City of Witches Chapter 40

Love Potion (3)

༺ Love Potion (3) ༻





– Gulp


– Gulp


– Gulp


  There was an unsettling tension in the air.


  Siwoo heard the repeated sound of something being consumed three times; it felt much like the calm before the storm, with the sound shattering the night’s tranquillity.


  It was the sound of the twins simultaneously consuming the potion, and Siwoo, who was taking a deep breath in preparation for what was to come.


  20mL was such a small amount that it was not even a mouthful.


  Although he felt like the sensation lasted an eternity, the time it took for the twins to pick up and place down their glasses was mere moments.


  “It doesn’t taste as bad as I thought it would.”


  “Ugh, why is it so sweet?”


  The twins, who had been expressing their appreciation for the taste for a while, turned their heads simultaneously to look at Siwoo.


  It was all for the sake of meeting the conditions of the love potion.


Siwoo waited with bated breath as he awaited what was to come.


  Eros’s Potion was simply a love potion.


  Siwoo wasn’t sure if the potion could influence human emotions the same way that magic does, and was curious to see how a young witch apprentice would look like should they fall in love.






  A minute passed by, and yet there was no change.


  The anticipation and curiosity that had been visible in the twin’s eyes were beginning to slowly fade away.


  “Odette, are you sure you didn’t bring the wrong mushrooms?”


  “No way! I took them exactly as listed in the encyclopedia from the magical mushroom cultivation area. You messed up the ingredient mixing didn’t you, sis??”


  “Hmph, you probably picked some strange mushrooms because you were confused again.”


  “You just can’t be trusted, sis.”


  As the twins started to bicker and argue with one another, the potion appeared to have had no effect on them.


  Eventually, the pointless argument died down, and yet, even after 10 minutes of silence, there was still no noticeable change.


  “Ms. Odile and Ms. Odette. Now that your curiosity seems to have been satisfied, may I leave now?”


  The twins made a pouting face.


  It was as if they were disappointed children who were unable to go to the amusement park on their long-awaited birthday due to poor weather.


  “It can’t be helped. Let’s go.”


  “Very well then, this may be a bold request, but please keep this a secret. If the powerful witch, Lady Gemini, were to find out, I fear that my life would be in danger.”


  “Don’t worry, Mr. Assistant. Our master is a very kind person.”


  “Even the kindest of masters would surely be furious if they saw an apprentice witch, who is no different from their own daughter, engaging in an affair with a scoundrel.”


  Saying those words didn’t make any sense.


  “Don’t worry. Anyway, you did a great job.”


  Whatever the case, Siwoo craved an escape from the unsettling and uncomfortable situation he was in.


  Siwoo, who inwardly felt relieved, was about to bid farewell and leave when suddenly Odette called out.


  “Wait a minute!


  “Oh! You scared me! Why did you have to yell in my ear?”


  Passion, and perhaps even joy, could’ve been heard in her voice.


  Siwoo could feel that something was off as he suspiciously looked back in her direction.


  Odette’s eyes were moist, and she had been standing there for a while without saying a word.


  The drooping corners of the eyes held a clinging affection akin to honey, and within them resided a feeling of love and desire reminiscent of a forbidden fruit.


  Her flushed cheeks and ragged breaths made it obvious to him at a glance that something unpleasant was going on.


  “I- if not now, I don’t think I can tell Mr. Assistant…”


  “Yes, My Lady… Go ahead.”


  Odile felt an unusual power that was different from normal, and only then did she seem to understand why Odette was acting in this manner.


  It was because the Eros Potion was taking effect.


  Odette approached Siwoo with light steps and stood in front of him.


  “Please sit here and listen.”


  As Siwoo was about to leave, Odette grabbed his wrist with an eager look that suggested she wanted to embrace him, and pulled him down onto the sofa.


  Odette’s tiny hands, which had become feverish, were hotter than the mouth she had been using to suck his penis earlier.


  Odile observed Siwoo and Odette sitting on the couch with great interest.


  Odette abruptly untied the waist ribbon on her dress in front of Siwoo.




  The ribbon of the dress, intricately tied with skillful hand movements, suddenly came undone and the dress, which had been stripped off, fell to the floor in a heap.


  She wore underwear that didn’t expose as much skin as Amelia’s did.


  Siwoo could see her thigh-length underdress, which appeared to be boxers she had worn in place of underwear.


  Given the thickness of the fabric, it was obvious that it wasn’t meant to be underwear.


  Odile and Siwoo both simultaneously gaped in shock.


  “You see… at the end of this manual, there’s information on how women can pleasure themselves.”


  Odette’s hand, which had been hesitantly moving toward her waist, glided into her boxers.


  Siwoo was shocked for the second time.


  “According to that book… On a woman’s body, there’s this… this tiny sprout-like thing in the gap down below. If you press on it with your finger and turn it around like this… like this… it apparently feels good…”


  Odette suddenly started masturbating.


  The squirming hand gestures inside the thin boxers were clearly visible.


  “For some reason, I was too embarrassed… I did it quietly when sis was asleep… Actually… I had also been thinking of Mr. Assistant at the time…”


  “Ah… “


  Siwoo was simply gaping at the breathtaking sight.


  They claimed that it was a potion for falling in love.


  But it was clear to see that it was an aphrodisiac.


  “Mr. Assistant gave me…In the embarrassing hole…I imagined you putting something hard in it…I felt… It felt really good…”




  Odette unexpectedly declared it.


  She had masturbated for the first time not long ago, using Siwoo’s penis as an imaginary dildo.


  What would come to mind if one were to hear such lines in person?


  In such a situation, it was obvious that any man’s mind would go blank.


– Thud..!


  Odette’s touching movement on her womanhood was then slightly changed and the change in movement reflected on the boxers.


  She appeared to be slowly sweeping her hand across her delicate petals.


  “And then it happened… You know… a little bit of water began to leak from here…I was feeling dizzy in my head. I felt like sneezing and my throat was itchy. And…And… My waist and hips were wiggling… Oh…”


  Odette’s shoulders trembled as Siwoo wondered if she was remembering that sensation or if she was currently experiencing said pleasure at that very moment.


  ““After a while… just, my body just started shaking……That’s how good I felt…”


  Her charming tone of voice, tinged with guilt, drew Siwoo in.


  “Mr. Assistant, is Odette a bad girl?”


  Although he couldn’t say that the twins were upright and sincere students…


  He didn’t feel like it was appropriate to say anything in that moment.


  “At the time, I didn’t know why I acted like that. I thought it was because the only man I knew was Mr. Assistant…But now I think I understand…”


  Odette pulled her hand out of her boxers.


  Her fingertips were glistening with a sticky liquid.


  She put her finger into Siwoo’s open mouth.


  It was almost like she was telling him that he was the reason she had become like this.


  “…I am in love with Mr. Assistant.”


  The fluid on her fingertips had a lewd taste.


  It tasted salty, bitter, and sweet all at the same time.


  Siwoo hurriedly called out to Odile as Odette’s transparent love juice rolled off her finger and onto his tongue.


  “Ms. Odile! Ms. Odile! Please stop your sister! It’s an emergency!”


  However, Odile was nowhere to be found and did not respond to Siwoo’s calls.


  Siwoo wasn’t able to see Odile as Odette had blocked his view of her.


  “Where are you looking at? The one in front of Mr. Assistant is not my sister… it’s me, Odette…”


  Siwoo was tightly held by Odette, she used her other hand to stop him from turning his head.


  He couldn’t believe how such a powerful force could originate from such a tiny body.


  “Ms. Odile! Please don’t just stand there watching!”


  “Am I not good enough? As expected, my sis, who is cooler than me…is more attractive, isn’t she?”


  The rapidly changing situation felt worse than a bad drama, and he feared that his mind would go insane.


  “No, Ms. Odette, you are certainly attractive as well. I really mean it.”


  Odette’s eyes were filled with tears that reflected a hint of sorrow.


  “As I expected, Mr. Assistant is a kind person. But I also know… that I’m not as good as my sister, on top of that I’m dumb.”


  Odette’s tears dripped down her cheeks.


  The tears kept streaming down her face as she hung her head low.


  Her sad tears dropped onto Siwoo’s pants.


  “Ms. Odette, it seems that you have taken some strange medicine that has affected your mind. Please don’t create any future embarrassing situations and try to relax….”


  Siwoo attempted to comfort Odette, who was crying in front of him, by gently patting her shoulder and calming her down.


  The moment Siwoo’s hand touched Odette’s shoulder, she stopped her sobbing. 


  It was as if she had stopped breathing and every movement in her body ceased, frozen still.


  A smile formed on her face.


  Odette suddenly lifted her head and locked her eyes with Siwoo’s.


  A chill could be felt running down Siwoo’s spine.


  “I have a good idea,”


  Odette said with a cheerful smile that broke through her previous sadness.


  “I’m going to have a baby with Mr. Assistant.”




  A baby?


  “I’m still an apprentice witch, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a baby. I’ve already reached the age of maturity and if I receive Mr. Assistant’s seed, I’ll be able to conceive a baby.”


  Siwoo felt his body suddenly constrained by an invisible force.


  It wasn’t something that could be overcome with brute force or mana generated by Siwoo.


– Thud.


  Odette lowered her boxers in front of Siwoo slowly, as if performing a strip show.


  Her thin, slender thighs were exposed as she slid down her pure white boxers adorned with frills and ribbons.


  The only thing drawn on Odette’s exposed pubic region was the “symbol” that proved her ability to inherit the witch’s brand.


  Siwoo could see her fluffy vulva as he lowered his gaze a little further.


  The area where it touched the drawers was covered in sticky strands of mucus like a spider web in the early morning.


  Odette’s secret garden was perfectly mowed, and not a single strand of body hair was visible.


  “Mr. Assistant wouldn’t leave me if I have his baby, right? He’s such a kind person after all.”


  Her words were tinged with a twisted, possessive desire.


 The smile that formed on her face, burning with pleasure, looked extremely dangerous.


  “I can have a baby with Mr. Assistant… Why does this make me so happy?”




  Siwoo attempted to scream, but a powerful unseen force tightly sealed his lips, rendering him unable to make a sound no matter how hard he tried.


  He realized that this was no ordinary occurrence and believed that the potion, which was supposed to make people feel love, would have such an effect.


  Siwoo predicted that the potion’s effect would be similar to the fluttering of the heart when one falls in love with someone, causing them to blush just by looking at them.


  He had assumed that Odile and Odette had a fair idea about the potion’s effects, as they didn’t take any special precautions while consuming both potions together.


  But it suddenly dawned on him that this was not a love potion but just a damn animalistic aphrodisiac!


  An apprentice witch could never become a full-fledged witch if she lost her virginity.


  The worst part was that a witch, that had been taught and trained for at least 15 years wouldn’t be able to become a witch.


  Siwoo would surely die if the matter was exposed.


  He couldn’t understand why Odile was waiting there passively watching the situation unfold.


  The problem not only affects Siwoo but also has an impact on her younger sister Odette’s future.


  Odette reached her hand into Siwoo’s pants and pulled out his member.


  She shuddered at the grandeur sight of his manhood.


  “I’m so happy! Did you get so hard after seeing my body?”


  Odette stepped forward, lifting her legs gracefully, and settled down on Siwoo’s engorged member.


  For a split second, the image of the pink flesh poking out from between her chubby bumps seared into Siwoo’s eyes.


  Fortunately, for now, she didn’t immediately insert his tool.


  It had simply rested into the soft gap where the slimy, sticky secretion, much like the texture from a snail’s slime, was flowing out.


  He felt like his dick was a hot dog nestled in between a warm bun.


  “The most shameful part of Mr. Assistant’s body… touched the two most embarrassing parts of Odette’s… hehe♡”




  Despite his member being fully erect, he could practically see his future demise unfold before his eyes.


  The situation had escalated too far.


  Furthermore, Siwoo was bound by magic that could not be broken, even with the mana power generated by his arousal…


  The entrance to Odette’s sheath was simply too close for comfort for Siwoo’s shaft.


  It was possible for Odette’s ‘symbol’ to be damaged in that way.


  “Don’t look elsewhere, Mr. Assistant… Mr. Assistant is now solely Odette’s. I’m not going to give him to anyone else…”


  Odette slowly started to move her waist.


  To be precise, she was rubbing her clit against his shaft.


  “Ah… Haaa…It’s too hot. Compared to when I touch it alone…I feel so good that the sensations from before can’t even compare to what I’m feeling now…”


  Odette’s petal meat sandwich had crept up to the base of his phallus and had almost reached the bottom of his glans.


  “I have dreamed of becoming a witch… But if I get Mr. Assistant, I don’t mind if it’s destroyed.”


  His shaft was directly aimed at her tunnel.


  She only had to hold his member upright and insert it as it was and Odette would lose her virginity which inadvertently would lead to his death.


  In the heat of the moment, Odette whispered while blowing hot air into Siwoo’s ear.


  “I see…This is… this feeling that I can burn everything for the sake of Mr. Assistant….It’s love…!”


  Odette’s hips moved.


  From Siwoo’s point of view, it appeared as if he was on the chopping block with the executioner’s blade rising.


  “From now on, it’s Mr. Assistant’s turn. Spray baby seeds inside Odette and make me pregnant♡”


  Following those words, Odette lowered her waist, aiming for Siwoo’s member at the entrance of her love tunnel.





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