  But since she was powerless, it was nothing more than a meaningless resistance.




  When her white panties hit the floor, she saw Ferzen’s gaze bore on to her smooth vagina.


  Euphemia wanted nothing but to pull away from him at that moment, but Ferzen strongly put her hands behind her hips and enjoyed treating her naked body as a treat for himself.


  Then, Euphemia felt his eyes pierce through her body, going over every corner of her, making her blush.


  His red eyes were tainted with obvious lust, and thanks to that, Euphemia felt the excitement as well as the lack of self-esteem kicking in.


  “S-stop watching…… Y-you too…… Take off your clothes……”


  It was quite common now for her to show her naked body to him, but it was quite embarrassing for her to be naked alone.




  At those words, Ferzen pulled Euphemia towards him with the hand that was holding her waist.


  As the bathroom floor was slippery, Euphemia naturally had to place her own hands on Ferzen’s chest to balance herself.


  Immediately after, Euphemia looked up at Ferzen as she could hear Ferzen’s low voice in her ears, 




  She awkwardly reached out and unbuttoned his shirt.


  “This…… ”


  When she unbuttoned all the buttons and pulled his shirt open, the scars Laura had carved on him during the full moon were revealed.


  It was not unsightly for the wounds was almost healed, but Euphemia still stretched her hand out to the scars and traced through them with her fingertips with an anxious heart.


  “When did……”


  “It’s been a while.”




  “Do not worry. It won’t leave any marks in the long term.”


  At his calm voice, Euphemia lowered her hand that had been touching his wound and brought her face closer to it, licking it gently with her tongue.


  That behavior, like a cat’s grooming, surprised Ferzen. But he didn’t push her away and just gently stroked Euphemia’s back.


  After Euphemia was done licking his wounds, she slowly pulled her head back and lowered her hand, grabbing hold of Ferzen’s trousers.




  However, when she finally released his member from his underwear, Euphemia felt depressed as his genital was in a flaccid state.




  Tiptoeing, Euphemia lifted herself slightly and put her hand on Ferzen’s shoulder. After kissing him on the lips, she intertwined her tongue with his for a short time……




  She then immediately went to her knees, put his penis into her mouth, and sucked, letting the vulgar sounds echo through the bathroom.




  Together with Ferzen’s light moan, the slowly stiffening penis began to fill Euphemia’s mouth and pricked her uvula.


  “Ha…… Heup…… Cough!”


  Euphemia, who vomited Ferzen’s shaft out of her mouth at the foreign feeling, saw his fully erect rod snapping violently as it hit her cheeks.


  She went even further, pressing her lips to the most sensitive part of his glans, raised herself up, took Ferzen’s hand, and dragged him into the large bathtub.




  In the bathtub where the steam rose, the two of them soaked in together and let out a pleasant moan.


  And then, Euphemia put Ferzen’s erect penis between her thighs and tried to lean her back on his firm chest……






  The water that Ferzen threw over her head made her cower in surprise.


  “Stay still.”


  Soon after, Ferzen smothered her hair with the soap and carefully washed it.


  “Eugh…… Eung……”


  Unlike the maids, his movements were clumsy.


  Especially since her hair was long, she could feel him panicking and flinching as some of her hair got tangled.


  Even though each and every one of those moves were unfamiliar, Euphemia still enjoyed them.


  She felt loved by him as a woman and as his wife.




  Immediately after, with a light sigh, Ferzen washed her hair thoroughly with water and sprinkled perfume on it as a finishing touch.


  Perhaps feeling that her hair was stiff even after all of this, Ferzen stroked every nook and cranny of her hair as if he was applying conditioner after shampooing.


  A moment later, Euphemia turned to Ferzen with a flushed face when he removed his hand, 


  She thought that since Ferzen had bathed her, she should also try to wash him……




  However, he grabbed her arm as he stood up.


  He then pushed her out of the bathtub and made her sit facing him.


  And then, without a hint, without a word…


  He grabbed her legs and spread them wide open.


  “Wh-what are you going to do……?”


  Sensing his gaze piercing her slit, Euphemia covered her womanhood with her hands.


  Her voice trembling with embarrassment.


  At that, Ferzen smiled lightly, leaving behind only a sentence saying that this would not happen to anyone but her……




  He put her hands away and buried his head there.




  Ferzen’s tongue reached through her contracted slit.


  Euphemia shuddered at the unfamiliar sensation.


  Her body hardened.


  However, Euphemia felt indescribable pleasure at the touch of a warm, soft flesh that pierced her flesh.


  She was really ashamed, really, really, ashamed, but……




  She grabbed Ferzen by his hair, and let out a coquettish moan to award her husband.


  “Ah……! Ah……! Aang……!”


  The bodily pleasure she was currently feeling was one thing….


  But Ferzen’s words that no one else would get such a treatment pleased her even more……


  Joy writhed in her heart as a sense of exclusivity filled her.




  Round and round.


  Ferzen’s tongue touched her protruding clitoris aggressively.


  Euphemia’s legs trembled.


  She felt pain assaulting her, but she was not in pain. She also felt bitter, but she was not bitter either.


  A tickling pleasure ran down her spine and massaged her brain.


  Then, as his middle finger dug into her vagina, stimulating a bumpy spot in her midsection, Euphemia gasped at the sensation of something about to gush out, fill her entire body.




  Moist flesh squeezed Ferzen’s middle finger from all sides.


  It was as if pleading for his finger not to move anymore. However, the slippery folds couldn’t hold Ferzen’s fingers any longer.


  Her body, which had been stiffened with tension thanks to the unfamiliar sensation, had already loosened up, and Euphemia put a little force on her hand holding Ferzen’s hair and buried his face even deeper.




  Before long, Ferzen tenderly bit her dainty clitoris with his teeth……




  For a moment, Euphemia had the illusion that the world looked as pure as white snow.


  “Ah…… AH……”


  Unlike her shaking body, a weak moan escaped from her mouth.




  And the moment Ferzen’s finger slipped out of her……




  A watery, and sticky liquid squirted out like urine from her warmth.


  Euphemia’s eyes became unfocused, immersed in the afterglow of pleasure with her mouth opened.


  When she patted her smooth pussy with her palm, the slightly open slit fluttered obscenely with a wet sound.


  She stretched out her hand and hugged her own body, which was about to droop, her womanhood letting out a moist sound at the slightest touch as her strange love juice kept flowing.




  She couldn’t answer the voice that was calling her name.




  After dipping into the bathtub together again, Ferzen spread Euphemia’s legs to the sides and thrust his penis into her hot flesh.




  Even in the midst of being half aware, Euphemia tightened her belly at the familiar sensation of something entering her vagina, hugging Ferzen’s cock as warmly as she could.


  “You can sleep.”


  Since he had no intention of moving any further, Ferzen quietly stroked Euphemia’s belly and whispered in a friendly voice.


  In response, Euphemia opened her mouth and slowly squinted her eyes.


  “When I wake up…… Will you be by my side……?”


  “I will.”


  With that answer, Ferzen pressed his penis tightly against her cervix.




  At the sense of becoming one, Euphemia felt relief wash over her and closed her eyes.


  “You can…… Use my body…… As you please……”


  She wanted to please him a bit more.


  But drowsiness assaulted her.


  In fact, deep down, she wanted him to freely use her sleeping body as a means to relieve his lust.


  If she were to say this honestly, wouldn’t it seem too vulgar?


  Also, she thought that it would only make her look too lewd.


  “Have a good rest.”


  A pleasant low-pitched voice resonated in her ears like a lullaby.


  Euphemia could feel the faint beating of Ferzen’s heart on her back and entrusted her tired body to him.


  It was a happy moment.


  She wished that this moment would last forever.





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