City of Witches Chapter 41

Love Potion (4)


༺ Love Potion (4) ༻





  “From now on, it’s Mr. Assistant’s turn. Spray baby seeds inside Odette and make me pregnant♡”


  Following those words, Odette lowered her waist, aiming for Siwoo’s member at the entrance of her love tunnel.


  Siwoo’s vision darkened.






  Siwoo wasn’t sure if the love juices overflowing from Odette’s entrance caused his member to slip outside of Odette’s hole, or if Odette’s entrance was simply too narrow. 


  Odette’s first attempt at insertion failed as his shaft brushed past her petals.


  She made a second attempt despite appearing unconcerned with her first failure.


  Although she was dealing with such minor issues, she was smiling.


  “They say it’s not easy to get pregnant at once. Maybe it’s because it’s my first time, isn’t it?”






  She missed it again.


  The deflected glans seemed to have touched Odette’s delicate clit, causing her pelvis to shudder as she looked up at the ceiling.


  The insertion would be relatively simple if Odette used her hands, but her hands were occupied with Siwoo’s neck.


  “Let’s do this, together, until Mr. Assistant’s seed reaches Odette’s precious womb. Again, again, again… You will stick it into the entrance of my womb and shoot your seed inside me. Whoo-hoo ♡”


  “Eu… Um…”


  “Don’t worry, Mr. Assistant. I’m also scared, it’s my first time… but together, we can overcome this. I’ll persuade my master.”


  Odette’s eyes were clouded with love and sparkling with hope, making her expression even more bewitching.


  With a quick lick of her lips, Odette firmly grabbed his member and pressed it against the entrance of her hole. 


  Siwoo could feel the love juices wriggle through the tip of his shaft as if it were begging for Siwoo’s member to be pushed inside.


  “Haan… I think I did it right… Now if I just lower my waist… Done… Ahh!”


  As Odette began to lower her waist, her body flew off and landed on the opposite side of the couch.


  Odette tumbled along as the sofa fell.


  Once Odette, the caster of the spell that bound Siwoo’s movement was gone, his body was free to move as it pleased.


  “I was about to be fucked.”


  Siwoo placed his hand over his pounding heart as sweat poured down his face.


  It was true that sex was something to look forward to and enjoy.


  But he would rather not if it meant risking his life for it.


  He quickly pushed his erect cock back behind his zipper. 


   Siwoo couldn’t have used magic in that situation, so it was probably Odile who threw Odette away from him.


  She was still standing in the same spot, her eyebrows scowling, and her face displaying a perplexed expression.


  Rage was boiling inside Siwoo.


  He was furious and wondered what kept her so busy that she was only helping now.


  If she was slightly late, both Odette and he would’ve fallen into ruin.


  Such thoughts inevitably turned into rage and directed themselves at Odile.


  ” Ms. Odile, why are you only lending a hand now?”


  “Mr. Assistant shut your mouth.”


  Odile’s sharp words, which cut off Siwoo’s resentful words as if they were intrusive, silenced his mouth as well.


  Siwoo was baffled as to why Odile was so irate despite the fact she delayed her helping hand.


  Odile approached Siwoo with haughty steps and grabbed his necktie.


  “Mr. Assistant, I know. The way I feel right now is because of Eros’ Potion.”


  “What are you saying all of a sudden?  You seem perfectly fine.”


  Odile shook her head.


  “For about 10 minutes, I felt as if I had gone crazy. I had to watch Odette and you cling to each other while my consciousness was trapped inside of my body. I suppose the effects differ from person to person.” 


  Odile pursed her lips tightly as if she were angry and spoke.


  “Odette is my precious younger sister. I can’t let something like this ruin her life. Besides, if Odette can’t become a witch, I won’t be able to either. We need to do this together, you understand, right?”


  “I’m grateful that you came to your senses and stopped her, but please, let’s not do this anymore. I really thought I was going to die.”


  Odile shut her eyes and rubbed her temples in response to Siwoo’s outburst.


  “I know, I know. Is this the effect of the potion? Is this how love feels… It’s unbearably painful. To love someone but be powerless to do anything about it.”


  Siwoo had the feeling that this conversation was going nowhere.


  Odette seemed fine at first glance, making it look as though she was immune to the potion’s effects.


  However, the reality was completely different.


  She was now fighting desperately with herself, who was enchanted due to the effects of the potion.


  “If you’re finding it difficult to endure, I’ll leave right now. It’s better if I go before things get any worse. Is that what you want?


  Rage was boiling within Siwoo.


  While he was fortunate and appreciative of her help, the realization that Odile and Odette were the ones putting him in danger made it difficult for him to express his gratitude.


  “Please don’t be angry. It’s strange to see Mr. Assistant get so angry… It makes my heart ache.”


  Siwoo couldn’t believe that Odile, despite being arrogant, presumptuous, and having a tendency to be self-important, would care about his outburst enough to squint her eyes in pain.


  Siwoo finally realized that it was an effect of Eros’s Potion.


  “Very well, I’ll leave.”


  Just as Siwoo turned to leave, the pressure around his neck tightened.


  In fact, Odile was pulling his necktie, which was being strung tightly around his neck like a noose.




  “I’ll be honest with you, Ms. Odile, right now I feel like stomping everything to pieces. I’ll inform Lady Gemini of the situation despite our agreement and everything. Could you, if you still have any conscience left, keep the fact that I use magic a secret for me?”


  Siwoo naturally got chills at the thought of how much longer they had to put up with this awkward relationship.


  Even if it meant getting punished for his actions in the past, he had given serious thought to whether ending this secret relationship was the right thing to do.


  Odile’s hand crept up Siwoo’s neck, pulling his head down.


  She tugged on his necktie, crept up on tiptoe, and leaned close to his lips.


  When he thought about it, Odile was the first person Siwoo had ever kissed.


  Odile kissed Siwoo ferociously as if trying to devour him.


  She pushed her tongue into his mouth, parted his lips, pulled his tongue along with her, and then sucked it firmly.




  “What the hell is this all of a sudden…”


  “Mr. Assistant said that kissing is meant for lovers, right? Despite the fact that I was under the influence of the potion, I love Mr. Assistant. No, I had already fallen in love with Mr. Assistant when you had created your own formula for creating a new magic circle.”


  “No, Ms. Odile you’re not in your right state of mind right now.”


  Siwoo gently pushed Odile away, trying to keep as calm as possible.


  Fortunately, Odile appeared to have no intention of continuing and took a couple of steps back.


  “Sorry for getting you involved. I didn’t expect this to happen, Mr. Assistant.”


  Odile bowed her head.


  She remained in that posture for a long time.


  Odile, who had a habit of uttering disgusting notions about social standing, bowed to a slave.


  “No, well…. It’s fine. Is Ms. Odette alright?”


  “I put her to sleep for a while.”


  “I see, then…”


  Siwoo was left with a bitter taste in his mouth, however, it was certain that he received an apology from her.


  Siwoo approached the carriage door with caution, keeping his gaze fixed on Odile as if he were facing a vicious dog.


  Odile’s suspicious-looking gaze remained fixed on Siwoo and continued to follow his actions.


  “I’m leaving.”




  Siwoo placed his hand on the doorknob and twisted it.


  The door was locked.


  No, it wasn’t locked.


  Siwoo was sure that he had heard the sound of a lock just before he twisted the door knob. 


  “Mr. Assistant…”


  Odile looked at Siwoo with sad eyes.


  “Leaving here means the end of our relationship, doesn’t it?”




  “You said you’d tell my Master everything…Mr. Assistant is a good person, I know you won’t say anything regarding this matter…”


  Siwoo did say that but he hadn’t decided yet whether to inform Lady Gemini about everything.


  “But, but then we won’t have the opportunity to see each other again, isn’t that right?”


  “It doesn’t seem fair to place the blame solely on me.”


  Odile held in her tears just like Odette had done. 


  Siwoo wasn’t sure if this was a common trait among twins or if the potion not only intensified feelings of love but tears as well. 


  “I’m not… not blaming you, Mr. Assistant… Why don’t you understand…?”


  When Siwoo realized Odile’s words were laced with scorching passion.


  He knew that he was already screwed.


  This situation was taking the same route as Odette’s.


  He assumed Odile was at least maintaining her composure and responding accordingly, but that impression was only an illusion.


  Siwoo pushed his body against the carriage door with all his might, determined to escape, even if he had to break the carriage door. 




  If this were a movie, the wooden door would have broken, but the reality was different.


  Unexpectedly, the door’s frame was so solid that he almost dislocated his shoulder from the way his body twisted.


  He felt like it was some kind of fort gate.


  “It’s no use. This carriage is even sturdier than a fort.”


  “Please stop! Let me go! Isn’t this enough!”


  “What’s the matter? I’m just sad that I won’t be with Mr. Assistant again.”


  With each step Odile took, he felt himself suffocating more and more. 


  He didn’t feel threatened by Odile or like his body was being deprived of its freedom the way it had been during Odette’s turn.


  “You know what? If we’re going to break up anyway… No, actually, I don’t want to break up… I just want to keep seeing each other.”


  “I assure you, that won’t be necessary. I was foolish and took things too lightly. This relationship was never meant to be in the first place. When you wake up from your daze, you’ll realize that too. Or maybe, you’ll both just avoid me completely.”


  Odile looked at Siwoo with eyes filled with sadness.


  She had a look of regret on her face, almost as though Siwoo had wronged her.


  “Is it because I’ve been acting too mean?”


  “No, that’s not it.”


  Odile didn’t seem to have any intention of letting Siwoo go.


  Although he had no interest in engaging in sexual activity with the twins, he felt like he was stuck in a repetitive Q&A session with her, which was akin to running on a hamster wheel.


  “What can we do to keep seeing each other? If I’m nicer to you in the future, would that work?”


  “Whoo… Ms. Odile.”


  “I know! The effects of the potion are to blame…. However, it irritates me! Odette was on the verge of insertion… It annoys me so much that I, the older sister, am powerless to do anything about it.”


  Siwoo obviously noticed the clumsy lie that she told in order to catch him.


  Odile’s expression now appeared to be more angry than sad. 


  “Ah, let’s do it this way.”


  Odile confidently untied her dress, much like Odette.


  Then took off her drawers in the same way.


  Just like Odette, Odile revealed her hairless vulva. 


  “Can’t me and Mr. Assistant just become one, just this once?”


  “Ms. Odile. I thought the whole reason you stopped Ms. Odette was because she wasn’t allowed to have sex no matter what. If you become one with me, you will ruin the life of your beloved sister.” 


  “I understand.”


  He didn’t know that Odile was so immature.


  Siwoo sighed deeply.


  When Siwoo read that Juliet committed suicide 5 days after meeting Romeo, he had been curious about what kind of situation led her to do so, but he was now aware of how helpless she felt at the time and that there was nowhere else for her to go.


  That was the exact situation that was currently happening to Odile and Odette.  


  “You’re so selfish.”


  “No, there’s a way,”


  Odile quickly turned around.


  He observed Odile’s white, round, and smooth buttocks, which he couldn’t see from   Odette, it filled his vision and appeared to be made from freshly steamed rice cakes. 


  He felt the urge to slap her ass hard, but it didn’t seem appropriate given the circumstances.


  “You know why apprentice witches shouldn’t have sex… right?”


  “Because when the mana from the male organ or semen seeps into the uterus, the “symbol” that’s meant to be branded will be stained.”


  “As expected, Mr. Assistant, you know very well.”


  Odile’s back, standing with her hips sticking out, was certainly mesmerizing.


  The smoothness of her thighs, the gracefulness of her calves that resembled a deer’s, and even the red blush on her sensual body were all endearing features.


  “Actually… I asked the maids more questions without telling Odette. I found out that those instructions were just for beginners, weren’t they?”


  “So what?”


  “There are so many adult games in the world that we don’t know about. Did Mr. Assistant know? What we were doing was merely child’s play.”


  He wasn’t sure if there was anything like that but what he had witnessed till now was already quite stimulating.


  Suddenly, Odil e bent her waist as if she was showing off her buttocks to Siwoo.


  At the same time, she clasped her plump buttocks with both hands and slightly spread them apart.


  The shape of her vulva, which Siwoo had glimpsed earlier, was now fully exposed.


  It looked smooth, soft, and even sweet, resembling the shape of plump lips.


  However, that wasn’t where Odile wanted Siwoo’s attention to be.


  Her vulva was like a deep pink chrysanthemum flower that was tightly closed.


  Her anus was normally hidden by the flesh of her buttocks.


  “This is the entrance that could allow a man and a woman to become one.”


  Even though it was Odile who suggested it, she couldn’t help but lower her head in embarrassment.





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