The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 98

Everyday Life (3)

༺ Everyday Life (3) ༻



  After the afternoon lecture, Yuriel returned to Ferzen’s mansion which had also become her home, and went straight to the bathroom.


  The current time was 3:20 P.M.




  “What are the two doing right now?”


  Yuriel sneakily asked the maid who was tasked to attend to her as she soaked her body in the bathtub.


  “The Madam is sleeping, and the Master is reading a book by her side.”


  “Sleeping, huh?”


  As soon as Yuriel heard the maid’s words, she quickly finished her bath and left the bathroom, thinking that now was the best time.


  Then she stood in front of Euphemia’s bedroom and carefully opened the door.






  The first person she saw as soon as she opened the door was Ferzen, who was currently straightening the sleeping Euphemia’s hair and kissing her forehead.


  “Why didn’t you knock?”


  Ferzen’s lips parted as he frowned. Euphemia then uttered a word.


  “Come out……”


  Yuriel forced her lips to pout and called out to Ferzen in a sharp voice.




  At that imposing request, Ferzen glanced down at Euphemia.


  He had assured her that he would be by her side by the time she opened her eyes.


  ‘For now……’


  She seemed to be in a fairly deep sleep, so it wouldn’t matter if he were to leave her side for a while.


  After making that decision, Ferzen slowly got up from the bed to avoid the bed from creaking and approached Yuriel who was standing on the other side of the door.




  As soon as Ferzen closed the door behind him, Yuriel immediately spoke to him in a voice tinged with jealousy.






  “Want you to do the same thing that you just did to her, to me…… ”


  Her jealous appearance was absurd in Ferzen’s eyes. However, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud as he found it adorable at the same time.


  “D-don’t laugh……!”


  Yuriel stuttered as she looked up at him.


  “Heup…… ”


  But as soon as Ferzen stretched out his hand, tidied up her wet black hair, and kissed her affectionately on the forehead……


  The jealousy that she had been experiencing, melted away in an instant.


  Were women always this weak against men they were in love with?


  “L-Let’s go to my bedroom……”




  “I ate breakfast and lunch by myself…… Haven’t you promised me that you’re not going to discriminate between the two of us?”


  “That’s right…… Let’s go then.”


  Looking at Yuriel who was holding on to his necktie while glaring right at him, Ferzen felt that she would cry if he refused her request. Therefore, he went to the bedroom with her.


  But when they entered the room, Yuriel was at a loss about what to do.


  “What, what did you do?”


  “I think your question is too broad.”


  “What did you do…… With that woman?”


  “Nothing happened.”


  Ferzen had given a special service to Euphemia, regardless of his promise to Yuriel……


  He intended to tweak it a bit.


  He didn’t want to give the same thing to both of them, he wanted to give them both, unique experiences.


  That could also be considered fair in some way.




  “Tell me what you do want me to do. If it’s something I can do right now, I’ll do it.”


  “…… ”


  “I will completely entrust my time to you.”


  Seeing him appear so docile, Yuriel was taken aback.


  Is this how a commoner feels after being given a bunch of gold and being asked to spend it all in one day?


  First of all, Yuriel pushed Ferzen towards the bed that had caught her eye.


  “L-lie down…… ”




 Without much resistance, Ferzen listened to her words and laid down on the bed obediently.





  Then, Yuriel, who was lying down next to him, wiggled into Ferzen’s arms.


  “H-hug me……”




  Ferzen’s large hand circled her back, and he pulled her into his arms.


  At the smell of his body, Yuriel gently rubbed her own face against Ferzen’s chest.


  She also wished that even if it was only a bit, her scent would be deeply entrenched into his heart……


  “Ta, take off my clothes…… ”


  Yuriel gave Ferzen a sloppy command.




  “D-didn’t you say that…… You will entrust your time to me……?”


  “I didn’t say anything.”


  Looking at Yuriel who was afraid that he wouldn’t agree to her request, Ferzen could only chuckle. He then reached out to her and grabbed the shoulder straps of her dress.


  At that moment, the unique sweet scent of her body spread out. At the same time, her bosom, which were larger than Euphemia’s, popped out.


  In response, Yuriel brought not only her face, but her entire body close to Ferzen and rubbed it obscenely.


 Her current behavior was akin to a cat or a dog in heat, presenting themselves to their mate.


  “Y-you know……”


  “What is it?”


  “W-what…… Is your…… Sex fantasy……?




  “I know you have one…… M-men always have things like that…… ”


  Even though it was her who said it first, Yuriel found herself being embarrassed because of it. So, she quickly hugged Ferzen tightly.


  “I-I…… Can do whatever your fantasy is…… A-After all, you can’t have sex with that woman……”


  Can’t have sex.


  Those words had two meanings.


  On one hand, It meant that she couldn’t have sex because she was pregnant. On the other hand, she implied that the sex they have was plain, just like her appearance.


  Yuriel, who had been educated on male psychology by a courtesan since she was little, knew how important sex was to a marriage.


  “L-last night…… You keep touching…… My other hole……”




  “I-if that’s what you want to do…… It’s okay…… If you tell me…… I will do it……”


  As she continued to speak, Yuriel’s voice became more and more quieter.


  “Why, why don’t you say anything…… ”


  “I don’t know what to say, so I guess I won’t say anything.”


  “I-I’m coming out like this first…… D-don’t pretend to be noble until the end… …”


  “I’m not pretending to be noble…… Just forget it. Let’s stop talking about this.”


  “P-perhaps, do you think it wouldn’t fit?”




  “F-from what I have heard…… It will enter easily……”




  “I-I’m the only one who is talking right now…… Don’t make me look like a weird person……”


  “That’s not it. I really don’t have that kind of an outrageous sex fantasy.”


  After some brief self-reflection, Ferzen answered seriously.


  Honestly, if there was such a thing……


  He would only unleash it towards Laura who he knew the weakness of, as she loses her sanity every time the full moon comes around.


  After all, even if things do go wrong, he could get rid of her by revealing the facts about the Genovas.


  “Still, if I had to pick……”


  He liked to be sadistic.


  “Y-your actions…… Didn’t even reflect that fantasy……”




  “Oh, or not……”


  Yuriel lowered her head and moved her body that was in Ferzen’s arms.


  After lying down together like that for a long time, Ferzen’s penis, which had erected in response to her body, pricked her stomach……




  Yuriel quietly raised her head and met Ferzen’s eyes.


  “I won’t do it.”




  “Because of last night, your back hurts quite a bit, doesn’t it?”




  That was right.


  ‘What a surprise……’


  She was glad that he knew about the condition of her body properly.


  However, she still wanted to do it.


  During that woman’s pregnancy, Yuriel wanted to properly receive his seeds and also bear a child.


  And if possible, she wanted it to be a daughter rather than a son.


  After all, if she gave birth to a son, she and Ferzen would not be able to raise him…… They had to send him to the Alfreds.


  “I’m okay…… I want to do it……”


  “Don’t overdo it.”


  “I’m not overdoing it…… Don’t refuse…… Your time is mine now……”




  Yuriel forced Ferzen’s body up and sandwiched it between her legs.


  At that moment, he looked down at her with a confused expression.


  Yuriel quietly reached out and touched Ferzen’s rod.


  ‘Since he said he has sadistic tendencies……’


  Swallowing her own saliva, Yuriel opened her mouth.


  “Y-you…… D-don’t have to…… Be considerate of me…… Y-your dick…… Feels a little small right now……”




  Ferzen’s eyebrows furrowed.


  Probably because of vulgar words mixed with her remark.


  As if it actually worked, Ferzen took his clothes off without saying a word and spread his legs wildly, exposing his throbbing member.




  Could it be that she has masochistic tendencies?


  Yuriel’s body trembled a little as a strange sensation assaulted her ankle, which was firmly held in his large hand.






  “Don’t regret it.”


  “I-I won’t……”


  “I hope so.”


  As if mocking her, the edges of his lips curled upwards. He then came at her with all of his might.


 A muscular physique that didn’t belong on someone who walked the path of magic.


  As the heavy weight of his physique pressed down on her slender and soft body, Yuriel felt as if she was suffocating for a moment.


  That’s why she put her hand on Ferzen’s shoulder and carefully tried to push him away, but……


  As if not giving her time to catch her breath, he moved his hand down before she even realized. He then checked her moderately wet slit and roughly pushed her panties to the side.




  She couldn’t see his shaft properly as it was covered by his muscular body, but Yuriel could still feel its heat faintly.


  Ferzen’s member was like a snake trying to catch prey that had escaped from its burrow…… She could tell it was throbbing right in front of her pussy.




  As his tip carefully opened and dug into her flesh, Yuriel took a deep breath to prepare her heart……






  Suddenly, Ferzen thrust his waist as much as he could at once to the point it hit her warmth hard. At the same time, she let out a vulgar moan and raised both of her legs up high, and trembled.


  It was not even rape, but how could sex be so violent?


  Like prey caught by a snake, Yuriel sobbed at the sight of Ferzen pressing down on her cervix.


  But she didn’t struggle to break free or try to push him away anymore.


  Even if it was a little bit more before Euphemia woke up.


  She wanted to monopolize his time when the two of them became connected.


  Perhaps that’s why her moist folds were squeezing his rod hard even when they were being abused by such a monstrous thing……


  It clung to Ferzen’s penis as if kissing, longing for his seed.




  The loud creaking of the bed overshadowed the lustful moans of the snake and its prey.


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