The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 99

Everyday Life (4)

༺ Everyday Life (4) ༻




  Euphemia finally opened her eyes after a long nap.


  She then immediately checked to see whether Ferzen was by her side or not.


  “Did you sleep well?”


  Fortunately, he was sitting next to her, reading a book like he always does.






  Euphemia crawled towards Ferzen and placed her head on his leg while smiling bashfully.




  But that smile soon faded.


  After all, his body emanated the scent of a woman which she felt was both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.


  The scent obviously belonged to Yuriel Wayne Dayna Louerg.


  It’s her smell.


  “Why is your expression like that? Do you feel hurt anywhere?”


  “No…… I’m fine.”


  Since Ferzen was someone who had been able to see through her true feelings each and every time, Euphemia quickly turned her head ever so slightly in order to hide her face from him.


  In fact, the only thing she had asked him before drifting to sleep was whether he would be by her side when she woke up or not. And he said he would be. Now that he had fulfilled his promise, she shouldn’t be complaining.


  ‘I have already monopolized his time…… Both during breakfast and lunch……’


  So she shouldn’t be jealous that Yuriel snatched him away while she was sleeping.


  “What time…… Is it?”


  “It’s 6:40 P.M.”


  Just how long has she been sleeping?


  Euphemia slowly raised her body.


  “I’ll go get some fresh air for a moment……After I return…… Let’s go eat.”


  “If you feel sick, just ask the maid to get you your meal here.”


  “N-no…… I’m not sick.”


  Knowing that excessive greed would only bring resentment towards herself, Euphemia shook her head and left the bedroom.


  The maid that was assigned to her tried to follow as soon as she stepped out of the room, but Euphemia dismissed her and headed to the garden behind the mansion.


  It was currently summer, the time when the days were getting longer, so the sky was still bright despite the faint moon that already adorned the canvas above.




  However, in the flower bed behind, there was someone who had already come before her.


  She had black hair, the same color as Ferzen. Without even having to check her face, Euphemia knew that the woman was Yuriel.




  As if also noticing her presence, she subtly turned her head back.


  “……Do you want to sit here?”




  To Yuriel, who had opened her mouth first, Euphemia shot back and went to sit next to her.


  “Thank god. I didn’t want to get up because my back hurt.”




  Euphemia’s eyebrows twitched at Yuriel’s words, which implicitly highlighted the fact that she had done something with Ferzen while she was sleeping.


  “Looks like he made you suffer. The first time he was with me, he was very kind.”




  He embraced her out of love.


 But he only slept with this woman to satiate his lust.


  His treatment of them couldn’t be any more different.


  …… Of course, he wasn’t that nice at first.


  Because she was literally raped by him.


  However, Euphemia forcibly erased that first night from her memories.


  “Is that so?”








  Silence lingered for a while.


  Ferzen had confessed to Yuriel that he had sadistic tendencies.


  If he never revealed that side of his to Euphemia, it could only mean that he cared for her so much to the point that he didn’t want to cross that line with her.


  In other words, he’s letting out all of his negative aspects onto her.


  When she thought about how kindly he was treating Euphemia…… She felt like crying.


  But it also meant that if Euphemia didn’t notice this fact, it would become a catalyst that sent him towards her bedroom even more.


  At that realization, Yuriel calmed her heart and smiled at Euphemia.




  In the past, every time Euphemia saw Yuriel’s relaxed smile, her ugly inferiority complex would be triggered, but…… Fortunately, it didn’t this time around.


  After all, back in the bathroom, Ferzen had told her that it would only be her who got that treatment from him.


  He also embraced her with love, which was a big contrast to his usual stoic appearance.


  On top of it, did the woman in front of her even hear the words ‘I love you’ from his mouth? 


  That’s right. Yuriel Wayne Dayna Luerg.


  Was nothing more than a mean of quenching his lust.


  She even bragged about it herself…… She’s just a whore.


  So, befitting her title as his official wife.


  Euphemia faced Yuriel and smiled brightly.


  Looking at her smile, Yuriel slightly clenched her fists and got up.


  “This is enough…… Let’s go eat.”


  “You can go ahead first. I’ll shake off some sleep before going.”


  Laughter and smile.


  Cloak and dagger.


  As always, they were the strongest shield and weapon for women.


  * * * * *


  The next day, Ferzen, who had no lectures, rode a carriage alone to the imperial palace.


  It was because today was the scheduled day for his meeting with the Second Imperial Prince.


  ‘Judging by the fact that it was scheduled the very next day after I came, it seems like the matter is quite urgent.’


  Did the Roverium Kingdom, which had become intertwined with the Elmark Empire, become a nuisance?


  Ferzen tried to think about it, but it was meaningless to make guesses in the absence of any information.


  So, with his eyes boring into the front gate of the imperial palace that slowly come into his vision, Ferzen straightened his clothes.


  * * * * *


  “You are here?”


  “Ferzen Von Schweig Louerg greets Your Highness The Second Imperial Prince.”


  “……First, let’s sit down, Lord Louerg.”




  Rather than the drawing room, the place for their meeting was The Second Prince’s private quarters.


  Seeing that this place had been chosen for the meeting, It seemed like the weight of the matter was quite considerable.


  “Where should I start, I wonder…… ”


  “I will listen.”


  “Yes, you will. Do you know why we unofficially invited The Empress of the Elmark Empire to the banquet back then?”




  To be honest, Ferzen couldn’t guess anything about it.


  “It was to dig for some information from her.”


  “…… ”


  Ferzen was sure she was not the kind of woman who would just answer any and every question when being asked.


  But he didn’t voice his beliefs.


  After all, just like how the Imperial Family never questioned Brutein’s lineage.


  Brutein also had no reason to question anything being done by the Royal Family.


  That was a link of trust that had been built and proved throughout a very long history.


  “What do you think is the reason the Elmark Empire has been obsessed with eliminating the southeast resistance for a long time?”


  “Isn’t it…… Territorial expansion?”


  “That’s the secondary reason. In that place, a huge gold vein lies dormant.”




  That’s weird.


  How can such important information get leaked?


  Even if it really got leaked, there’s no way Ferzen couldn’t have obtained the same with Brutein’s intelligence.


  Of course, it was natural for Ferzen to be taken aback.


  After all, Ferzen didn’t know that Princess Elizabeth could read the minds of others, under certain circumstances.


  “Lord Louerg.”




  “It will rain gold in the Elmark Empire.”




  “On top of that, Gremory Elden Ishtar Elmark is preparing for war.”


  All of this information was what the royal family got after reading the mind of Gremory in the banquet hall at the time.


  “The Three Kingdoms, a bridgehead across the two empires. If the balance of the flags of this era is disturbed…… There’s a high probability that a war will break out.”


  “I understand.”


  “Even if we were to take action, I’m not sure what will happen.”


  Looking at his worried face, Ferzen leaned back comfortably.


  “I can’t give you a definite answer about the future right now, but I will tell my brother about the Roverium Kingdom so that we can receive more support.”


  “Thank you.”


  “And don’t worry too much. Have you ever heard of this?”


  “About what?”


  “In the very distant future…… It is said that a simple piece of paper will replace the value of gold, silver, and copper coins.”


  “…… Isn’t that something written in a recently published journal?”


  “I don’t think it’s impossible. After all, In a society where people live, value can always be put on to something.”


  And, Brutein were always the ones who stood in a position of dictating the value of things or controlling them.  

  If such people colluded and compromised the value of certain goods, even if gold truly rained down in the Elmark Empire, it wouldn’t be able to even fill a well.


  Even if there’s a gold vein, it takes time to mint and circulate it.


  In addition, there was a place to store food in the northern part of the Ernes Empire.


  If war did happen between fall and winter and not between spring and summer…… The result was certain.


  “I feel relieved……”




  “A boulder that the imperial family can always lean on……that is the might of the most loyal servants of the Empire.”


  “Brutein is not worthy of such praise, Your Highness.”


  “Foolishness. My words are true. Hells, If I had been a Princess instead of a Prince, I would have been willing to flirt with you.”




  “Truly a shame, however, it would also be a rather meaningless endeavor since you Bruteins won’t ever mix yourselves with those of Royal Blood.”


  “…… I’ll pretend like I didn’t hear that.”


  The Second Prince smiled bitterly.




  “Oh, I had something to give you, but I forgot.”


  He took something out from within his pocket.


  It was a small letter.


  “There is a masquerade ball next week. The invitation will be sent to the nobles in the capital by tomorrow, and to those who are not here, I’ve sent it in advance.”




  “Looks like you must have forgotten about it.”




  A masquerade.


  Normally, it’s a banquet where all the participants hide their identities. But……


  The masquerade that happened before the battle for the Imperial Throne had a slightly different meaning.


  In that party, the Princes who have the right to succeed the throne were the ones who can participate without covering their identities.


  In a few words, it was a place to completely listen to the inner thoughts of the aristocrats who supported them face-to-face.


  Thanks to that, there were a lot of people who took part by borrowing the abilities of the mimics who lived on the first floor of the underworld.


  They were also people who completely hid or intentionally misgendered themselves.


  Some would even deliberately sit in a wheelchair and pretend to have a disability.


  Or even participate in the form of a child.


  However, if there was one thing in common, it was the fact that they all wore masks.


  “Are you going to participate?”


  To The Second Prince’s bold question, Ferzen replied with a smile.


  “I think…… That will be the case.”


  As for the mask he would wear, a sheep mask would be good.




  A mask of a young sheep, no — A lamb.


  After all, a wolf wouldn’t want his prey to be afraid of him before the time for the hunt was to commence.




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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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